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Office Slut

Office Slut

       "Karen, it's a crying shame the way these tax people try to screw us. Look at this notice my husband and I received the other day. It's an audit, I think."

The petite, pretty blonde housewife was obviously very angry as she handed the notice to her lovely, dark-haired neighbor. Karen read it slowly, then looked up. "I agree with you, Mary. But what can you do about it?"

"I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going down to that IRS Office and talk to this man whose name is on the notice. Let's see, it's a Mr. Whitcomb. Do you want to come along with me?"

Karen smiled. "I like you when you're angry," she said. "You're something else, Mary. Do I want to come? Why I wouldn't miss it for the world."

So that afternoon, Mary, her tax papers in her hand, and with her beautiful neighbor, Karen, beside her, drove downtown and walked into the huge Federal Building. They looked at the building directory and found that the IRS Office was on the third floor. They took the elevator to the third floor, got off and walked into the IRS office. They walked up to the receptionist and demanded to see Mr. Whitcomb, the IRS man whose name was on the tax form.

"I'm sorry," the receptionist said, "but Mr. Whitcomb is busy right now. Do you have an appointment?"

"Why should I have to make an appointment?" Mary barked. "He's the one who wants to see me. Let him make the time!"

The confused receptionist was about to protest Mary's behavior when a tall, handsome, balding man in his mid- forties walked in and said, "I'm Mr. Whitcomb. What can I do for you ladies?"

"This!" Mary exclaimed, and she showed him the papers.

He smiled. "Please step in my office," he said. Then he turned to the receptionist and said, "Miss Lane, I'll be busy for a few minutes with these ladies. Please hold my calls."

"Yes, sir," she said, giving Mary a dirty look.

He showed them into his office and then closed the door. "Please be seated, ladies," he said. "I'll just look these forms over." He glanced at the top line and looked up and said, "I take it you are Mrs. Jenson?"

Mary nodded. "Yes, and this is my friend, Karen."

He started looking over the papers again. After reading them, he looked up and said, "Ah, yes. It seems that you and your husband took a deduction that was not allowed. I'm sorry, but the law states..." As he was talking, Mary stood up and walked around the desk and leaned over his shoulders, looking at the papers. Her exotic perfume made him feel light and excited. As she bent over, he could see the cleavage of her smooth round- ed large boobs.

"I don't care what the law states," Mary began. "We took deductions for entertaining people. They were clients of my husband's, and that makes it a legal deduction."

"Yes ma'am, but did you really spend $5000 entertaining. That seems like an extraordinary amount of money to spend for entertaining clients," he replied.

"Certainly, that's what we spent!" Mary said, as she leaned over him even more. Now one tit was almost rubbing his face. He started to get flustered, then he looked back in front of him. The other woman, she had said her name was Karen, was still sitting on the chair, but she had shifted position and her legs were spread apart and her skirt had slid up her legs. As he looked at her legs, he suddenly noticed, "My God, she isn't wearing any panties!"

A wild and reckless thought occurred to him. Here he was in his own office, his boss in the next room, and his receptionist on the other side of the door - and he was actually thinking how wild it would be to fuck one or both of these lovely females! "But that's insane," he said the himself. "I would have to be mad! My job! My future! Everything would be at stake!" But her closeness, her perfume, and the sight of the dark-haired woman's lovely beaver was beginning to make him want to throw caution to the winds. Once in every man's life, there should be a time when he is called upon to do something reckless and dangerous.

He turned around and gently bit Mary on the tit through her blouse. There were a few moments of silence as he felt his blood pounding wildly in his head. He wanted to take one, or maybe even both, of them right now. He grinned and looked at Mary, then said, "Maybe you're right. Maybe these are legal deductions. I'll see what I can do."

As he said this, he put his hand on her leg and slid it up under the back of her skirt and grabbed hold of Mary's smooth, round buttocks. His fingers told him that she wasn't wearing panties either. He massaged the naked globes of her rear for a moment, then stood up and lifted Mary's skirt up over her waist and set her on his desk. Karen also stood up and slowly began walking toward them.

"Then the audit is off?" Mary said huskily, reaching down to unzip his pants and pulling his cock out of his shorts. He was already hard, and he just nodded an answer to Mary's question. He felt almost dizzy with passion. And yet, there was also the element of risk. It made him all the hotter. What if someone walked in and....

He fondled Mary's big knockers, feeling her nipples harden under his fingers. Then he unbuttoned her blouse and started sucking on her erect, pink nipples. They responded by standing out oven more.

"Lord, but you've got nice tits, lady," he whispered in a voice shaking with anxiety and lust. "You've got a very nice pussy, too I think."

Karen lifted her skirt and sat down on the desk next to Mary. As Mary spread her slim, tanned legs, the IRS man slowly pushed his pecker forward into her steaming hot love tunnel. Mary moaned as she felt him penetrate her. He rubbed his cock forward and back just inside her entrance. Her cunt was warm and moist. He penetrated her easily and was amazed to find that any woman as small as Mary could take his big shaft so effort- lessly. Only at the very end of his thrust could he feel the tip of his cock come up against the soft rear wall of her cunt. He began to fuck her with long, measured strokes that nearly drove Mary back onto the desk. Meanwhile, he began to finger-fuck the hairy slot of the lovely Karen sitting next to Mary. Her pussy was hot and wet too.

"Oh, give it to me," Mary whispered. "Fuck my hot hole! Shove it in hard! Ahhhhyyeeessss! Oh, you fuck so gooood!"

He continued to pump in and out of Mary's sublime pussy for a few minutes, then just as he was ready to come, the door burst open and in came his silver-haired boss. "Mister Whitcomb!" was all he could manage to gasp.

But before he could protest, Karen was off the desk and in the older man's arms. At first he protested, but her actions overwhelmed him. She was soon down on her knees, unzipping him, then reaching in and bringing his limp tool to life with her fingers. His head spun. He couldn't believe this was really happening, but he let this lovely woman suck his cock until he was ready to shoot his load. He looked down and saw her fingers rubbing her naked, hairy pussy as she sucked. He started thrusting his cock harder into her mouth.

If Mr. Whitcomb was shocked at first, it didn't hinder his ardor. He now had Mary down on the desk, on top of all his papers, and was passionately fucking her, pounding his hard cock into her clutching pussy while she moaned words of passionate encouragement. Mary sobbed her pleasure and Ralph groaned with the ecstatic feeling he was experiencing. He shot his love juices deep into her, pumping her again and again as the papers on his desk flew in all directions. She was moaning and her pussy was spasming in her own climax as it squeezed the last drops of cum out of his cock. The hot juices of his passion flowed out of her well-filled cunt and down the lovely tanned legs of the beautiful blonde housewife onto the audit papers on his desk.

He could hear his boss groan as he reached his climax and squirted into the lovely dark-haired woman's mouth. It had to be a dream, he thought. But he definitely knew that the half naked blonde beauty he was fucking was real.

Suddenly, the door opened again and Miss Lane walked in. Her face appeared shocked, but she didn't say anything, she just stared. She couldn't take her eyes away from the action in front of her. Mr. Whitcomb knew that he was too deeply involved already. There was only one way to make sure that his receptionist would never give away their secret.

Mr. Whitcomb was charged up. He had just had an explosive cum in the blonde housewife's cunt, but his cock was fully hard and erect again. He couldn't believe he could get it up so fast, but he did. He went over to Miss Lane, kissed her passionately, with his tongue invading her mouth. As he felt her start to hug him tightly, he led her to his desk where he bent her over, lifted her skirt and lowered her pantyhose. There he was, bent over his prim and proper secretary, shoving his hot cock, still wet with another woman's pussy juice, past the soft white mounds of her ass and into her tight little twat. She moaned as his cock separated her cunt lips, then began panting excitingly as he started to pump in and out of her. It was a wild after- noon, one that none of them would ever forget.

"So the audit's off," her husband was saying to her that evening. "How did you ever talk them into it?"

"Well...." Mary said, "I guess that I just presented it in a way that they could understand."

"That's great! We got away with it. For once, it's us screwing the tax man instead of them screwing us!"

Mary shrugged, then mused, "Ah, well...in a way. Let's just say that the screwing was pretty equal."


"Oh, nothing, honey."

"You know, Mary, I'd probably have gotten so mad at that IRS guy that I'd have told him off and we'd have had to pay a big penalty. I think from now on, I'll let you handle all our negotiating."

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com