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Help I'm Stuck

Help I'm Stuck

       When you work in an IT support team you have a varied role and could be called upon to fix anything with a plug attached.

I got a call from our dispatch department on the ground floor, I'd only been working at the place 3 months and had never had cause to visit their department before.

Our IT department was placed midway up a 14th floor office block, so I got the lift down and made my way to dispatch.

It was close to lunchtime when I arrived, the girls who worked there introduced themselves and showed me to a troublesome printer, they then left for lunch.

I checked the printer over and discovered it had a paper jam, I reached over and pulled the offending paper clear of the rollers, just as the printer released its grip my dangling tie became caught and pulled me face down against the printer lid.

Now I wasn't being strangled or anything I was just trapped, I tried to pull my self clear but was stuck fast, I know what your thinking why doesn't he untie it at his neck, well I did try but the knot was jammed tight and I couldn't get my hands at it properly.

So I just stood there and waited for someone to return, and sure enough the girls came back from lunch and absolutely pissed themselves at my predicament.

I must admit I was laughing myself at first, then I asked nicely for them to release me. The girl's laughter turned to whispers as they plotted some unknown deed, I continued to plead for release when I felt a hand tickle the inside of my leg then another tickling my sides.

I struggled and squirmed in a attempt to keep there hands from my tickly spots but they both continued unabated, they were giggling to themselves as there probing became more intimate.

One of the girls I don't know which suddenly grabbed hold of my bollocks and gave them a good rub, I got serious at this point and told then I was happily married and that they would get themselves in deep trouble if they continued.

This seemed to make them laugh even more as a hand reached around and rubbed my groin.

"Hey he's getting all hot in the pants department," one of them exclaimed.

"Lets see," the other said before grabbing my by now semi erect cock.

More whispering then they came either side of me and undid my flies and tugged down my trousers and pants. My cock bobbed for a moment before standing up proud and erect, the girls tittered before complementing me on its length and girth.

I was totally turned on now and had stopped protesting, the girls could see this and a sexual tension filled the air, one of the girls reached across and took my engorged cock in her hand and began slowly wanking it, my legs were shaking slightly and my breathing increased.

"Is that good Mr. IT man," she said.

I nodded, I couldn't manage to speak.

The other girl began massaging my balls, I could see through the corner of my eye that she was also rubbing her pussy under her skirt, we exchanged glances and a broad grin filled her pretty face.

I twisted my head to the other side and told the other girl to copy her colleague, she nodded and hitched up her skirt as she squatted below me still pulling at my meat.

All three of us were really turned on now, both girls were rubbing their pussy's while messing with my cock and balls the smell was intoxicating, I decided to up the ante and asked the girls to unbutton their blouses and release their breast, they obeyed and I reached out both sides and began massaging there perky breasts.

We were all softly moaning now, then the girl on my left suddenly slipped between my legs and took my cock in her mouth she was sitting with her back to the printer facing my groin, she spread her legs and rubbed at her swollen clit.

The other girl now had nothing left to do but rub her self to orgasm, which she did with a fantastic whimper.

Meanwhile the girl in my groin was busying herself on my gland and was expertly licking around the underside of my helmet and taking half my cock in her mouth at 20-second intervals.

It was too much and I began to tremble with orgasmic anticipation, she sensed this and pushed more of my cock into her eager mouth, as I pumped my hot spunk into her she came with a stifled scream.

They finally released me and insisted on me being there regular guy, which I eagerly agreed to.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com