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       After years of traveling to Asia my wife Celine decided to join me on a trip. It was our 20th anniversary and to celebrate we spent the weekend in Bali between my work schedules. The "fun" actually started when we got to the airport and just before we were ready to board, we were told the flight would be delayed several hours. My wife and I headed to a small restaurant and picked up breakfast and read the newspaper.

At the table next to us were three to us young kids we found out were from the military and were also on the same delayed flight as us. They had spent significant time overseas and had got 2 weeks leave to go home. They told us there were about 50 military on the flight. We sat and talked for a while and found out more about them. There was one girl Jackie who is 22 years old and two guys, Jeff, 23, and Scott, 21. All three were married and had not seen their spouses in quite sometime.

They all joked about the lack of sex recently. Right away I could tell my wife had the hots for Scott. He was only about 5'10 but was in perfect shape and had muscles busting out of his shirt. Jeff was about 6'3 also in good shape but did not have the muscles like Scott. Jackie also looked hot in her tight t-shirt with her firm fit body and perky boobs. Her husband is also in the military and she had not seen him for almost a year.

She joked about her fingers being the only thing keeping her happy these days. She had a baby when she was 19 and was going home to see her daughter. They finally called that our flight was ready to board so we all headed to the gate and we figured that is the last we would see of them since they were in economy and we were in business class.

When we arrived we all got re-scheduled on flights the next day. There were a limited number of hotel rooms and only those in business class got keys. As we were getting ready to leave, we met up with Jackie, Jeff and Scott and we found out they did not get a room and they would have to stay at the airport over night. My wife quickly suggested they stay in our room. I went back to the line and asked to change to a room with 2 double beds so the five of us could share one room. She checked with the hotel and let us bump up to a suite for $100 and we grabbed it quickly and headed out to the shuttle.

After we checked in everyone was ready to have some fun so we called room service and ordered up a bottle of whiskey and some beers. It had been a long day for everyone so we all took turns taking showers and cleaning us and then we settled in the open room with two couches and turned on a movie and opened up the beers and each did a shot. We ordered a couple pizzas and did a couple more shots and everyone was having a great time. My wife ended up on the couch with Scott and Jeff on both her arms. Jackie was right there with me snuggled up watching the movie.

Celine was definitely getting frisky with the two guys. She had her hands on their legs and no doubt at times rubbing their crotches. Things kept progressing when my wife turned towards Scott and started undoing his pants. The guys looked at me and I said "Go for it." I could see things getting carried away so I asked if anyone had any condoms and no one did so I ran to the hotel shop and bought 2 three packs. When I got back Celine had Scott's cock in her mouth and was doing her oral magic.

My wife had only touched two cocks in her life. The one before me was her high school boyfriend who she had sucked but she never fucked. We met when she was an 18 year old freshman and I was 22 and a senior and we got married when she was 20 and had our first child at 23 after she graduated.

During Jeff's blowjob, Scott was not to be left out. Scott was behind her and had his hands in her shorts with at least one finger in her pussy There was clearly a wet spot on her shorts from her excitement. Jackie was next to the couch and I watched her help Scott remove her shorts. Celine did not miss a beat and kept sucking on Jeff's cock. I sat back on the couch and Jackie joined me and right away started rubbing at my hard cock through my pants.

Scott stood up slid down his shorts and to my shock out popped the largest cock I had ever seen. Jeff was about the same size as me around 6 inches but Scott was at least 8 inches if not more. Scott sat back on the couch and Celine shifted positions and took Scott's monster cock into her mouth. She released it long enough to look at Jeff's and say "Aren't you going to fuck me?"

Then she put the cock back in her mouth and had one hand on the base stroking it and still had a mouthful. I threw Jeff one of the boxes of condoms and he ripped open one of the packages and rolled it on. He slid up behind her and mounted her doggy style and started pounding away.

Jackie at the same time got me out of my shorts and had my cock in her mouth. Scott looked over at us and said to Jeff, "Look, little Jackie has a cock in her mouth, go Jackie go!"

I had a great view of the action and it did not take long before I could feel me getting ready to explode. About that time I saw Jeff pull out of Celine and rip off the condom and spray his cum all over her ass and back and then he collapsed on the couch. I told Jackie I was going to cum and she did not release me and I sprayed my cum into her mouth. This was obviously not the first cock she had sucked and she had no problems swallowing it all down. Jackie then got up and grabbed one of the boxes of condoms and led me to the bedroom and we left the other three to do what they wanted.

I helped Jackie out of her clothes and had her lie on the bed and I knelt by the side of the bed and lowered my mouth to her pussy and buried my tongue as deep as I could in her. Her juices had soaked her pussy and I started working on her clit and put two fingers in her pussy. It did not take long before all the excitement got to her and she came screaming, "I'm cumming! Yesss! Yesss! I'm cumming!!"

It was loud enough I am sure the people in the next room heard her every word. I was hard again and couldn't wait to bury my cock into her wet pussy. I started grabbing a condom and she said "Don't, I would rather feel you inside of me." Some where during the night I had told her that I had a vasectomy so there was no chance to get pregnant.

I entered her in the missionary position and started working my self in and out and then she said "fuck me hard and fast" and I did as I was told and started pumping as fast as I could and she came again and I followed unloading my cum deep into her pussy. We laid there for a few minutes and then I got up to clean up and take a pee. When I got back Jackie was sleeping worn out from the long day of travel, alcohol and sex. I helped her get under the covers and let her go back to sleep with the cum still oozing out of her pussy.

I went back to check on the guys and Jeff was fucking Celine. This time she was on her back on the couch and he was kneeling with her legs over his shoulders and his cock fucking her pussy. Scott was on the other couch I grabbed a beer and sat down by him and watched my wife getting fucked a third time. Then I realized there were still two condoms on the table.

I picked them up and looked at Scott and he said Celine told him his cock was too big and she did not want him to use a condom. Right then Jeff screamed out he was cumming I guess injecting a 2nd dose of unprotected cum into her. Scott could see I was hard again and asked "Are you going to fuck her next?"

I said, "No I can do it any time, you go ahead."

Jeff pulled out and headed to the bathroom and Scott cock quickly took his place. My wife blurted out, "My god that feels big!"

Scott started thrusting his cock as deep as he could go and by the look on my wife's face she loved it. It only took a few deep thrusts and she had another orgasm and Scott kept working it in and out. Jeff said he was tired out and went to bed in the 2nd bed in the bedroom. Scott kept going at Celine and he had her flip over and he entered her from behind and right away started working one and then two fingers into her ass.

I gave him my wife's vibrator and lubricant and he worked that into her ass almost burying the vibrator completely. He then asked "Can I fuck you in the ass?" My wife just mumbled a low, "Yes, fuck me in the ass."

Her asshole is not a virgin but we only have anal sex maybe every other year and most of the time I have to beg and push it for weeks before she finally agrees. This time she said yes as quick as he asked without hesitation. He lubed up his cock and her a-hole and he entered her from behind slowly until he was all the way in. He then started working it in and out until right before he came he pulled out and sprayed it all over her ass.

I quickly took his place and slid my cock into her gapping asshole left wide open by his oversized cock. I came pretty quickly draining my cock deep into her anal passage. Scott also headed off to bed and we followed. Celine joined the guys in the one bed and I slept next to Jackie. I woke up to the sounds of sex all around. Right next to me Scott was fucking Jackie and on the other bed Jeff was showing my wife a good time. Scott then pulled out and ripped off the condom and sprayed it all over Jackie's boobs.

Scott said he was going to take a shower and left. Jackie rolled over and gave me a kiss and then put my boobs in my face pushing me to lick them clean. She said, "Come on, you know you want to."

I started kissing her boobs tasting the cum and proceeded to lick up all that was there. Jackie then got on top of my hard on and started fucking me. Celine came over and said, "So you like to eat other guys cum?" Then she straddled my face and let Jeff's cum drip into to my mouth. "Cum on baby," she said, "stick your tongue in there."

I stuck my tongue in as deep as it would go and sucked out as much cum as I could. Scott was done with the shower and headed to breakfast and Jeff said he was going to take a shower and Celine jumped off me and said hold on I will join you. Jackie kept riding me until I came unloading into her pussy. When she had milked me dry she then slid up and told me to suck the cum out of her.

My load was pretty big and it came oozing out quickly almost gagging me but I got out as much as I could. As I was doing this I could hear Celine screaming again getting fucked in the shower. I kept licking Jackie's pussy until she came again. Jackie headed to the shower and joined the other two and I slept for a few minutes. When they came out, Jeff and Jackie headed to breakfast Celine said she would wait for me.

About then Scott walked in and went right over to Celine. She told him no since she just took a shower. He said what about a blow job and then she said, "He'll suck you off in you want." Then she said, "Actually, why don't you fuck him in the ass, he likes that too."

My wife came over and had me get on all fours and started to lubed up my ass and his cock. She started by working the vibrator in and out. When she got me loosened up. Scott moved in and pressed the head of his cock to my hole and slowly started working it in.

My wife said, "Don't worry, you won't hurt him I use a strap-on dildo on him all the time."

With that Scott started working it in and out until he was about to cum and then he pulled out and came on my ass. Jeff walked in with Jackie and he asked if he could and my wife said sure so he took off his clothes and slid his lubed cock in my ass. His felt much smaller and actually felt kind of good. As he was fucking me, Jackie walked over and grabbed much hard on and started giving me a hand job until I started squirting all over the sheets. Jeff kept pounding away and rather than pulling out he buried himself as deep as he could and I could feel his cock spurting inside of me.

Everyone was pretty spent and I finally got to take a shower and Jackie joined me. My cock was spent and just would not come back to life one last time to fuck Jackie in the shower. When we walked out we found Celine on all fours with Scott underneath her in her pussy and Jeff was fucking her ass.

I let them be and Jackie went with me so I could get an early lunch since I had missed breakfast. When we got back the three of them just got out of the shower and were getting dressed. Unfortunately it was getting late and we had to end the activities. Celine, Scott and Jeff went for lunch and Jackie and hung back. Jackie wanted more and grabbed my hand and led me to the bed room and we ripped off each others clothes and fucked one last time finishing as they got back.

We hurriedly had to pack up the last of the things to catch the shuttle back to the airport. The flights all left on schedule and we all made it home safe. Nine months later we got the last souvenir from the trip, a baby boy. Based on the large size of his little penis we are pretty sure it is Scott's baby. Two years later we had a baby girl and that one was Jeff's.

Now we have 4 children and the older kids love that we had a 2nd family. We still keep in touch with Jackie, Scott and Jeff and have met up with all of them for an occasional sexual encounter.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com