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Porn Movie Shoot

Porn Movie Shoot

       Six stiff cocks hovered patiently over Leanne's thick naked body, waiting for the director's cue to begin.

"And action!"

Leanne wrapped her small, chubby hands around the cocks of two bald white guys, while a gray haired Mexican with a tattoo across his back knelt between her legs and an African, black as night, shoved his manhood in her mouth. The last actor, an Asian with acne, stood twisting and pulling her pink, erect nipples.

"Damn, this girls mouth feels like silk," the African grunted.

"You think that's something, you should taste her," replied the Mexican lapping at her shaved slit.

"Don't worry, I plan on it. So don't make a mess."

"I ain't promising shit," the Mexican grinned.

"Do you like it baby?" a voice off camera asked.

"Oh yeah," she purred rolling the African's long, slender cock around in her mouth.

The Asian grabbed a bottle of baby oil from the night stand and squirted three healthy shots onto Leanne's chest. He closed the lid and let the bottle drop to the floor.

"Hey watch it baby, you almost clobbered my toe." the African shouted.

But the Asian ignored him, too focused on rubbing the slick, clear liquid over Leanne's tits. He slung a hairless leg over her stomach, pressed Leanne's massive tits together and shoved his cock in between them. After a few awkward thrusts, the Asian's tit fuck grew more rhythmic.

"Looks like a prairie dog popping its head up out of the ground," the white guy on Leanne's left remarked in a thick southern accent.

The other men laughed.

Meanwhile the Mexican, having finished eating Leanne's pussy, stood up, sat on the edge of the bed and readied his cock for penetration.

"Damn boy, are you going to fuck her already?"

"You better believe it," he replied swinging her creamy white legs over his hip.

Leanne let out a soft gasp, surprised at how thick the Mexican felt.

"That sent a few shock waves through her system," one of the white guys said watching as her watery sky-blue eyes rolled up into her head.

"This is so fucking hot," the director said. "We're sure to win a Penis award this year."

"Fuck the award," the African remarked. "I just want a piece of this girl's ass."

"I hear that."

"Well you'll need to wait your turn," the Mexican groaned.

"I'm cumming!" the Asian announced, erupting in three quick bursts.

"Rub that shit into her tits somebody," the director ordered.

The white guy on Leanne's right quickly obeyed, massaging the slimy white goo into her tits and shoulders.

The Asian, feeling drained and exhausted, collapsed on Leanne's chest.

"Hey get the fuck off!" the African shouted.

Reluctantly, the Asian gave Leanne's nipples a final squeeze, climbed off the bed and moved out of the scene.

"Cortez you almost done man?" the African asked, "I've got a load brewing here."

"Hey shut the fuck up. I thought we said no names."

"You afraid someone in the neighborhood is going to find out you were in a porn movie Chico?"

"Cortez don't worry about it, we'll blip your name out during editing."

"Better cut out Wong's pathetic performance while you're at it," The white guy on Leanne's left said.


"Let's stay focused on the task gentlemen," the director warned. "Stop fucking her for a minute Cortez, Jerry I want a close up of Leanne sucking Andre's cock."

"Easy for you to say," Cortez whined.

The camera zoomed in on Leanne who was now sitting up on her elbows. Her long, black hair was combed back, giving the audience a clear view of her face as she swallowed Andre's dick.

"Fuck yeah," Andre growled. "Flick your tongue over it."

Leanne grabbed his staff, held it up and flicked her pink tongue over the tip. She laggardly slid down the textured length of his shaft, pausing to roll a pair of low-hanging testicles in her mouth before working back up on the opposite side.

"Andre, are you close?"

"Fuck yeah!"

"Cortez how close?"

"I could last a few more minutes."

"Ok, Jacob, Ethan and Cortez move away for a minute. Leanne, I want you to roll onto your hands and knees. Andre grab the jelly, I want you to finish up in her ass."

"You're the boss," Andre grinned rubbing the lubricant into Leanne's brownish-pink pucker.

"Gently," Leanne instructed.

"Yeah there we go," the director said as the camera zoomed in on Leanne's wide, bubble shaped posterior.

"God damn, this bitch is tight."

Leanne let out a long sigh as Andre pushed deeper.

"Leanne, are you alright?"

"Yeah, but my asshole burns a bit."

"Its probably not use to a dick this big," Andre said smugly.

"Do you want to stop?" the director asked, afraid of how Andre might respond if Leanne said yes.

"No I can handle it."

Andre wrapped his hands around Leanne's waist and started to rock his hips back and forth. As his rhythm increased, the room was filled with the gentle sound of skin slapping against skin. The four other men stood around the bed, watching Leanne's fleshy ass wobble with every thrust.

"Thrust all the way in and out. I want to see it," the director instructed. "That's a big fucking cock."

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum." Andre said refusing to pull out.

Before Andre had time to move away, Cortez was already pushing his cock into Leanne's cunt.

"Daniel, is it alright if I cum in her mouth?" Jacob asked the director.

"Sure and Cortez I want you to cum on Leanne's back."

"Fuck you I'm breeding this chick."

"She can't get pregnant you dumb ass," Ethan responded.

"I don't fucking care."

"Leanne, do you like white or black cock better?" Jacob asked waving his masculinity in front of her face.

"I like all cock," she giggled pulling him closer.

"Man this pussy is so nice, so juicy."

"Give it to her Cortez!" Someone shouted off camera.

"Sweet," another said.

"You're a nasty girl," Cortez said slapping Leanne's ass.

"Pound that pussy."

"Oh shit I'm cumming!" Cortez shouted.

"Christ, I am too!" Jacob added, covering Leanne's face in a sticky yellowish-white film.

"Leave those deposits at the bank," Andre grinned.

"Ethan you're up," the director said.

"C'mon Ethan, make her cum," the others cheered.

Ethan gave his cock a few quick strokes and slipped into Leanne's well lubricated snatch. He bent down, reached a hand over his balls and started tickling her clit. Leanne moaned and bucked as a thousand tiny lighting bolts coursed through her body.

"Ohhhhh... GOD!!" she cried out in pleasure.

"Fuck that bitch Ethan."

"You da man baby."

"Breed that pussy."

Ethan closed his eyes to block out the room around him and concentrated on how smooth and supple Leanne's wobbling ass felt against the palm of his hands. He wondered if she would be interested in having dinner with him after the shoot and perhaps another round of one on one back at his apartment.

"Ok Ethan, I need a good money shot," the director said, "So I want you to spray all over her back."

"No problem."

A couple of quick thrusts and Ethan finished, leaving behind several alabaster strands dripping down Leanne's spine.

"How do you feel Leanne?"

"Great," she smiled.

"How did we do?" Jacob asked.

"Very satisfying," she sighed.

"Right on."

"Ok gentlemen and lady, that's a wrap. Thank you all very much. If anyone wants to get cleaned up there is a shower in the next room and food and drinks in the cooler. You can pick up your checks with Jen on your way out."

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com