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Dirty Movie

Dirty Movie

       Abigail had let Sean take her to her first porno movie and now they were on their way home. Abigail had sat through both the movies, just amazed at some of the things people were doing to each other. She'd never even thought of some of those things, yet, now she couldn't stop thinking about them. She had never thought about what a man's sperm would feel like on her tits. It wasn't that she was naive, Abigail had often sucked her boyfriends off, even swallowing their salty come. And making it with another woman! She'd never thought about it, but watching some of the scenes had aroused her enough that her panties were very damp.

Was she a closet lesbian? Or just curious? The girl in the movie was a redhead like Abigail, and that added to the mystique of it. There was that scene where the redhead was sitting on a girl's face, and two guys came on her face and her big tits. Abigail had felt like she was going to come just watching that.

Now she wanted Sean very badly and when she looked over at him in the darkness of the car, he seemed so very much more experienced than her 19 years. Sean was twenty-seven and in good shape, just beginning to show some small wrinkles around his eyes. Abigail reached over, across the center console and stroked Sean's leg, feeling the immense bulge in his jeans. He looked at her and smiled, asking her if she'd liked the movies.

Abigail heard her voice, sounding distant as if someone else had spoken. "I'd rather go home and do those things than watch them." Abigail felt shocked at hearing her own words. She'd never even touched another girl there, much less licked pussy. She tried to explain to Sean that she was feeling horny for HIM, and she wanted to get home right away.

They made it home and fell into bed, passions released and the heat and sweat they generated warmed them both. Later, Abigail wondered if it was the newness of seeing other people naked and fucking, or the scenes and ideas themselves that excited her.

The following week, for Sean's birthday, Abigail bought him a VCR. He'd wanted one, but they were saving their money, and besides, she had some tucked away and the VCR was on sale.

Soon afterwards, Sean came home (as Abigail had hoped) with some porno tapes for them to watch. One had a minimal plot, involving a hot-tub party, and Abigail watched in fascination as three couples seemed to swap partners freely. One scene had a thin blonde taking on two guys with monster cocks (even bigger that Sean's 8 inches), and two girls pairing up the remaining man.

Abigail couldn't be sure which turned her on more; watch- ing the girl suck off one guy (his come dripping off her face) while the other fucked her doggy style, or the two girls who took turns fucking the solo male while they also sucked each other. Sean rewound the tape when it finished, suggesting that they change into their robes (and nothing else) to enjoy the next tape. Abigail glanced at its title of "Erotic Short Stories" and decided that she'd change. Sean had the tape ready when they sat down and began to watch.

The first story was a simple housewife fucks mailman type and while it was interesting, Abigail didn't experience the thrill she had earlier. Then a story about a girl stranded with a flat tire meeting a couple that takes her home to use the phone. The woman allows her hostess to dry her rain soaked clothes and she's in only a robe. The woman's hostess seduces her and then the man joins in. By the time the climax scene rolled around, Abigail was stroking Sean's cock and openly masturbating herself through her robe. Sean was strok- ing her full round tits with her robe open. The come- shot had the man spurting on his guest's full tits and then his wife started rubbing her face in them, licking his sperm up and finally kissing the woman. Sean's hips were moving up and down as Abigail stroked him.

Finally, with a whispery "I'm gonna cum!" he raised his hips up and over towards Abigail.

Abigail pressed his thick cock against her tits, and said "Cum on my tits for me."

Surprised at her words, Sean did come on her tits, and her face. His sperm shot out of his cock with tremen- dous force, showering Abigail with his thick white cum. Abigail greedily licked it off his cock and as she sat up and felt it run down her chest, her fingers found a rhythm and she exploded in the most forceful orgasm she'd ever had. Sean held her until she calmed down, asking her if it was the movies or him that had excited her.

Abigail hedged and said "Both".

The next story was a bit strange, with a woman dressed in leather teasing a man tied to a coffee table. She brought in a younger, slimmer blonde girl who looked plain in comparison, but her naked form almost matched Abigail's. The dark haired, leather clad woman teased the man, squeezing the younger girls tits, and pulling her labia open, fingering her slit, all while asking the man if he'd like to suck, taste, feel or fuck the girl.

The man's cock was standing hard and he pleaded to be allowed to fuck the girl. The girl just stood there, doing whatever the dark-haired woman told her to do. Abigail felt her pussy dripping onto her robe, her ass wet with her own juice.

Sean was stroking his cock and pressing on it hard, making his hips move. The dark-haired woman allowed the girl to sit on the man's chest and rub her cunt on him. He respond by moaning and asking again to fuck the girl. This went on and on until the girl sat on his cock. She sat perfectly still as the woman told the man to come in her. The look on the blonde's face said that he did indeed come inside her, her eyes widening then closing in ecstasy. The dark woman told the girl to rise up, and she took her hand and rubbed the wet mixture of their creams on the girl's face, tits, and stomach. The girl was then told to lick the dark woman's pussy.

Abigail was experiencing almost continual orgasms at this point, her mind reeling and her body spasming at the sight of the girl. The blonde glistened as she leaned back and let the dark haired woman ride her face, and when she finished she sat up, a thick wet cream smeared all over her lips and chin. Abigail orgasmed hard, just as Sean's sperm soaked her tits, stomach and robe. That night they went to bed and fucked hard, Abigail thinking about that scene in the movie with the man tied down.

On Saturday, Sean and his best friend Gary went to a boat show, planning to be gone until dinner time. Bella, Gary's girlfriend stayed at Abigail's and Sean's house for the afternoon, while the guys drove off in Sean's car. Abigail and Bella talked for a while, and Abigail noticed for the first time how sexy Bella was. Bella had light brown hair, and a sensual mouth, and her figure was soft and nicely shaped. Her breasts were large enough to sag just a bit, and they seemed longer than they were round. The topic turned to sex and Abigail told Bella about one of the tapes.

Both women went to the living room and started watching the one with the short stories. Bella watched without comment the story of the stranded woman, and when it was over, she hit the pause button.

"Can I ask you something Abigail?" Bella asked softly. Bella was older by six years and Abigail assumed that she knew a lot more about sex. Abigail nodded and Bella continued. "Have you ever thought of having sex with another woman?"

Abigail blushed, and said that she hadn't until she saw some of these movies, that she wondered how it would be.

Bella confessed that she too had wondered, after learning that a high school friend of hers had been having sex with Bella's older sister.

Abigail asked Bella a question then. "Have you ever wanted to be tied up?" She asked.

Bella said that Gary had done that to her once, and she'd enjoyed it, but only if she knew she could get out of it. She'd tied Gary up once too and found it a lot of fun to be aggressive and dominant for a change.

Abigail started the tape, telling Bella to watch. They both watched the dark haired woman tease the man and have oral sex with the blonde girl. When the tape finished, Abigail hit the rewind button.

Bella's face was flushed, and she was sitting closer to Abigail than she had been before. "Could you rewind it to where she sits on his prick?" She breathed.

Abigail looked at Bella, seeing a pink flush peeking out over the top of her v-necked T-shirt. They watched the scene again, and when the girl sat there getting their creams rubbed on her, Bella fell back against the sofa and sighed heavily. Abigail stopped the tape and looked at Bella.

"Are you alri..." She broke off in mid sentence, seeing the dark wet area that had spread across Bella's tan jeans. Bella's nipples were poking against her T-shirt and her face was flushed.

"God! I just came without doing anything! Just watching a porno movie!" Bella breathed. "Can you believe that?"

Bella told Abigail that she'd have to clean up before leaving and asked if she could wash her pants also. Abigail thought that was a good idea.

While Bella peeled out of her jeans, Abigail brought her spare robe into the room, seeing Bella naked from the waist down. Her eyes locked onto Bella's thick dark bush, and the sensuous lines of her hips and thighs, geesh, she wasn't warring any underwear.

Bella saw Abigail's gaze and smiled. "This is sort of like the stranded-woman story isn't it?" Bella said, indicating the robe. "Are you going to seduce me?"

Electricity filled the air and they both felt it. Abigail stood close to Bella, the older woman just an inch or so taller.

"I-I'd like that." Abigail whispered.

Bella and Abigail didn't breathe, and then Bella's hand touched Abigail's arm. Without a word, Abigail knelt and began kissing and licking Bella's bush. Bella stood, spreading her legs slightly. Abigail tasted her first taste of another woman, and it ignited a burning desire within her. She used her tongue to probe Bella's soft folds, tasting her cream from her earlier orgasm.

Bella discarded her shirt and bra, standing naked over Abigail. "Suck my clit. Use your tongue on it." She whispered. Abigail complied, concentrating on Bella's small bud, making the older woman rock her hips and held on to Abigail's head.

Abigail pushed Bella back onto the bed, kneeling on the floor and sucking while Bella moaned and began to tremble. Abigail couldn't believe how much this excited her, making her own cream seep around her panties, wet- ting her crotch completely and soaking her jeans. She couldn't believe how good Bella tasted either, so different from a man's sperm. Bella started thrashing on the bed, moaning and thrusting her shaking hips up to Abigail's mouth. Abigail seemed lost in a haze of lust, rubbing Bella's cream on her face, rubbing her face in Bella's pussy. Bella's orgasm subsided, but Abigail continued to lick and suck the sopping pussy before her. She rubbed her face against Bella's wet cunt, breathing heavily. When Bella pulled away, Abigail leaned back, panting, her hand down the front of her unzipped jeans, and the other hand rubbing Bella's cream on her face and down under her shirt to her tits.

Bella watched for a moment or two, seeing Abigail com- pletely lost in her lust. Her voice brought Abigail out of her haze, focusing her on the present.

"God you're so hot!" Bella said. "Let me make you come now."

Abigail just looked at her, and she sat back on her feet as Bella stood over her. Bella helped Abigail up, and began undressing her quickly.

Abigail's face was slick and wet with Bella's cream, and once her blouse was off, Bella wiped some onto Abigail's left nipple. Abigail gasped and felt Bella's touch on her breast.

"Would you like me to rub myself all over you like the girl in the movie?" Bella asked.

"Oh, God Yes!" Abigail said.

Bella made Abigail lay back, and Bella moved over her and started rubbing her pussy on Abigail's firm round tits. "Oh, your breasts are so beautiful." Bella said, feeling Abigail's erect nipple graze her clit.

Abigail lay there, feeling the warm wetness against her tit.

"Had Sean ever come on your tits?" Bella asked.

Abigail moaned, remembering the night before.

"Yes. Twice. Just last night" She whispered.

Bella picked up on Abigail's lack of sophistication right away. She started asking more questions.

"Has he ever come in your mouth?" Bella asked.

"Yes." Abigail replied, "lots of times."

"Do you like it when he fills your mouth with come?"


"Do you rub it all over your face too?"


"I bet the next time, you'll rub it all over your face and tits"


"Would you like to lick Sean's come off my tits?"

"Yes, oh yes!"

"How about sucking it out of my pussy?"

"Ohhh yes, YES."

"Or having both Gary and Sean come on you and I'll rub it all over you."

"Uh yes"

Bella was still rubbing her creamy pussy all over Abigail's tits, making them wet and shiny with her juices. She turned around and sat on Abigail's face, letting the slim redhead suck her pussy again.

"Just think if this were Sean's thick hot come on your tits, and I'm sitting here rubbing it all over your tits and stomach while you eat me."

Abigail's hips were undulating, her legs opening and closing in search of something to wrap around. Bella's hands were massaging her own slick cunt-juices over Abigail's body, and finally, she couldn't resist and bent down to lick Abigail's dripping cunt.

As Bella's tongue found her sopping slit, Abigail pulled her legs up high, spreading herself for Bella. Bella's face was soaked almost at once, and she became as carnal as Abigail once she tasted her sweet thick come.

They lost track of time and their orgasms, until at last, they lay on the bed holding each other, their bodies slick with sweat and their creams.

Bella leaned over and kissed Abigail, and Abigail began to resist. It hadn't seemed wrong to suck each other's pussies, nipples or be covered in slick come, but kiss- ing was really strange. Before she could make up her mind, she felt her arms go around Bella and they kissed each other with long deep kisses, their tongues flirting and dancing.

Abigail saw the time a bit later, and suggested that they shower and then get Bella's clothes dry. They'd just finished and were having coffee when Sean and Gary returned with two large pizzas and some video tapes.

They ate dinner and watched a comedy movie, laughing and joking with each other. About an hour later, Gary sheepishly said that the other tape was a dirty movie, but it was so very hot that he and Sean thought the girls might enjoy it. Bella and Abigail laughed, and said that was a good idea. Gary put the tape in and everyone settled back on the sofa to watch.

The movie was about a rich young woman with a house full of servants. The servants were always scantily clad, be they men or women. The woman's niece comes to visit, and she appears to be about 19, and very horny.

After some scenes where the niece takes on the maid and then the gardener, the woman decides to see just how much she can handle. She has her niece lay naked in the living room and instructs her to masturbate. She also says if she wants to stay there she'll follow instructions. The girl complies and begins to mastur- bate. The aunt tells her to let every one of her servants have her favors, since she's been giving them away anyhow.

All of her male servants enter one by one and they use every part of the girl's body. The aunt keeps them all in the room, not letting them come yet. Once all the men have had at least one good fuck, she has all eight of them circle her and jack off, covering the young brunette with their sperm. The men back off and now the girls enter and strip. Each female servant begins to lick the niece off, and while one would suck her pussy, another would straddle her face. This went on for a while, then the aunt demanded had everyone sit down except the niece. Then she told the girl to crawl from person to person and suck them off again like the good cum-covered slut that she was. The girl complied and fingered herself the whole time. The movie closed with the girl standing and rubbing her face and tits, and saying "I love being a slut for Auntie Joan!"

Abigail and Bella were both sitting between their men, and both were quite turned on. By the bulges in the men's pants, so were they. Bella was the one who was bold enough to start. "I bet you guys would love to have a 'niece' like that!" She said.

"Or an Aunt Joan!" Gary replied. Sean echoed the sentiment.

"Well, how about you play the butler Gary, and Sean's the Chef." Bella giggled with Abigail.

"We can decide who plays the niece."

The men jumped at the suggestion, and asked what next.

"Strip to your shorts!" Bella said firmly.

Abigail was sitting back and watching them practically tear their clothes off. Bella looked at Abigail.

"Niece?" She asked.

Abigail nodded. "STRIP!"

Abigail stood and removed her clothes, standing naked in front of everyone. (What a feeling being naked in front of the whole group. Abigail felt like she was going to faint with anticipation.)

Bella stood and removed her pants, top and bra, leaving her panties on. She told the men to strip completely and smiled with satisfaction as their cocks sprang to attention. They stood there like a couple of stallions waiting to service their mares.

Bella leaned back against the sofa and pointed to her sopping panties. "Take them off with your mouth." She commanded Abigail.

The men watched and stroked themselves while the fair redhead pulled off Bella's panties.

"Now suck my cunt. Lick it like a good little slut." She further commanded Abigail.

The petite redhead literally dove into Bella's cunt, rubbing her face in it and making it wet. Bella called Sean over and started sucking his cock. She also indicated that Gary should fuck Abigail's cunt hard, but not to come in her yet.

Abigail felt Gary's smaller cock slide into her drenched pussy, and begin pumping her. She felt like she was in heaven. The room filled with the warm scent of sex, and they were all feeling it quite heavily.

Bella made Abigail suck her while Sean slammed her cunt from behind, and all the while Bella told Abigail that she had to lick Sean's cum from her cunt.

Abigail was all primed, but at the last minute, Bella changed her mind. She had both men kneel on either side of Abigail. She told Abigail that the guys would jack off on her tits, only if she gave them the proper encourage- ment.

So Abigail laid back and rubbed her tits, and her pussy, telling the men that she wanted them to come on her.

Bella told her that wasn't good enough, to try harder, whispering something into Abigail's ear.

Abigail started again. "I want your cum! All over me! Bella wants to suck a hot cum-covered slut. Make me your hot cum-covered slut tonight so Bella will suck my cunt! I'm so wet! I'll suck Bella's cunt for you, or her tits, or rub my sperm covered tits in her face for you. I'll do anything if you'll shoot your hot cum on me!"

Both men couldn't help but released a torrent of hot sperm onto Abigail's face and tits. She moaned and orgasmed right away with them, her hips rising and her whole body shuddered as stream after stream coursed over her.

exhausted, both men sat back to watch their hot females.

"Let her lick your cocks off." Bella commanded. They both moved up and Abigail licked them off, tasting the come of two men.

When she'd finished, Bella, who'd been fingering her- self while watching, straddled her face, and sat just about two inches too high.

"Lick me with your come-coated tongue you hot slut! Lick my cunt! Make me cum in your face."

Abigail pulled her down and started sucking. Bella's hands began rubbing the sperm over Abigail's tits, and rubbing some on her own bigger tits as well. She reached down and fingered Abigail's orange-red bush, triggering another orgasm for Abigail.

Bella laid down on top of Abigail, feeling their bodies slide wetly over each other. Bella's tongue found the younger woman's clit, peeking out from behind her orange bush. She sucked and licked, her own juices flowing freely into Abigail's mouth. Both girls began to come, racing each other to another orgasm. They both came almost together, moaning and writhing on the floor, their cum-lathered bodies slipping over each other.

Finally satisfied, everyone lay back and began to relax by their mates. Abigail looked at Bella a short time later while the men were dozing and licked her lips, mouthing the question "tomorrow?" and seeing Bella lick her lips as she nodded. Abigail looked at the VCR and decided that it was really the best thing she'd ever purchased in her life.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
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