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Baseball Game

Baseball Game

       It was a dark and stormy night, Iíve always wanted to write that and finally I truthfully can. I invited a few guys working in my construction company over to watch Sunday Night Baseball. We had lots of beer stockpiled and although it was raining hard, I had the windows open. I like hot, humid weather and love the sound of falling rain. I must say I often admire my wife looks, but when itís hot outside, she seems to look better. Just a little wet glimmer on her face.

Alice, my wife, was keeping everyone well stocked with beer and snacks. She looked great in her tight cutoffs, tits bouncing inside her halter-top. She has a trim little ass, awesome tits, long blond hair and pale blue eyes. I noticed she was getting a lot of attention as she moved around the room refreshing beers. She noticed too, in fact, she took every opportunity to wiggle her ass around everyone, especially Craig.

When Alice went to get another round, we heard a loud crack of thunder, and she muttered, "Oh shit."

I yelled, "Need any help, what's the matter?"

Alice replied, "No, nothings wrong, I just spilled some beer."

Well, when she walked back in it was apparent where she spilled the beer. She looked like a wet T-shirt prize- winner. Swollen nipples, you could see every line, each curve of her breast through her thin white halter-top. Just then on TV, there was a loud crack of the bat and a home run.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, watched. Turned out to be the game winner, but all eyes were focused on my wife's chest. Mine too really. She gave me a sly wink no one else saw as it dawned on me her little accident was no accident at all. She could be a prime cock tease, loved attention and was getting plenty of looks.

Starting around the room again pouring beers, she took a long time pausing with Craig. She filled his glass to the brim with just a touch of overflowing foam. All the time his gaze was focused on her nipples, which by now were sticking out big as half dollars. Craig was peeking inside her blouse as her tit brushed his shoulder. I knew from her wink she wanted to have some fun, so I excused myself to the bathroom. Really, I grabbed my cellular and called Alice.

Alice answered, yelling from the kitchen, "Work on the phone, can you pick it up upstairs?"

I came back down declaring, "Gotta go over to a job site for a couple hours. Bit of theft and the cops want someone there now."

Eddie, my job foreman, offered to go in my place, or at least come along for company, but I declined. They all started readying to leave, but I talked them out of it using the second game of the double header as a teaser. I shared, "Hey, thereís still a lot of beer for you guys to drink up. Besides, Alice doesnít like being alone, especially during thunderstorms."

Alice heartily agreed, mentioning, "Yeah and Iíve got a few treats for you guys in-between innings."

I had a pretty good idea of the kind of treat she had in mind for my pals and wondered how she'd pull this off? I cut through the garage to my pickup. I started up and roared off only to park a few doors down, around a corner. Cutting through my neighbor's yards, I quietly snuck back home entering our backdoor. I could hear the game, the guys, but couldn't see a thing, so I hoped Alice had a good plan.

After I heard her serving another round, she said, "I'm all sticky, think I'll go upstairs and shower real fast. You all know where everything is, so help yourselves. Craig, would you mind grabbing the towels out of the dryer and tossing them on the bed upstairs for me while I wash?"

I entered our master bedroom before she did, sneaking up the back way. I grabbed her and kissed her hard, squeezing her fantastic ass and telling her, "You're making me hard, and I am so hot right now for your sweet ass."

She rubbed my pants and teased, "Hold on lover, I'm going to screw your buds while you watch, you'll love it, you pervert! After they are limp and tired, I'm going to fuck your brains out." Pushing me away, she scolded, "Better hide, I asked Craig to grab towels from the dryer."

I barely got behind the Japanese screen at Alice's dressing table, when I heard footsteps approaching. Alice heard them too, so she hurriedly started the shower. Craig entered through the bedroom door, towels in hand, just as Alice walked in topless from the bathroom. She jerked her hands up to cover her breasts.

"What can I do for you honey, did you forget where the beer was?" she giggled, "Maybe you had thirst for something or someone else?" She dropped her hands and let him see her tits for the first time. He started to comment, but she put a finger to his lips and said, "If you want to fuck me nod your head, but I don't want to hear a word of conversation out of you. If you understand and want to start with a blow job just smile."

Craigís face lit up like a starving man at a King's banquet, shit eating grin from ear to ear, but he did not utter a word. He tossed the towels onto the bed as Alice gently pushed him back into an easy chair, knowing I would have a good view. Craig's chance of seeing me was slight.

She warned, "Don't forget, not a word, and before the blow job how about a little more beer, why don't you lick it off my tits for me, save me from that shower?"

As any man would with such an inviting task before him he licked, sucked and pinched her nipples. She was getting hotter by the minute, till finally she knelt down in front of him, pulling down his gym shorts and briefs; allowing his dick to spring out at full attention. Stroking him with her hand he was about an inch longer than me, but thinner. She started licking him like an all day sucker. She gently played with his balls with her left hand and continued to stroke him with her right.

After a few minutes she started her deep throat routine on him. I knew if he was anything like me, in about two minutes he'd be done. Well, he started pounding into her mouth with long deep thrusts. As he was about to cum she pushed a wet finger up his butt. He came in buckets and she wasn't wasting a drop, swallowing it right up as he gave out a loud groan.

Just then Eddie called up from the bottom of the stairs, "Craig you up there? You're missing the game."

Alice whispered to Craig, "Call him up here, when he gets here you explain the deal. Then no more talking from either of you if you want any more. Understand?"

Craig nodded, then hollered, "Eddie, come up here for a minute."

When Eddie arrived I could see the surprise on his face. Craig quickly explained the deal, but Eddie acted reluctant. I know it wasn't Alice, she was sexy as could be. I could see Eddie's hard-on through his pants from across the room, but Eddie had more to lose being my foreman for eleven years. If he pissed me off, he wouldn't easily get another position making the same amount of money. Alice saw his resistance, but having planned to nail them all, she wouldn't be denied and went into action.

She said, "Thereís no way Jeff will find out about this, unless I tell him, which of course I won't, as long as you are a ready and willing participant. If you don't play and let me suck your dick, which shouldn't be all that bad, while Craig fucks me, then I'll say you came up here and grabbed me. Now drop your pants and prepare to get a royal sucking, or start walking to the unemployment office."

Eddie has a lot of pride, and for a second, I wasn't sure he would agree. A man's dick will make him swallow his pride more then once in his lifetime and Eddie swallowed his. Not because of the threat, but the promise of watching this fine young piece of ass engulf him. He dropped his drawers and out popped a huge nine inch dick.

In spite of her rules, he told her, "Suck on this."

And she did. But first she wiggled out of her cutoffs. Then with Eddie laying back on the bed, one leg off the bed and her ass high in the air, she began to stroke his huge cock.

Giving Craig one final instruction she told him, "Lick my pussy, till you're hard again then fuck me like a dog."

Alice slurped Eddie's dick into her mouth and started sucking as Craig got down behind her and began licking. He was determined to do as good for her, as she was for him. First he licked her clit; then he fingered her pussy gently twirling his index finger inside her. Licking his way to her asshole, he mouthed her. Alice was getting wild. Although she started with a slow even stroke on Eddie, as she heated up so did her pace. Alice gobbled him tip to root taking a face fucking like I'd never seen.

Craig started to harden again as if from the dead, growing larger as he tongue screwed her tight ass. Plunging two fingers into my wife's slick pussy, she moaned, "Fuck me, fuck me now," over and over.

Standing behind her aside the bed, with one massive shove, he was in her as deep as he could go. That fast plunge helped her cum right away. I could see the convulsive spasms of her orgasm from across the room and knew that was just the start for her. While her pussy was grasping his dick tightly, her juices made him wet and fiery hot. He started banging with a vengeance, matching the rhythm Eddie was giving her mouth.

Eddie lasted longer then anyone I've ever seen receiving head from Alice, but he couldn't keep it up much longer, so before he gave her his load, he quickly removed himself from her mouth. She was surprised by his sudden withdrawal, but even more so when he grabbed Craig and yanked him out of her.

Still not speaking, he buried his cock deep into her pussy. If Alice had thought he was fucking her face hard, she realized he had restrained. He buried his prick into her with such a frenzy of deep thrusts I feared he would split her.

Craig again presented his now stiff cock to my wife's waiting mouth and was close to blowing his load from the licking he'd shared with her. A couple of Aliceís deep swallows and he was spurting into her warm mouth. Noise had drawn Ian and Kain into the bedroom doorway, both of them eagerly watching. Pulling his penis out, Eddie flipped her onto her back so he could look at her face and tits. Pushing his dick back in, they started fucking like crazy. Ian and Kain started peeling their clothes off.

Craig was in sperm recovery, so Alice, between thrusts asked, "Craig, would you instruct the new boys about the rules?"

Both readily agreed as Ian quickly filled my wife's mouth with his swelling cock. Kain started licking and pinching her large, erect nipples. Meanwhile, the strain of the pounding he was giving Alice began to show in Eddie's face. Suddenly his dick exploded and he proceeded to fill her pussy with jets of hot spurting cum. Once the fiery liquid entered her snatch she began to cum again, as if to squirt out the fire with her own passion.

The moment Eddie pulled out, Kain moved between her spread legs and her slippery passage took his smaller cock right up to his balls. Sam started slowly, but only for a minute, the heat of her pussy plus what he'd been watching had him at fever pitch in minutes.

Watching Ian get the best blow job of his life only added to his excitement. Ian's face betrayed he was ready to cum. As Kain started shooting in my wife's pussy, Alice took Ian's cock out of her mouth giving him a fast frigging that caused him to unload right on her face. He shot load after load hitting her directly. Alice loved it, ate it up, and the fact that she had such power over men drove her wild. The fact I was hiding five feet away, undetected, only added to her abandon. She was still horny but the boys seemed a little too worn out for her.

She instructed, "You better clean up and get ready to go. Jeff might be home from the job site any minute."

The guys quickly departed except for Eddie, who I thought was lingering for more. As the others got out of earshot, he started leaving the bedroom.

Turning in the doorway, Eddie said, "Alice, youíre the best piece of ass Iíve ever had, and thanks Jeff, see yah Monday. No Christmas bonus necessary this year! Your wife is the best, I only wish my wife was half as good, then we could watch the game at my house."

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com