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Saturday Night Sex

Saturday Night Sex

       Linda and Bryce have been married for fifteen years with three children. Although Linda kept her five-foot frame in great shape and her 36C breast were still firm, at only 32 their sex life had begun routine and boring.

Linda and Bryce decided that they were going to have a Saturday night of sexual adventure. Linda arranged for a babysitter for Saturday night and would not let him into the bedroom while she dressed for the evening. Bryce waited anxiously downstairs with a constant erection at the anticipation. Already, just planning the evening, added excitement back into their sex life.

Finally, Linda descended the stairs. When Bryce saw her he let out a long whistle. Linda was dressed in a short, schoolgirl, plaid skirt and dark sweater. She wore high heels with ankle straps, no stockings, and a black ribbon choker around her neck.

Bryce could see the outline of her beautiful breasts under the sweater. Her nipples were already rock hard and strained at the confines of the sweater. Linda glanced around to make sure no one was watching and reached between Bryce's legs and squeezed his balls and hard cock. Bryce reached for Linda but she slipped away from him.

"Not yet," she said with a laugh.

Bryce gave final instructions to the babysitter. He and Linda left and went to the car. Bryce was being exceptionally attentive and Linda enjoyed controlling him like she was. Bryce opened the car door for Linda. As she slid into the seat she made sure that she gave Bryce a clear view between her legs.

"My God," Bryce exclaimed, "you've shaved."

Linda giggled. Bryce always begged her to shave her cunt, but she refused thinking only sluts did such a thing. But tonight was special, so she took the time to shave her cunt and ass just for Brent. Brent shut her car door and rushed around to get in on his side. As they left out of the driveway, Linda reached over and started stroking the bulge at the zipper in Bryce's trousers.

"Do you like the way I look," Linda cooed. She knew her skirt was pushed up to within an inch of her naked cunt. Bryce looked down at her legs and then at her breasts and Linda could feel his cock twitching.

"You look great, Sweetness," Bryce said with glee. Bryce reached over and stroked the inside of Linda's thigh just inches from her cunt.

Linda opened her legs slightly and let Bryce slowly inch his hand upwards. While he drove, Linda unzipped Bryce's pants and reached inside and wrapped her hand around his cock. She started to slowly move her hand up and down the entire shaft. Bryce's finger found the slit between Deanne's cunt lips.

"Damn, you are so wet," he said to Linda.

Bryce slipped his finger in between Linda's cunt lips and slowly dragged it upwards finding the hard nub of her clit. As Bryce's finger started a slow stroking of Linda's clit, it was her turn to let out a deep breath. She increased the speed of her strokes on Bryce's cock and feels it growing.

Knowing Bryce is closed to cumming, Linda removes her hand. Bryce protests as Linda closes the zipper to his pants. Next she takes Bryce's wrist and pulls his hand from her wet pussy. She straightens her skirt and sits quietly trying to suppress her owe urges to have Bryce pull over on the side of the road and fuck her like crazy.

"You are frustrating the hell out of me," Bryce complains and pulls into the parking lot of the theatre.

As Bryce and Linda exit the car, Bryce reaches into his pocket and tried to position his cock so his erection will not be so obvious to anyone.

"What's wrong, Bryce," Linda giggles.

Inside the theatre, Bryce and Linda choose the two seats farthest from the aisle on the last row. When the lights go down and the movie begins, Bryce immediately pushes Linda's skirt up so that her cunt is visible. He again starts stroking her clit working the wetness from Linda's pussy all around her clit. Linda pulls Bryce's cock from his pants and starts stroking him again. While she is stroking Bryce's cock, she uses her other hand to expose her right breast.

"Suck my tit," Linda begs.

Bryce looks around at the dozen or so people in the theatre and all are involved in the movie. He leans over and takes Linda's erect nipple in his mouth and gently sucks the hard nub. "Suck my entire breast," Deanne orders.

Bryce works to get as much of Linda's 36C tit into his mouth as possible and starts to suck. As he sucks the firm flesh in and out of his mouth, Bryce works two fingers into Linda's cunt. Bryce slowly opens and closes his fingers stretching Linda's vaginal walls. Linda moves and Bryce releases her tit with an audible pop.

As she leans over and takes Bryce's cock into her mouth, he glances around the theatre to make sure no one turned at the sound of him abruptly jerked from Linda's tit. Linda wets Bryce's cock with her tongue. She starts bobbing her head up and down on his cock and Bryce is having difficulty keeping silent.

"Let's get out of here," Bryce says and pulls Linda's head from his cock.

"But what about the movie," Linda responds with a fake pout.

"Fuck the movie," Bryce replies and grabs Linda by the hand and leads her out to the car.

While Bryce drives quickly to a seclude area behind the warehouse where he works, Linda's hand has removed his cock from his pants again. Linda is working vigorously jacking Bryce off while he drives. Bryce finally pulls behind the warehouse and shuts the engine off. As soon as he stops, she pulls her sweater over her head. Her tits bounce free on the sweater and look great by the light of night. Bryce watches as Linda raises her hips and strips off her skirt. Linda is completely naked.

"Lay back in the seat," Linda orders.

Bryce does not even hesitate as he flips the lever and drops his seat into a reclining position. Linda leans over and unsnaps his pants and grabs the waistband on the pants and Bryce's underwear. Bryce raises his hips and allows Linda to pull his pants down below his knees. His cock is rock hard and aching to cum.

"Now, that's better," Linda coos.

Linda bends over Bryce's cock and rubs her tits over the head. She positioned herself so that Bryce's cock is between her tits, then holds her tits together and slides herself back and forth, tit-fucking Bryce.

"God, you fantastic," Bryce moans.

Linda slips down and takes Brent's cock in her mouth again. Bryce runs his fingers into her hair and pushes Linda's head further down onto his cock. He is getting close and Linda increases her intensity, sucking and slobbering on Bryce's cock.

"I'm going to cum," Bryce said in a gasp.

"What's going on in there?" the officer shouted through the window.

Linda quickly jumped into her seat and tried to find her clothes.

"It's the police Bryce, hurry, get dressed," Linda shouted.

The policeman shined his flashlight into Bryce's face.

"Both of you, out of the car right now," the officer ordered, "stop what you're doing and exit the car."

Linda only had time to put her skirt on as the officer opened her side of the car. She heard him radio his partner "Kim," and request that she come out here. Linda was so embarrassed as she tried to cover her breasts while she and Bryce stood beside their car.

"Well, looks like we got a couple of lovers," the policeman said, "looks like I got here just in time." He shined his light at Bryce's still erect cock, glistening from Linda's salvia. There was a pearly, white, drop of pre-cum on the end of Bryce's cock. Linda could not believe Bryce was still erect.

Next the officer shined his light on Linda's hands covering her tits.

"Drop your hands," he ordered. Linda hesitated and the policeman radioed to Kim to call for backup. Linda slowly lowered her hands, "Delay that order Sam, she's cooperating."

"Damn, what a nice pair of tits," the policeman said.

Suddenly, "Kim" appeared. Deanne could see that she was in her mid- thirties, very athletic body under the police uniform.

"What should we do with them?" the policeman asked his partner.

"I don't know Alan, seems awfully cruel to leave the man here with blue balls, perhaps though jail is the best thing," Kim said.

Linda started to cry and Bryce pleaded with the officers. Alan told Linda and Bryce that if they did what they were told, they would not take them to jail, but let them go. Linda and Bryce agreed, but did not realize what they were agreeing to do.

"Finish him," Alan ordered. At first Linda was unsure of what the officer meant, but then quickly figured it out with he aimed the flashlight and Bryce's still hard cock. Linda got down on all fours and took Bryce into her mouth again and started sucking him with long, strokes of her mouth. She heard another zipper and felt the weight of Alan behind her and her skirt flipped over her back exposing her ass. When she felt his hard cock at the entrance to her pussy Linda, stopped sucking Bryce and turned back to Alan.

"Please, I've never fucked anyone but my husband," Linda begged.

But it was too late. As she got the words out, Alan shoved his cock deep into her cunt. He ordered Linda to keep sucking Bryce. Linda worked hard on Bryce's cock while the officer pounded her cunt from behind. Bryce was getting close to orgasm and she felt the beginnings of her own orgasm building.

"This can't be happening," Linda thought to herself just as the orgasm swept through her body.

Linda grunted and moaned around Bryce's cock as she started to cum. Alan increased the speed of his cock in her cunt causing Linda's orgasm to continue. Bryce suddenly shot his load into her mouth and Linda jerked her head away and spat the salty sperm onto the ground.

"We'll have none of that," the officer said and pulled out of Linda's cunt. "Turn around," he ordered.

Linda turned around on all fours and Alan took her head and shoved it onto his cock just as it spurted the first load. Linda tried to pull her head away, but Alan ordered her not to let a drop fall from her mouth. She struggled not to swallow, but Alan was shooting gallons of sperm, filling her mouth. Finally Linda submitted and swallowed the sperm, gagging on Alan's dick as the foul taste consumed her mouth. Alan removed his semi-rigid cock from Linda's mouth leaving her on all fours.

"Your turn," he said to his partner Kim.

Linda started to get up when Alan ordered her to stay where she was. Linda looked up to see Kim stripping out of her uniform. Kim's tits were about a 40D, firm without any sag. Kim's last item of clothing was her thong, which she removed to reveal a shaved cunt just like Linda's. Linda glanced over at Bryce who leaned against their car, eyes glued to the nude body of Kim.

"You ever eat pussy," Alan said to Linda. Linda looked up just as Kim approached her legs spread. Linda shook her head "no."

Kim cupped her hands and moved her fingers back and forth motioning for Linda to crawl to where she was standing. Linda slowly moved toward KIm. Kim spread her legs a little further and when Linda was close enough, grabbed her hair. Kim dragged Linda's face into her pussy.

When her lips touched Kim's cunt lips she tried to jerk her head away, but Kim held Linda fast in place. Kim arched her hips forward and forced her cunt lips to open around Linda's mouth. Linda gingerly stuck her tongue into the opening between the two soft cunt lips. The taste was sweet to Linda, not what she was expecting. Linda tried to mimic the motions Bryce used on her with her tongue. She moved her tongue up and down Kim's slit and across the officer's clit.

Linda heard Kim groan as her tongue swirled around her rigid, slender clit. Linda gently sucked Kim's clit between her lips bringing more groans and gasps. She could hear Kim's respirations increase and Kim started moving her hips back and forward into Linda's mouth. Linda alternated flicking Kim's clit with her tongue and probing the policewoman's vagina. Kim was working her hips, flexing them into Linda's mouth.

Bryce watched his wife and the female officer and felt life back in his prick. Linda's hard, tight ass wiggled slightly as Linda lapped at the pussy on her mouth. Bryce looked at Alan whom was gently stroking his own erection. Alan nodded his approval at Bryce and Bryce immediately walked up behind Linda.

She felt Bryce's hands on her hips and opened her legs to invite his cock into her cunt while she continued to torment Kim's pussy. This time it was Linda who moaned as Bryce sank his rod into her well-lubricated cunt. Kim held the back of Linda's head and ground her hips hard against her mouth. Linda again took her clit and sucked it between her lips holding the suction for as long as possible.

Kim's head started to sway back and forth. She pulled away from Linda and quickly pushed Bryce backward causing his cock to slide out of Linda's cunt. With Bryce on his back, Kim squatted over his cock and lowered herself down, taking Bryce's cock into her cunt inch by inch. Once her cunt rested on Bryce's pants, Kim started to bounce up and down then rub her hips from front to back.

While Kim fucked Bryce, Linda was left to Alan who once again went behind her. Linda felt his fingers in her cunt and her orgasm immediately started. Linda was lost in the throngs of cumming when Alan inserted two fingers covered in pussy juices into her ass. Deanne said nothing as she felt the head of Alan's cock against the tight ring of her rectum. Alan maneuvered Linda's hips slowly backward pushing the head of his cock just past her anal ring. Linda felt as if she would split in two, her asshole burned.

"Damn, you are so tight," Alan commented, the reached underneath Linda with one hand and started massaging her clit.

Linda could not stand the stimulation and shoved her hips backwards taking all of Alan's cock into her ass. She could hear the sound of Kim fucking her husband behind and this excited Linda even more. Linda started pushing and pulling her hips to Alan's rhythm and the pain slowly changed to pleasure. Alan continued to stroke Linda's clit and with his free hand started to pinch and pull her nipples alternating between her tits. This was too much for Linda who experienced another massive orgasm.

At the same time Linda started to wail with her orgasm, Kim started cumming also. Kim moaned and begged Bryce to fuck her harder while Linda simply alternated between whimpers and loud groans of pure pleasure. Linda felt Alan tense up and then the warmth of his sperm exploded throughout her colon. Linda and Bryce only tried anal sex one time, but as Linda's orgasm ended, she made a mental note that they needed to try it again.

Linda collapsed onto the ground with Alan's cock still buried into her ass. She was not aware when Alan removed himself. Kim finished with Bryce about the same time and the two officers straightened their uniforms and left without a word.

Bryce crawled over to where Linda lay semi-conscious from her orgasms. He looked at his wife and the cum that dripped from her ass. Bryce felt his cock growing one more time. Linda's cunt had been fucked, but neither Bryce nor Alan came inside her vagina. Bryce pushed Linda over onto her back and lifted her legs over her shoulders.

Linda whimpered a little as Bryce found her cunt with his cock and fucked his wife with a fury. Linda started bucking her hips up and down to meet Bryce's thrust. Within moments, Bryce exploded in orgasm. Simultaneously, Linda started her own orgasm. Brent and Linda were cumming together for the first time in many years and the intensity was over-whelming for both. As their orgasms trail off to a trickle of lingering bliss, Bryce collapsed on top of Linda.

When Bryce awoke it was almost 1 in the morning. They told the sitter they would be home by midnight. Linda lay on the ground, naked, except for her cum-stained skirt, sleeping. Bryce woke her and helped her into the car. As Bryce used his cell phone to call the sitter, Linda slowly dressed.

After the sitter left, Bryce and Linda showered and went to bed. Before falling asleep Bryce rolled over and put his arm around Linda and kissed her passionately. Linda responded by forcing her tongue into Bryce's mouth. They broke the kiss and Bryce could see the smile of fulfillment on Linda's face.

"Sweetness," he said, "the babysitter will be back next Saturday, let's go out again."

Linda nodded a "yes" and turned over onto her back as Bryce took one of her tits into his mouth. Linda could not believe the excitement the night put back into their sex life. As Bryce mounted her cunt again, Linda hoped they would be arrested again next weekend.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com