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Cock Sucker

      Beth examined the shirt collar again with a disgusted smirk on her face. She had enough of Jarrod's crap. This wasn't the first time she found lipstick on his clothing.

Jarrod had been coming home late every other evening from work and he expected her to stay home and wait and be his servant. Wash his cloths, make his dinner, keep the house clean. It was the same old thing day after day and she was tired of Jarrod lying to her about his affairs with these tramps he has been hanging with after work.

Beth knew that Jarrod always depended on her being there when he got home. It didn't matter to him that she accused him of cheating on her, he would just deny it. They argued for a week when she found a phone number stuck in pocket of his pants. When Beth called the number, a man answered who happened to be the husband of the woman's name on the note.

Jarrod yelled at her the next day for calling the number and trying to start trouble. She just didn't get it! Jarrod gets to screw around and she is supposed to stay at home like a dump housewife and take it. Beth threatened Jarrod so many times with divorce and even told Jarrod she was going to find a man to screw. Of course, he would never believe her. Jarrod knew Beth didn't have the guts to go out and screw someone.

Beth knew that as well and she loved Jarrod but she would like to give him something to think about. Maybe if she just went out to a bar or club somewhere and just had a couple drinks and maybe listened to music. Beth laughed to herself as she thought about coming home and telling Jarrod she was out at a bar dancing with other men. He'd be jealous and he might even be mad but at least he would see that she wasn't going to stay here at home any more and act like a little innocent housewife and turn her back to his infidelity.

The next morning Beth was on her way to the mall to shop for a new dress. Her mind was in deep thought. She told Jarrod last night that she was going out to buy a new dress. He was curious to know why she needed a new dress.

She didn't give him an answer but made herself perfectly clear that she wasn't going to stay home while he messed around on her any longer. She heard the typical story about how she was imagining these things. Jarrod told her to go out and buy the new dress if it made her happy. Jarrod even went as far as to tell her she could go out if she wanted. Jarrod said he had to work late this Friday and didn't care if she went out to "See a movie" as he said.

Yeah. Jarrod would never guess she would walk into a bar or club on her own. If he was going to cheat on her than at least she could go out and have a few drinks and maybe dance with a few guys. There were so many things missing in their marriage. After six years, Beth wanted to have children. Jarrod allowed her to stop taking the pill two years ago but nothing ever happened. Jarrod finally went to a doctor and they told him he had a low sperm count.

The doctor told him it was possible to conceive a child but he was never home long enough to practice. Beth tried everything with Jarrod, wearing sexy lingerie and surprising him late at night when he came home. Beth wasn't stupid. She was only turning a blind eye on what was really going on. He was screwing other women and she was in denial. He'd come home drunk and smelling from perfume and liquor and wouldn't have any interest in having sex.

She was going to turn thirty this June and what did she have to show for six years of marriage? Jarrod was a cheating husband that didn't seem to care about her or her feelings.

Beth found a dress in one of the specialty shops. It was black halter styled dress which tied around the neck. A plunging neckline allowed a peak at her cleavage. It tied around the waist with a thin ribbon and was asymmetrical around the hem, revealing her right leg far above her knee. She bought matching black heels and a nice black pair of panties'. The material was thin but she couldn't wear a bra because of the plunging back. The black dress contrasted with her long blonde hair.

Jarrod didn't ask her anything about shopping for a new dress that night, Beth figured he must have forgot or wasn't interested. She assumed that he didn't believe her when she said she was going out Friday night. At coffee Friday morning, Jarrod mentioned to Beth not to fix dinner because he was going to be late. She didn't bother reminding him that she was going out that night.

Beth showered and got dressed early that evening. She was happy the way the dress looked and finished applying her makeup. She used her favorite perfume and when she was ready to go, she placed a note on the bed for Jarrod letting him know she went out dancing.

Beth drove along the busy street which was about a mile outside Tampa. She finally saw one of the clubs she had on her mind and pulled into the parking lot. She was nervous as she got out of the car. She already felt dirty walking toward the building wearing the sexy black dress. It wasn't that she had anything on her mind like picking up a guy. She just didn't feel right tonight.

Beth walked through the door, there were men starring at her when she walked past them. She found an empty seat at the bar and sat down and ordered a drink. She looked around the club while sipping her drink through the straw trying to see what kinds of people were in the club. She saw a few couples dancing but it seemed as if there were more singles lurking around.

It didn't take long before a few guys started to ask her to dance and at first Beth turned them down than after awhile she started to accept their offers. Beth spent most of her time on the dance floor and after four hours at the club, she must have danced with more than twenty different men and had more than a dozen drinks bought for her. Beth laughed at herself, as she thought that she could go out to a club like this and never buy a drink.

Luckily she was able to talk with the bartender and he started to make her drinks really weak for her so she wouldn't get too drunk. Debbie was sitting back at the bar listening to the music when a man with a deep voice whispered into her ear, "May I ask you to dance?"

Beth turned her head and saw a tall black man standing behind her so she nervously smiled at him and didn't want to be rude and accepted his offer to dance. They danced a couple songs and the man introduced himself as Keiran as he followed her back to the bar.

Keiran had to stand next to Beth while they spoke, the other stools were taken in the crowded club. Keiran seemed like a nice guy as he got acquainted with Beth.

Beth learned that Keiran was single and had just returned form being in Iraq for a year. She told him she was married and had just visited the club for the very first time to have a few drinks and listen to the music. As they spoke, the club kept filling up with more people. Keiran suggested going to a bar across the street that he knew that wouldn't be so crowded. Beth was reluctant to go with him but she changed her mind several minutes later.

The place was directly across the street so Beth decided to leave her car parked where it was. Keiran escorted her inside the small bar and easily found an empty booth. They ordered drinks and sat talking.

Beth had drunk enough liquor that she began telling Keiran her problems about her husband. Under normal conditions she wouldn't have opened up as much as she was to this strange black man but she really wanted to talk about it to someone. Beth learned that Jason was single and had just returned from a duty in Iraq. When he had returned home, he found out his girlfriend ran off with another man and got married.

Beth never opened up to any man in her life other than her husband and found Keiran rather handsome and extremely pleasant. The more they spoke and got acquainted, the more relaxed she had become. Beth was doing most of the talking, telling Keiran her life story as they sat very close in the booth. Beth had never got to know a black man before tonight. She had an opportunity to date someone in high school who was black but never took him up on the offer.

Beth reached out to touch Keiran's hand several times as she sat there explaining what was going on with her husband. Keiran moved his hand to hold hers as she continued to talk. Beth was so busy talking she didn't realize they were holding hands. Within a few minutes, Keiran's arm was around her shoulder and they were sitting close together toward the center of the booth. Keiran made a bold move and gently kissed Beth on the lips.

She returned his kiss bringing her hand to his cheek as their tongues mingled. They continued to kiss as Keiran moved his free hand down and began stroking her upper thigh area. Beth wasn't wearing any stockings so his hand moved freely until it reached the material of her panties. Beth's eyes were closed as they kissed and she waited to feel Keiran's hand on her pussy but instead, brought his hand up to her low cleavage and slipped his hand under her dress and cupped her tit in his hand.

Beth's eyes were closed and she slowly opened her mouth as she felt Keiran begin to massage her soft skin. He began moving his thumb on her nipple which was all ready hard. Keiran kissed Beth's open mouth sending his tongue inside as she moaned. Suddenly, Beth thought about the situation and broke their kiss saying, "Keiran. I don't think I should be doing this."

Keiran only kissed her again as he continued massaging her tit and playing with her nipple. She opened her eyes and backed her head away a few inches and looked into his eyes as he massaged her tit. Beth was turned on feeling his thumb playing with her nipple and felt her pussy getting warm as she kissed him again. Her mind was thinking about what she was doing at that moment. She was kissing a black man, a man that was a complete stranger a couple hours ago.

The fact that she was being kissed and touched by a black man was exciting her. She was kissing him back poking her own tongue into his mouth now. Keiran was moving his hand from one tit to the other leaving her tits totally exposed.

The bar was very dark and nobody seemed to be looking or even cared about them. If anyone walked to the booth at that moment they would get an eye full of Beth's huge tits as Keiran played with them.

Beth didn't expect Keiran to bend down and kiss them but that's exactly what he did as she wrapped her hand around the back of his head pulling him tighter into her tits. Beth kept pushing Jason's face into her chest as he licked her tits. She was stroking the back of his head as she tightened her body and moved her free hand around and held her tit to his mouth as he continued to suck it.

Keiran raised his head and kissed her again than said, "Why don't you and I go back to my place and we can continue there."

"I can't... It wouldn't be right... Keiran... I just can't... You know I'm married."

Keiran had a disappointed expression on his face as Beth covered her tits with the thin material of the dress. She glanced at her watch saying, "I better leave for home, its getting late."

Keiran pulled out an ink pen and wrote his phone number on a napkin and gave it to Beth saying, "I want you to call me, I'm really interested in seeing you again."

Beth smiled at Keiran giving him another kiss than began sliding across the seat and stood up holding onto the table saying, "Oh. I don't think I can stand up right now."

Keiran reached out to help steady her from falling saying, "I'll walk you to your car."

Keiran walked Beth across the street holding her from falling several times and when they reached the parking lot, Keiran said. "I don't think its safe for you to drive, let me drive you home in my car."

"I can't let you drive me home, my husband might see your car and wonder who drove me home."

"Fine. We'll take your car and I'll call a cab once we get to your place to bring me back here."

Beth reluctantly gave Keiran her car keys knowing she couldn't drive herself. It took almost an hour until they pulled into Beth's driveway, Jarrod's car was in front of the garage. Beth took the car keys back from Keiran saying, "Wait outside while I go in the house and see if my husband is asleep and call you a cab."

Keiran got out of the car and stood near the garage door as Beth went into the house. Beth unlocked the front door and entered the dark house and gently closed the door behind her not wanting to wake Jarrod. Beth walked toward the back of the house and heard something coming from their room. She walked down the hallway and saw a dim light in their bedroom. Beth carefully peered around the doorway and gasped when she saw a woman sitting on top of Jarrod with his cock fully impaled inside her pussy.

Beth just stood in the doorway in shock as she watched the blonde woman holding the palm of her hands on Jarrod's chest to balance herself as she sat on his cock.

The woman was chanting. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard."

Beth's heart sank and she wanted to scream and run in the room and pull that woman off her husband by her hair. She stood there for a few moments longer and began to cry. Beth ran down the hall and walked out the front door into Keiran's arms as she cried as hard as she could. Keiran wondered what was wrong but held her tight until she was finally able to speak.

"My husband has a woman in our bedroom and he's fucking the bitch right now."

Debbie continued to cry as Keiran held her tight allowing her to cry on his shoulder. She cried for several minutes until she finally wiped her eyes and looked into Keiran's eyes saying, "Maybe I should go in there and let them know I saw them. Why don't you come into the house with me in case I need your help?"

She took Keiran's hand and walked into the house and told Keiran to wait in the living room while she confronted her husband in the bedroom. Beth walked back to the room and looked inside and saw her husband on top of the woman fucking her. She got there just as he began groaning and watched Jarrod's ass twitching and knew he was filling her pussy with his seed.

Beth flipped the light switch on and Jarrod and the blonde woman starred at the doorway looking at Beth. Jarrod yelled out. "Beth."

Jarrod started to climb off the woman and walk toward the doorway but Beth backed away and ran down the hall into the living room and into Keiran's arms. Jarrod was running behind her and caught up to her in the living room and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his wife standing in the center of the room being held by a tall black man.

"What the hell is this?"

Jarrod started to walk toward them as Beth yelled, "Stop it. Go back and fuck that whore you brought into our house and leave me alone."

"Who is this man? What were you doing tonight out picking up men at the bar? You had to go out and pick up a black man?"

Jarrod was walking forward again as Beth reached out and slapped his face saying, "How dare you come out here and talk to someone like that after finding you screwing a woman on our bed in our bedroom. How dare you?!"

Kerian stood behind Beth watching them argue but making sure that nobody got hurt. Jarrod pointed his finger at Keiran saying, "I want you to get out of my house right now and don't ever come back."

Keiran didn't want to cause any more problems and began to turn around to walk out the door when Beth replied, "Wait. I don't want you to leave as long as he has his whore with him he can have her. You're my friend and I want you to stay here with me tonight."

The other woman walked out into the living room to see what was going on, she had wrapped one of Beth's towels around her body and was standing behind Jarrod. Beth reached out and grabbed the towel away from her saying, "Bring your own towel if you want to fuck my husband from now on. You go right ahead and enjoy yourself with him, you can have him."

Beth and Jarrod argued for another twenty minutes until Keiran threatened to call the police before somebody got hurt. Jarrod finally gave in and asked Beth if he could speak to her alone. She was very upset and Jarrod tried to take her hold of her arm as they walked toward the kitchen but she pushed him away. Beth crossed her arms together as she asked. "Is that the woman you have been seeing for the past several months?"

Jarrod reluctantly replied and told Beth, he had been seeing her and she worked at his office. Her name was Stacy and she was married. Jarrod apologized and said he was sorry for what he had done but Beth wasn't buying any of it.

She stood listening to his excuses and his pleading for her forgiveness but Beth stood firm telling him she would have a lot to think about. Jarrod said something to Beth that shocked her and caught her completely off guard. "Honey. Stacy lives about twenty-five miles from here and her husband is out of town for the weekend. Would it be all right if she spent the night in the guest room?"

Beth was very angry but she kept her cool as she calmly replied, "No. I don't want her to stay in the guest room. Why don't you just let her sleep in our bedroom tonight with us and we can have a threesome together?"

Jarrod must have had a lot to drink himself because Beth was being a smart ass and he thought she was serious and quickly replied to her statement, "Honey. I never thought you'd want to have sex with another woman. That's a great idea, I'll go tell Stacy what you would like her to do and tell that black guy he can leave now."

"No wait! Let me go out and tell Stacy she can stay with us tonight."

If only Jarrod knew how angry he had made his wife to become but he was about to find out as he followed her back into the living room where Kerian and Stacy were waiting.

Beth gave the towel back to Stacy and smiled saying, "Jarrod asked me to tell you it was all right to spend the night with us and I told him it was fine. You can go back into the bedroom and wait for Jarrod, he'll be joining you in a moment."

Stacy just starred at Beth knowing that something wasn't right about the woman's smirk but backed away and walked toward the bedroom. Jarrod had a relieved expression on his face as he walked over to Kenian and shook his hand saying, "Well. It was nice meeting you. Thank you for bringing my wife home."

Jarrod was showing him the door until Beth interrupted him. "Jarrod, wait, You go find out what Stacy is doing and if you want, you can get started without me. I'll be in shortly."

Jarrod smiled at Beth figuring that she wanted to walk Keiran out the door and went into the bedroom. Beth waited until the bedroom door closed and walked over to Jason and put her arms around him and kissed his lips.

"I want you to spend the night with me."

"I don't know if that's a good idea. Your husband was very angry and I know you would like to kill that woman. Maybe it would be best if I left."

"No. My husband told me he wanted Stacy to stay here tonight and I finally gave in and told him it would be fine. Now let me show you the guest room."

Beth walked Keiran to the guest room and held him as she kissed him again once they were standing in the room. Debbie was holding him as she whispered, "Get undressed and I'll be in here shortly."

She unbuttoned his shirt before she walked out of the room and looked back toward Keiran before leaving and said, "Be ready for me, I'll be right back."

Beth entered their bedroom and saw Stacy sucking Jarrod's cock as she walked to the dresser and took out a black baby doll from the drawer.

She walked into the attached bathroom and took her dress off and hung it behind the door. She slipped her panties off next and decided to leave the heels on as she pulled the teddy over her head and fluffed out her hair over the material.

She squirted a dab of perfume around her tits and another near her pussy and applied a fresh coat of red lipstick and smacked her lips together.

Beth walked out into the bedroom and stood next to the bed watching her husband getting his cock sucked by Stacy who was laying on her side between his legs. Beth smiled at him as he said, "Honey. She's so good giving head. Watch how deep she can take my cock into her throat."

Beth stood watching Stacy swallow her husband's cock listening to the sound of her throat as the head reached the back of her mouth. Jarrod reached out and began rubbing Beth's pussy mound while his other hand stroked Stacy's hair.

"Yes, she quite a little cock sucker isn't she?"

Beth leaned down and kissed her husband on top of his head and gently backed away until he couldn't reach her pussy any longer.

"Honey. I'm a little tired right now and think I'll go lay down for a while in the guests' bedroom. I'll let you have a little fun with Stacy while I get a couple hours of sleep and than I'll come back and join you two."

"But...Beth... Are you sure its all right... I mean... Don't you want to join us?"

"I promise... I'll be back in a couple hours and check up on you two."

Beth walked out of the bedroom but not before turning one more time and looking at Stacy's mouth filled with her husband's cock.

She knew what she was going to do. She didn't want to keep Keiran waiting any longer and walked down the hall.

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