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Kneeling In A Pool Of Cum

Kneeling In A Pool Of Cum

       We like to play fantasy games, my wife Angel especially gets off on this much more than I do. She enjoys lots of different scenarios but one of her favourites is being tied to the bed, blindfolded, then I am to pretend to be a stranger roughly 'taking her'. I have mastered many different accents to try to make this more realistic for her.

Who would have thought that 'play acting would get us into trouble.

It all started with her latest fantasy of being a prostitute and being paid for her services. She had me being a business man, a sailor, a ditch digger etc. One night after being to the theatre, we stopped into a bar for a drink before setting off home. I had to run to the toilet and she went to the bar alone. The bar was quite empty so I thought she would be OK. When I came out she was sitting at the bar on a high stool and showing a lot of thigh.

As I approached her she said 'Hello stranger, you want to buy me a drink.'

I could tell right away she had gone into her 'prostitute' role. She had never done this outside of our bedroom before. So to humour her I went along with the game.

'Hi Baby! I was wanting to buy something but it wasn't a drink.'

'Oh Yeah! You like what you see?' She replied as she hiked her skirt even higher.

'Mmmm Mmmmm! Sure do. I wouldn't mind buying a slice of your pie!' I said, licking my lips.

Just then I was grabbed from behind, by the manager and the barman.

'We don't like our customers bothered by you perverts!' One of them said.

They frog marched me to the door and threw me out. Completely ignoring my protests. I was fully expecting Angel to follow me outside. After five minutes I decided to go back into the bar to see why she hadn't joined me.

I was surprised to see the bar empty and a different guy behind the bar.

'I'm looking for my wife.' I said.

'Aint been no women in here tonight, except for the whore.'

'That's my wife you're talking about. Where is she?'

'Who? The whore, she's in the office paying her dues.' He said laughing.

Just then the other barman returned. 'OK Brad! You can have a turn with the slut, I'll watch the bar.' Then to me. 'Yes Sir what can I... Oh it's you. What you doing back in here?'

'I've come to get my wife,' I said as I followed Brad the barman.

'She sure is a tasty slut! Fucks well too.' He shouted after me as I turned into a dark passageway. I could hear moaning that was unmistakably Angel in full orgasm. As I got to the office door, the manger was groaning as he was shooting his spunk into my lovely Angel who was lying on the desk with her legs over his shoulders.

I could see cum oozing out of Angel as he pulled his cock out of her cunt. She had her eyes closed and was obviously enjoying the experience. Seeing another man inserting his cock into my wife, and knowing he was the third cock she was having, and cum dripping from her into a pool on the floor, I couldn't help but get a terrific hard on.

It was just too exciting a tableau that I couldn't resist getting my dick out and start to wank. I never thought I could be so 'turned on' just by watching.

As the manager passed me on his way out of the office, he said. 'What a great little fuck. You can bring her back here anytime.'

I just ignored him and went over to Angel, I started playing with her tits and sucking her nipples. She opened her eyes and looked right at me, smiling she said, 'Let me suck on your dick.'

I didn't need asking twice, I was so turned on that at the first suck, I started to shoot cum down her throat just as Brad was shooting into her lovely cunt. He just pulled out and left the office. When we were alone, Angel said, 'I need to cum some more, lick me, suck my clit!'

Even though I had just cum, I was still hard and 'very' turned on. I didn't hesitate to kneel down and bury my face into her sloppy cum drenched cunt. I licked, sucked and slurped away at her loveliness making her cum and cum. My dick was sticking out and bouncing about with my movements.

Just then I heard laughing. The three men were standing in the doorway watching, laughing and pointing at me. They had even brought a young barmaid to watch and she was joining in the laughter. I felt totally humiliated and to my great surprise, my cock started to cum all on its own without being touched.

I realised that it was the humiliation that was the really BIG turn on. Kneeling in a pool of cum, licking my wife's used cunt and being laughed at. I had never felt such a tremendous thrill.

We had both found a wonderful and exciting new sex life. We went back to that bar again and were used as before but it wasn't the same. We realised that what we needed was strangers to use and humiliate us. A second time hardly ever worked out except for a couple of times with guys who were well into Dom and humiliation.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com