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Group-The Dance

The Dance

       We had been invited to an army camp to collect an award for my wife's late father. They were having a Naafi dance that evening and we were invited to attend and as the camp was in the middle of nowhere, we were provided with a room for the night.

The dance started off very slowly as the WRAC's who were coming from the next camp, some distance away, were late in arriving. There were a few officer's wives and daughters but the men far outnumbered the women, so Annabelle was in great demand for dances.

As the evening drew on, it was clear that something was wrong and that the girls were not going to arrive. At last it was announced that there had been an accident, nothing serious but as it had delayed them so much and as a lot of the girls were shaken up, that they returned to their camp.

So now that the men knew there would be no girls arriving, Annabelle was in even more demand. I noticed as time went on, that some of the men dancing with my wife were holding her very close, they were getting very intimate on the dance floor and Annabelle looked very flushed.

The band stopped for a break, so Annabelle returned to me for a sit down and a drink. The poor love was exhausted. She had been dancing for over an hour without a break.

"Enjoying yourself, you sexy bitch?" I joked.

"Oh yes, it's lovely. I've never had so many hard cocks pressed up against me. I'm turning them all on!" She laughed. "I'm glad that accident happened and the WRAC's didn't arrive. I just love being the centre of all this attention."

"You always did like to flirt, I'm just glad that you're enjoying yourself."

"You don't mind do you?"

"On the contrary, I'm getting turned on watching you but you had better be careful, you're stirring up all that male lust. They might just explode and drag you off into a back room and rape you." We both laughed.

I could see that Annabelle was having a wonderful time and the thought of her with all these men was turning me on. We have had a few 3somes before and I had really enjoyed watching her thrashing about and screaming in sexual abandon, so to see her with another man was nothing new but they had been one a day and a long time in between.

The music started up again and she was off, dancing the night away. She joined me a couple of times but only briefly to grab a drink and to tell me how turned on she was. I really didn't need her to tell me as her flushed face gave her away.

Eventually the evening was over and we said our goodbye's and went to our room. Annabelle was still very excited and I thought that I would have to give her a really good fucking to try to calm her down or we wouldn't get any sleep. She stripped naked and was sitting up in bed, endlessly chatting about her exciting evening, I was packing our clothes away ready for an early departure, when there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find one of Annabelle's dancing partners.

"Oh! Hello," says I.

"Erm! Ah! err, I'd like err, I've err... just come to thank Annabelle for making it a wonderful evening," he stammered.

"Who's there?" shouted Annabelle.

"It's one of your friends come to thank you for the dance," I replied.

"Well bring him in." When he entered the room and saw Annabelle sitting up in bed naked, he stammered all the more but couldn't take his eyes of her lovely breasts.

"Come and sit beside me." she said as she patted the bed were she wanted him to sit. I could see that she was relishing being in control of the situation. The young man didn't know quite what to do. He looked around at me, hesitantly.

"It's ok," I said as he sat on the edge of the bed. They spoke together for a few minutes and then Annabelle took his hand and placed it on her breast. Very nervously he looked at me, by now I had sat down on the other side of the room to watch.

"It's ok!" I smiled at him.

"Suck my nipples!" Annabelle demanded as her hand foraged into his pants to grab hold of his throbbing (by now, fit to burst) cock. He let out a moan and jumped to his feet, pulled off all his clothes, dragged Annabelle down the bed so that she was flat on her back, got on to the bed and lifted her legs onto his shoulders and rammed his cock into her juiced up pussy as hard as he could. The poor lad was that turned on; remember Annabelle had been keeping him on the boil all evening, that he 'came' within seconds. It was the nearest thing to rape that I had ever seen.

As soon as he had finished, he was that embarrassed, he jumped up, got dressed and apologising, left.

"Well! You sex mad slut!" I laughed.

"Oh yes! That was lovely," she purred, "not very long but thrilling none the less. It's your turn now."

"Hey bitch!" I said laughingly. "Don't be trying to make out that you are doing it for me, you just want satisfying."

"Oh yes please!" she said as she opened her legs. I sat on the bed and put my hand on her pussy and as my fingers dipped inside her beautiful pussy, the spunk started to seep out. I dragged my wet fingers up and lubricated her clit with spunk. Her moans grew louder and louder as her climax neared; then a full blooded scream came from her lips as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her body. She had just collapsed into a (contented) heap when there was another knock on the door.

"More of your friends no doubt!"

"Oh I do hope so!" she purred as she looked up at me from under her half closed, lust filled eyes.

I opened the door to be greeted by another young man. "I've er. I've just come to..."

"Come in!" I told him, then turning to Annabelle I said, "It's for you."

"Oh! Yes please. More, more! I've got to have more!"

This young man was a bit more controlled. He took his time and worked Annabelle up slowly but surely. She was nearing another climax even before he had put his cock into her. I was quite surprised at the size of it, it must have been at least 8 or nine inches long but it was also very thick. I thought to myself that this would make her sit up and take notice and by golly it did.

As he put it into her, slowly, very slowly, you could see the expression on her face changing, her eyes widened and her mouth gaped open and moans came from her throat, deep and low and slowly building in intensity. The huge monster stretched her cunt to the limit. In and out went the huge cock. She was lost in a sea of passion.

Orgasm after orgasm sent shudders through her lovely body. I was extremely turned on myself, I had to take my cock in hand but I didn't want to come yet. Not until I could get my dick into my wife's beautiful, well used, spunk filled cunt. Then the young soldier groaned as his orgasm came, with a few hard thrusts he shot his load of come into her and collapsed on top of her still writhing body.

I had hardly closed the door behind him when there was another knock, word was spreading, another young soldier. Annabelle was grinning from ear to ear, she just wanted more and more. After he had fucked her, as I was letting him out, I popped my head out of the door and looked down the landing. There was a queue of young soldiers lined up outside our room. I said to Annabelle "There are 7 guys waiting outside."

Smiling, she said, "I never did like Pepsi, I always fancied 7UP," and burst into a fit of the giggles. Then in a really sexy voice, she said. "Bring them all in together."

"Are you sure? It's a lot to take, 7 vigorous young men at the peak of physical fitness."

"Oh yes! Your making it sound better all the time," she replied as she wriggled about on the bed, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

"Ok! If you're sure." I opened the door and said "Ok lads, she wants a gang bang, anyone who wants to join in, come in."

With that they all trooped into the room. "Right, the first thing to do is get the mattress onto the floor, I don't think that bed will take the weight of all of you at once. Let's get the mattress onto the floor and stand the bed up against the wall out of the way."

Two of them lifted Annabelle's naked body off the bed whilst the rest arranged everything. No sooner was she placed on the mattress than someone was between her legs shoving a cock into her. Two other guys were kneeling either side of her head and trying to get two cocks into her mouth at the same time.

She was moaning and writhing around in sheer pleasure, I'd never seen her so turned on. Then the guy who was fucking her, rolled over so that she was on the top of him and another guy got on top of her. I got down to see what they were doing, as I was worried in case she got hurt as I didn't know if she would like being buggered or not, but no, they were just trying to get 2 cocks into her cunt and she was that lubricated with spunk that they went in easily.

It was a beautiful sight to behold, the woman I loved was stretched out naked on top of a guy with his cock stuck up her and the guy on top had his cock in her as well. Two cocks in her mouth and a cock in each hand. The 7th guy was trying his best to get at her tits, trying to get his hand in between the heaving bodies to get a feel. The guy on top was the fist to come, his moans were muffled in her hair as he thrust powerfully and shot all his spunk into her ever hungry cunt.

As he pulled his dick out of her, all the spunk seeped out and trickled down the cock of the guy underneath and dripped of his balls. He rolled her over and started to wildly screw her. All the others just sat watching as they played with their cocks. They made no further attempts at doing it as a group but just took turns fucking her in a straight forward way. Everyone enjoyed the use of my lovely wife's body, all 7 of the young soldiers shot their spunk into her, in fact the first guy who came, had a second go and fucked her again.

Eventually they all left, saying their farewells. Annabelle smiled up at me, she looked beautiful lying there naked, glistening with sweat and drenched with spunk.

"Your turn now Darling," she purred.

"You bet your life it is, you brazen little slut."

"Come on, fuck me! Fuck Me!" And I did, all night long.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com