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Group-We Agreed To Fuck Him Later

We Agreed To Fuck Him Later

       It happened at the party that Alison and her roommates had.

Well, I must explain a few things. In my country, universities and colleges have few accommodations in dormitories, and most of the students live in rented apartments all over the town. Maybe it's because they are older than in other countries –Typically the boys start their first year 22-23 years old, and the girls one or two years younger. Typically three students would rent a 3 bedroom apartment and split the rent. That was also the case with Alison.

Alison was a third year student of literature, and my friend since high school. She was quite pretty, with long honey colored hair, well padded but rounded at the right places. I must confess that I had coveted her tits forever -and so did all the boys at the high school. If one should believe their stories, about half of them did enjoy them too. I did not.

Carina, Alison's roommate, was a second year student of arts. A very "arty" type, tall, thin and always dressed in black. She was also handsome in her own way- with her black short-cut hair, black almond shaped eyes and full red lips that begged for kisses. But god forbid falling into her mouth! Her tongue was sharper than razor!

Adie, the third roommate was the most beautiful in my eyes. Proud round tits, a small round and tight ass, long blond hair, usually gathered with a comb, and green eyes that looked into my soul. Unfortunately she gave me a cold shoulder ever since I have met her. She was a student of business and economics, second year, as sharp and clever as they make them.

OK-I was, of course, invited to the party, on account of my long friendship with Alison. The party was really very gay, loud and frivolous-but I must confess that I was just too tired to enjoy it. I did kiss and make out some with a hang-out I had picked up in my department but after two beers and some punch, I fell asleep behind the sofa –and there the three girls have found me after the party.

"Look at the sleeping beauty"-said Carina probing me with her foot. "One would think that he was in a hotel" added Adie. "What, we did bore you that much? It's an insult!" exclaimed Alison.

"No, no you don't bore me at all!" I said. "I was simply so tired after a week of exams, and my job too!" Well, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Dave. I'm about 6'1" high, well built and quite handsome – although I’m certainly not some Brad Pitt. I'm a second year student of computer sciences, which means that I'm no fool. And I work for my living as a night watchman – which perhaps explains my exhaustion.

"You should pay us for the nap" said Adie. "Yea, yes," chimed in Alison and Carina "You must be in a very good shape after your beauty sleep!" added Carina. "To put it bluntly-take a mop and help with the cleaning!" said Adie. I laughed and joined them – after all why not help these lovely girls? There was a lot of laughter and giggling when they found various signs of hot activities such as used condoms, a bra in one of the bedrooms and even panties – on the washing machine!

My job was doing the dishes. The girls milled around me, put an apron on me– "So you won't get wet," - took off my shirt –"so it won't get dirty" - and called me to help them moving furniture, holding ladders and whatnot, every five minutes. I have very quickly got the impression that the state of their dishes wasn't the prime thing on their minds.

Finally they all gathered around me, "helping" with the dishes. Bumping into me, touching here and there, and soon enough my dick took notice and raised his head.

Well, they also took notice.

"Ooooh!! He is in a good shape, our friend!" exclaimed Alison. "Yea, the beauty nap certainly helped him. Now he can work," added Carina, brushing against my back "Cool it, girls!" said Adie. "Let him first finish the dishes. Business before pleasure, you know." Well they helped me to finish the dishes. I can't vouch for their cleanliness, what with all those bodies touching me, the feel of the breasts on my back and all that-it's a wonder we didn't break any.

"Now the payday has come!" said Alison when we put away the last glass. Carina took me by the hand and towed me after her to her room. "Why your room? I want to play with him too!" whined Adie. "Relax, Snow-white! There is enough for everybody," said Carina. "I'm the only one with a king size bed –and we'll certainly need space!"

Alison meanwhile took the lead and towed me to Carina's bed, pushed me on my back on it. Well I can't say I resisted very vehemently.

Carina and Alison tied my hand to the bed posts, "well if that's how they want to play it," I thought.

Alison said, "Listen girls, this is how we are going to play it. We'll cover his eyes and make him guess who is kissing him. If he'll be wrong we'll punish him…and then we'll move on." Somehow none of them objected.

"Now, Dave, listen," she said when they have tied a scarf over my eyes. "We'll kiss you one after another and you must guess who is who. Woe to you if you don't know."

After a lot of giggling one of them lifted my head and planted a long kiss on my lips. I smelt a sweet jasmine fragrance and felt warm soft lips on mine. A hot tongue sneaked between my lips probing, touching everywhere in my mouth, rolling around my tongue …OH!

"Alison!" I said. Hell, why didn't I pay attention to their fragrances before.

Wrong! She answered and slapped me on my butt. "Take off his shirt-oh it's down. So his trousers!" and off they went, with the shoes too.

Another one lifted my head and planted a kiss on my lips. Her lips spread mine and she sucked my breath away attacking my mouth with her tongue, nearly chocking me She bit on the inside of my lips and pushed in, clashing her teeth with mine. She kept on and on and I only wanted to melt into this mouth... Finally she broke away.

The fragrance was something unreal, unnatural –some artificial mixture of sweet fragrances. "That must be Carina," I said.

"Wrong again!" Shouted Alison in my ear and slapped me on my dick. "Off with his panties!" and down they went.

I was now naked except my socks. And I felt another pair of hands picking my head, encircling my face, and another pair of lips clang to mine. Wow! They sucked in my tongue savoring on its taste, and her tongue met mine dueling with it probing into my throat licking my palate.

I melted. Oh god, what a kiss! I felt it going through my body like an earthquake, heating my balls and dick. I nearly came! And the fragrance! A mixture of sour sweet apple smell with some body smell and. yes definitely cunt juice! My god that's a hot one! A wisp of hair touched my cheek-yes this must be Alison, I thought

"This was Alison!" I exclaimed "Wrong again! Shame on you!" said Adie straddling me, and I thought that I felt a moist cunt on my chest. Adie?! This hot kiss?!

"You are a disgrace to mankind," said Alison, "after all these years you didn't recognize any of us? Try again! We'll make it easier now!" I felt a soft touch of her breasts on my face. Her heavy breast slapped my face and I hungrily clung to the big and erect nipple that materialized in my mouth, licking it, rolling between my teeth. And all that time the second breast was caressing my cheek. wow that must be how you feel in heaven I thought.

"Oh, Alison, I have longed for them forever! Ever since I've met you I wanted to put my hand on them." I said. "Idiot," she replied and rubbed her crotch against my erection "what held you back?"

"Stop it!" Shouted Carina "we agreed to play with him first! And he recognized you so give way! "So what if he recognized me, why should I be punished for it?" complained Alison, but reluctantly she did climb off me. Alison's heavy breasts were replaced by a soft touch of a small and supple mound, its erect hard nipple forcing it's way between my lips. Savoring the jasmine fragrance, I rolled the hard ball between my teeth, flipping it with my tongue.

Carina uttered delighted moans and started heaving against me. She was pulled off me violently and I felt another softness pressing into my abdomen, sliding tantalizingly over my body, and finally two supple globes straddled my face. I was breathing, delighted, the strong intoxicating fragrance licking the springy cushions, nibbling them slightly, and Adie squealed delighted, her moist cunt wetting my crotch.

My dick twitched and jumped, seeking the hot furnace. It was so taught that it nearly exploded. "Get off him!" Screamed the other two girls. "We agreed to fuck him later!"

Adie reluctantly sled off me.

"Now you should already recognize our lips!" Said Alison and I felt her warm body on mine. I opened my mouth, preparing my lips for the kiss-and then I felt a hot pungent smell when Alison's hot cunt pressed to my lips. From the shock I opened my mouth and I was immediately rewarded by tasting her hot juices. I inserted my tongue flipping Alison's swollen clit and was rewarded by her delighted squeals. Alison started rotating her pelvis. I pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her open vagina and she commenced fucking my face with strong short heaves that nearly broke my jaw. Moaning and screaming she came, her juices flowing over my face, filling my mouth.

Carina now straddled my face and removed the scarf from my eyes. "you deserve to see what is fucking you." She said. I did indeed. My face was stuck into a shaven hot cunt, the red gash dripping pungent warm drops into my mouth. I thought that my cock is going to explode. It extended my tongue in a vain attempt to reach that sexy heaven, and suddenly with a sigh Carina dropped on my face and started rotating her hips.

I moved my tongue in her cunt licking her vagina's walls, sucking her labia as best I could with her pelvis hopping and rotating with a growing tempo. Meanwhile Adie didn't twiddle idly her thumbs. Rather she was fondling my exposed balls, that were nearly bursting now, sliding her palms on the rigid pole, moaning into my crotch making me nearly blow. Never in my life I had been so excited.

"Stop it!" yelled at her Alison, "you'll make him come!"

And Carina now started heaving, and thrusting with muffled groans -until she uttered a loud scream and with a few staccato heaves she dropped on me, exhausted.

"It's my turn now," said Adie in a hoarse voice, leaving my dick to mount me.

Kneeling over me, she straddled my face with a burning hot cunt, gaping under a heavenly triangle of golden locks, open and dripping in my mouth. I just touched slightly her labia with my tongue and she jumped, as if she was hit by an electric bolt. She started to heave strongly her hips and pelvis, fucking heatedly the air over my tongue only occasionally lowering herself to hit my strained tongue.

I arched myself, straining in vain to touch her, to insert my tongue into her smiling pink gash, to taste the wonderful juices the musky aroma of which was driving me nuts. And then suddenly she dropped on my face, spreading her cunt lips with her fingers she started fucking my tongue, moaning and squealing loudly.

I strained my tongue as much as I could, attempting to reach every fold and creak of her vagina, to reach as deep as I could, to fuck her womb with my tongue. I arched up on my toes' tips, my dick so tout and long as it has never been as if it was attempting to reach the ceiling, dripping a trickle of precum from it's open slit.

I moaned and wept with Adie together, and the sliding touches of the two females fingering my ass, fondling my swollen balls, certainly did nothing to ease my erection-until Adie started quivering and shaking. With shaking knees she climbed off me, and joined her friends in squeezing, caressing fondling my balls, biting and licking the sensitive skin of my loins. I whimpered, I cried, I begged for mercy, "Please, please let me come! Please, I can't take it any more! I'm bursting, my balls will blow up!"

And than Adie said, "Well, he asked for it, didn't he?" and her fingernails closed on the swollen mushroom of my dick's head.

The other two girls joined her, sliding their finger tips on my bloated dick, scathing it ever so lightly with their finger nails until I erupted. I erupted with a roar, sending hot searing streams of white jism high up in the air, falling on me, on the upturned faces of the three girls, in their expectantly open mouths. They licked it excitedly, lustfully, slurping the jism from my my dick, from my abdomen, from each other faces, savoring noisily its taste.

Then Alison said, "Okay, enough of the games. Now, let the fucking begin!"

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com