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Three Is Not A Crowd

Three Is Not A Crowd

       Adam was in advertising. He'd joined a large nationwide firm straight out of university. He had started at a regional office in Leeds, dealing with small campaigns in England's North-East. That was three years ago. He was now twenty-four and the firm had moved him to the National headquarters in London. They considered him to be their most promising new talent, and had offered him an irresistable package to make the move south. They had found him what seemed to an ideal place to live in London's fashionable Knightsbridge, and his brand new MG sports car in the drive was part of the deal.

He was a handsome young man, six foot tall, cropped blonde hair and a firm, muscular body. He worked out regularly, and swam a few miles at least twice a week. Back in Leeds he also used to like to party. He'd often stay out until dawn, dancing and drinking. However, even though they were easy to get hold of, Adam never touched narcotics. He was a ladies man. At university he'd made love with too many girls to count. Since starting work he'd calm down a little, and had several long term relationships.

One of the attractions for Adam was its reputation as a twenty-four hour city. He was looking forward to all night parties with interesting people. About a week after moving into his new flat, Adam to throw a house warming party.

The party was swinging. Adam had invited everyone he knew, and just to make sure no-one complained, everyone in the apartment building as well. It was a small building, only ten apartments, and being new in town, Adam didn't know many people. Still, those who had come had brought friends with them, and there was a healthy crowd enjoying the fun. The music was loud, pumping from the speakers of Phil's expensive new stereo system, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Apart from the buildings' residents, the other people at the party were from Phil's new office. There were many couples, and quite a few single men. Single women were, as usual, few and far between. As with any party, the men all congregated in the kitchen, while the women stayed in the lounge, dancing and gossiping. The furniture had been pushed to the side of the room to create a makeshift dancefloor. Adam tried his best to move between the two rooms, but inevitably he stayed with the men.

"So how do you like London Adam?" asked one of his colleagues, can of beer in hand.

"Great," said Adam, "and it'll probably be better when I've made a few friends to party with."

"Have you met Bridgette and Holly yet?" said a man from one of the apartments in the building.

"No. Who are they?" said Adam.

"They live just across the hall, surprised you haven't met noticed them, they're hot."

"Oh those two," said Adam, "I knocked on there door yesterday to invite them to the party, but I don't think they're here yet." "They'll be here. If you like to party, these are the girls to know."

Bridgette was a newly qualified teacher, straight out of Oxford University. She was five foot five, and weighted just over seven stone. She had long wavy blonde hair, and a face that was so cute. Many people thought Lisa could model, if only she was taller. Her athletic figure was admired by men and women alike, and Lisa liked to show it off.

Holly was a complete contrast to Lisa. She stood head and shoulders above her at six foot, and her hair was brown and cut into a neat, short bob. She too kept herself in good shape, but wasn't as trim as Bridgette. Not many people were as trim as Bridgette.

Neither girl could have afforded to live in the building alone, but they were good friends at university, and opted to live together. They loved to party, and were known in the area for getting invited to all the best bashes.

There was a knock on the door, barely audible above the music. Adam answered the door, and was stunned by the sight of Lisa and Holly standing in front of him. Bridgette wore a short, tight red party dress and matching high heels. Her long, wavy blonde hair cascaded down over her shoulders. Holly had on a blue halter neck dress, which barely contained her ample breasts, and showed off long tanned legs. They greeted Adam, and each gave him a little peck on the cheek before entering the room. Bridgette pulled a bottle of champagne from behind her back and handed it to Adam.

"This is a celebration, I thought this might be appropriate." she said.

"Excellent," said Adam, "I'll get some glasses."

He fetched three glasses from the kitchen and brought them back to the girls. Lisa popped the cork from the bottle, and filled them. Understandably Adam spent as much of the evening as he could with Bridgette and Holly. They talked about London, about Adam's home up North, and about the people who lived in the building. The conversation eventually turned to work.

"So what ages do you teach, Bridgette?" asked Adam.

"Secondary school, ages twelve to eighteen. I am a sports teacher."

"Oh, nice. And what do you do Holly, you never said."

"I'm a nurse. I'm in my first year out of nursing collage. I work on the geriatric ward at the moment."

"Lots of old men ogling her all the time," said Bridgette.

"Stop it. They're not that bad," said Holly. "What about you Adam. What do you do?"

"I'm in advertising. I used to work at the firms office in Leeds, doing local accounts, but a campaign I did a few months ago convinced them to offer me the job at the national office here in London."

"What was the campaign?" asked Holly.

"You wouldn't have seen it, but it was very popular up North."

"What was it?" asked Bridgette.

"It was for double glazing. It had a busty blonde hanging out of a window. She looked a lot like you actually Lisa."

"Oh, thanks. I think."

"It was really good. Sales of double glazing doubled in a month."

"Have you still got the posters?" asked Holly.

"Sure. Would you like to see them?"

"Yeah," said the girls together.

"They're in my bedroom, I'll go and fetch them."

"That's Ok. We'll come with you. If you don't mind."

"No. I don't mind. But my room is probably a mess, so I apologise in advance."

Adam led the girls to his bedroom, which was indeed a mess. There were coats all over the bed, so many in fact that some had fallen onto the floor. Adam did his best to step over all the coats, and fetched a framed poster out of his wardrobe.

"This is it!" he said, proudly showing the girls a picture of a very busty blonde lady leaning out of an open window.

"It's almost pornographic," said Bridgette.

"Maybe, but the company ran a competition to meet the girl. All you had to do to enter was buy some windows. Sales went through the roof. And it was all my idea."

"You are a clever boy," said Bridgette.

"Say Bridgette," said Holly, "She looks a lot like you."

"Stop!" said Bridgette, "You're embarrassing me."

"No, really, she does look like you. What do you think Adam?"

"Well, yes she does a little. But Melissa here has a bigger chest."

"Are you sure?" said Holly, "Bridgette does have quite big tits."

"But I can't see them very well in that dress she's wearing. Don't get me wrong, I love the dress, it hugs your curves in all the right places, but it's so tight, that your tits have been flattened against you."

"Oh," said Bridgette, slipping down the straps of her dress, "does this help your judgment?" She pulled down the top half of the dress, revealing a pair of perfectly rounded breasts. They were a golden brown colour, Bridgette had either recently been on holiday, or on a sunbed, reasoned Adam. There was no tan-line.

"Yes, it does," said Adam, "Thank you. But I still think that Melissa's are bigger. Still, Melissa's are fake."

"Fake?" said Bridgette.

"Yes," said Adam, "She had implants. Not silicone ones, but some kind of oil. They are supposed to feel real, but you can still tell the difference."

"How?" asked Holly.

"Real ones feel... different."

"Nice, different?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Do you think mine are fake?" asked Bridgette.

"I wouldn't be able to tell without feeling them," replied Adam.

"Well, I'm waiting."

Who could resist an offer like that. Adam cupped Bridgette's left breast in his right hand, then did the same with his other hand on the right breast. He gently gave them a squeeze, then weighted them like melons in a greengrocers.

"Definitely real," he pronounced shortly.

"Well that's a relief," said Bridgette.

Adam continued to size up Lisa's lumps, then announced suddenly, "36C".

"Spot on. My, you are good," said Bridgette.

"Bet you can't guess mine," said Holly from behind Adam.

As he turned around, Holly reached up and unclasped the halter neck of her dress, which fell to the floor revealing her sizeable assets. "I notice neither of you have a tan-line," said Adam as he turned his attention to Holly's newly exposed delights.

"We have a sunbed," said Holly. "You should come and try it sometime."

"Thanks, I will," said Adam. He cupped Holly's breasts as he had done Lisa's. Presently he announced them to be "38D and real."

"That's very good," said Holly. "Where did you learn such a skill?"

"Here and there," said Adam, "but mostly while I was at university."

He returned one hand to Bridgette's left breast, and left the other on Holly's right. Adam stood between them, happy as he had ever been. Feeling bold, and gaining confidence from the girls reaction to his attentions, he began to work on their nipples, alternately squeezing, and flicking them. Holly closed her eyes, and tipped her head back, letting out a sigh.

"Hey, Holly," said Bridgette, spotting the bulge that had formed at the front of Adam's Levis, "Look at this."

Lisa slowly moved her hand to Adam's crotch, and rubbed his erection through the denim. She did her best not to disturb Adam's hand from its enviable task. As he felt her hand on his cock, Adam let out a moan of his own.

Outside the party was still raging, but everyone was having too much fun to notice that the host had disappeared. In the bedroom, Bridgette was now kneeling in front of Adam. He had both hands now on Holly's chest, and there lips were locked together in a kiss. Slowly, Bridgette unbuttoned Adam's jeans, one button at a time. When they were all open, she pulled them forcefully to his ankles. She then took the waistband of his Calvin Klein's in her mouth, and eased it over his straining cock head. It sprang into view, almost hitting her on the forehead, and she moved quickly to take it between her lips, pulling his shorts the rest of the way down with her hands.

This girl was a pro, she circled the head of Adam's cock with her tongue then took in the whole rod until his balls hit her chin. She teased him, pulling it out until her mouth was barely touching his foreskin and wildly stroking the shaft with her hand. Then she sucked harder and faster, her pretty face full of Adam's cock.

"She likes sucking your cock. Look at the slut go," said Holly.

She moved away from Adam, and sat on top of the coats on the bed. She was clad only in her blue high heels, and matching panties. She took off the panties slowly, throwing them at Adam, then leaned back on the bed, fingering her already wet pussy. Adam watched in amazement. This was a hell of a housewarming party.

"Hey, Bridgette," said Holly, "Don't bring him off yet. I don't want to have to wait for him to recover before he fucks me."

Bridgette took Adam's cock out of her mouth, which he was slightly disappointed at. She was the best cocksucker he had ever met. Still, he wasn't too distressed, since Holly was motioning for him to go and fuck her.

"Come on stud," she said. "Stick that big hard weapon of yours in me."

Adam almost leapt onto the bed, his head landing between her thighs. "Not yet," he said, "I need a snack first."

He worked over Holly's cunt with his long tongue. He flicked and sucked at her clit, lapping up her moisture. Holly grabbed his head with her hands, and moaned loudly.

"Ohh," she said, "That feels so good. Bridgette, you're not gonna believe how good this feels."

Adam began to slide two fingers in and out of Holly, slowly at first, then picking up the pace. Bridgette, feeling a little left out, got rid of her dress and panties, and sat herself on Holly's hungry lips.

Adam was enjoying himself immensely, and his cock was harder than it had ever been. He knew it was time to use it. He sat up, and moved his dick towards Holly's waiting pussy. As it approached Holly reached down and helped it in. Once it fully inside her, Adam began to thrust at Holly. Bridgette was still sat on Holly's face, and she looked up at Adam, her eyes glazed. She took his head in her hands and forcefully as he continued to fuck Holly.

All three of them built towards an orgasm, but it was Bridgette who came first, letting out a small scream and pushing her pussy down hard on Holly's head. This was too much for Adam. His strokes became quicker and he lost his rhythm before shooting his load deep into Holly. This left Holly as the only one who hadn't cum.

As Adam pulled out of Holly, Bridgette fell forward, landing in the classic `69' position with Holly, and began to eat his creamy white sperm out of her. Bridgette sent Holly into a frenzy, as she lapped at her cunt and rubbed her clit. Holly was soon having her first orgasm. The two girls enjoyed each other while Adam just sat on the floor and watched. He was exhausted. Even so, the sight of two hot women eating each others pussies while sprawled on top of the coats on Adam's King size bed, soon had him hard again. Bridgette noticed almost immediately.

"Adam, now you're ready again, don't you think it's time you serviced me."

"Why, of course," said Adam. "Anything you say."

He moved around the bed to Bridgette's ass and waited for Holly to take a rest from her feast. Then he slowly slid his hammer-hard rod into her. This time he was ready for a real marathon effort, and wasted no time, getting into a quick rhythm easily.

Bridgette moaned at the sensation, but still did her best to keep Holly happy by licking her clit, and sticking two fingers into her twat. Holly was in heaven, still recovering from the orgasm Bridgette had just given her. To repay Adam for his earlier efforts, she used her tongue on his balls, as his cock slid in and out of Bridgette with a fury.

Eventually Bridgette could stand the pace no longer, and came with such vigour that she covered poor Holly's face with pussy juice.

"Oh Adam," she said, "you're wonderful. I always liked Northern blokes. Why don't you stick your cock in my ass. Please!!" She was almost begging him.

Adam had never fucked a girl's ass before, but then he had never been with two girls at the same time before either. He figured this was a night for firsts, so he took his dick out of Bridgette's warm twat, and pushed it at the entrance to her anus. He felt resistance, and it hurt a little. Holly suggested that he use some of Bridgette's cum to lubricate the hole. He did so, and found that he could now force his way in.

Holly turned her attention to Bridgette's clit, licking and biting it. Bridgette was experiencing too much pleasure to continue her assault on Holly's hole, the circuits in her brain were fried.

Adam found that Bridgette's ass was so tight, that his hoped for stamina soon left him. With a groan so loud he was afraid that he was heard next door at the party, he came inside Bridgette's ass, then collapsed on top of her. As he did, Bridgette had yet another orgasm, the most vocal so far.

Worried that someone might of heard them, the three quickly got dressed. Holly's face was covered in Bridgette's cum, so she had to use Adam's on-suite bathroom to clean up. They all returned to the party, and were surprised that no-one had even noticed they had gone.

They agreed that they should meet up the next day, Bridgette would cook Sunday lunch for them at their place, and Adam could try out the sunbed.

Adam never strayed too far from the girls for the rest of the night, and managed to get in smoochy dance with both of them. He was disappointed when they both went back to their own flat when the party ended in the early hours of Sunday morning.

As people left there were one or two comments about a smell on their coats, but no-one could place it, or guess where it had come from. Adam went to bed that night a very happy man. If every party turned out like this one, he was going to enjoy living in London.

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