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Group-You're An Ass Slut After All

You're An Ass Slut After All

       I had been distracted by her all night. In fact, I was paying more attention to her than I was to my bow- ling. I was watching how her jeans just hugged the curves of her ass. Every time she got up to bowl I was mesmerized, and it wasn't long before my score reflected it. My performance on the alley was pitiful.

I was thrilled when I finally caught her looking in my direction, but that only made me more nervous. I threw the ball right down the gutter, my first gutter ball in many years, and it was all because she was watching me.

I was so embarrassed I headed out of there right for the john... and she was right behind me!?!

This particular bowling alley had just one john and it was unisex so I went in I paused for just a second to looked over my shoulder . I couldn't believe it she had followed me inside!!

"Did anyone see you come in here?" I asked.

"What difference does it make honey, you gonna ask me to leave?" she said, throwing her arms around me.

She asked if I was married. I said no that I was divorced. Then shuddering as she ground her crotch against my thigh!

"You?" I asked her, no she shook her head.

"Regular girlfriend?" She asked toying with my ear lobe and raising her leg so that her knee was crushed against the growing hardness in my crotch.

"Not really," I sighed happily losing control.

"Then we're wasting time baby", she said.

The next scene was like something out of those Keystone Kops movies as we struggled to start fucking in that tiny space of the restroom, it was like motion was speeded up. I began fondling and rubbing her breasts, squeezing them hard and rough.. We were both totally excited by the situation.

"Ohhhhh yah," she moaned, " I like it hard and rough!."

I felt down her to that ass that had me hypno- tized all night long - drawing her to me I squeezed first one ass cheek then the other marveling at their firmness. These were really buns of steel, and I wished there was room for us to lie down, But there was barely room to stand in that little cracker box.

I unsnapped the button on her jeans shorts and began lowering them. Damn this hot little bitch wasn't wearing any underwear! As I lowered the zipper further down I couldn't see any hair either! She had shaved her pussy bald as a newborn baby! She looked so good. We quickly removed the rest of our clothes and got down to business. I lowered myself as best I could onto my knees and started licking her thighs, working my way closer to that hot box of hers. As I got closer she put her hands on my head trying to draw me closer to her hot wet inviting pussy. Finally I gave in and flicked my tongue straight at her wet slit licking up and down, going up to the top finding her cute little clit and taking that in my mouth and licking and sucking on it.

As I licked and sucked her, she started moaning, and in a breathless voice she whispered to me, "Oh Yes Oh Yes Lick me. Eat my pussy baby."

I was only too happy to oblige her. I shoved my tongue all the way into her pussy and she gasped I reached my hand around that lovely ass and shoved a finger just barely inside. She must have liked it, be- cause I could feel her orgasm over take her, and fill my mouth with her sticky love juices.

Just then we heard a knocking at the door it was one of my teammates saying he had to go really bad.

"Damn" I exclaimed.

She just looked at me and opened the door.

Alex entered the room and his mouth dropped open, what he saw was this naked woman with her beautiful body exposed, and me on my knees in front of her.

She reached for him - his need to piss forgotten and started rubbing the growing bulge in his pants!. "Lock the door behind you sweaty, she said, then moaned loudly as my tongue found its way back to her pussy slit. Alex quickly stripped down, and I noticed that his erection jutting straight out was something he could be proud of.

To my amazement this tight assed beauty bent down and started sucking Alex's dick, taking the whole thing down her throat, licking and sucking it like it was an ice cream cone. "God Damn!," Alex moaned, "it feels so good. "

All the while I was busy licking and sucking her pussy and her clit, two fingers had now found their way into her tight ass - and I was finger fucking her ass- hole like a madman. Suddenly she stood up straight yelled, " I can't take it anymore I need to be fucked and fucked NOW!!!!" Well I didn't need any further inducement, I just turned her around, told her to grab hold of the toilet back, gave her ass a spank and shoved all nine inches of my cock into her sweet wet pussy. "Annnggghhh" she moaned, her body swaying with my thrusts.

After a very short time she bent down and con- tinued to suck on Alex's cock like a woman possessed. Mine was buried in her pussy and my balls were slap- ping her clit as I stroked her pussy in and out like a well oiled machine.

"Oh yes Oh yes." she moaned. "I'm going to cum!" As she said that I shoved my cock all the way inside her and started moving in a circular motion with my balls moving on her clit. "My God, My God My God!" She screamed in pleasure as she came, wetness running out of her pussy and getting my dick and her all wet - damn she came a lot.

I pushed her off my dick and told Alex to lay on the floor as best he could. He lay down his dick standing up in the air moving to his heart beat. She lowered her sopping pussy on to his dick and began fucking him in a squatting position. I moved to her face and told her to clean my dick off with her tongue. She began sucking me in earnest, damn she could really suck some cock!! I felt the cum start to churn in my balls and I pulled away I didn't want to cum in her mouth I just had to fuck that great ass. I moved around behind her and put the head of my dick at the opening of her tight ass.

"No!" she moaned, " I don't do that."

"Oh well," I said, " you do today!" And with that I started to push my swollen cock-head inside her beautifully tight ass-hole, she struggled to move away but, Alex who was fucking her just started fucking her faster and faster squeezing her nipples making her moan in pleasure as my cock-head slipped in her ass, and she screamed. Not paying any attention to her cries of pain I pulled my cock out and shoved it all the way in with one huge thrust.

"OUCH, DAMMIT!" she screamed as I began to fuck her ass slowly at first hardly moving at all. Then moving faster and faster to match Alex's rhythm as he continued to fuck her pussy . She had two cocks sawing in her faster and faster gradually she began to accept the invasion of my cock in her ass and she started to wiggle her hips in pleasure.

"Damn that feels so good having both my holes filled with cock!!"

I said, "Yeah? Well you'll love this then!" As I started to fuck her ass hard and brutally - but ya know what? She loved it! She was really an ass fucking slut even though this was her first time. Fuck damn that ass was so tight on my cock I felt the cum start to build up in my balls and when I told her that I was gonna cum she moaned, "C'mon baby shoot it all up in my ass!!"

"Arrghhhhh," I moaned, as the cum started to shoot out of my cock and fill her ass. Finally I pulled my cock out of her making a moist puckering sound. I noticed that her ass no longer closed all the way.

Alex was still going to town fucking her pussy, but as I watched he moaned that he was going to cum. She leaped off him and shoved mouth down over his dick, engulfing it totally as he started to shoot hi hot load deep in her throat - damn if she didn't swal- lowed it all too.

After Alex was done he got up, got quickly dres- sed and hurried back to his girlfriend. This woman with the beautiful ass looked at me and said, "Nice to meet you, can I see you again?"

I gave her my number and said sure whenever you want just call - and she did... but that might just be another story....

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com