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Tied Up

Tied Up

       Time for a little fun, she said with a clever smile. Pulling a pair of leather cuffs out from the bottom dresser drawer, she turned, looked at me appraisingly, as if to say, "Are you ready."

It had been a long time, since they had come out. It had always been her wearing them, but I wasn't too into it, so they just never really got used again. Now it seemed that it was going to be my turn. I smiled back, wondering where this was going, but ready, ready for a change from our normal routine. I slid back against the black steel bars of our headboard, holding my hands against the corners.

She quickly straddled me, buckling the cuffs tightly and clipping them to the outermost corners. They were way out of reach and the buckles were tighter than I ever put them on her. I was pretty trapped. I got a bit of a chill, but it was followed by a strange quiver in my stomach and I could feel my cock harden quickly.

Her smile has even larger as she began to kiss my stomach, leading down to my jeans. Reaching up, she slid her hands under my shirt and ran her nails down my side, bringing them all the way down to the button on my pants, opening it and pulling down the zipper in one smooth movement. Grabbing them by my hips, she pulled both them and my boxers off at the same time, dragging them across my hard cock, letting it flip out like a spring.

Finally, after they were all the way off, she walked across the room, dropping them carelessly on the floor, and opened a drawer on her dresser. Reaching in, she pulled out 2 long cotton scarves and slowly turned around; her appraising looks suddenly a bit more serious.

My cock was hard as a rock. The feeling of being tied down, that quiver of excitement was still running through me. This was completely new. I hadn't seen her like this before. Reaching across the baseboard, she softly touched my right ankle. I extended it out for her, offering it with a smile. She tied it pretty tight. A bit more than I expected, but not enough to hurt. She tied the other just as tight. Pulling them even tighter against the corners of the baseboard, I was left spread-eagle on the bed tightly. I could hardly struggle.

As she stripped off her clothes, doing a bit of a striptease, I waited in anticipation. Crawling up on the bed, she reached for my cock, holding it tight as she kissed and licked my waist and inner thighs. Slowly, she brought her tongue up the side of my cock and then, in one smooth motion, engulfed my cock, bringing her lips all the way to the base, the head flowing right past the back of her mouth and all the way down her throat. Grabbing my balls with one hand had supporting herself with her other, her head bobbed up and down on my cock.

Faster and faster, stroking with her fist, running her hand under my balls and stroking up and down my inner cheeks, pulling her face to the base of my cock, slamming her lips to my body. I slammed back, trying to keep up, then the reverse, I could feel myself ready to cum, I pulled back, but she wouldn't stop, I told them to hold up, I can't hold back; she didn't listen. She pounded over and over, pulling her face to me, my cock passing into her throat over and over. Her breast slamming into my thigh. I convulsed like a freak. I came all the way down her throat. She sucked it so had I though she was going to pull off my cock. Keeping it all the way down her throat I came buckets right into her stomach.

Slowly, she allowed my cock to slide out of her mouth, falling off of her extended tongue. I felt both wonderfully good and quite guilty. All of this preparation and she didn't even get a cock in her. Damn. Well, I thought, it isn't my fault she couldn't stop sucking my cock like that. I leaned back and shut my eyes, my cock falling to the side, shrinking back to its normal size. She kissed my inner thighs, my hips and my pelvis, ignoring my face; no kisses for me.. No cuddling, just a hell of a cocksucking. She stood up and walked out of the room.

Lying there, I closed my eyes and fell into an exhausted, post orgasmic sleep. Soon I felt a mouth on my cock. I smiled, not opening my eyes. I could feel kisses on my neck, but the blow-job didn't stop. My gut did a quick flip as I opened my eyes, startled. Niki was kissing my neck, blocking my view. Who the hell was sucking my cock.

She pulled back, a huge grin on her face, she moved to show me. It was her best friend, Monica, naked, sucking slowly up and down my cock. Holy Shit. She was so hot it was just crazy. My semi hard cock got a sudden burst of energy. Niki leaned over and dangled her breast over my mouth. I sucked furiously, bucking my hips into Monica's mouth, feeling the back of her throat. Good Lord, that was a hell of a surprise.

The breast pulled back. Niki rolled over onto the side of the bed and slid under Monica's chest, Monica dropping her breast into Niki's mouth. That was a first. Niki pulled her down to her, sucking like crazy, reaching between her legs, kneading her mound. Monica lifted one knee onto the bed, the other foot on the floor. I watched as Niki slid a finger into her, then two. Monica began to fuck her fingers, sucking and fucking. I struggled, wishing I could feel Monica's breast, wishing I had a better view.

I arched my back, closing my eyes and feeling the sexual fantasy a few feet away. What seemed only a moment later, I felt Niki leave, looking up, I saw her, walking toward Monica, wearing a strap-on, walking up behind Monica, leaning down and sliding in into her. Monica shifted back, not stopping her tremendous blow-job, pushing the dildo into her, Niki leaned forward, lying up against her back, buckling her knees and thrusting the dildo into Monica with... with... with a practiced deftness. This wasn't a first. This wasn't new. Oh God, I was so fucking turned on.

My wrists were straining against the cuffs, Monica suddenly stopped sucking, pressing both hands against the bed, pushing against Niki as she pounded against her. Both moaning like animals. Pulling apart, Monica swung her legs over me, dropping herself directly onto my cock. Oh my god she was soaking wet. Her pussy was like a pool of hot liquid, squeezing me, pulsing with her convulsions and thrusts. Niki pulled herself up onto me as well. Straddling me, her back to Monica, the dildo wavering ominously in front of me, slapping against my chest as Monica bounced up and down on me.

Monica pulled her hands around Niki's breasts, kneading me, pinching and twisting her nipples. Niki's cunt was oozing across my chest, Monica leaned farther and farther forward, the dildo slid up, now pressing itself against my neck, My whole body now sliding up as their slamming rhythm gyrated, my own struggling pulling up, the bonds on my ankles stretching. Niki reached forward, grabbing the headboard, the dildo, now hitting my cheek, my eyes looking down on it apprehensively. Somehow it was turning me on. This dildo, sliding against me, the wet juice of Monica coating my face.

Niki looked down at me, "Suck it."

I paused, barely being able to keep up with Monica.

"Suck it you Bitch!" she reached down and pressed the cock against my lips. It was hot. soft. wet. I opened my mouth and let it slide on my tongue. The taste of pussy overwhelming.

She pressed it in and out of my mouth. It was so real. I knew it was just rubber, but I could feel the veins, the head, the heat, the firm softness, the pussy juice ran down my chin as she pushed harder.

My eyes were tearing as it hit the back of my throat. I gagged, but she kept pushing. "Swallow it, swallow that cock."

I don't know how, but I managed to start to swallow. She pushed it right down my throat. I gagged, but no sound came out. The cock was filling my throat. She pulled back, but pressed it right back in. Over and over. My eyes were tearing so much I couldn't see. The gagging had stopped. I began to push into it. I began to suck, pounding right back.

She pulled back, "That's good, good. Did you like that, did you like sucking cock?"

I stared up, my eyes streaming, unfocused, "Y-yes."

"Say it, tell me what you like," she said firmly.

"I-I like it..."

She reached down, grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head off the headboard. "SAY IT! Say, 'I like to suck COCK.'"

"I like it! I liked sucking cock," I stammered.

Monica had stopped, lying next to me, her eyes closed after having had a huge orgasm with out me even noticing. Niki slid back, down between my knees. Monica bent over, and took my cock back into her mouth.

I could feel the juices of her orgasm and saliva covering me. I was soaked with their slime. Her forearm holding her up, Monica slowly sucked my aching organ. Niki leaned forward and pressed the head of that strap-on against my ass.

Holy shit... no, that wasn't gonna happen. I pulled back as far as I could, but the bonds held me. I had pulled myself up on the bed so far that the bonds on my legs were stretched tight. She pressed harder. The juice covering me didn't help, it just guided it in. Monica, was holding me still while she sucked.

"Just deal with it" she said with a grin. I had no choice, I couldn't hold my self up forever, I fell back, right onto the dildo. It hurt like hell. I pulled back again. "What the fuck!?"

"Shut up!" she said, giving me a sudden push. Ouch, fuck! "Just let it in..."

I had no choice, I was exhausted. I couldn't hold myself up. I loosened up and allowed it in. The cock pressed in farther. She pulled back, but pushed in again. I tried to pull back, but she followed. Now I had to let it in further. She was forcing me to fuck it. Forcing me to push it into myself.

In is slid, further and further. The rhythm of my short escapade beginning to mimic normal sex. Monica's sucking began to speed up. Deep-throating me. I pressed myself onto the cock. All the way in. I let it in. I allowed it to fuck me. I fucked back. I closed my eyes. Pretending it wasn't happening while fucking back into it, enjoying it. Fucking. Thrusting, bucking.

Suddenly a blindfold came across my eyes and was tied tight. The fucking and sucking continued. A heavy body got onto the bed and straddled me. It was masculine. It was no woman. I couldn't move. He was to fuckin heavy. his cock slapped my cheek.

I heard Niki, "Suck it! Suck that cock."

I was confused. I don't know what happened, but I just opened my mouth and let this huge cock slide in. It didn't taste like pussy. It rode up along my tongue, filling my mouth, hitting my throat. Pressing hard against the back... I opened up my throat and let it down. It was long. Oh God it was so long. All the way down. I suddenly felt his balls on my chin. Pulling part way out, he was still down my throat, push back pull out, slapping against my chin. Niki's fucking my ass was crazy, I pushed in and out, the cock pushed in, I couldn't see.

The dildo pulled out of my ass entirely. The bed shifted again. The dildo was back. Bigger, hotter, strong arms pulled me on it. I pushed back. I knew this was it. I knew it was a real cock. I was sucking like a madman. I jammed down on this cock pushing it in, pushing it pushed back, balls slapping on me, the cock in my mouth filling me, the cock in my ass pushing, filling... "Oh God fuck! Fuck!" Slam. "Suck it! Oh fuck. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!!"

Clenching down, I felt my balls convulse, My ass squeezed that cock as it pushed in farther than ever. The mouth in my cock pulled back and a hand stroked it like crazy. The cock in my mouth exploded, cum filling my throat, my mouth, shooting out of the corners of my cheeks. My own cum blasted out like a geyser, flying across my own chest, Pulsing, I could feel the cock in my ass expand and get hot. Cum was filling me. My own cum, again, flying across my chest.

Both cocks pulled out slowly. The hand left my cock. I lay there, soaked sweat, juices and cum. The bed shifted as people got off. I was dizzy, seeing stars. I don't remember what was happening. I passed out. Alone on the bed. Tied down, not even realizing that they weren't done. I wasn't done.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
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