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On An Adventure

On An Adventure

       My husband, I will call him Arnold (not his real name) seems to care more about mowing the lawn than he does about my sexual needs. I tried to spice things up for him. I brought home sexy lingerie and suggested that we watch an adult movie, but while my sex drive has gotten stronger, he has completely lost his, or at least his desire for me.

I have gained a few pounds since we first met and my breasts aren't quite as perky as they used to be, but I take good care of myself and make a point to try and look good for Arnold.

Guys flirt with me at work and I have actually had a few serious offers to fool around. But I have seen office affairs almost always result in disaster. I admit that I've thought about fooling around with someone I work with, but I know that it is a really bad idea.

I started looking online for ideas for spicing things up in the bedroom. Arnold is not very comfortable with talking about sex and when I bring the subject up, he seems uncomfortable and takes my suggestions as criticism and gets his feelings hurt.

In the process of learning about sexuality on the internet, I discovered some erotic story websites. The stories excited me so much I would have to stop and pleasure myself. The more I learned and the more I read, the more I realized my sexual relationship with Arnold was lacking and the more I wanted to experience the type of passion that I felt when Arnold and I played around or had sex when we first met.

Back then, Arnold pursued me aggressively and my attraction to him was very equally strong. I remember that when we would make out in his car that by the time his hands made their way down inside my panties that they would be literally soaked and the smell of my female secretions would fill the car.

Our computer is in the den and I usually get online late at night while Arnold is watching extreme donkey basketball or some other such bullshit on ESPN. Arnold rarely uses the computer or asks what I do online and he has no clue that I am sitting in there with a teddy and no panties and that my left hand spends much of the time between my legs while I click and scroll through the graphic stories.

I had run across some internet advertising on adult sites for adult personal ad services. I had actually followed those links a few times and looked at profiles. I had begun to think more and more about finding someone on the internet and to have a discreet anonymous affair.

I had gone into some chat rooms but found them to be full of pranksters, weirdoes and kids and it turned out to be a waste of time. I had corresponded with one man I met in a chat room for several weeks but it became apparent that he wasn't serious about actually meeting and was more interested in knowing what I was wearing or wanting me to talk dirty to him while he jacked off. Besides he lived too far away to make an actual meeting a real possibility.

One night when Arnold was out with a friend at a baseball game, I decided to go to one of those adult personal ad sites and really check it out thoroughly. I didn't want to place my own ad, but to look at ads of other people who were close by. Several things were holding me back from actually contacting anyone through an ad. The main thing was my concern for my safety. To be honest the danger of it all was a little thrilling but I realized that I needed to be smart and not put myself into any truly dangerous situation.

I happened to come upon some ads that were placed by couples who were looking for a woman to join them for a threesome. I had read several stories about threesomes and bi female encounters and the thought of it was very exciting. But more than that, I liked the idea of meeting a couple versus a single male. I thought that would be a safer situation for me. The understanding with meeting a couple like this is that it is strictly a sexual encounter with no further or expectations of any kind of emotional relationship.

I signed up for a basic membership so that I could correspond with members on the website. It cost less than a trip my hair stylist. I read the ads and sent a message to about a half dozen prospects. I liked the fact that the site had photo ads.

The next morning I got up and checked the computer before leaving for work and I already had two interesting replies. One interesting couple lived about 25 miles from me and after a few email exchanges I was comfortable enough to give my cell number to the female of the pair, Amy. By the end of the week we had spoken on the phone and agreed to meet at an Applebee's restaurant that was halfway between us on Saturday afternoon.

Amy and her husband had some limited experience with this lifestyle and they were very patient and understanding with me. Amy assured me that our meeting was going to be for lunch only and a couple of cocktails. If all of us felt that the chemistry was right we would go get a room at a nearby motel. Otherwise we would shake hands and part with no hard feelings.

Friday night I was so excited I could hardly sleep. I was very aroused and I really wanted to play with myself, but I decided to wait and let the sexual tension build for what would hopefully be a memorable and explosive encounter the next day. I told Arnold that I was going shopping and to get my nails done. He didn't seem to care and was planning to play golf with his brother.

I had exchanged pictures with Amy and her husband Braden and we agreed to meet at noon. When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw their dark green Suburban that Amy had described. My heart began to beat and my palms were sweaty. I had a lump in my throat and I considered chickening out.

I sat in my car for a couple of minutes and thought about what I was doing. I admit I felt a bit of guilt, but the devil sitting on my left shoulder was the one calling the shots now. I glanced at myself in the rearview mirror quickly and walked into the restaurant.

I recognized Amy and Braden sitting in the bar at one of those high round tables. They looked just like their pictures. Normal people. Braden stood and as I stuck out my hand to shake his, he leaned forward and gave me a hug.

I can hardly remember what we talked about that afternoon. I remember being nervous and I remember that I drank 3 margaritas. As I write this story, 5 weeks have passed since this experience. Some of what happened is a blur, but I can remember what happened in the motel room like it is a porno movie playing in slow motion.

Amy was very open and not shy. At some point before we were finished eating, she just blurted out "Sue you know we both really want you". I remember blushing and pausing and just smiling and saying "OK".

I followed them to the motel parking lot in my car. Braden motioned me to come over to the Suburban and told me to wait inside with Amy while he went in and got us a room. As I sat on the bench seat next to Amy she touched my cheek with her hand and then she turned my head so that we were face to face and just a couple of inches apart.

She opened her lips slightly and kissed me softly while penetrating my mouth with her tongue. It was the first time that I had kissed another woman. We continued to kiss, not noticing Braden return until the door of the truck opened. Braden said, "I see that you two are hitting it off already", and everyone giggled.

Braden got a room with a king sized bed. What followed was the most intense two hours of love making that I have ever experienced. I can remember Amy undressing me and guiding me to present my pussy to her husband on all fours, doggy style in the middle of the large bed. Her fingers explored my swollen wet pussy lips. She rubbed my nipples and at the same time holding the shaft of Braden's cock while she guided it inside me.

Once inside Braden began to fuck me faster and harder. Amy's lips tongue and fingers were all over my body. I could feel the orgasm building in me rapidly and I could hear myself panting and moaning out load. Amy encouraged me to "let it go".

She was on her back with her head between by legs in a position where she could lick and suck my clit while her husband was fucking me. Braden's thrusting continued relentlessly, becoming ever deeper and harder. At the same time Amy's delicate licking of my labia had now transitioned to a deliberately hard sucking of my clit.

My entire body spasmed when I came. My thighs shook uncontrollably. I could no longer hold myself up and I lurched forward causing Braden to slip out of me. The room seemed as though it was spinning. When I looked back I could see that Amy was still on her back and Braden's cock had slipped out of my pussy and dropped straight down into her waiting and willing mouth.

Braden reached down and put his hands on each side of Amy's head and began to actually fuck her mouth. I could imagine that his cock was going straight down her throat. I wasn't sure if I would have been able to do that without gagging. Even still, I wanted Bradenís cock in my mouth. I began to make my way toward the action. I started at Amy's navel and kissed my way up to her breasts.

I kissed each nipple and kneaded each breast in turn. Suddenly I felt Bradenís hand on the back of my head. He grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled me firmly toward Amy's mouth and his throbbing cock. It was unexpected and I gasped.

Amy surrendered Braden's cock and she kissed me before moving down to lick Braden's balls. We took turns like that for a few minutes, taking time to kiss each time we traded roles. Braden began to talk dirty to us. This was something I had tried unsuccessfully to get my own husband to do on many occasions.

Braden commanded me to open my mouth and swallow his cum. The rough handling was something I had never experienced but had often fantasized about. Taking cum in my mouth was not something that I usually did. In all the time I had known Arnold, I had not let him cum in my mouth more than 10 times.

But now at this moment of passion I really was looking forward to tasting Braden and submitting to his every desire. I imagined what this scene might look like to someone observing from across the room. Braden's stiff cock throbbed and with each spasm hot thick cum filled my mouth until it was running out of both corners of my mouth. Braden told me to swallow every drop and kept a firm hold on my hair to insure that I wasn't going anywhere. Amy licked the drops of cum that did leak out of the corners of my mouth and down my chin.

The activity continued at a constant and steamy pace. Amy laid me back and ate me out while Braden stroked his cock back to a full erection. As soon as Braden was ready, Amy moved up to straddle my face while holding my legs wide and high so that Braden could slam his cock into me missionary style. I had told Amy before we met that I wasn't sure I could lick another woman's pussy and we agreed that was not expected. Amy didn't pause to ask permission she seemed to know that I was ready to do anything she or Braden wanted.

Driving home that day, the twinge of guilt that I had felt earlier was completely gone. I had not planned to ever see Braden and Amy again. That was agreed to and understood. However as I drove away, I knew that we would be playing again soon!

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com