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Wives-Damn You're Tight
Damn You're Tight

      "I can't believe this shit", Treyana says to herself as she drives the long and busy highway. "I've been with his ass since we were in high school and he decides to fuck around with his boss? It's all good, I got something for her white ass."

Just a couple of hours ago, Treyana had had a final meeting with the private investigator whom she hired after feeling a little suspicious about her husband's infidelity. She and Dan had been married for only 3 years. They married young, she 19 and he 20, when they found out that she was pregnant.

Dan got a job in a nearby Circle K store to support them but Treyana lost the baby just 2 months after the marriage began. Still, they stayed together and Dan later got a pretty good job working in the mailroom of the local newspaper publication. Which, according to her private investigator, is where Dan met his supervisor, Alice. The private investigator showed her enough documents and video to convince her of the infidelity by Dan.

Despite the fact that Treyana promised the PI that she would only take the matter up with a divorce lawyer and not confront Dan or Alice about it, Treyana rushed home to get out of the pantsuit that she was wearing and slip into some sweatpants and a sports shirt that basically covered only her breasts. Treyana was still every bit the tough girl who grew up in probably the toughest city housing project, despite her current middle class living. Treyana was determined to confront Alice and if it meant kicking her ass, so be it.

Treyana kept mumbling to herself as she drove, "Nobody fucks my man and think she's getting over on me. I don't care if they fire Dan, her ass is mine." With the air conditioner to her car being broken and only warm air blowing through her opened car windows, that certainly didn't help her anger any more than usual. The 5 o'clock traffic and summer's heat made matters worst.

"2390 Monterey Boulevard. Finally, I made it here. Okay bitch, I got a six pack of whuppazz for you," she said to herself as she parked her car and gathered up all of the videos and documents. She approached the house, though very angry, with caution. She didn't know what kind of woman this Alice was but she wasn't that scared to find out either. Treyana knocked on the door but there was no answer. She knocked once again and still no answer.

Lastly, she rang the doorbell. That time, Treyana could hear some type of activity going on in the house but she couldn't tell exactly what was going on. Finally, a man opened the door. He was a tall, large, white guy who appeared to be in his 50's and wearing a bathrobe. "Can I help you with something?", he asked.

"Yes sir, is this where Alice Shanks live?" Treyana asked.

"Yes, but she's not here at this moment. I'm her husband, what can I do for you?"

"Well, I'm sorry to bother you. I needed to talk to Alice. It's really...." Treyana began saying then realized that showing her evidence to Alice's husband might be as good as kicking her ass. "Better yet, my name is Treyana Walker and I might have something that may interest you."

"And what's that, if I may ask?"

"Can I come in and show you? It has to do with your wife and my husband."

"Oh really, Treyana? Sounds interesting, come in."

As Treyana entered the house, he says to her, "My name is Ben. Have a seat, Treyana. Can I get you something to drink? A drink, beer, soda?"

As Treyana sits on the sofa, she asks, "What do you have to drink, Ben?"

He tells her, "You name it, I'm sure I got it."

"How about Jack and Coke?"

"You got it." As Bob was getting glasses, he explained to Treyana, "By the way, please excuse the way that I'm dressed. I had just gotten out of the shower when I heard the doorbell ring."

"No problem, Ben. I was knocking for a while but no one answered."

"That's because we can't hear the door from the bedroom but the doorbell itself is right outside the bedroom. Would you like me to change?"

"No, it's okay. Wear whatever makes you comfortable, it's your house. By the way I should warn you, I have videos of my husband with your wife."

"Really? Then I better bring the whole bottle of Jack and Coke then. It sounds like it's going to be a long evening." Just then, Bob returned to the room with a half gallon bottle of Jack Daniels and a 2-liter bottle of chilled Coke. "I have something to show you too, Treyana." Bob reached into a cabinet of his entertainment center and showed Treyana what appeared to be about 25 videotapes with dates marked on them.

"What's that?"

"Those are also videos of my wife and other men, probably one of them is your husband."

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry. I better go."

"No, don't worry. It's not your fault. You see, my wife and I have had some problems in the past. Of course, we've gotten older and I'm not as healthy as I once was."

"Ben, you don't have to tell me anymore. I understand."

"No, you don't. Well over the years of our marriage and with the stress of our jobs and raising our kids, I've lost the vitality, if you will, that I once had as a younger man."

"So you're ummmm impotent?"

"Somewhat. With the use of herbal supplements and, of course, Viagra, I can be my old self again. But Alice often found more pleasure in younger black men. But enough about that, let's see what you got."

"Are you sure you want to?"

"Sure, I'm okay with it. You've seen my collection, right? Besides, I've already notified my lawyer about drawing up the divorce papers. Little does she know, she will be served with them in a matter of days now. And all of her crap will be moved out of this house. With the proof that I have from my PI and yours, she'll be getting less than nothing in alimony."

"Okay, here you go. Knock yourself out," Treyana told him as she drank from her glass of Jack and Coke. Just as the two began looking through pictures and documents that Treyana had in her box, the phone rang. Bob answered it and it was Alice. Bob said, "Okay, dear. Drive carefully." He hung up the phone and said, "Ah well, it appears that Alice and Dan will be working late tonight. So we have all night to look at our goodies here." They then laughed.

After two hours and about 3 drinks, they had gone through every picture that was taken of Alice and Dan. "Not bad, Treyana. Apparently, your private dick have done more work than mine did." Just then, Treyana giggled. She's never heard that term used for a PI before.

"Is everything okay, Keish?"

"Yeah, that just sounds funny. Private dick. Ha, ha, ha."

"Oh, I see," Bob replied.

Just then as Bob was eyeing through the pictures, Treyana could swear that she saw something moving in his robe. But she ignored it. She, instead, continued to concentrate on her drink.

"So what's on the video, Keish?"

"What else? The two horndogs fucking each other."

"Where were they at the time?"

"At work. In her car. And somewhere else that I'm not familiar with."

Bob inserted the videotape into his VCR and turned the 50-inch big screen television on. It was clear that the two of them were somewhere that was not familiar to Treyana, until now. There they were fucking like college kids on the very sofa that she was sitting on. She began feeling a bit uncomfortable about the sofa but before she can move or adjust her location, Bob began asking her questions.

"So Treyana, do you and your husband still have sex even though he's banging my wife?"

"No, not really."

"How long has it been?"

"For what?"

"Since you and he have had sex together."

"I don't know. About six months or so. It's almost like being a virgin again. Why?"

"Nothing, just asking and trying to carry a conversation."

The video showed Alice in a standing position and bent down at the waist over the sofa as Dan was fucking her from behind. Both were moaning extensively throughout the sex. Treyana began feeling more and more uncomfortable and decided to finish her drink and leave. As she swallowed her last mouthful of Jack and Coke, she noticed Ben's robe open and his semi-erected cock sticking out of his robe. The purple head of his cock was nearly at the mid level of his thigh. Treyana had never seen a cock that long before and it was definitely her first time ever seeing a white cock.

"Ummm, Ben. Does this shit excite you or something? Watching another man fucking your wife excites you?" she asked.

"Actually, yeah. A little. I mean look at how Dan is fucking Alice like the whore that she really is. Fuck, that looks great."

"Well, I think I've seen enough. You can keep the tape if you want it. I've got enough pictures and documents for my divorce attorney."

Just as Treyana attempted to stand up, Bobrushed over to her. "No, don't leave. Stay awhile."

"Ben, I don't feel comfortable right now and I think you need to spend some time alone.", she told him as she turned her head away from his cock, which was now just about eye level to her as Bob stood in front of her.

"Oh this. I'm sorry, it seems that the Viagra has taken its effect on him now and my wife isn't here to appreciate it. But that don't mean that you can't."

Just then, Treyana looked up at Bob with shock, "Excuse me? What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Look at it, Keish," Bob said as he removed his robe from his already nude body. He began asking Treyana, "When was the last time you've had a hard cock rammed in your tight black pussy? When was the last time you had your G-spot just crammed with a hard cock until you thought that you were going to lose your mind? When was the last time you had a gusher of cum shooting into your sweet pussy until you orgasmed for what seemed like eternity?"

Treyana simply stared at the white snake that stood out before her eyes. As if hypnotized, she reached out and wrapped her hand around it. As for as Treyana was concerned, Bob was definitely packing at least 10 inches of cock in a semi-hard state.

"Not bad for an older white boy," she thought to herself. Treyana began stroking his cock with her hand and feeling his cock becoming more and more solid and harder. It amazed her how something can grow in her hand as it was doing. She brought her face close to his cock and excreted a nice size glob of spit onto its purple head. Then, she began rubbing the spit up and down his cock. Bob let out a low moan as he started moving his hips with her hand.

"Do you want to taste it, Keish?"

"Ummm, no. Sorry baby but I don't suck cock."

"No problem." Then Bob reached for Treyana's top and slid it over her head.

"My God, Treyana. You have the most beautiful breasts that I have ever seen."

"Thank you," she said as she marveled her strokes of his cock. Bob was holding and caressing Treyana's beautiful, dark 34D breasts as she continued stroking his hardened cock. Her hand felt like heaven to him. He began imagining what it must feel like in her wet, tight, ebony pussy that her husband have been neglecting for so many months.

When he looked down to look at the lovely breasts that he held, he noticed Treyana had one hand on his cock as she stroked it and her other hand in her pants. He can see movement in her pants that was obvious to him as she was masturbating. He noticed her constantly staring at his cock as she stroked it. "Are you that mesmerized by my cock, Treyana?" he jokingly asked her.

"Funny, baby. Tell me how this feels."

"What..." before he can finish his sentence, Treyana ceased her stroking until only the purple head could be seen in her hand. She then closed her eyes and began licking the head of his cock all around as if to get it well lubed.

"Oh shit, Keish." Then she opened her thick lips and allowed his cock to enter her virgin mouth. While stroking her hand up and down his white shaft, she also slid her mouth up and down the shaft as well. Bob felt like he had just left heaven and had now entered paradise.

"Oh my God, Keish. To say this is your first time, you are damn good." Treyana wanted to respond but was afraid that she would lose her pace if she did. She continued sucking his cock and fingering her clit." The thought of his wife coming home and catching them entered her mind but she quickly erased the thought as she concentrated on bringing her new friend to orgasm with her warm, young mouth. She wasn't about to tell him that she learned to suck cock from watching the video of his wife and her husband.

"Oh shit, I'm about to cum," Bob said as he grabbed Treyana's head and began fucking her mouth at a faster pace. Treyana forgot about stroking his cock and just fingered her clit faster as she found herself moaning just as Bob was.

Then Bob quickly pulled Treyana's head off of his cock as streams of cum began shooting out of his cock. A large amount of his cum landed on Treyana's breasts, facial cheeks, and some dripped on her sweatpants as she squeezed the last few droplets out and watched his cock become flaccid before her eyes. Treyana grabbed a couple of napkins that Bob had brought out with the glasses and wiped her face and breasts. She slid her hand from her pants and stood up to slide her top back on.

"Well, I'm glad that you were able to get off. I had better get going before Dan get home," Treyana told Ben.

"No, you don't have to go. Stay the night."

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, that phone call was Alice telling me that she and a group of workers are going out of town for a couple of days."

"What does that have to do with Dan?"

"I guess they needed a mailroom guy to go with them because he's going too."

Just then, Treyana used his phone to call her phone and check her messages at home. Sure enough, she heard a message from Dan that told her that he was going to be going out of town with a few other workers. She hung up the phone and said, "Okay, you're right. Now what?"

Bob took her top from her hand and replied, "Well, we can finish where we left off. That's why I didn't want to cum in your mouth."

"Why not?" Just then, Bob held Treyana by the shoulders and brought her face to his. He pressed his lips against her thick, pink lips and kissed her passionately. It wasn't long before Treyana allowed his tongue to enter her mouth and swim around. They seemed to enjoy each other's touches and kisses. Treyana wrapped her arms around the older, white man and held him as if he was her own man. At least, as she felt, he was for that night and maybe the next morning.

Bob slipped his hands into the back of Treyana's loose fitting sweatpants and squeezed her ass. She had such a tight, young ass and the feel of it was bringing his cock back to life. This became evident when Treyana felt the purple head, still sticky from his cum, rubbing on her belly. She ceased the kiss and looked down to see him nearly at full attention for her again.

"Oh my, look who woke up again," she laughingly said. Then she reached down and began stroking it again. The thought of 10 inches of white snake sliding into her pussy began getting Treyana wetter than she's ever been. After all, she's never had that much in her before and this would be her first white experience. Bob began sliding her pants down and just as they reached her ankles, Treyana stepped out of them and kicked them to the slide. Then Treyana sat back down onto the sofa and filled her mouth with Ben's cock again.

In no time, Ben's cock went from full attention to extreme attention. Treyana could swear that it grew another inch or two more than last time. This time, Treyana covered Ben's cock with her saliva and then held his cock up to his stomach as she licked his balls. There was something about Bob that Treyana felt that she wanted him to be her first blowjob. And she was going to make sure that she pleased him to the max.

"Damn it, Keish. You're gonna make me blow another load again."

"It's okay. We got all night, right?"

"Yeah, but I wanted to save this load for something better." Then Bob moved the coffee table out of the way and slid Treyana's body down in a lying position on the sofa. He kneeled on the floor and positioned his body between her young, tight, beautiful black legs. Treyana was not able to see what Bob was doing at the time but she did notice that one hand was downward towards Ben's cock. She figured that he was jerking himself off this time.

"I can't believe how beautiful you are all over, baby," he told Treyana. "You have beautiful black legs, lovely dark breasts, and the most beautiful well shaven pussy that I have ever laid my eyes on."

This time before Treyana can thank him for the compliments, he positioned his solidly hard cock to her pussy and pushed in with anxiousness. The feel of his cock sliding in drew Treyana's head back with ecstasy and she just closed her eyes to enjoy it. Now for their first time, they both felt like they were in heaven. Treyana's young, black pussy slipped onto Ben's hard white cock like a tight glove. She was so tight, yet so wet.

But even though he was plowing her pussy with ecstasy, he was only half way in. There was at least 6 more inches left and Treyana's near virgin tightness was not going to let it be easy. He managed to get a little more in with every stroke and Treyana began feeling it. She would catch her breath at times and there was even a point when Bob saw her face crying a little. Then Bob stopped the plowing for a few seconds and Treyana opened her eyes. She looked at him puzzled, "What's wrong, baby?"

"Nothing. You just look so beautiful with ecstasy."

Then Treyana brought her face to his and kissed him passionately. Their tongues darted in each other's mouth and Treyana's thick lips practically covered Ben's thinner lips. Then without any warning, Bob pushed his entire cock into Treyana's hairless pussy and it brought a huge grunt from her mouth. He slowly pulled his cock back out and then plowed it deeply back in. From there, he continued filling her pussy with cock, every stroke at a time. This was more than Treyana ever handled and she took her lips from his and screamed, "Oh God, baby. I'm cumming. You're so fucking big."

"You're so damn tight, baby." Bob responded as he began feeding her pussy all of his cock at a much faster pace. The sperms were rounding up for another trip in Ben's balls and he could feel his cum boiling up. It wouldn't be long when he would be showering Treyana's pussy with long awaited cum.

"Oh God, oh God. Yes. Yes. Don't stop," Treyana kept looking at Bob and saying. "Fuck me. Fuck me, baby. Oh yes!! YEEEEESSSSS!!!" Treyana had the greatest orgasm she's ever had in her life. From there on, she could care less what her husband was doing because she was getting the fulfillment that she had waited 6 months for. Just as she received that great orgasm, she felt another building up.

"Oh fuck me, Ben. Damn, you're fucking good. Give me all of that big, white dick, baby," Treyana screamed as she wrapped her legs around Ben's waist.

Bob pounded and plowed Treyana's young, black pussy with such speed and strength that his cum was slowly creeping its way from his balls to his cock. Bob let out a loud moan and shot streams after streams of cum into Treyana at the same time she reached her newer and stronger orgasm.

Just then, Bob slowly laid on Treyana's young, sweaty body from exhaustion. His slowly deflating cock still resting deep into Treyana's pussy and dripping what's left of his cum into her. He looked at Treyana and she looked into his eyes. "You do know that we're no better than Alice and Dan, right?", Bob asked her.

"Well, I can't speak for them. But I sure as hell feel a lot better.", Treyana replied. With that, they kissed passionately.

Bob stood up and helped lift Treyana to her feet. He led her to the bathroom where they showered. Treyana ended up staying the night and Treyana and Bob made all of their sexual fantasies come true that night. They ended up having sex in the shower, several times in the bedroom, once again on the sofa, and just before she left, she performed the ultimate oral sex on him in his car while parked in the garage. Only this time, she swallowed.

Bob eventually divorced Alice, Treyana divorced Dan, and both began dating each other. After a few months, Treyana moved into Ben's house. Neither one were ever neglected again.

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