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Who Can Give Me A Baby

Who Can Give Me A Baby

       "It's time." She felt his hand on her shoulder.

Drowsily she got out of bed. When she had taken her temperature earlier in the day she had known this had to be the day. She had taken some tranquilizers and gone to bed a few hours ago to get some rest before the evening's events began. She stood up and he helped her pull her nightdress up, over her head, and off. She held her hands out and he tied her wrists together with a soft cord, taking care not to bind them together too tight. He picked up the hood.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" he asked her tenderly. She nodded her head, too sleepy to speak.

He put the hood over her head, actually it was a pillowcase not a custom made hood, made sure all her hair was inside it, and gathered together the loose folds. With another cord he secured it round her neck. He picked up a bamboo switch from the corner of the room before he led her out.


"Yes," she replied.

He took her by the hand and led her, naked, from the bedroom through the passageway into the living room. She heard the initial gasp from the men waiting in there and then they clapped and whistled; she knew she had a good body and the noise they were making confirmed it. She couldn't see them but she guessed, from the noise, that there were four or five of them. All she knew was that they would mostly be in their late twenties, maybe early thirties, and white.

"OK!" she heard her husband say, "No anal, no rubbers and don't pull out. You've got your tickets so you know the order. If anyone wants to hang around and go again later that's up to them."

He took her by the hand again and walked her round the room. She guessed that the men were standing round in a circle; she was being paraded like livestock at a market! She hoped it was going to be worth it.

"Step up," he whispered to her, and she obediently stepped onto a mattress which was on the floor. "Get down on all fours", he commanded in a loud, peremptory manner, quite unlike his previous tender tones. She knew that this domineering tone was for the benefit of the audience.

She knelt down and then put her bound hands on the mattress in front of her, bending over and putting into position. Her butt up in the air, her thighs parted, making her cunt easily available for doggy style fucking. He swished the bamboo cane through the air and hit her on her buttocks. She flinched.


"Yes, Master," she replied.

"All right! Who has got #1" she heard him say, "I have" came a reply. "She's yours then" said her husband.

She braced herself and felt someone step onto the mattress behind her. An erect prick pushed against her pussy lips and then she was pushed forwards as it entered her. She felt his thighs pressing against hers, hands clasped her waist, and the anonymous person started to fuck her. He said nothing, silent except for his grunts as he drove into her. She could hear raucous comments coming from the others, muffled because of the hood. "Go deep, fuck her harder, give the cunt what she wants," were some of them.

Despite herself she began to feel aroused as he powered into her and began to push back against him. With a final deep thrust he came, then convulsed and she realized he was shooting his cum into her. For a moment she felt his full weight bearing down on her then he withdrew from her and stepped away.

"Number 2!" her husband shouted.

The mattress shook again as someone else stepped up behind her. This time her dilated cunt was entered swiftly. Her boobs were grabbed and whoever it was leant over her and whispered in her ear, "Right, you cunt, make this a god one for me!"

She would have hated it had this man been the first, he drove into her hard, and she bit her lip as he squeezed her boobs again and again in time with his fucking. She felt that he was frustrated that her previously fucked cunt wasn't gripping him as tightly as he wanted.

His thighs thwacking, against her as he tried to get deeper and deeper inside her, were making her sore and she hoped he would cum soon. Desperately she responded to him trying to make him cum, all the while listening to the obscenities he was whispering in her ear.

Eventually he did cum, with a roar, and the force of his thrusts, as he shot his load to the top of her vagina, almost pushed her over onto the mattress. When he had cum he stayed fully inside her until his penis began to shrivel and then slowly pulled out of her.

The third man in her cunt was... nothing! He fucked her metronomically; in out in out in out, no variation in his speed or depth of penetration. She found herself hoping he was neither married nor had a girlfriend, it would be embarrassing for him if they fell asleep when he was fucking them!

She found it difficult to respond to him. When he had withdrawn her husband held up his hand to stop the next man. He took the bamboo switch and hit her, hard, across her buttocks, four times. "You must participate, bitch. What have I told you."

She bit her lip and replied meekly, "Yes, Master."

The fourth was better, a much more skilled lover. Yes! He made love to her and didn't just fuck her. He seemed to have a short, stubby dick. He stretched her wider than any of the others but didn't penetrate her so deep. He varied his rhythm and caressed her boobs, he whispered sweet nothings in her ear not obscenities. It was no problem to respond to him and work with him. Even so it was probably a surprise to him when he pulled her deep onto him to shoot his load inside her and realized that she was also cumming. Before he withdrew he whispered to her "I hope you have my baby." she experienced a frisson of excitement .

After this loving fuck she wasn't too concerned at the embarrassment of the fifth man. He lost his erection! Having failed to penetrate her initially he used his fingers in her cunt and she sensed that with his other hand he was masturbating in a desperate attempt to get hard. He finally got some sort of erection but as the head of his penis reluctantly forced its way through her cunt lips he came! Instead of his load being shot up her cunt it dribbled out of her and rolled down her thighs. What a waste!

The last man gave her another vicious, hard fuck. Initially he lay on top of her, his arms around her and his head next to hers. Even through the hood she felt his hot breath on her cheek as he grunted every time he thrust into her. He fucked her hard, fast and deep and then stopped.

She wondered if he had cum and whether, after six fucks, she was no longer able to tell when they ejaculated. But no, he was just resting. He lifted himself off her, inadvertently slipping out of her as he did so. Kneeling upright behind her he re-entered her and began to fuck her again. He had his hands on her buttocks and she suddenly felt his thumb at her anus.

As he pushed his thumb into her rectum she felt his erection getting even harder than it had been. She realized that although she didn't like it she was going to have to let him push his thumb into her ass hole, it was obviously important to him. He pushed it in and out in time with his fucking. As he approached his orgasm he was shouting out, "Fucking Cunt, Fucking Cunt! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

He was fucking her so violently that she was knocked over and lay awkwardly on the floor, with her hands underneath her, as he continued to drive into her cunt. When he had cum he scrambled up onto his feet and left her lying there.

After they had all gone her husband helped her to her feet and removed the hood and untied her wrists.

"Surely this time," she said. "Let's hope so," he replied.

He had found the men over the net, men who were willing to help him and his wife enjoy their fetish of him watching her being fucked when she was restrained. At least that's what the participants thought. They didn't realize that it was they who had been raped, and had their sperm stolen from them, in the hope that one of them could do what her husband couldn't, make her pregnant!

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com