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      My husband Hank encouraged me to tell him stories about seducing and then screwing other men. I made up situations where I picked up strangers and let them have their way with me. Hank got really excited and sometimes had an orgasm when I got to the part where this fictional guy put his dick in me.

When Hank asked me to spice up the stories to include letting him watch me fuck these fictional guys, I did that for him too. I told him a story where we were at a bar and met a guy that we invited to out Hotel room. The gist of the story was that I let this guy fuck me with Hank watching.

Hank liked hearing that so much that he escalated his fantasy further by telling me he actually wanted to watch me do it for real. I gave it serious thought. I love sex and the more I thought about having a new sex partner, the more exciting the idea felt to me. When I told him one day that I would do it, we both agreed that it would be a bad idea to involve someone we knew. I suggested that we go on a cruise to find people that we would never see again.

On our next cruise Hank took me to a late night bar to watch me pick out someone. I took my wedding ring off and with Hank watching from across the room, I sat next to Dane at the bar. It didn't take Dane long to start hitting on me. I danced with him and made up my mind that he was the one. During a slow dance, I whispered in his ear that I thought he was sexy and cute. It was a classic take off of a previous story I had made up for Hank. When Dane put his hand on my breast, I began kissing him which was the signal to Hank that Dane was the one. I then saw Hank leave to go back our cabin. The plan was that Hank would remain hidden on our outside patio while being able to see inside through an opening in the drapes.

When Dane asked me to go back to his cabin with him, I told him that I would rather go to my cabin, which we did. When we got to my cabin and I realized that Dane and I were finally alone, my knees went weak with the anticipation of fucking him. As I gazed at his handsome face and knowing he was about to fuck me, made me feel a deep primitive urge building up inside of me. I was there to satisfy the growing urge of wanting to fuck and to be fucked.

When Dane stepped towards me, put his arms around me and kissed me, I kissed him back. I barely even thought about Hank who I knew was watching us through that open edge of the drapes. I did however listen to my loins that were yearning for Dane to be inside of me. Dane whispered that he needed to have sex with me. Hearing him say that made my body flush with desire.

With out warning, he bent me over the back of a chair and I helped him do it. He lifted my dress, pulled my panties down and off, spread my legs, mounted me from behind and fucked me standing up. I stayed like that wiggling and waggling my pussy around the biggest dick I had ever had inside of me. He was at the time reaching forward and feeling my tits, while mumbling, 'God, you're a tight fuck.'

Just as an orgasm was building inside of me, he quickly dumped his seed in my pussy. When he was done, I told him that I was on the verge of an orgasm and needed him to finish the job. I took his hand and pulled him to the bed and pleaded for him to keep fucking me.

He then pushed me onto the bed and instantaneously I had my dress off and he was quickly naked too. While kissing me he lay on my naked body while I was jacking off his dick. When I could feel his cock growing again in desire, I spread my legs wide apart. He then slid his big hardness into my waiting wetness. As he fucked me, he was holding himself up on one arm, squeezing my tits with his free hand and looking down at me telling me how beautiful I was.

When I rapidly began to spasm in a rolling surge of orgasms, his intense fucking movements kept that wave of pleasure pulsing through my body for what seemed to be forever. I was moaning, screaming and begging for him to fuck me harder and faster. He kissed me, fondled my tits, told me that he wanted to fuck me forever and that I was the best fuck he ever had. I was staring into his eyes when I told him that I would be in love with him forever. When he grunted that he was coming again and I felt the slipperiness when he did, I kept fucking him. When he tried to pull out, I pleaded for him to not stop.

'Please keep fucking me,' I demanded as waves and waves of orgasms flooded my body. In between his kissing me and sucking on my nipples, I told him that I felt I was in heaven.

Later when I became somewhat quiet, Dane pulled out of me and we lay side by side whispering to each other for about an hour. He told me he was 22 years old and from California. I told him I was 27, which I am, and that he was the best lover I ever had.

When Dane said that he was going to leave and got up to get dressed, I stood up next to him, began deeply kissing him and took his limp dick in my hand. I said I wanted him to fuck me one more time. I told him I wasn't done yet. I begged for more. I then dropped to my knees in front of him and began sucking his dick and bobbing my head back and forth on it. He gave up trying to leave and as his dick began to grow big again, I pushed him onto the bed and continued sucking on it until it was hard again. His fully hard dick was so big I couldn't get it all into my mouth.

I then sat on top of him and started fucking him like a cowgirl riding on a bucking horse. My desire increased to such a fury that I immediately began having intense orgasms again. Once I started coming, he let me fuck him for the longest time. He let me do what ever I wanted. I moved the way I wanted. I sat on his face while sucking his dick and licking his balls. I put him on top and fucked him the way I wanted and created orgasms the way I wanted. All the while, I let him fuck me anyway he wanted as well.

When Dane announced that he was coming again, I was on top sitting on his dick and I let him come inside of me for the third time.

When Dane left, I went out on the patio where Hank was smoking a cigar, drinking wine and staring out at the passing ocean. Not knowing what to expect from Hank, I nervously approached him and asked if he saw any of the action. He told me that he saw everything and that it was so good that he had had two orgasms. I took him inside and we got on the bed that I had just fucked Dane on.

As he relived and told me about the parts he saw and liked best, I was sucking on his dick to get him hard. When he was ready to come, he told me he wanted to watch me to fuck Dane again. When I said I would, he instantly came in my mouth.

I fucked Dane two more times on that cruise with Hank watching everything we did. As soon as we got back from this cruise, Hank asked me to book another cruise.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com