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Wives-Fuck Me Like An Animal
Fuck Me Like An Animal

      My wife Abby is a little hottie for her age, she is 48 and she still looks great, she has put on a couple of pounds over the years but this has only added to her sexy curvy figure. Abby has size 38c cup tits and a beautiful trimmed cunt, she has long dark hair and very pretty brown eyes and is very submissive to her lovers in bed.

Our story starts about 2 months ago when I reluctantly talked Abby into going to a swinger's party.

Initially, Abby didn't want to go but told me she would only go to watch and not participate, I agreed believing that once there her naughty side would take over. I had Abby wear a really sexy one piece clinging dress with no bra to show off her ample tits and a pair of red lace panties and black stilettos, and I must say she made me hard just to look at her standing there.

We got to the party at around 9.30pm, there wasn't many people there at first only about 3 couples, the hostess and her hubby and 2 single guys. As the time went by more people began to show up and before long there were around 6 couples and some 17 single guys. On the TV There was a DVD showing a woman with3 guys on her, Abby and I sat on the couch and started watching the DVD while I got us some drinks, I was making her double shot scotch and colas to relax her and warm her up.

During the DVD I could see various single guys looking at my slutty dressed wife, she also noticed them and while they made her feel uncomfortable I could tell she was enjoying the attention. I got up to get our drinks a refill from the kitchen and when I came back into the lounge area I saw a guy sitting next to my Abby and chatting with her, she was appearing a bit nervous, but she knew full well that this guys intention was to get into her pants.

At first I just kept my distance and watched things play out a bit, I wanted to give her potential lover a bit of space to get comfortable with her, I was feeling so horny seeing this guy hitting on my hot little wife.

After about 10 minutes I went back and sat next to Abby and her new friend while putting my arm around her, I looked down at her chest and she was a bit red and flushed( a good sign of her starting to get horny) also I could clearly see as could our friend that her nipples had started to harden up.

We chatted with this guy for a while and sensing my wife relax I began to play with her nipple, at first she was very uncomfortable until the guy told her that she had great tits and that she should relax a bit, I dared go further and placed my hand on her knee and started the slow journey of working my hand up to her nicely trimmed pussy which by now was starting to drip.

She felt so hot and wet when I got my fingers on her fuck-hole, she was wetter than I felt her in ages obviously her body was pre-lubricating her hole for the potential coupling with another male.

Our friend was eagerly watching my hand and asked how wet she was and could he feel her tits, I asked Abby if this was ok and she just gave me a little grin, the guy then asked if he could join us in one of the rooms, but Abby wasn't ready to play and was still feeling very nervous, so after we declined his offer he went of and picked up one of the other sluts that were available and succeeded in getting to fuck her along with 3 other guys in the room adjacent.

Abby and I went to the doorway and joined the others looking at the gangbang that was happening and I pulled her tits out exposing her to the crowd and fondled and fingered her under her skirt while this was all going on, some guys were more interested in watching Abby than the gangbang before them.

After a while we went back to the main area to get another drink, this time I told her to wait in the corridor and I will be back with the drinks, when I noticed a guy around 30 looking at my wife, he seemed quite shy but I noticed him looking earlier in the night at her, he walked up to her and started chatting and she was obviously interested in this one, I could tell by her body language and her flirting that this guy could be the one.

I just hung back, it was almost like fishing she was the bait or should I say her tits were the bait and this guy was definitely circling and sniffing around my bitch. After about 15 minutes I joined them and he introduced himself to me as Darren and commented on how lovely and sexy my wife was, this guy was real smooth and she was definitely hot for this guy.

We sat on the lounge and had the usual chit chat and he asked if we wanted to play, we just went in the corridor and I pulled out her tits were I let him suck on them for a bit. Darren tried to get his hand into her panties but a few guys were eagerly watching and she shut down, Darren then suggested we go to his flat just down the road a bit, I asked Abby and she apprehensively said ok, but that she wasn't promising any action (Like hell I thought to my self, if you go there you are going to put out!)

We drove to Darren's home in our car and I couldn't help slide my hand onto her pussy under her skirt and hell was she hot and wet, this guy really turned her on, I think it must have been the fact that he was a lot younger than me and she saw him as a young potent alpha male capable of making her pregnant since I have had a vasectomy.

Once in his home we sat on the couch and our host put on a porno movie for all to enjoy, and got us a drink, by now my little slut was getting a bit tipsy which is what is required for her to start spreading her legs. I had Abby go and sit next to Darren on the couch, but he was as nervous as she was so I told her to come back and sit on my lap.

Abby sat on me with her back to my chest and I started playing with her nipples through her top while we were all talking, I then put my hand on her thigh forcing her to spread her legs and give our host a good view of her lace covered pussy which by now was running with hot wet pussy juice. I then pulled both her tits out as our fiend was eagerly watching her private bits being exposed for his viewing pleasure, I was getting the desired effect at last, then I got her to get up with her tits hanging out and go sit near Darren again.

This time he needed no further instruction he immediately began playing with her nipple and sucking on her t the same time rubbing her drenched pussy through her equally soaked panties. I then suggested we take her into the bedroom, so Darren got up and took my bride by the hand and lead her onto his bed, she just stared a t me and I told her to lie back and enjoy the attention, she was now definitely in the zone.

Our host was all over her in a hurry, devouring her breasts and kissing her neck and cheeks, I then took the opportunity to reach under her skirt and remove her wet panties giving Darren full access to my little slut, she immediately opened her legs wide on the bed for her new lover, it was awesome they were totally abandoned to each other like 2 animals she a bitch in heat and he a bull wanting to seed her.

I just sat back and watched the event unfold, she looked so hot legs spread rubbing his body, responding to his touch, he on the other hand was on fire ramming his cock in her delicate little mouth and forcing her to suck him deep, he climbed on her head and face fucked her, grabbing her hair and treating her like a piece of fuck meat. It was going to be a rough mating for her but I was so aroused I almost blew my load in my pants just watching, I just stood there jerking off at the scene before my eyes.

It was now time for Darren to mount her, they were both on fire for each other, she looked at me and said, "Let him fuck me?" I gave her my permission and she reached into her purse and gave him a condom which he eagerly put onto his hard 8-inch cock, she then lay back and spread herself for him and he climbed onto her, his hard cock looking menacing at it was at her cunt's opening, her hole glistened with wetness, her vagina lips were puffy and swollen, I could see right up her hole into her womb, into the place he was just about to enter.

Abby put her arms around her young bulls back and pulled him into her, I saw the head then the entire length of his cock disappear into my wife's cunt, I was now on fire. He was rough, he really wanted to break her in half, ramming her wildly, thrusting as though he really wanted to hurt. Such was his lust for her, and my petite little wife became his total wanton fuck whore, meeting his every thrust with equal ferocity, grinding herself into him, ignoring her husband completely.

He was so hot I thought he was about to cum so I got him off her and put her into a doggy position for him, I then got him to mount her from behind, I sat on the floor near the bed and watched as her grabbed her long black hair in one hand and yanked her back hard, his other hand found her swinging breasts which he squeezes and mauled all the while bearing his full weight on the bitches back as her thrust into her, he really looked like he wanted to impregnate her in front of me, and she was eager to be seeded.

After a while he looked close and told her he was close to cumming, I could sense she also was close, so I helped the lovers along by lying under her and sucking on the tit that was swinging above my mouth, with my free hands I rubbed her clit while he banged her.

I really wanted to help them join together, he then told her he was about to cum and the thrusts became very violent, she was being slammed into the bed head, but now I didn't give a fuck I wanted his load deposited as deep in her as he could, I secretly wished he was fucking her bareback, suddenly Darren let out a loud moan and began to tremble, I could see his balls tighten and he was emptying into the whore, she then came also shaking beneath him as he told her he was cumming inside her body.

Her legs were shaking as he was spent and laying his full weight on her back, after a couple of seconds my used bride succumbed to his weight and they both slumped onto the bed, he on top of her, her legs spread with his cock still inside her.

After a minute or 2 he rolled off my wife and went and got her some towels so she could clean up. She looked awesome sitting their on another mans bed, naked, legs wide open wiping her vagina after a good fucking while her hubby watched.

We said our goodbyes and left, my wife was so hot that on the way home I pulled over onto a dirt road and put my seed deep inside her, after all she is my cunt and I own the whore.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com