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Co-ed Whores

Co-ed Whores

       Well it was that time of year again and thanksgiving seemed to be headed right into the old boring file. I was all set to go to my mother in-laws in Florida when my boss called and said he was going to need me over the Thanksgiving weekend.

He said, "Spend the holiday with the family but I need you here over the weekend." I told my wife about this and she wasn't too happy, but she understood.

I was prepared to spend the holiday at an airport hotel when at the last minute I got a call from my boss. "Barry, since your family is going south why don't you come have Thanksgiving with us? Zoe is home from school and it'll be a real family Thanksgiving. We can take off the next morning for our meeting and it seems to me that would be the most convenient thing."

I thought about it and agreed. I had, had a brief affair with the boss's daughter two years ago, and I wanted to she her again. I hadn't seen her since she went away to college and I remembered how much fun she'd been in bed the few times we'd done it. I fantasized; I was picturing myself fucking Zoe's perfect body on the dinner table, right in front of her shocked family, and even in her own bedroom where she grew up as a little girl. My cock grew instantly hard just thinking about it.

Upon arrival to my boss's new house I notice that his estate over looked the ocean and was surround by an 8ft brick wall, 'interesting,' I thought. I knocked at the front door with a bottle of wine in hand. The door opened and there standing before me was the sight of all sights, something that never crossed my twisted mind, something out of a porn movie, Zoe and another hot looking girl at the threshold of the door greeting me.

Oh my god, what a sight to behold! My heart began to race, and then my boss appeared at the door, "Oh hi Barry, come on it man, don't be shy," Oh if he only knew.

Well I get the meet and greet from the family. Apparently Zoe's friend from school was there to spend Thanksgiving with them. Her name turned out to be Kylie, and she was just as hot looking as Zoe.

I finally got a chance to have a drink. I sat down with my scotch and water and then I felt a presence standing behind me. I turn my head and it is my little dream girl Zoe.

She said, "You wanna tour of the house or are you happy just sitting there?"

"Hum?" Well I'm no fool, I stood up and noticed right away the gray tight one-piece mini dress she had on, it looked like cotton and it clung to her hard little body like a glove. While walking up the stairs I found that it felt like cotton too.

We arrived at the top of the stairs outside her bedroom, she turned to me and said, "You know, no one has ever fucked me in my bedroom," and she walked in, pulling me by my hand and attacked me with a very hard hungry kiss of pure animal lust. I started to pull her panties to one side just enough to fuck her. We didn't have much time. I turned her around and bent her over her bed; I slid two fingers into her and noticed she had now had a tattoo on her ass cheek.

I looked a little closer and noticed what it said; it said, "Barry" on her cheek.

I asked her about it and she said she'd done it because she never wanted to forget what I'd done to her and wanted every other man she fucked to know that I was the standard. When she told me that I was amazed and proud, I'd fucked this honey so well that she had my name tattooed on her ass. COOL.

Well, as you can imagine, having her perfect little body bent over with that great looking little ass staring at me I wasn't about to just stand there admiring the view. I lined myself up with her sweet little pussy and sank into her like a knife through butter, "OH FUCK YEAH!"

Zoe's body jerked as I thrust to the hilt, and as I began thrusting fast and deep she began to moan louder and louder, "Oh baby, yeah just like that, oh yeah. FUCK MY PUSSY GOOD BABY. MAKE ME CUM QUICK! Oh yeah I missed your cock. SO BAD BABY... SLAM IT INTO ME BABY!!"

Then there was a knock at the door and Kylie's face shown from around the door. Then she walked in, "What are you guys doing?" She smiled.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Zoe moaned, "Come here Kylie. Oh watch him fuck me hon, he's so hot, look at how big he is. Oh god, deeper Barry, deeper!"

This was to good to be true... both of these beauties were here with me... I was fucking Zoe like a madman and Kylie was standing next to us squeezing my nuts and urging us on.

Needless to say I didn't last very long, who would have under the circumstances. Suddenly my body stiffened over Zoe's and I let loose with a very satisfying load of cum, grunting with each orgasmic spasm.

Afterward a few moments I pulled out of Zoe and said that we'd better get down stairs. I didn't want to get in trouble with her parents. At dinner I felt like I was in a catering hall, I'd see Kylie sitting on a chair she'd spread her legs so I could see her bald pussy. I wanted to fuck her right there... it was so cruel. Then I'd look across the table at Zoe and she would be doing things with a carrot stick and her mouth that would be called x-rated in any company much less the dinner table of her parents house.

I went into the bathroom. I was taking a piss when I feel someone behind me; it was Zoe, "Mind if I hold this for you?" What a sick girl, but hey look mom no hands. After I was done peeing Zoe gave me probably the best blowjob I'd had to date. She just turned me around and knelt down on the bathroom floor and sucked me dry. Good the girl was a pervert and I loved it.

After dinner my boss and his teenage son and the neighbors went out front for an impromptu football game. I was standing there rallying them on when I looked a second floor balcony, and Kylie standing there. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I noticed that she was sticking a dildo in and out of her pussy, then she would pull it out and lick it, then stick it in again.

Shit if any one of the other men happened to look up then they would have gotten the show of their lives. The later in the afternoon the family went in for dessert. I was sitting at the table with the big linen tablecloth when felt someone under the able, I jumped involuntarily and looked down, it was Kylie.

I watched as her small hand first unzipped my fly, then reached into my pants. I continued to stare as she began to slowly jerk me off. I almost fainted when scooted up to me as started to lick my shaft and suck on my nuts. Oh my god it felt so good, she is such a great cocksucker. There I was in a public getting a head job from a pretty young co-ed, I couldn't handle much more.

Suddenly she stopped; there was silence in the room. For a moment my heart almost stopped, I thought someone had noticed what was going on. Then all of a sudden, Zoe said, giving me a meaningful look, "I'm going to take a walk and work some of this food off."

I looked down and Kylie was gone, then I noticed her at the end of the table, getting up to follow her friend, it was like her and Kylie had planned this little game. I watched as she walked that perfect little ass towards the library room, I wanted to run in there and fuck them both right then and there, but I didn't, this was my game not theirs.

The rest of the night went by in an uneventful fashion. I saw the girls dancing together a few times in a very erotic way, while the kids in the family were gathered doing their own thing. I held my ground. But they did look great together. Dinner was over and I was ready to leave to stay the night at the airport hotel, but I could not find my whores anywhere. I figured they had enough of my not chasing them and had gone their own way.

I arrived at hotel and was relaxing. I called the wife and kids to talk for a few minutes, wished my in-laws a happy turkey day and there's a knock at the door. While still on the phone I answer the door, behold it's my two little whore co-eds. They look so innocent in their long black coats. It took my breath away.

I said good-bye to the wife and hello to my pretty little ladies. Zoe asked, "Aren't you going to invite us in?"

"Of course," I said, "come in."

As they both passed me they both gave me a seductive smile and soft kiss. They walked into the room and both took off their over coats. OH MY FUCKING GOD! LOOK AT YOU LITTLE WHORES!"

Kylie was dressed in a purple bedroom top and bottom that exposed her tight belly with her bellybutton ring. Zoe had on a one-piece see-through body suit that just kicked ass. Well for some reason I didn't know what to do. I'd never been in a situation before where two gorgeous young women were offering me their delights both at once.

Then Zoe said, "Well are you just going to stand there or are we going to fuck us?"

I instantly snapped out of it. I went right after Zoe, I brought her to the bed and turned her around. I smacked her ass as hard as I could, she screamed, "I hope that's not all you have." So I smacked it again. This time I pulled the panty part of her black body suit to one side and slid my tongue deep into her pussy from behind.

As I started to eat Zoe's pussy I heard soft moans coming from underneath me. Kylie had slid under my legs and was getting ready to suck my cock. I remembered her expert work from under the dinner table and my dick hardened to steel.

She took my cock all the way in her mouth, and started to deep throat me. I was so into her blowjob that I had stopped working on Zoe, who stated to whine, "Don't stop, eat me baby," which I did. I began to go to town on Zoe's perfect little cunt.

"OH YEAH, oh yeah, stick your tongue in me, fuck me with your tongue. OH FUCK! That feels so good. Eat my ass, stick your tongue in my ass!" So I slid my finger in instead.


Kylie was still sucking my cock, deep and hard. She moaned around my cock, obviously enjoying her work. But finally she stopped and stood up, she pulled me away from Zoe's pussy. Then she lay on the bed and threw her legs over my shoulders and pushed her pussy right into my face, how could I resist.

Kylie began to writher on the bed moaning and groaning, "Mmmmmm, god I love the way your mouth feels on my box, you're so fucking hot!"

Zoe switched places with her friend and began to work on my quivering manhood with her mouth and fingers. At this point my head was about to explode, I had to stop and ask, "Have you girls had sex with each other yet?"

Kylie looked down into my eyes and said in a husky voice, "Yeah sure, we're roommates. Zoe's a hot little whore, and I love her, but right now I love your mouth even better."

That was it, I couldn't take any more. The vision of these two incredibly hot women fucking each other in their dorm room at school was just too much for me, I quickly took Kylie and shoved her back on the bed and slammed my cock right into her pussy. I just wanted to cum, I didn't care about anything else, besides they were there to serve me, weren't they?

I was fucking Kylie, just pounding her like an animal, just thinking about cumming inside her tight pussy. I could feel her pussy-walls clutch my cock. Then the pretty little slut started talking dirty to my. She just looked into my eyes and said, "Oh baby, you're gonna cum for me. Are you gonna cum in my pussy? Oh baby, cum inside my tight pussy, I need to feel you cum."

I knew I was done when she started that. One more thrust and I held it deep, "OH FUCK!" I came so hard it was like an oil gusher. My body jerked helplessly as I filled her with my hot sticky lust. It was made even better when I glanced over to see Zoe fingering herself while she watched me cumming in her friend.

Afterward, we were lay there, breathing in ragged gasps, my cock still inside Kylie. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and a warm embrace. Then Zoe was whispering in my ear, "What about me stud? Don't I get fucked? I was first, remember?"

She was right, but I was spent. I needed a couple of minutes. I said, "I need a couple of minutes honey, then I'll take care of you, I promise."
Zoe and Kylie sat on the bed next to me and I heard Kylie say, "I feel like such a whore doing this but it makes me so horny." Zoe took her friends face in both hands and planted a big kiss on her lips. Kylie responded to her friend and so did my cock. To lay their naked in front of two hot co-eds while they kiss and fondle each other. Well, there was no way to hide my delight.

Zoe glanced over and noticed my approval of their little lesbian show and she broke away from Kylie's grip and moved up next to me. She still had on her black one- piece bodysuit. She whispered in my ear, "Rip my clothes off me. Rip it off my big man. Be the animal that you really are, sexy."

How could I refuse, why would I? With one forceful movement it came right off with a rending tear. There she was, naked, my beautiful young dream girl waiting to be fucked by a 32-year-old married man with kids.

Zoe pushed me back on to the bed and went right for my cock with her mouth. Both girls are great cocksuckers but for some reason Zoe was working my cock with her tongue, showing me a new trick. She was circling the head and then continued almost all the way down the shaft. I could feel my cock slide into her throat, it was something else. Where had my little whore learned that?

She must have felt the twitch in my balls because she stopped, "You're not going to cum yet mister. We have a lot more fucking to do first!"

I liked the forceful way she said that, it was kind of sexy. Zoe stood me up and knelt in front of me and began to suck my cock again. I glanced around for Kylie and saw that she was laying on the bed with her legs spread, fingering her pussy. Not going deep, just rubbing her clit and pussy lips. It was so wet and inviting looking, I thought could smell her arousal from where I was stood, sweet.

Kylie's eyes were closed tight and she was just letting out soft moans of pleasure. What a beautiful sight she was. But even more beautiful than that the experience of watching my cock disappear into Zoe's mouth. I reached down and started to grabbed her hair and began to force my own rhythm. She didn't miss a beat, she just let me fuck her face like it was her cunt. God! I was in heaven, she was so talented, so fucking wonderful.

Finally she pulled my hands from her hair and her mouth from my cock and stood up. She looked deeply into my eyes, almost into my soul (what was left of it after what I'd done to these two girls), and said, "Barry, I have never wanted anyone to fuck me like I do you right now. I need it worse than I've ever needed it even with the studs at school, you're just so hot. Please Barry, please now."

Wow I thought. No one has ever been so passionate about being fucked by me before. Especially a hot looking college co-ed. Well I thought, I'll do my best, lets see how raw she can take it. I bent Zoe over, but not on the bed. Her head is the only thing touching the edge of the bed. Then I move my cock to her pussy entrance and just slide the head in. I have her arms pinned to her back so she is unbalanced.

She moves back against me onto my cock but I pull out.

"Oh baby, don't tease me, please I need it NOW!"

Taking pity on my beautiful sex kitten, I move back into place. This time I placed my cock right at the edge of her tight little ass hole. Then I started to push into her but when she start to scream, "OW, AW, GOD! You're too big, you're too big," I pulled out her asshole with an obscene popping sound.

I pushed her down onto the bed with her legs closed together and her face mashed into the bed and lay on top of her and slid my aching cock into her tight pussy from behind. God she was so tight from that position. 'Young girl pussy is so fucking good,' I thought as I started to fuck her faster and harder.

Meanwhile Kylie had gone from using one finger to using four to masturbate herself. God, what a sight to behold. A young woman like that being so nasty is beyond me. It excited me beyond anything I'd ever seen before. My cock felt bigger and stronger than ever before. I pounded Zoe like a madman, the feeling of freedom the exquisite feeling of her young cunt wrapped around my pistoning cock was just too much for me. I started to feel that twitch in my balls. I groaned out, "God baby, I'm gonna cum soon, I can't hold back much longer.

Kylie leaned down and started to feeling between our over heated sex, I could feel her fingers massaging my balls and stroking my dick when I pulled out in preparation for my next thrust. It was incredibly sexy.

She began kissing the two of us together, soft tongues, young girls, I was in heaven. I was so there. I pushed Zoe's face into the bed and shouted as I shot my load deep into her pussy from behind, I grabbed her hips and pulled her up onto my cock just the way I'd done it before. Just like heaven. I knew that Zoe was cumming when I heard her own animal sounds and watched her beautiful body begin to jerk on the end of my cock, totally out of her mind.

Finally we went to sleep, the three of us together in my bed. At about 6 o'clock my phone rang, it was Zoe's father, my boss. He was waiting for me to drive us over to the airport terminal.

I jump out of bed and didn't even wake the girls. I ran into the bathroom for a super quick shower, and while I was racing around between packing and getting dressed Kylie woke up. With sleep filled eyes she pushed Zoe's shoulder and said, "He's leaving Zoe, wake up!"

I glanced over their way as I finished dressing. Zoe leaned up on her elbows making the sheet fall away baring her beautiful breasts to me. She said in a soft voice, "Thank you for last night Barry, we both enjoyed it. Hope you'll come by the house again real soon"

I assured her that I would. And as I was rushing to the door with my travel bag over my shoulder and my airline ticked clamped between my teeth. The last sight I saw was the two girls giggling and then they began to kiss each other as I regretfully shut the door to the room and hurried to the elevator.

That scene stayed with me for days. I couldn't get it out of my mind, and kept wondering what it would have been like to stay with them all morning until check out time.

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