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Wives-Fix My Orgasm Problems
Fix My Orgasm Problem

      My wife had difficulty having orgasms. We tried a lot of different positions as well as sex toys, but many times she was left frustrated, unable to get off. Then she read a study that had been done on womenís orgasms. One of the major findings was that women had orgasms much more frequently with someone other than their normal partner. She suggested to me that we include another male in our lovemaking.

At first I was not open to this idea. She was a pert little blonde 5í 4íí tall and she had a sweet body. Her tits were full and well rounded with nipples somewhat larger than normal. Her pussy lips were also larger than average and when she shaved down there they were displayed quite prominently.

She told me that when she was dating she had to be very careful because once a guy saw her naked he had to have some. It would be no trouble finding a guy who would love to give her a good fuck and more. "Are you sure you want another guy you donít really know between your legs, screwing you and dumping his load inside of you?" I asked. She was usually quite modest.

"We can have him wear a rubber" she replied helpfully. "Itís not like he has to make a mess down there."

"What about having a strangers cock in your mouth?"

"Most guys these days expect their dong to be sucked"

"Thatís alright" she argued. "Before I met you I sucked dozens of guys to satisfy them and keep them from squirting between my legs. I can handle it, I can suck a lot of cock if I need to."

Finally after a few more weeks of lousy sex, I relented. We went on the Internet and found a site, which had photos of guys who were available for threesomes with couples. She chose one of them who lived near us. He appeared to be well built and well endowed. His name was Dwayne and he was black. There was a photo of him fully dressed as well as one of his penis fully erect. It appeared rather thick and long (a solid 9 inches per his ad).

We contacted him and arranged to meet at a local motel. We met in the parking lot first and his outer appearance matched the photos in his ad. I guessed I would soon see if his dick matched as well.

Dina went into the bathroom to get ready and the two of us began to undress beside the bed. We were soon both naked. After seeing how attractive my wife was, his cock was already semi-erect, dangling with anticipation between his legs. It matched his photos and then some. He took my hand and placed it on his growing erection.

"So, you donít mind if a black boy gives your sweet little blond wife some of this?" He said. "I hope she can still walk when Iím done."

"This is her first swinging experience, take it easy with her!" I said. "Youíll have to wear a rubber when you go in her."

"Sure, I brought a whole box of them" he responded.

"Donít worry, sheíll be begging for more once I get started. They always do..."

Dina came out wearing a short gray jumper with probably nothing underneath. She looked great, maybe a little flushed. Dina and I had carefully read the "swingers etiquette guide" on MMF threesomes and both of us knew that the "new guy" was supposed to be allowed to penetrate the female first. It didnít say that the he had to cum first, but he definitely was supposed to put his weenie in her bun first. I wasnít sure I liked this idea.

She sat in the chair by the table and Dwyane knelt in front of her between her dimpled knees. I was nervous wondering how everything would start. It seemed very natural. She held his head in her hands as he gently pushed the jumper up exposing her crotch to full view. Then he began to softly lick her between the legs. I stood behind the chair and gently rubbed her shoulders.

Soon his tongue began to work harder and she adjusted her bottom on the chair so he could get at her better with his mouth and tongue. I began to hear soft squishy sounds as she began to get wet and he intensified his licking and sucking. He took one of her cunt lips in his teeth and pulled it outward and then looked up at me and winked. Then he reached up and tugged the front of her jumper down so both her tits were hanging out. He began to massage them. Then we both took turns rubbing them.

Her nipples were now completely erect, and he took one between his thumb and index finger, and pinched it. He continued pleasuring her with his mouth as he massaged her breasts. She began to whimper and then her body shuddered and I knew she had had her first orgasm. Now itís your turn she said looking at both of us. We both stood in front of the chair presenting our erections to her at eye level. She took him in one hand and me in the other.

Side by side it was easy to see the difference in the size of our dicks. His was twice as thick and a very solid nine inches. Mine was about two inches shorter. She began to take turns sucking us. I watched my wife for the first time taking another guyís cock in her mouth. Surprisingly, it was a real turn on. She didnít hold back. She licked, slurped and to my amazement deep throated both of us.

She tickled our balls with her moist tongue and just as I thought both of us were about to shoot our loads she stood up, pulled her jumper off over her head, threw it on the floor and proceeded to place his erect member between her legs with her hand. She stood there totally nude as I watched holding his cock in her hand and then she began to firmly "spank" her pink cunt meat with his hard dark erection. Soon he took over, his cock in his hand spanking her rapidly swelling pussy lips forcefully.

I could hear the slapping of the two organs and I began to smell the pungent odor of her female excitement, which was now emanating from her crotch. Then suddenly without warning her sweet pussy began to squirt warm fluid down the insides of her thighs and all over his excited dong.

I played with myself as I watched them amazed at how turned on I was getting. They continued standing there doing what they were doing and every couple of minutes a new gush of warm fluid from her sweet little white twat would soak his cock. Suddenly both of them moved to the bed. She positioned herself on her back with her legs spread wide and he was between her welcoming thighs in an instant.

As his stiff black penis entered her and disappeared up to the hilt I thought of the rubbers. But I knew this was not the time to interrupt. They were already grinding away with abandon. She was begging him to fuck her harder.

"Your wife has a sweet pussy, just like a velvet glove," he said. "I could fuck this all night, no problem."

I could only hope that he would choose to pull out before he came inside of her. No such luck. As he sucked her full pink nipples and continued fucking her hard she arched her pelvis and began to moan softly. She was cumming big time now and I watched as she as she flexed her tight pussy muscles around the shaft of his encouraged penis. Soon I saw his buttocks begin to spasm as he lunged deeply into her and dropped his load.

He continued stroking her for several minutes, and then as his shaft began to shrink he rolled off her. Almost right away a copious amount of white milky sperm appeared between her well-used pussy lips. Slowly it ran down her swollen pink labia into her butt crack and then onto the sheets.

I was incredibly hot and immediately took my position between her legs and began fucking her. This was the first time I had had "sloppy seconds" and I could feel his warm spunk lubricating her cunt as I did her.

Later, when Dwayne had recovered, he got a collar and leash out of his bag. Dina was still very excited and he knew she would do anything he asked. He made Dina wear the collar attaching the leash to it. She didnít object. Totally nude he made her kneel down in front of him.

He lubricated her white tits and made her titty-fuck him alternating with a long slow delicious blowjob with plenty of saliva. Then he squirted a huge load of jizz all over her exposed boobs. Her nipples were at full attention. I was amazed that he had that much cum still left after the first time. It was a lot of cum. While I watched, he commanded her to take both her breasts in her hands and lick his cum totally off.

She followed his instructions cleaning his spunk off her chest obediently with her tongue. As she was licking her breasts clean he moved his hand between her legs and began to rub her pussy firmly. "Youíve been a very good girl, I want you to cum now" he said. Soon she was moaning and cumming right on his hand as he fingered her sloppy twat.

Before she was even done cumming he began to insert his well-lubricated long black middle finger up her small pink button of an ass hole. She started to object but he silenced her by pushing his now flaccid cock into her mouth. Soon he was hard again. After ten minutes or so of good sucking he began to ejaculate in her mouth. He commanded her to swallow it as he continued finger fucking her ass with his finger.

"Later tonight Iíll use my dick instead of my finger," he whispered to her.

She nodded her head obediently.

"Would you like to feel my big black cock up your ass?" He asked.

She nodded again.

Later that night he kept his promise to her. I lay on my back. Dina mounted me and then Dwayne stuck his dick in her butt from behind. Between the two of us we gave her the fuck of her life. Dwayne spanked her fair white butt cheeks until they were a rosy red. She came again and again as he pumped his black erection in and out of her butt hole.

I felt it as Dwayne squirted in her ass. His spunk ran out of her ass hole down onto my balls. I shot my load into her pussy and we all collapsed on the bed. That morning we both decided we would include Dwayne in our lovemaking as often as possible.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com