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Shared Yards

       My name is Andy and I'm married to Barbara. I'm an architect, 28 years old and my wife is an attorney three years younger than me. We've been married about four years. We haven't had children yet because she wanted to practice law before having kids.

Marvin and Kenya were not my original neighbors.

My original neighbors were Lewis and Tara. Lewis was my best friend, we grew up together, we got married about the same time and we decided to build houses together. We found some cheap lots in an old subdivision that no one wanted because they were only 40 feet wide. We bought one from its owner and the adjoining lot at a tax sale. Being an architect I figured that the best way to make maximum use of the lots was to build a duplex with a common wall between the houses with attached carports on each side. And since Lewis was my best friend there would be no problems with us being neighbors.

Since the lots were fairly deep and we were both swimmers, we decided to also install a swimming pool in the back, but the pool had to be on both lots for the size of pool we wanted. Our wives thought we were crazy since we could never sell either unit separately.

We agreed that neither would sell alone, and shook hands on it. It worked out great since we had our family rooms in the back with sliding glass doors. We spent many a weekend and night in the back with a barbeque, swimming and relaxing. That is until my best friend all of a sudden moved.

The company he worked for offered him a top management job in a different state where the former senior manager whose job he would take was killed in an auto accident. My friend had to take his new position without delay or they would offer the job to another. As far as his ownership of his unit of the duplex, the company would buy it and sell it latter in order to encourage him to make an immediate move.

He broke his understanding with me and I was pissed but my wife told him she understood and tried to make the parting as pleasant as possible. I was more pissed when Marvin and Kenya moved in. They were colored. Now I'm not really a racist. I have donated to the Negro college fund and there are two colored secretaries working in the architectural firm where I work. But I don't need them as neighbors and especially in the other half of my duplex. No way can I get a decent price if I tried to sell now, I told my wife.

Lewis's company gave Marvin a one-year lease since he now filled the job left vacant by Lewis. Kenya, his wife, was a nurse. I would have nothing to do with them. My wife welcomed them when they first arrived and offered them any help they would need. I wouldn't talk to them; I was pissed.

Naturally, after they moved in, they took a swim in my pool. I would have gone over there and punched him out except he was over six feet tall and built like a brick shithouse. Even though colored he was a good-looking guy and his wife had everything in the right places too. My wife got into her swimsuit and joined them. After taking a couple of laps they all went into their unit and I didn't see my wife for more then an hour.

"What were you doing there so long?" I asked when she came back.

"We were just socializing. They are really very nice, you should go over there and meet them," was her response.

"No way, I'm not having anything to do with them. They don't belong here. Why don't they live with their own kind?" My wife just shrugged.

The next day after work she went over there again and stayed at least two hours this time.

"What the hell is going on?" I asked my wife but she gave me the same dumb answer. The next day she was there at least three hours, and when she got back instead of explaining herself she said, "let's go to bed."

In bed she was hornier then ever. She got on top and fucked the hell out of me; she then turned over and fell asleep without a word. I was suspicious. You didn't have to have a load of bricks to fall on you to know something fishy was going on over there but I got nothing from my wife.

The next night she went swimming with them then went into their house, after a half an hour I could take it no longer and I decided I was going to have it out with him even though he was bigger then me. I went over and looked through their glass sliding door but no one was in the family room.

The door being unlocked I went in and heard noises from their bedroom. Peeking in, I couldn't believe my eyes; he was standing in the corner with a big grin on his face, a drink in his hand and watching what was going on in the bed. There was the shocker; his wife was sitting on the edge of the bed with my wife naked draped over her lap being spanked.

I would have gone in there and stopped the whole thing except I developed an instant hard on and instead slipped in the closet by the door to watch. In the midst of her walloping my wife, Kenya said to her husband, "This slut's leaking like a sieve, she really wants it, stick it to the bitch."

I could see the whole thing from the slit in the door of the closet, and instead of my hard on going down, it got bigger. I watched in amazement as he went over, put his glass down on the night table beside the bed, pulled his pants down, and out popped his cock. It was truly prepared it for action. Now you heard the rumor that black's cocks are bigger, well it's true, he had a monster. He put a rubber on it, rubbed it with Vaseline from a jar on the night table and proceeded to press it against my wife's asshole.

"Open your backdoor, bitch, I got a present for you," and with that he shoved it in her ass, while he and his wife laughed.

As he was pumping away in my wife's ass on his wife's lap she was bucking and groaning, taking the whole thing with cries of, "Yes, yes, yes." I couldn't take it any longer and yanked on my cock so that I shot off all over an orange dress hanging there. I wiped my cock dry on the dress, and slipped out of the closet unnoticed, out of the family room and to my own unit to await my wife. I figured we were going to get that son of a bitch by filing a complaint with the police for sodomy and rape.

An hour later my wife arrives. I demanded of her, "What's the hell is going on over there?"

She responded with a grin, "Oh nothing, we were only socializing. I'm pooped, let's go to bed."

I didn't say anything, I don't know why, but I didn't. In bed she was hornier then ever, got on top of me just like before and proceeded to fuck my brains out. I managed to hold my hard on longer than usual since I had come earlier-which made my wife happy. My wife went to work the next day without giving me an opportunity to confront her about what was bothered me, and even when she got home that night she put me off on the matter. She insisted she was working on a brief and assured me we would talk about it over the weekend.

On Saturday I was informed that a barbeque was planned and I was told that I could have it out with him if I wanted to then.

It was a scorcher and the two girls were out having a swim. Marvin was at the grill bare-chested and in shorts cooking up a storm grilling hotdogs and hamburgers with fresh ears of corn wrapped in aluminum foil sizzling away. The food made me hungry notwithstanding my anger over what he'd been doing to my wife. OK I could satisfy my hunger and then let him have it.

He, on the other hand was very amiable and made small talk with me as if we were long lost friends. We all had our fill of food and drink and the girls decided to sunbath in the nude.

That was too much, I was shocked and also my pecker reacted when I saw Kenya's bare ass as she lay on her stomach with her hand underneath my wife with her finger wandering in and out of her pussy.

My wife shuddered and groaned. Marvin put his arm around my shoulder pulled me to him and whispered to me, "Your wife is sure a hot babe, you lucky dog."

My pecker was trying to break out of my pants. The bastard gave me a kiss on the cheek and started to lick my ear.

"Don't," I shouted, "I'm no faggot." But my prick spoke otherwise.

Kenya, on seeing what had happened, jumped up and yelled at me, "Oh no you don't, you can't make out with my husband without first being punished after what you did to my favorite dress." She then grabbed me as her husband cuffed my hands behind me with handcuffs he'd produced from where I do not know.

Surprised and not able to resist she sat down on the nearby bench, and pulled me over her lap; pulled down my shorts and proceeded to spank my bare ass hard. It hurt but worse I was humiliated and aroused with my pecker extended between her legs.

Turning to her husband she said to him, "You can have him now. Stick it to him." Being totally under her control, my ass smarting from her spanking, my prick hard between her legs, my ass cheeks being spread apart by her. I could feel Vaseline being spread on my ass hole. Where's he get that?

"Relax white boy, it'll hurt at first but you'll like my black cock as much as your wife does," and he pressed his monster cock fully clothed with a rubber against my asshole, which gave up all resistance and let the darn thing in.

He pumped and except for the initial shock and pain, I was excited, and groaned quietly, "Yes, yes, yes."

His wife Kenya reached down and grabbed my cock and when he came I came on the ground too.

"I'm not through with you; you'll get my cleaning bill and expect more spanking from me if you misbehave." Saying this to me Kenya gathered up my wife; took her hand and led her into their house to do what, with what and to whom I do not know.

I was defeated, humiliated, deflated and totally under his control as he removed all my clothes and had me stand completely naked before him. He said, "You and your wife are going to make good house slaves. I am going to expect complete obedience from my servants or you'll be punished. You're job is to satisfy us and to keep us happy. Now I got some yard work for you to do." With that he dragged me to the tool shed in the back, gave me the rake and wheelbarrow and said, "Get to work."

While, I worked he laid in a recliner drinking a beer with a big grin on his face. What could I do? I cleaned the backyard - naked. After about an hour of gathering debris and empting the wheelbarrow in the trash container, he said, "That's enough of that, you can put the rake and wheelbarrow away; jump in the pool to rid yourself of your sweat and get your ass over here and give me a rubdown."

I complied-what else could I do? I was unwillingly becoming attracted to his body.

He fell asleep from my rubdown and I silently crept away to my own house to think.

After a while my wife returned and I said to her, "What happened over there?"

She replied happily, "We were only socializing, Lets go to bed." In bed she got on top of me again and fucked me hard. After she was through she just rolled over as was becoming the usual thing and went to sleep.

The next day at work, I couldn't get much done; I was trying to figure it all out. Sure maybe I had been a little hasty and had came to the wrong conclusion about Marvin. Why not give him another chance and maybe we could be friends. It had been an exciting weekend, and I wasn't unhappy with what had happened. But to be his slave, no way, I don't go for that kind of shit. When I go home, I am going to straighten it all out. I thought.

My neighbors were out for the evening, so I told my wife what I intended to do. She just grinned and said nothing. I left a message, slipped it under their door stating that there may have been a misunderstanding between us that I wished to correct.

Next Saturday morning, after breakfast I told my wife I was going to explain how we had got our signals crossed with our neighbors-when my wife caught me by surprise. She produced a pair of cuffs and attached them to my hands and pulled the chain on which they were attached around me, buckled it on me in the back. My hands were firmly affixed to my sides so that I was held helpless.

"What's going on? Get these off immediately." I hollered.

"It's OK. They want me to prepare you for their guests who are coming over at noon for a barbeque," my wife explained and she pulled my pants and shorts down to my thighs.

"Now, wait a minute. Stop, you're my wife, why are you doing this?" I cried, as she pulled out a strap and let me have it. It hurt. She didn't stop. She kept whipping me and the pain was unbearable. I was crying in pain, hopping around, developed a raging hard on, and begging her to stop.

Apparently the noise and commotion attracted the attention of Kenya, because she appeared at our door, saw my wife beating me with the strap. With a smile on her face she said, "My, Oh My, he certainly dances pretty. Can I help? Why don't I get the enema bag for him?"

"Sure, and after we clean him out inside we can shave his body to make him more attractive," my wife answered. The two collaborated-after my whipping, to give me three enemas, shaved all the hair from my body from the neck down except around my cock, affixed a cock ring to prevent a premature ejaculation, put a collar around my neck, bound my hands to my sides and led me next door with a leash, naked for me to meet my fate. I was in shock.

Marvin was in the pool and after doing a couple laps emerged to meet us. Seeing me, smiling he said, "I got your note. You were right, it was presumptuous of me and unwarranted, so I arranged an outside service to do the yard work, of course we will split the cost. Boy! You look good and I would appreciate a blow job before I get the barbeque going."

He dropped his trunks exposing his monster black cock. Kenya, with one hand whacked me on the can with the strap she was carrying and with the other pulled on the leash causing me to kneel before him making eye contact with his cock-head. He pressed it to my lips and said, "Suck."

It entered. I sucked. He thrust it all the way down my throat using my ears to get leverage, withdrew it almost all the way out then down it went again. I did the best I could and not choke. And he was enjoying it and picked up the pace. How I took it all the way down considering its size was a wonder to behold.

He said, "Ahhh, I'm coming," and unloaded his seed in my mouth. I swallowed it all. Then he said with pride, "Good boy. You're mine all mine."

It was true I became his possession.

Marvin, being through with me, looked up and said, "My guests are arriving. Come let me introduce you to them." Two black couples, entering the backyard, spotted us and walked over. I stood there naked, with a cock ring holding my cock rigid and engorged, with my hands held by cuffs to my sides, helpless, embarrassed, and wordless. Marvin introduced me to his younger brother Walter, Seth his friend and their girl friends. Being in this condition I could say nothing and was compliant.

"I'm glad to meet you," his brother said, and put his hand out to shake, realized I could not reciprocate, he pulled it back. "Al tells me that you're an architect, that's quite an erection you've got there," and he chuckled at his little joke. I could have crawled in a hole; mortified and ashamed, I was totally at their mercy.

"Why don't we let Willy here entertain you while I start the fire for the barbecue and get the food ready," Marvin said as he walked away to light the coals and put the food on the grill.

"Have you got what it takes to satisfy a couple of horny black men?" asked Walter as he pulled me over, rubbing my ass. No, he wouldn't; did he really contemplate sodomizing me? Maybe I can reason with them.

"I'm not a faggot, please don't," I pleaded as he turned me around and forced me to bend over for his friend. Seth forced some oily substance in my asshole. I heard the zipper of his fly and felt his cock push its way in. "No, no, no," I moaned as it penetrated in pain. As it went all the way in and filled me up, I could feel his balls strike mine. As he pumped me the pain subsided and I felt a pleasant sensation as it rubbed my prostate. My god, it felt good as he came, pulled out, threw the rubber in the bushes, gave me a slap on the ass, and said, "Good boy, I like fucking white boys."

Walter decided he wanted to do me like his brother had, forced me on my knees again, and I could see his cock was big, maybe even bigger then Marvin's. "Al says you're an accomplished cocksucker; let's see if you can do it as good as Joe, the teacher's assistant at school. He's white, and you white guys seem to have a knack for this," he said as he pushed it all the way down my throat. He pumped me in and out and when he came I drained him in my mouth.

He never did tell me who was better at it, Joe or me. The girls were jealous and complained that I was only servicing the guys. They demanded my attention and I was forced to use my educated tongue on each of their pussies including my own wife to demonstrate that I did not favor either gender.

Having rendered service to the guests my wife had pity on me. She removed the cock ring, put two fingers up my ass, and grabbed my cock with her free hand; I pumped and released my pent up passion shooting into the ground.

Just in time, as Marvin called everyone to eat; the food was great and we had our fill. We socialized, and drank beer until the end of day. With good wishes we parted. I made a lot of good friends this day.

Unfortunately Marvin's tenancy as our neighbor ended too soon. His company needed him to fill another position in another city and regretfully he and his wife moved. His unit became vacant again.

A real estate agent for the company who now owned the unit next door visited us. They made a very generous offer to purchase our unit. I was willing to accept it but my wife told them to go shove it. They were taken by a back and pointed out that we would never be able to sell at a decent price with the large pool on both lots. But my wife told them to get lost.

Puzzled, when they had left, I told my wife that they were right. "We're stuck with this loser." I said.

She said we would see.

A week later they were back and asked how much she wanted and she gave them a ridiculous price. I pulled her aside and wanted to know if she had lost all her marbles. After making a couple of calls, they accepted my wife's ridiculous price.

After they left, I asked my wife how she knew they'd pay her price. She told me she saw the bank appraisers looking over the property and the surveyor making a survey. She also knew that if we couldn't sell one unit without the other -- neither could they. "They had a buyer and couldn't sell the property without buying us out."

With the proceeds from the sale of our unit we bought and moved out to a better house in an all white neighborhood. Thinking back, however, I always had a good feeling knowing that I'd done my part in establishing better race relations.

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