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Group-Again And Again

Again And Again

       Clare lay naked on the large beach towels, her body glistening in the warm sun. Her deep tan was all the more evident by the creamy white skin that showed the skimpy size of her favorite bikini. Three of her best friends sat around her, also naked, fingering themselves and rubbing their creams over her sweating body. Clare's own juices were soaking her thighs and the beach towel under her trim behind.

Dawn, a blonde, had lowered herself down, legs wide, and was rubbing her slippery pussy back and forth on Clare's pointy right tit. The other girls were sweating in the hot sun too, and everywhere Clare looked, she saw bare, glistening flesh.

The backyard of the condo was very private, if somewhat small. There were no fences, just stucco walls, and no second story windows to peer down at the spectacle of four naked, sweating young ladies. Clare was experiencing multiple orgasms, and they came so rapidly it felt like one long continuous climax. The thick vibrating dildo that filled her pussy kept her muscles flexing, clenching, over and over.

Judy moved up next to Clare's head, her fingers bringing her slippery juice to Clare's cheeks. Clare looked at Judy's lithe body, and her long, firm breasts. Judy was rocking her hips and her tits rippled with her motions, looking soft and inviting. She watched the girl's fingers move towards her face, and then felt them slide wetly along her cheek, over her lips and down the other cheek.

The fragrance of her womanly scent reached her nostrils, and Clare licked her cream covered lips, tasting Judy's cum. It was salty-sweet, slick, and delicious, like a wonderful dessert to be lingered over.

Kate spread Clare's legs, and worked the long dildo in and out of the slim, tan girl's cunt, watching the shaft glisten in the sunlight. Clare's hips rotated as the thick plastic shaft slid in and out of her. Kate was fascinated and aroused by the erotic clenching of Clare's ass each time the ersatz cock changed directions.

Kate was rubbing her own pussy against Clare's lean thighs. Kate leaned forward, letting her long black hair drape over Clare's lower abdomen and mons, caressing the girl with her silky soft strands. Kate's almond shaped eyes closed as she neared orgasm, and her slight Asian body shook as her climax surged through her tiny frame. Her juices made Clare's thigh slick, and the coated her own crotch with a pleasantly warm wetness.

Dawn leaned over and suckled on one of Kate's small dark nipples, making the Oriental girl smile sexily, and sigh. Dawn reached down and rubbed Kate's clit, her fingers sliding through the sparse soft hair that barely covered the girl's mons. They were a study in contrasts, with Dawn's fair skin contrasting against the darker tone of the Asian girl's.

Dawn was a big girl, almost five foot ten, with large, full breasts, a soft round pair of globes formed her behind, and creamy white skin. Compared to the blonde, Kate looked even smaller than her even five feet, with almost delicate features, a deep brown skin tone that spoke of her Polynesian background, small breasts capped with dark half-dollar sized nipples, and a tight, trim ass.

Judy tossed her left leg over Clare's head, and slowly lowered her soaking wet pussy down towards Clare. Judy had shaved her pussy bare, leaving her mons barely covered by her thick mat of brown hair. Clare watched the bare, glistening pussy descend towards her face, enjoying the sight of Judy's shapely curves, and the warmth radiating from her body.

Judy's soft thighs and buttocks pressed against her and she extended her tongue, licking the girl's slick, slippery twat, tasting her creamy delights. Judy jerked, then released a flood of cream over Clare's lips and tongue which Clare lapped up eagerly.

Dawn moved onto all fours, and Judy leaned forward, licking around Dawn's puckered pink anus, then down to her gleaming wet cunt-lips. Dawn raised up and let Judy tongue her channel, while Kate turned and rested her head on Clare's mound, sucking Dawn's swaying tits. Cream flowed from Dawn's blonde pussy, and she shuddered in a long climax, drenching Judy's face with her juice, and pressing her chest against Kate's sucking lips.

The four sweaty and, for now, satisfied girls rested in the sun, well apart from each other, yet close enough so that each could stroke another's thigh or breast.

"I'm parched," Dawn said.

"Me too," Kate agreed.

The four slowly got up, gathering the beach towels before entering the coolness of the house. The hot July afternoon made them all sweat, and along with their slick creams, the girls were covered with wetness. Clare opened the refrigerator, letting it's cool air wash over her naked body, and removed a large pitcher of iced tea. Kate poured and handed out the glasses which each of them drained.

"Shower?" Clare asked, lowering her glass from her lips.

"Mmm yeah," Judy agreed, wiping a running droplet of sweat from between her breasts.

"I gotta go first," Dawn said, heading for the front bathroom.

The others headed for Clare's bedroom and the shower. Kate's tiny figure made her a delight for Clare to put her arm around, and then Judy did likewise. Each kissed the other, with Clare pinching Kate's small soft breast.

"Oh, don't get me started again," Kate said.

Clare's shower was big enough for the four of them, and they all soaped each other up, shared the chores of shampooing, especially Kate's long black hair, and then finally they rinsed each other off playfully.

The four girls were lounging around in Clare's living room, wearing light clothes in the summer heat. Clare wore her nylon shorts, and a knit tube top only. Shorts were in favor, as were bikini tops, with Dawn's top being almost indecent. Dawn's top was a pair of small triangles that covered her nipples, but left most of her large tits exposed.

The phone rang and Clare answered it, talking for a few minutes, then hanging up with a "see you in a bit then." before returning to the sofa.

"Who was that?" Judy asked.

"Mandy," Clare replied, "She's coming over."

"Where's she been?" Dawn asked. "I haven't seen her for days."

They talked for a few minutes until the doorbell interrupted them. Kate got up and bounced over to the door, throwing it open. Kate really liked Mandy a lot, and was eager to greet her.

Mandy looked at her small, pretty Asian friend and smiled broadly. Kate wore the tiniest of bikinis without revealing any more than some girls do in a modest one.

The girls watched the redhead enter the house and kiss Kate warmly. Mandy greeted the others, and peeled off her light blouse, revealing her firm round naked breasts with their pink nipples. She wore white shorts, which she slid to the floor, showing off a blue bikini bottom.

"God it's hot out there," she said.

They began talking, asking Mandy why she'd missed their get-together and Mandy began explaining excitedly. She'd gone out with another friend's brother, and found that he was terrific in bed. The two of them had similarly large sexual appetites, and devoured each other into the wee hours of the morning.

"The truth is," Mandy explained, "I was so tired this morning I slept until noon."

Everyone laughed, then Judy asked for vital statistics.

"Hmm, he's twenty eight, single, brown hair and eyes, nice looking but average, mustache, about five eight or nine, and in pretty good shape," Mandy replied to the question, stopping abruptly.

"C'mon Mandy," Dawn urged. "How BIG!"

Mandy giggled, "He's not bad," She started, "about seven inches, more or less, but..." her voice trailed off.

"But what?" Kate asked, her eyes getting wider.

Mandy held her hand up, forming an un-joined circle as if she were holding a narrow glass. "About that big around." Several "OH's" and "AH's" came from her friends. Then, mocking a popular commercial, Mandy said, "But wait! There's more!"

They urged her to tell them, and she held their rapt attention as she cleared her throat to continue. Mandy licked her lips, smiling and trying to hold back.

"This guy can cum like anything!" Mandy said. "I sucked him off last night, and I couldn't swallow it all! I swear he must've shot a gallon in my mouth!"

Dawn and Clare both muttered "Ooooh!" and felt their nipples crinkle up. Judy and Kate both licked their lips. The knew that Mandy was very orally skilled, with men and women, and that she loved to swallow a man's seed. For her to exclaim that she'd been unable to drink him down meant that he did indeed come a lot.


The night was cooling off, and Mandy had called Alex on the phone, giving him directions to Clare's condo. She told him that they would give him the time of his life tonight. The girls all prepared themselves for a good time. In the hour before Alex arrived, the girls cleaned up, put on their faces, and dressed in light, breezy clothes.

Alex arrived carrying several bottles of chilled white wine. Mandy kissed him as he entered, then made the introductions. Everyone in the room looked him over, and he looked over the variety of women, drinking in each girl's charms with his soft brown eyes.

Mandy hadn't lied about him looking good, if somewhat average.

Kate took the wine to the kitchen, and Mandy led Alex to the sofa. Some good natured ribbing, back and forth, took place, and Kate returned with wine for everyone. Alex had selected a nice, fruity wine that pleased the palette and was soothing with it's chill. Mandy told Alex that she'd told her friends a little about his "special talent".

"What do you mean 'a little'?" Clare asked. "There's more?"

Mandy looked at Alex for a sign. He smiled at her, barely winking over his wine glass.

"Well, yeah," Mandy said, "But I didn't want you guys to get too greedy right away."

They urged Mandy to tell, and then pressured Alex. Both declined.

"I suppose the only way you'd believe it anyhow," Alex began, "would be to show you."

The girls agreed, fascinated and curious. Alex stood and removed his shirt. His body was still firm, but showing some slight padding that needed attention. Mandy undid his belt, slowly unzipping his jeans while Alex kicked off his shoes. Mandy slid his pants and shorts down, making Alex almost naked in front of the others. His cock was semi-hard and growing before their eyes. Especially right before Mandy's eyes - and face.

His cock was about seven inches, and pleasantly thick, but not club-like. The head was perfect, flaring out gracefully just slightly larger than the shaft. Mandy licked the drop of pre-cum from the tip and used her tongue to spread it over the head.

"C'mon girls!" Alex smiled. "Let's get naked."

The girls did, quickly since they wore only outer clothing. Mandy let each one take their turn sucking Alex's cock while he stood. Mandy and Alex kissed almost the entire time, with Alex pulling and rolling her nipples. Dawn licked up the crack of Mandy's ass, and slipped a finger deep into her red bush.

"Okay, what's so special?" Judy asked.

"Suck me off and I'll show you," Alex told her. Dawn added that they all knew he came a lot, and Alex said that there was something even more erotic than that.

Judy began sucking his cock, working down until she had most of it in her mouth. Back and forth, up and down, in and out. Judy cupped her long tits up against his balls, and Alex groaned, thrusting his hips forward. Judy choked a little as the cock deep in her mouth spurted a long, thick stream of warm sperm into her mouth. Judy swallowed it noisily, gulping the thick cream down. Another spurt fired, and then another, too quick for her to swallow. More thick salty cum gushed into her waiting mouth, and it began leaking past her lips.

"Ooooh, cum in her mouth baby!" Mandy cooed loudly.

Alex trembled and spurted another stream into Judy's mouth.

Judy had never had so much in her mouth at once, and struggled to swallow the growing flood. Alex pulled back quickly, removing his rigid shaft from her lips. The sperm poured out of her mouth for half a second, thick, white, and creamy. It ran over her lower lip, down her chin and long strings of jism dripped onto her full tits.

As she closed her mouth, more cum surged out, creating a white waterfall over her chin and soaking her chest. Judy gulped, her throat expanding to take the large load of sperm to her stomach. Alex's cock throbbed and jerked upwards, spurting a last long stream against Judy's upper lip and cheek with an audible splat.

"Jeeezus!" Clare muttered. Judy opened her eyes, looking up at Alex. They were glazed with amazement and lust. Kate, Dawn, and Clare rubbed the thick cream over Judy's tits, licking some from their fingers. The taste was normal, warm, salty and slightly bitter. Kate licked a thick glob from Judy's chin and then kissed her.

"Next!" Alex said, sitting on the arm of the sofa.

Dawn was closest, and she leaned over, taking the head into her mouth. Alex slid his fingers down to replace Dawn's inside Mandy's pussy. Dawn could taste the cum on Alex's cock and it excited her even more. She licked and sucked him clean, then began sucking his cock with long strokes that forced his cock against the back of her throat. Her lips tugged at the base of his shaft, and Alex hips trembled.

"Are you telling us he can cum again?" Kate asked.

"Just watch." Mandy said quietly, a pink flush growing between her lovely tits. Then to Dawn, she said softly, "Work it fast and sloppy Dawn. Use your tongue on the head."

Dawn did, pulling back and swirling her tongue around the head. Several long strokes later, Alex groaned. His hips arched off the arm of the sofa, and Dawn moaned. They could see Alex's body spasm, and Dawn gulped down a load of cum. Alex shot again and Dawn leaned back, letting him squirt on her face and neck. She expected a few good spurts, but Alex kept shooting thick, heavy streams of semen all over her face, until it ran down her neck. Dawn kept pumping his cock, until he stopped, shuddering and thumping back down on the sofa.

"Oh God!" Dawn cried. "What a load!"

Alex smiled and Mandy chuckled. Alex looked at the tiny Kate and crooked his finger. "You're next."

Kate slid her tiny body between his legs and ran her tongue up and down his shaft, tasting the sperm that still clung to it. Alex's hips rocked up and down as she licked, and Mandy bent her head and sucked on one of Alex's nipples. He hissed through his teeth as she pulled on his right nipple with her lips.

Clare was fingering her sopped pussy with one hand, and licking the drops of cum from Judy's tits, trying to watch Kate work Alex's cock. Her dark face with the pinkish white cock between her lips looked sexy, and her almond eyes were closed in rapture.

Kate could only take half of his cock into her mouth, but she swirled her tongue in circles around the head, flicking the sensitive underside and pulling the rim of the head backwards. In only one minute of sucking Alex again began to tremble and arch his hips forward.

"Here... it... CUMS!" he breathed hoarsely.

Kate held the head in her mouth and the girls watched the thick cock jerk between her lips. Kate flinched as the first stream gushed against her tongue and the back of her throat. Another warm jet surged into her mouth, followed by three more in rapid succession. Kate felt it filling her mouth, and then pulled back, pointing his spurting cock at her small dark tits. A thick stream drew a line from her chin, down her neck to the middle of her chest.

Like a hose, Alex came on her small tits, covering them with his glistening white cum. Kate pumped him several times then began licking his cock off. Alex shuddered and his cock jerked at her touch. Kate swallowed his semen, licking the rest from her lips. Clare felt as if she were on fire now, and needed no invitation to suck this wondrous cock. She changed places with Kate, and began licking Alex's balls. She ran her tongue up his shaft, flicking the head and getting Alex to tremble.

"I want you to shoot your thick cum all over my face stud," Clare said lustily. "I want you to soak me in sperm!"

With that she sucked the entire length of his cock down her throat and back up. Mandy had moved over and was licking Alex's last load of cum from Kate's tits, letting Judy suck her redheaded cunt.

Twice more Clare sucked his cock down, and then felt the familiar swelling of his shaft. "It can't be!" She thought, "Not this fast."

But it was.

Alex erupted with a groan, and his semen began filling her mouth. Clare was trying to keep her lips pressed tightly to his shaft, so none would leak past. Alex's cum spurted, gushed, and shot into her mouth, each stream as thick and long as the one before it.

Clare's cheeks bulged, and then Alex pulled his cock out of her mouth quickly, surprising her. The thick pool of sperm rushed from her mouth and over her chin, coating her lips and chin. The white waterfall of cum ran down her chest, spreading into rivulets of thick white semen that coated her tits. And still he spurted into her face!

Mandy reached over and pumped his purple cock, and Alex groaned, shaking his hips and trembling all over. Clare was getting thoroughly drenched, and now Mandy pointed the spurting shaft at her tits.

"Cum Alex! Soak me down with your cum! Jizz all over me!" she cooed as she pumped more of his rich semen against her freckled tits.

Alex stood suddenly and forced his cock into her mouth, tossing his head back and supporting himself on her shoulders. Mandy kept pumping his cock, letting the sperm fill her mouth. When her mouth was full, she pumped it along her cheek, sending jets of white jism into her red hair and down the side of her face.

She let go of his cock, and Alex leaned back, turning sideways as firing one long, last stream of sperm through the air to land directly on Kate's cheek. Then he collapsed onto the sofa cushions, flushed and breathing raggedly.

The five girls licked the cum from each others' faces and tits, smearing the creamy stuff into their skins.

"If I hadn't seen that, I'd never have believed it!" Dawn said.

"I'm..." Alex began, pausing to take a deep breath, "multi orgasmic -- that's the big... surprise."

"Boy was it!!" Kate said.

Alex chuckled. "Give me about an hour to recharge." He smiled.

"Then let's see how full I can get your cunts."

The girls laughed, and then Clare leaned forward, sperm still clinging to her left nipple, and kissed his cock. "Don't forget," she said coyly, "we have tight assholes to fill too."

Alex groaned. He knew it would be a long night, and he'd be sore in the morning. Then he grinned, thinking to himself. "What the hell!"

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