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Foursome In The Mountains

Foursome In The Mountains

       We had met Vicki and Carl at the party on Friday night. They seemed like such a cute couple. We exchanged phone numbers and promised to get together for dinner and good conversation in the near future. Rob, my hus- band, really thought Vicki was cute and frankly I did too. I guess I've secretly always wanted to make love to a woman and she was just the type that attracted me... small, cute, beautifully shaped breasts... she seemed like a little doll to me. Brett and I even fantasized with each other before we went to sleep that night... but it was just fantasy.

The next day Vicki called and invited us up to their mountain home for a nice evening and dinner.

Somehow as we drove up the hill, I had a funny sense of anticipation... this was not going to be a normal type of get together.

When we arrived, Vicki answered the door and was clad only in a short terrycloth robe and had on white lace stockings and white bikini pants. Her robe was not pulled tightly around her and when she leaned forward I could see the nipples on her beautiful breasts. She invited us into the living room where Carl was sitting also in a robe. I had the feeling that he had nothing on underneath. Vicki showed us around their beautiful home and then we all sat in the living room.

Carl uncrossed his legs and let his robe fall partially open. I caught sight of cock that was semi erect. Vicki was sitting by Rob, and I noticed that as she talked she would occasionally put her hand on his leg and stroke upwards toward his groin. I could tell that he was getting excited and wondering what Vicki and Carl had in mind.

A moment later Vicki got up and turned the TV/video on and there was a really sexy X-rated movie playing. Vicki and Carl began to comment on the scenes and talk- ing about their fantasies to us. Then they asked us what ours were. I found myself telling them that I had always wanted to make love to another woman... I felt that I really understood the female body and could please a woman... maybe even better than a man.

With that I saw Carl open his legs further and move his hand down to stroke himself. It seemed that the thought of two women making love really turned him on. Vicki said "ooooooh... that sounds like fun to me Jessie!" She then suggested that I come upstairs with her while she checked on something.

When we got upstairs, she invited me to change into a robe she had and to take a shower if I wanted to. By now I was sure that something was going to happen but I didn't know how far everything would go. I had never been in a situation like this before, but I was busting to see where things would lead. I was also a little tired and decided that the shower would give me a few minutes to collect my thoughts.

I stood under the warm, running water and tried to imagine making love to Vicki and possibly being made love to by Carl. It sounded exciting and taboo to me. I finally stepped out of the shower and as I was drying off, I caught sight of Vicki watching me in the mirror. She came over to me, took the towel, and began to gin- gerly dry me off taking great time and pleasure in rubbing my breasts. My nipples were on fire.

Then she lowered her head and began sucking on them with great passion. I could feel myself getting instantly dripping wet.

After a moment She pulled her wonderful lips away from my nipple and without a word handed me a robe and took me by the hand and we joined men downstairs.

I wondered what the two guys had been talking about while we were gone. Brett was still fully dressed but Vicki went over immediately to him and began undoing his shirt. His wonderful hairy chest looked so good in the subdued lighting and I could see the bulge in his pants begin to rise. Carl meanwhile joined me on the thick, plush carpet and opened my robe. I looked at Brett to see what he would do as Carl began to suck on my nipples and his hands quickly found my wet pussy. He quickly pushed a finger into my soppy pussy and began to rub my "G" spot with an intensity that I thought would make me come immediately.

By now Vicki had Brett down to his cute bikini shorts and was lowered those; I saw his wonderful huge cock was sticking straight out and fully hard for her. She sat him down on the couch and then kneeled between his legs. Without a word she took his beautiful instrument between her lips and began to suck on it with a passion.

I saw my husbands eyes close and thought that he would be so excited he might come too quickly. Then he opened his eyes and looked at me... I smiled to let him know that strangely I didn't feel jealous but instead was really enjoying watching his reaction to this cute woman enjoying his wonderful cock.

Carl instantly got all of my attention when he began going down on me and he really knew what he was doing too. Watching his face between my legs was making me crazy but I didn't want to come yet... I wanted to make all this excitement last as long as possible.

Suddenly Vicki stopped sucking my man's cock and stood up. She led him over to us and they both laid down next to Carl and I. Then she mounted Brett and he slid his very sexy penis inside of her. Vicki began to move very slowly and then began to pick up speed. She moved her hips faster and faster and Brett closed his eyes in ecstasy. I knew he was coming in her. I saw her hips move faster and faster and then I saw Brett's back arch up as he began to shoot his manly cum into her body. He moaned loudly as his energy flowed into her. Then I saw his body totally relax as she still sat astride him.

I knew she hadn't come yet. Vicki looked over at Carl and I, and leaned down to take a breast of mine into her sweet mouth. Brett got up and came to the other side of me. Each of them now had one of my nipples in their mouth while Carl frantically sucked and licked at my clit. I had never had such exciting sexual attention before in my life... but all I could think of was making love to Vicki.

I finally rolled over and gently pushed Vicki onto her back. I briefly kissed her sweet breasts then lowered my face between her legs. I began to slowly and sensuously kiss her clitoris.

I knew that Brett and Carl were watching us and Carl moved where I could see him begin to stroke his erect penis. Soon he moved behind me and positioned himself against my opening. He reached down and placed his wonderfully hard penis just inside the folds of my pussy then thrust into me. He immediately began hard, deep thrusting.

Brett came over and began to kiss Vicki while I continued to kiss her sweet, tight pussy. Soon she began to moan into Brett's mouth, and she began thrusting her wetness up towards my face. I felt and tasted her juices all over my lips, and chin.

Suddenly she let out a very loud cry and lifted up. Her whole body seemed momentarily rigid and then she began to shudder. Then it seemed she couldn't be still... I increased the intensity of my tongue on her clit and she began wildly moving around in an effort to escape the intense feelings of pleasure and almost pain of cumming and pressure on her clit. She was crying out now, very loudly, unable to control her emotions. But I wouldn't stop.

Finally she slumped and fell back on the carpet.

As I watched Vicki's perfect body laying before me, I felt Carl's body tense behind me as he thrust deeply into me, and then I felt his hot cum squirting into my wet pussy.

I looked at Brett and saw that watching Carl cumming in me was really exciting to him. He leaned down and started kissing me as Carl finished his last ecstatic thrusts.

After Carl laid down momentarily exhausted, Brett mounted me and put my legs up on his shoulders. He began to drive his cock deep into me with such need and passion I couldn't believe it. I reached up and began to squeeze his nipples... hie eyes closed in ecstasy and I knew he was close to coming again. I felt my own passions rising and then I felt my nipples get hard and I began to come. My hips were frantically rising up to meet his as he continued to pound into me.

I came longer and harder than I have ever come before and I knew that the sounds of my moans were driving him to a peak of excitement. Then I heard him begin to whisper my name. I felt him start to shoot his wonderful love juice into me. It felt hot and wet and I was surprised how wet we both were. Afterward, we all lay back exhausted and started to laugh. It felt so good and so right.

Later that night when we left, we promised to call each other for another get together very soon.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
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