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Strangers In The Book Store

Strangers In The Book Store

       It has been difficult for me to express my elations. How could something so passive, inadvertently make my very soul reel with pleasure? And in all the discussions with my friends, clothes were enticing, sexy, alluring, but never satisfying. So I kept it to myself. At least, until I was caught one day.

I met the most sensitive and receptive man I ever thought I would meet at an embarrassing moment. He had stopped to help me. He noticed that I was looking flushed and light-headed. In fact, he described that I looked as if my knees were going to give out. The fact was, they were.

I think I might have ruined it by telling him that in the winter I liked to go without panties and especially enjoyed the hard creases of my jeans of rubbing against my bare pussy. What he thought was a fainting spell was actually one of these enjoyable times.

I might not have relayed to him the reasons for my light-headedness if I hadn't been in such a state of erotic pleasure. His hands were holding me, and I was squatting in a position where if I moved slightly back and forth, the coarse, yet flexible, denim rubbed against my pussy. His sturdy hands, combined with the increasing wetness I was experiencing in my jeans drove me almost to cry out in ecstasy.

Instead of crying out, I described to him the sensations I was feeling. At the time, I did not notice that he had begun to slightly tremble as he held me. I was focused on my own sensations, knowing that I would soon reach orgasm. I did not notice that his hands were pushing me harder and faster, back and forth, and back and forth. In all my erotic experiences with clothes, I had never been driven to the brink of ecstasy with the help of a man. I never thought I would cum so hard.

Despite the overwhelming pleasure, I suddenly realized that a strange man was holding me. I was scared. I was embarrassed. I was at a loss for words. I remained partially squat with him leaning over me. I felt as if I were on a tree swing, only he was my support. He still had his strong, thick arms pressed against my sides. His one hand had a firm hold of the back of my thigh near my ass, and his other was squarely on the other cheek. We stayed in this position for what seemed hours. Finally, I built up enough courage to look him in the eye.

I looked up at him to find the most beautiful face. His features were sharp but not chiseled. His skin was lightly tan and cleanly shaven. His hair was dark, short on the sides with a little overhang of bangs that came to his eyes. His eyes were crystal blue and piercing into me with a slight glazed glow. He looked utterly statuesque until I realized he was trembling. He shook not for the stress of my body in his arms. No, he easily managed me. The tremors were an aftershock from my earthquake of an orgasm.

I slid out of his arms and to my knees without losing eye contact. He slowly straightened himself until he was fully standing over me. I gently laid my hands on the outside of his legs and eased them northward. His thighs were tight and twitching. His face glistened with perspiration. He looked as I must have when he first found me. I can understand why he thought I needed medical attention. But I knew it was not medical attention that was needed.

My hands reached his belt buckle and unstrapped it. His jeans popped and hissed as I loosened them. I tugged at them, forcing them down his hips. It was difficult for they were caught on his swollen cock. So, I grabbed it and pushed it until his jeans were released. They slid to his knees. I kept his dick in my hand, ever so lightly caressing its length. I found the tip of his cock slippery with anticipation and it jerked when I smoothed the wetness over its entire head.

My other hand began to explore the sack that fell below his cock. I massaged his balls and caressed his scrotum. I followed with my finger the bulging tube that began on the front of his cock. I followed it through the scrotum, pushing his balls to either side and continuing between his thighs.

I spent some time rubbing this tender area between his scrotum and anus. He was receptive and spread his legs to allow me better access. I could feel the tube surge and his balls tightened. I knew it was coming and I didn't want it yet. So, I tugged on his balls, squeezed the shaft of his cock and paused until the threat was over.

I wanted to taste him and feel him in my mouth. I dragged my tongue up the length of his cock. With a quick circling of its head, I slid over his dick, sheathing it in my warm, moist mouth. I took as much as I could into my throat, waited, and began to slide off of it. After several bobs, I began to increase my pace. I took him in with short jerking motions. I took him in deep. I twisted and turned on his pole. I grabbed the base of his cock with my hands and fondled his balls. I think I heard moans of encouragement but I was to focused on my job at hand.

I continued this assault until his gun blew. His cum splattered against the back of my mouth. I opened my cheeks to allow for the extra liquid. His cock twitched endlessly, releasing the taste I desired so much. I moved slightly to encourage any remaining cum that was left in that tube I traced to his underside. Confident that the fireworks were over, I pulled him out of my mouth as if I were sucking on a frozen pop in 110- degree heat, not wanting to lose any of its flavor. At last freed from his Popsicle, I swallowed. I swallowed with the ecstasy of knowing I pleased him as much as he had me.

Then I came back into reality and I realized that the sound I had begun to hear was not my head throbbing with the excitement of what had just occurred but approaching footsteps. It was then that I remembered just where we were. I was doing research for a paper in the basement storeroom in a used-bookstore.

I had been going there for months and only rarely had I been in the company of another person. I wondered what the stranger I had just blown was doing here, and also the intentions of whoever was approaching. The footsteps were even more evident now as I watched him hurriedly put his jeans back over his spent cock. A woman entered through the door in front of us.

For about an hour, the three of us wandered around the basement, presumably working on our individual tasks. I was still numb from the aftereffects of the orgasm I had just experienced and the idea, still new, that I had just had sex with the most incredible stranger.

The taste of his cum was still in my mouth.

I was at the other side of the room, and each time I visualized my stranger's face in my mind, I became hotter and wetter. I felt a presence, and saw him standing next to me. I had an urgent desire to grab his ass. As my hand reached out and briefly held the muscular curves of his buttocks, he turned around and held my stare. His crystal blue eyes seemed to pierce right through me, to the innermost dimensions of my soul.

In a trancelike state, he unbuttoned my shirt and so doing, pressed his lips hard against mine. His hand reached down and pressed against my cunt. He unzipped my jeans and was pulling them off. He was having trouble because they were so tight, and so he pushed me onto a chair sitting nearby. The jeans slid off with deftness and urgency.

I was shocked at his strength. He pulled me back up and reached down to rub my pussy with his left hand. With his right, he grabbed a piece of cloth that was sitting underneath a display of books and stretched it underneath my cunt. He forced me to kneel, and then took the same position in front of me. With both hands, one behind me and one in front of me, he pulled the ends of the cloth upwards. I could feel my body rise in spasms of pleasure.

The cloth was thick, yet had a silky feel to it. As he varied the pressure, a million sensations filled me at once. At first, the touch was light as a feather, almost nothing, and my spine tingled as my body filled with desire. He began to pull the cloth forwards and backwards against my pussy, giving it more and more pressure. I began to feel extremely dazed and thought I might pass out. Just in time, his hands wrapped around my sides, pulled me up and onto the chair as he knelt in front of me.

With his thick, strong hands, he spread out my legs and began to taste me. He began gently, caressing my labia ever so lightly, and I knew they must have been almost dripping with pleasure. His tongue was magical and relentless. He stroked my pussy in a way I never imagined I would ever experience. His tongue never tired and the determination he presented made me so hot I could feel my entire body trembling.

He started going at it with faster strokes of his tongue and his fingers found their way inside. My legs were shaking and I knew I was about to have another orgasm. Suddenly he held his hand still as the index finger began to gently circle on and around a single area in the front wall of my vagina. I was lost in a sea of pleasure. But I desired more.

I wanted to feel his penis inside me, so I stood up and happened to look over his shoulder. In the midst of this whirlwind occurrence, I had forgotten that we were not alone in the basement. Looking through the top shelf of books that had been enclosing us in the back corner of the room, I realized that the other woman in the basement had been watching all along.

She stared without blinking at us. Her mouth was slightly ajar. Her arms fell in front of her, coming together below her hips. The voyeur woman stood behind a stack of boxes that came to her waist. I could not see what her hands were doing, but imagined they were rubbing her clitoris. She just stood there, staring at my stranger and I fucking.

Meanwhile, he stripped off his clothes and sat on an armless office chair. I stepped over him and sat on his knees. He had a hold of me with his hands around my ass and kneading my flesh. I reached in front of me to touch his rising interest. His cock sprang to attention in my hand. I caressed it, re-familiarizing myself with his mass of flesh.

It was standing on its own and ready for the next stage. But was I ready for it? Sure, I dreamt of what happened earlier but intercourse with a nameless man. Could I let a stranger into my innermost sanctum? But the magnetism. The raw sex. The smell of our bodies. The aching between my thighs. I did not care any more. I needed his cock inside of me, whoever he was or whoever watched did not matter.

He lifted me off of his knees and onto his pole but it took a few attempts to get it right. As we first touched cock-to-cunt, he twirled himself over my wet labia to lubricate his pole. Then I lowered myself until the dry friction stopped us. I moved up and down slowly until I finally felt him entirely in me. I was so wet and his cock was perfect. It stabbed into the back of my vagina. The pain was the pleasure as it adjusted to the invader. I continued to move up and down, bouncing on his cock. It slid almost out of me, and then reentered to my depths. I rode his entire length slowly and thoroughly. Then, he took control.

While fully in me he grabbed my legs, lifting them until the back of my knees were in the crease of his elbows. With the newfound leverage, he became to push and pull me. I did not resist his action. I was sliding on his groin as if I were in a scull rowing. Back and forth I moved, faster and faster. The sensation was exhilarating. I have felt the many pleasures of a cock moving in and out of me, but this was completely different.

His cock stayed entirely inside my cunt pushing against my walls in a circular manner. It moved as if whisking to a peak egg whites for merangue. It pressed on to areas that I never imagined could be so sensitive. I began to scream with pleasure. I suppose the sight and sound of this incredible fuck was too much for our viewer.

As I continued the fuck ride, the mysterious woman stood behind me, reached out, and took a hold of my breasts as they jiggled. My stranger underneath me was increasing his pace. I had a vision of egg whites flowing over and out of the whisking bowl as the bowl turned faster.

I was dizzy, not from the movement, but because every part of my body was feeling a different sensation, both new and raw. Plus, this woman was clutching my breasts and now nibbling at my neck. My scream was loud and I felt my vaginal juices flow out and onto his groin as he slowed down the pace. Gently, I lifted myself off of his pole and turned around to face the other woman.

When she had first entered through the door, I had noticed she was attractive, but now looking at her appearance, which was sweaty and disheveled, my feelings of attraction turned into those of lust. She had long hair that was plastered to her sweaty face. Her jeans were unzipped and pulled partway down her legs. As she took her hand and ran it through her hair to brush it back, I saw that she was beautiful. The nameless man was watching the entire scene, as I walked over to this beautiful woman and took hold of her jeans. She made no comment so I pulled them down, along with her panties.

Obligingly, she stepped out of them and pulled her shirt over her head, exposing a pair of perky breast. In anticipation of impending events, I removed a pile of books on a nearby desk.

My unnamed man moved to the left to get a better view. I could see him stroking his cock as he watched. I picked up some of the juices that had been flowing down my thighs with my fingers and approached her. I brought my fingers to her lips and she licked them clean. I started to feel her breasts and she mine.

Seeing another woman naked in such close proximity was so riveting, I thought I might climax then and there. But as I was staring at her breasts in this entranced state, she took her hand and lifted my chin up so that we were looking directly into each other's eyes. We kissed.

Her lips were pressed against mine and we stood there, nipple to nipple, rubbing our pussies against each other. The woman made her way to the desk and took a seat on its edge. I followed her. Soon, both our hands made their way gradually downwards. She was extremely wet, and I was mesmerized by the idea of tasting another woman's pussy.

I knelt on the floor. As I went down on her, she spread out her legs. For the first time, I was able to see another woman's vulva close up and I was amazed at its complexity. It was a beautiful world of its own. I began to explore with my tongue stroking her labia lips up and down, back and forth. Then I moved between her lips to her clitoris, and stuck my fingers into her hole. She began to moan.

At the same time, I felt two familiar hands on my ass. Again, I felt their strength and sturdiness. The hands pulled up my rear end as I worked the woman's cunt. My heart raced as he entered me from behind. From where he was standing I knew he had a perfect view of what was transpiring between the two women in front of him. Slowly and methodically he began. He stuck the entire length of his cock into my cunt and brought it out almost all the way. He repeated this motion as he watched.

I had two fingers in the woman's pussy and my tongue was all over her clit. She moaned louder and arched her back as her body began to convulse uncontrollably. The cock inside me was moving harder and faster with the increased moans of the woman at the end of my tongue. I was dying to see the woman's face as she orgasmed so I stopped what I was doing and directed him to fuck this wanton woman.

I watched as he rubbed the tip of his penis against her hot, red, and very wet pussy. I watched as he inserted his dick into her just seconds after it had been in me. As he started to go inside her, I moved behind him and caressed his balls.

I pressed my breasts against his smooth and broad back as my hands stroked his balls, pushing them together and then pulling them away from one another. Meanwhile, he had been grinding his cock into her cunt. She tilted her head back, closed her eyes, and the corners of her lips lifted into a sensual smile as her vagina adjusted its size to the welcomed intruder.

I stepped to the side of the two to get a good view of the activities. I first looked at his cock sliding in and out of this moaning banshee. I have never seen the pleasure from such a close distance. I could hear the slurping of cock in her cunt. I saw her labia being pulled and tugged by the oscillating motion. His balls slapped against her ass. I was amazed at the whole orchestration and yet I knew it was all too easy to perform.

I reached out and rubbed her clit. She became louder and thrashed against her lovers. I then spread her pussy lips further open. I could feel him jab his cock into her. She grunted that this allowed him to fuck her harder and vowed that it increased her pleasure. So, I just stayed there with a bird's eye view of the fucking. She had grabbed and groped at me. I felt her hand slip between my thighs to my swollen pussy. She probed my cunt with her fingers. Then, something was said that I am not sure about but I followed the directions without hesitation.

I climbed on top of the woman and straddled her face. Lowering my pelvis, she began to lap at my pussy. She attacked it with unbridled passion. Her tongue stabbed at my hole and darted between my lips. She sucked on my swollen clit as if it were a dick. The sensation was too much. I wavered on my knees and then leaned forward. We were almost in a 69 except she was still being fucked. I could feel another orgasm coming. The sights, the sounds, the smells and the newness of being eaten by another woman drove me into a frenzy. My cunt was becoming numb and my head was swimming but I knew that it would soon end.

I straightened up and leaned back against the wall. My thighs twitched with the impending orgasm. Moans and screams of ecstasy roared out of my mouth. At the moment of cumming, I lurched and swayed. Again, the pussy juice flowed from me, out of my cunt and onto her face. She sucked and lapped as best she could. The sight of me coming on the woman must have been fantastic for our stranger grunted with determination as he came inside my wet-faced-woman-lover. He pulled out of her with his cock looming in front of me.

I now fell into a 69 but took him into my mouth. I sucked the combined juices off of his Popsicle. Then, I dropped my mouth to the oozing pussy below. Pearl white gobs leaked from her slit and I quickly lapped at them. I tasted his cum and hers from this fountain of love.

I could not get enough of the taste. So I licked and sucked on her pussy. Her thighs clenched at my head as I assaulted her clit. With little effort her juices squirted from her cunt. I tried to catch as much as I could, for I was only too willing to return the favor that she bestowed to me. Slowly and lovingly, I licked around her cunt, as I knew she much be as sore as I was after this fuck fest.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
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