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Group-I Love To Be A Slut

I Love To Be A Slut

       I took my wife out on Saturday night, it was our anniversary and she'd agreed to dress up the way I liked her to dress which was a rear event. She put her make up on and her red lipstick. Her dress was a glittering red dress with spaghetti shoulder straps. It allowed to see a little cleavage and most of her back. The dress was so short when she lifted her arms over her head one could see her little red G-string. To finish this off she was wearing 6" red stilettos.

She was hot on my arms as we entered the restaurant and she knew it. As the waiter was leading us to our table she had a big smile for every one. I could see all the patrons were looking at her, some of them returning her smile. We did not even get to our table and she had already been flirting with the waiter which was out of character for her.

After the meal we went over to the bar to have a few drinks. Soon she started to chat with a couple of guys as I was not even there. The body language was hot and explicit. There was one particular guy she paid a lot of attention to, touching of the arms, the chest and whispering into his ears. Then she asked me if I did mind if she had a dance with him. Of course I said, "No, go ahead." Somehow it did excite me seeing her with another man.

I was watching them dance song after song , getting closer to each other with every song until she was in his arms. When they returned to cool down she introduced him as Dave, a local guy. We chatted for a while about nothing then they were off to the dance floor again. This time they were in each others arms regardless of the music.

I could see my wife gently rubbing his back then slowly their faces came to face to face and they kissed deep and long. I could barely disguise my excitement. This went on for a while, then my wife led him to me by his hand and said "honey, I had enough. Let's go home. I invited Dave , too. Do you mind ?" I could barely matter out "no, yes let's go".

On the way home she got into the back of our car with Dave, right into his arms. I could see in the mirror that I had adjusted for a better view that they continued the kissing and he was stroking my wife's breasts. She did not waste her time and was stroking his crotch.

I could hear the sound of a zipper then my wife bent down out of the view of the mirror but I could guess what was happening and Dave's face confirmed it. I just could not believe what was happening tonight. My wife was doing everything I was dreaming of for years, she was a little slut and I loved it.

Soon we got home and she led Dave in to the leaving room. They set down on the sofa in each others arm. I was getting drinks for all of us when she asked me to sit next to her. When I sat down she looked at me in the eye and said, "Honey? I want to be fucked by the two of you."

Music to my ears.

I lent over and kissed her on her lips. When we stopped she sat back and put her right hand on my cock and I could see from the corner of my eye she did the same for Dave stroking him with her left hand. I leaned back closed my eyes and enjoined the moment. When I opened my eyes again she was still stroking us and kissing Dave. I put my hand under her chin and gently turned her head towards me so I could kiss her.

Dave stood up and pulled her up by her hand then holding her head in his hands kissed her hard. I stood up, too, and started to kiss the back of her neck and shoulders. Slowly I moved the straps of her dress off her shoulders and let it drop to the ground, exposing her bare breasts, her abdomen then her G-string. I grabbed her breast form behind to squeeze them gently still kissing her.

Dave stopped kissing her and she was unbuttoning his shirt then his pants, then yanked his cloths off. When she finished with him she turned around and did the same for me then grabbed our cocks and said, "Follow me boys, the fun about to start."

She led us into our bedroom, set down on the bed and told Dave to eat her cunt in those words. After watching it for a few seconds I was told to get beside her and put my cock in her mouth. That I did with great pleasure. She was sucking me hard and moaning with pleasure as Dave was having the time of his life.

Suddenly she stopped and told Dave to stand up then looked at his cock and said, "I want you inside me, Dave." She then turned around got on her hands and knees.

Dave didn't hesitate and fucked her hard and deep from behind. She was enjoying it for a while then she grabbed me again by my cock and pulled me to her face. She was sucking me again but this time she did not stop till she sucked me to the brink of explosion but did not let me come. She stopped us both and now I had the pleasure of fucking her pussy and Dave to be sucked off. But she still did not let us come.

Dave was ordered to lie on his back and she mounted him then leaned on him and told me to enter her anus, something she had never done before. I was hard, rock hard when I opened the door and entered her. She was kissing Dave then turned back to me and was kissing me in turns. She said, "Okay boys, I had my share of pleasure now it's your turn to fill me up."

And we did. We shot our loads into her with great relief. After I had pulled out of her I set next to them watching her slowly riding Dave's cock She looked at me then leaned over to me and kissed me on the lips. I put my hand behind her head and whispered into her ear, "I love you my little slut." Then I kissed her gently on her lips again.

I felt a sudden urge bellow and my cock was hard again. I felt my wife's fingers wrapped around it so I kissed her harder. I desperately wanted to fuck her now but she was not going to get off Dave. She was about to come, so I leaned back and watch them in their pleasure.

When they were finished she laid on her back and told me to get inside her. I obliged, put her legs on my shoulder and pushed my cock deep inside her. She turned towards Dave and pulled his cock to her mouth. I was moving in and out of her franticly, kissing her legs till I could not hold back any more and shot my come inside her.

We laid on the bed for a while and then she said, "I love to be a slut, it's better then I'd ever thought."

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com