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Can't Get Enough

Can't Get Enough

       These events occurred five years ago after I had just finished building a new video website for a local pro- am porn actress and her husband. To celebrate the opening, they threw a big party and invited my wife, myself and our housemate to the affair being held at their home.

We figured there would be some pretty wild going-ons there because she is a fairly popular actress and her movies always had several scenes with her being serviced by at least half a dozen guys. And the groups always had some well-endowed black guys.

Now our housemate, my wife and myself had already enjoyed glorious three-way sex many times and we all had enjoyed other couples and singles at other times, but none of us had ever been to a big party of this sort. So this party was going to new experience, something different from what we had enjoyed in the past. Our host had told me that there many couples invited and several single guys would be there, too. Including some of the black porn actors from his wife's movies!.

So all of us were looking forward to this party. My wife was trying to decide what she was gonna wear something casual, very sexy and easy to remove! As we finally prepared to leave, my wife was obviously looking forward to the party and the expected activities.

As we got in our van, she told the housemate and I how she really hoped she got a chance to be the center of attention at least once during the party. The housemate and looked at each other and broke into big grins. We both loved watching my wife being with other guys and I for one planned to indulge myself in that, and more, at this affair.

The party began in the afternoon, outside by their pool and was expected to last well into the night. There were already some couples there when we arrived plus a couple of single guys. Nothing out of the ordinary, party chitchat, flirting and the single guys were friendly to both members of the couples. No pressure or any sort of pushiness.

As the party continued, guests arrived and left and as day wore on, there were now a more than a half dozen couples and a whole bunch of single guys. It was dark outside now and almost everyone was hanging out in the living room where the food was being served. It was interesting that no one could not guessed there was anything unusual about this party at all.

I went outside by the pool and chatted for a while with this older couple and the housemate. After a few minutes I went back in house to get another drink. When I did, I noticed a group of several guys were chatting up my wife. It was obvious they were discussing something interesting because my wife was smiling, laughing and nodding her head affirmatively.

When she saw me, she motioned with her hand to indicate that she was headed back to the part of the house with the bedrooms. I gave her a big smile and nodded back then followed her along with the other eager guys into a small bedroom. It was pretty empty except for a dim table light and a mattress covered with some sheets.

After we were in the bedroom, I noticed my wife didn't look at all nervous and was asking if there was something for her to drink handy. A nice gentleman near the door grab her a beer from the kitchen fridge. She sat down on the mattress and began to massage her own breasts, rubbed the crotches of a couple of nearby guys and then kissed one of them. He touched her gently and she let out an audible moan.

Several hands began to roam over her and I saw her close her eyes with a big smile. The hands were soon fondling her breasts and thighs and within a minute or two, her t-shirt top was off and the shorts followed quickly. She has fondling three or four guys and soon was jerking off a couple of the guy's cocks. I really wanted just to watch right then, so I stayed towards the back of the group of guys.

Our housemate noticed we weren't in the living room and figured that we were up to something fun in the back of the house. He walked into the bedroom and smiled when he saw my wife entertaining the group of guys. As soon as my wife saw the housemate, she motioned for him to come over to her.

He went over to where she was sitting on her knees and my wife unzipped his pants, took his cock out and stroked it till he was semi hard, and then went down on him. Guy's hands were all over her body in an instant, paying lots of attention to her nipple rings and her pussy. She pushed the housemate down onto the mattress and continued to suck his cock after she got on her knees in the doggy position.

One of the guys took the rear position and I could see her green eyes suddenly widen as he entered what was now her very moist pussy. She had a cock in each hand as she was being fucked while still sucking on the housemate. He then moved over so that another guy could take his place as the half dozen guys circled around my wife all looked for ways to be entertained by my very hot, slutty wife.

It was just so cool watching her and she was in heaven as the guy continued to fuck her even harder now. She had three guys in front of her and took turns stroking and sucking their cocks. I was enjoying this scene tremendously. She obviously was happy being the center of attention. The guy behind her let someone else take his coveted spot while he rested.

Someone else got in front of my wife and she stroked him with her hand and then used her mouth on him. She serviced the three guys in front as the others waited for their turn in the driver's seat. I watched my lovely wife getting fucked by half dozen guys with several others watching and it was pretty obvious just how much she was enjoying her role as fuck toy for us.

At one point she stopped sucking and said she wanted to mount someone. In a microsecond someone was beneath her and the circle of guys closed in around her. It was very nasty to watch her being serviced by two guys and her giving head and hand jobs to two guys on each side of her. She was moaning and repeating how good it felt. She would occasionally let out a muffled scream with a cock down her throat.

I couldn't see what the two guys were doing but it looked like they were taking turns fucking her pussy. One of the guys getting sucked was about to shoot his load and she gobbled his cock as he did. I decided I wanted to get a closer look and moved into one of the groups in front of her. On my knees to the side of her, I could see a load of jizm all over her ass and back.

As the guy she was riding came in her pussy, she was sucking on my cock. She would suck each guy for a while and stroke two cocks with her hands. She wanted to take a break to catch her breath so we shifted places while the guy beneath her moved.

She rolled over on her back and the guys spread her legs wide. Somebody started eating her while I watched and waited for her mouth. She was orgasming like crazy from the guy's tongue. The other guys were face fucking her, the cocks shoved in her mouth and down her throat muffled her screams.

One guy shot his load as she deep throated his cock. A guy with a cock that looked like it was at least 10 inches long, took the place of the guy eating her. He just slammed it right into her pussy and within three strokes she was screaming again as the guys continued to face fuck her mouth and throat.

The guy with the big cock came hard after a while and the cum was flowing out her pussy now. Another guy took his place and started fucking her as he sat on his knees and by taking his cock out of her pussy, began rubbing and teasing her clit with the cum covered head.

Another guy who had been face fucking my wife came on her face and hair. Someone tossed in a towel and a guy wiped her eyes and face. The guy who fucking her sped up and then came deeply in her pussy.

My wife said she needed a couple of minutes break and the guys went 'Ahhhh' in unison. My wife laughed and said she'd only be a minute and would be right back. I knew she would. She was really loving this. She had this almost starved look in her eyes - like she could not get enough and would do anything to get it. And that was exactly how she felt.

When she returned, she began telling everyone that she would let them use her anyway they wanted. And that she wanted to be gangfucked by everyone as many times as they could. She was their fuck toy and should be treated like one. She was really getting the guys worked up as she talked and played with some of their cocks. She said she wanted to feel two cocks in her pussy. The guys just went berserk. They grabbed her and pushed her into the doggie position again. She was back sucking cock and jerking dicks.

Guys who had not fucked her yet were playing with her ass and rubbing their dicks against her, leaving cum marks all over her ass and hips. One guy had his dick in her pussy now and she was really starting to get off from the rough treatment she was getting. I wasn't worried - she was 5-8 and around 140 lbs. She was built for being fucked hard and long. And that's what she wanted.

The guy fucking her was slamming her as hard as he could and she was screaming "Harder! Fuck me harder!" I knew she was gonna be an animal later on. The guy started cumming and he pulled out of her pussy and put his cock up against her ass and held it there as the cum started squirting into her ass. She loved it. She normally wasn't that fond of anal but now she was up for anything.

As he rolled away spent, my spouse hoisted up one of her legs and yet another guy slid beneath her, his dick throbbing. She grabbed the cock by the shaft and jumped on the guy, literally. It sank all the way into her pussy. Another guy, with a very big cock, got behind her now. He was rubbing his cock against her already full pussy and was able to get the head of his cock into there.

I knew I wanted to watch this and wanted her mouth on my cock, too. I told her so, as the guys pushed further in. She took my cock and rammed it down her throat, my balls against her lips. The two guys had gotten her pussy really spread and were now both fucking her. Her mouth was incredible on my cock. She was cumming now and I was letting her work my cock however she wanted.

It felt so nasty and I loved watching the two guys fuck the hell out of her. My cock felt like it was gonna explode and I grabbed her hair and shoved her head down. She didn't care and I kept her head as far down on my cock as possible. I started cumming and she never even flinched as my jizm went straight down her throat.

I thought I was gonna black out for a second but didn't. IT was that awesome. I rolled away and another guy took my place. I grabbed a soda from the kitchen and returned to the back bedroom. It was so crowded in there now I had to stand in the doorway. It was so damn awesome to watch this many guys doing whatever they wanted to my very slutty wife.

Both guys were still fucking her and they were jamming it in as hard as they could. She just let them do whatever they wanted. The guy in back started cumming and he did the same thing as the other guy did, only he put the head of his dick against her ass then jammed the head into her. He was cumming hard into her ass and this feeling set the other guy off. She had both dudes cumming in her at the same time!

She was frantic with desire even after this kind of fucking. Out housemate had gotten into position and I knew what he was gonna do. The guy was a stallion and began to fuck my wife as hard as he could. He saw me watching in the doorway and said something like "she's the horniest wife anybody has ever seen..." and he probably wasn't that far off either.

Our housemate was just hammering her as she grabbed another guy's cock and started sucking him. She was still going strong and I knew she wasn't done yet. She was taking some deep breaths and screamed, "FUCK ME HARDER!!" several times. She was not gonna want to stop even after a dozen guys!

The housemate was ready to cum and he was banging his 6-5, 240 lbs body into her pussy as hard as he could. He actually let out a yell and started cumming into her as she orgasmed a couple more times. They both collapsed into a heap, out of breath and exhausted.

What a performance from my wife! Several guys complimented her as she lay there still breathing hard. If they had been ready, I know she would have started fucking them. My incredible wife had fucked at least every guy in the room once and many of the guys twice.

There were at least a dozen guys in various stages of recovery after fucking my wife. Her entire body and hair were completely soaked with sweat and semen. Cum was still just pouring out her ass and pussy as she rested on the mattress, which was also drenched. She finally got the energy to get up, kissed me and our housemate, then walked out of the bedroom, heading for the shower. A dozen guys lay in her wake, completely done in by just one woman.

It looked like a damn hurricane had blown thru the room. When several of the guys had recovered we began to service a couple of the other woman. The housemate and I didn't want to miss this action, and my very naughty cum slut, wife eventually joined the party again.

After a shower and a drink my wife looked like the cat that ate the canary. What's really amazing is that she wasn't finished for the night! As she sat outside by the pool, two of the black porn actors showed up at the party.

Take a guess at what my insatiable wife wanted to do now?

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com