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I Can Assume Any Position

I Can Assume Any Position

       There was no doubt that Jennifer was an attractive woman -- five feet, five inches tall and weighing 125 pounds packed into a 36-26-36 frame. Her dark eyes, dark hair and ample breasts were her most feminine assets.

Helene, however, was the more attractive female. Helene, at five feet, eight inches also weighed 125 pounds. However, her 36- 22-36 frame helped accentuate her breasts and hips in a manner that all men noticed regardless of their sexual preference. The dark hair and eyes, her full lips, high cheek bones, and long legs could easily have qualified her for a place among Playboy magazines most outstanding centerfolds.

Jennifer was the most assertive of the two women. She introduced Helene to a bisexual lifestyle during their first year in high school. She began by playfully teasing Helene by rubbing a bar of soap against her pubic hair. By the end of the week, Jennifer had managed to position the bar of soap so it would rub against Helene's clitoris. The day after she noticed a positive response from Helene, Jennifer replaced the bar of soap with her finger tips.

Helene received Jennifer's more aggressive advances quite willingly. A torrid scene followed that -- had it been filmed -- would make anything movie scene with Sharon Stone seem juvenile -- and Ms. Stone was certainly no wimp when it came to providing a movie audience with a torrid love scene.

Both Helene and Jennifer dated boys during their high school and college years. However, they saved their most impassioned love-making for each other. After they graduated from college, they rented an apartment and later shared joint ownership in an impressive condominium off Long Island's southern shore.

As Helene grew to become more comfortable with her bisexuality, she experimented with other women. However, she always returned to Jennifer, specifically because Jennifer's oral skills were second to no one.

Helene will never forget the Summer she emerged from the shower on an especially hot and humid day. She waltzed into the living room and suggestively moved about to arouse Jennifer who had been watching television.

The room was warm as Jennifer had turned off the air conditioner and opened the glass sliding door that led to the balcony. The warm humid air from the Atlantic Ocean rushed into their Long Island home, keeping Helene wet -- in more ways than one -- as she sashayed in front of the coach.

Jennifer picked up the remote and turned off the television. She had been watched the tacky antics on the Jerry Springer Show, but the show was no match for Helene's sensual erotic dance.

As Helene had suspected, no more than two minutes passed before Jennifer leaped from the coach. She grabbed Helene and tossed her onto the white leather. Helene managed to throw one leg up on the sofa back while the other leg led to the floor, leaving her pussy in full view. Jennifer moistened her lips and immediately dived for Helene's wet pussy.

"Girl, I love the taste of your pussy," she commented, then proceeded to lick furiously between Helene's legs. Helene responded immediately, moaning and sigh as Jennifer's skillful tongue delivered its pleasures.

"Eat me, girl! Eat me good," Helene cried out. "Eat my pussy and make me cum!"

More than an hour had passed. Jennifer alternated between licking her pussy and her ass hole. She soon lost count of how many times Helene had climaxed. After an hour, the assumed a 69 position and continued for at least another 30 minutes. Barely able to walk, they made their way to their bedroom, rested for 2 hours, and then resumed their love-making well into the evening.

It was no wonder that at this point in their lives, they began limiting their sexual activities to each other. There wasn't a man either had ever met able to pleasure them to the degree they were able to pleasure each other. It was more than a woman knowing what pleases a woman. It was the result of a friendship that grew and developed since childhood.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Jennifer became "Mistress Jennifer." She turned her domineering personality into a business. The extra bedroom served as a modestly equipped dungeon for male submissives. On a few occasions, Helene assisted her more aggressive lover. However, most often she used the time to engage in her hobby as a serious amateur photographer.

Helene did not object to Jennifer's hobby so long as it remained non-sexual. This was never a problem. Jennifer enjoyed training her submissives, but she never had any desire to have sex with them.

Overall, their relationship was very health and they were both very happy. However, I suspect that some part of their relationship had grown stale and both had harbored a secret desire to engage in something different.

I had known of Mistress Jennifer through her advertisements in a number of swinger and S&M publications. I did not know she was bisexual, nor did I know anything of her lover -- Helene.

Like Helene and Jennifer, I too lived on Long Island. Jennifer had contacted me through one of the publications for which I had modeled. We began corresponding and eventually arranged a meeting at their home.

Helene and I hit it off very well. She was impressed that I had been born a male and had successfully lived and worked as a woman for several years. It took a while but one by one, I addressed all of the myths she had developed about transgendered women.

She was surprised to discover that female hormones did far more than cause breast development. I explained that although I did not have a period each month, I experienced several of the related symptoms common to biological women. These symptoms included depression, mood swings, irritability, water retention and breast tenderness.

Helene was also surprised to learn that by making a conscious decision to take female hormones, I had also made a conscious decision to become impotent and sterile. I could no longer ejaculate, nor achieve an erection. My male part was no longer my organ of sexual arousal. My anus in a very real sense became my pussy.

They both wanted to engage in a threesome. I also wanted to embrace the two very attractive women. However, I was living with a man at the time and wanted his approval before making a commitment to join with Helene and Jennifer.

Bryan, my lover, said it would be a great idea but wanted to participate as well. I approached Helene and Jennifer with the idea of a foursome. They hesitated at first. Later, they said if they found Bryan to their liking, then a foursome would be the way to go.

The following weekend, we met at a local restaurant for dinner. As I suspected, Bryan charmed them both almost immediately. He was an impressive figure in a suit. One could easily detect he was a body builder even while he was totally clothed.

I jokingly referred to our intended encounter as the Oreo orgy, primarily because Helene and Jennifer were white while Bryan and I were both African American. The romantic atmosphere provided by the restaurant facilitated this kind of relaxed conversation, as well as an eager anticipation of our intended sexual encounter. We left for Helene's and Jennifer's condominium right after dinner.

We started undressing as soon as we reached the living room. Both Helene and Jennifer were astonished by Bryan's athletic physique -- the broad shoulders, narrow waist, tight buttocks, chiseled chest and thick calves. The `coup de grace' occurred when I lowered his silk boxers revealing all 5-inches of his flaccid cock. I fondled him until he reached 10-inches of very thick and powerful manhood.

I fell to my knees and began licking and kissing his love shaft. Both ladies watched as I moved to mouth his testicles. They realized that there was no way I was going to surrender my man at the onset of our encounter. Bryan had the kind of penis that women usually only find in their dreams.

Jennifer began licking Helene's pussy. However, most of Helene's attention remained focused on Bryan's huge black cock.

"Suck it, baby!" Bryan cried passionately. "Suck daddy's cock like a good girl!"

Trust me, I needed no encouragement when it came to sucking Bryan's cock. I sucked furiously. Five minutes later, he exploded with a tiny sea of semen. I appreciatively swallowed every drop of the delicious fluid. Then, I turned and smiled at Helene. I had noticed her watching our embrace for the entire duration of my oral foreplay. She, however, was still too astonished to respond. I guess she thought that trans gendered women knew less about pleasing a man than biological women. I proved her to be quite mistaken.

Helene and Jennifer had moved into a 69-position and were now absorbed with each other. I watched them until Bryan regained his erection.

I handed a tube of K-Y jelly to Bryan and he began lubricating and fingering my love hole. Helene paused to observe Bryan as he inserted his massive cock into my tiny orifice.

"Damn!" Helene exclaimed. "I thought she'd only be able to do it doggy style."

"I can assume any position that a biological woman can assume," I explained.

Bryan slowly inserted 6 or 7 inches of his dick, and then started pumping me. He moved slowly at first, until he felt I was sufficiently relaxed to be more aggressively fucked.

"Damn! I know women who would kill to be fucked like that," Helene shouted. "I'd even kill to be fucked lie that!"

"Your turn is coming," Bryan announced while he continued his jackhammer pace.

Twenty minutes later, Bryan and I climaxed together. He had delivered a very powerful orgasm. My whole body seemed to turn to Jell-O.

Jennifer wasted no time loving towards Bryan. She began by kissing him and rubbing her hands across his massive chest. Helene seemed annoyed. I wasn't sure if she was jealous, or merely disappointed that she had not moved more quickly.

As soon as Bryan started regaining his erection, Jennifer slipped a rubber onto his enlarging cock. She immediately got down to sucking him off.

Jennifer did not appear to be a woman who had sworn off men as she took the big black cock into her mouth.

She released his manhood just long enough to announce that African American men were her secret passion. Apparently, it was quite a revelation to Helene as well.

"You can't blame her. Can you?" I asked, directing my question to Helene.

"No. I can't blame her," Helene replied. "I've just never seen her go down on a guy with this much enthusiasm."

"Well, Bryan is quite a guy," I suggested.

I moved closer to Helene and began kissing her and fondling her mounds of femininity. She responded with unanticipated energy.

"I love your breasts," she whispered.

I responded by moving her unto her back and parting her thighs so as to be able to lick her moistened twat. Finally, she seemed more interested in what I was doing than in what Jennifer was doing with my Bryan.

I pleasured Helene long enough and intently enough to enable her to reach two very intense orgasms. She returned the favor by eating me as well.

Jennifer reached her own orgasm by rubbing her clit while sucking on Bryan. When she released him, Bryan moved over to Helene and I.

"Your turn, baby," he said, smiling at Helene.

"Give it to me like you gave it to Roberta," she insisted.

Bryan was more than pleased to acknowledge her request. He fucked her furiously for a full half hour. A very exhausted Helene retreated to the bedroom, barely able to walk.

Jennifer pulled out the convertible couch, then brought blankets and pillows for Bryan and I.

The next morning, Helene and Jennifer prepared a wonderful breakfast. The four of us retired to the couch in the living room to relax. Well, we didn't relax for very long, but that's another story.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com