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Wives-He Took Care Of Everything
He Took Care Of Everything

      Back in the 70's my husband took me to the cinema to see Emmanuel. Though not very explicit it was 'erotic' and quite sexy for the 70's. During the film my husband went to the toilet, he was only gone for about 10 minutes but during that time a man sitting next to me started to feel my leg. Well, I just froze. I couldn't believe it was happening and more so the fact that I wasn't stopping him.

He worked his way up to my crutch and was massaging my clit through my panties. I was completely mesmerised, I was staring at the screen without seeing anything. To have my clit played with really turns me on but under these circumstances, in this illicit, forbidden way, in a public place with my husband about to return any second, it was the most thrilling, exciting few minutes I have ever experienced.

When he could see my husband returning, the man stopped playing with me, much to my annoyance he pulled my skirt down and left. In itself, the event hadn't been all that much but it fuelled a fantasy that I used for a long time whilst playing with myself or having sex with my husband, it went like this:

I would be in the city on a shopping trip and as I passed a 'Sex cinema' the memory of the man playing with me came flooding back and I had an irresistible urge to go into the cinema. It was a rather seedy, run down place. The cashier gave me a ticket and I had to find my own way in as there were no usherettes.

It was very dark, more so because I had just come out of the bright sunlight, I fumbled my way along the next to back row, men were standing up to let me pass and some of them were grabbing a quick 'feel' of my breasts and bottom.

I sat down with an empty seat either side of me. I was amazed at what was going on, on the screen, there was a girl having her clothes ripped off and being raped by 6 guy's. I was so absorbed in the film that I never noticed that 2 men had sat either side of me.

The first hint of their presence was when I felt their hands on my legs, sliding up under my skirt. Their fingers fumbling with my panties, trying to get their fingers into my cunt. They raised me up and eased my panties down and removed them completely, spread my legs and pulled me forward on the seat so that they could get at my pussy better.

One guy was fucking me with his fingers while the other one was rubbing my clit, I was just floating along in sexual ecstasy when I felt hand on my shoulders, some one sitting in the row behind was reaching over, his hands found there way in to my top, into my bra and started to massage my breasts and nipples. What utter bliss, to be pampered like this.

A noise made me open my eyes and I saw another man climb over the seat in front and get down between my legs, he knelt down and opened his zip and got his big cock out. The 2 guys who had been playing with my cunt, stopped. They lifted my legs right up over the man's shoulders, I was lying there, naked from the waist down, with my legs wide open, vulnerable, just waiting to be used.

I was already juiced up because of the 2 men who had been manipulating my pussy, so the man between my legs had no trouble inserting his big dick into me. In out, in out, went the dick. With each thrust it went a little deeper until his full cock was inside of me. His thrusts became faster and faster as he neared his climax, I started to moan, louder and louder, so that one of the men put a hand over my mouth to keep me quiet but this only served to make me more and more excited. The man came and came, filling me full of his spunk.

Then another man was between my legs, his cock made slurping noises as it slid in and out in the first mans spunk. While this was going on, men sitting either side of me, raised my top and were sucking on my tits and a man in the row behind, grabbed me by the hair, pulled my head back and forced his cock into my mouth.

Pretty soon I had been fuck by at least 10 men and sucked off about 5. I was left in a naked heap, drenched in spunk and covered in love bites. Completely used, a cheap whore who deserves to be fucked by as many cocks as possible.

These are the thoughts that turn me on, that turn me from a respectable middle-class, housewife and mother to a cheap whoring slut. But only in my head, only in my fantasy's, that is until the day when my lust got too much for me and I wanted to become the girl of my fantasy's. I wanted to become a whoring slut who wanted to be used by men, by lots of men, by lots of cocks. To be the vessel that men could empty their spunk into.

The Reality

First of all, I needed a man, a man who could take me to places that were seedy. Someone who would know how to treat a slut but who could protect her from harm whilst she was being sexually used by other men but where to find such a person... but wait, what is that noise, it's the dustbin men, could this be my hero?

I went to the backdoor just as he was returning my bin, he was wearing jeans and a vest, it was a very hot summer's day and the sweat was running down his sunburned body. He was quite ugly, all the better for my humiliation fantasy, with a huge beer belly hanging over his belt.

"Would you like cold orange juice?" I heard myself saying.

"A beer would be better," he replied, wiping the sweat from his brow. He followed me into the kitchen and as I bent over to get him a beer from the refrigerator, I made a point of letting my housecoat fall open and exposing my bare breast. I could see that he had noticed and as I handed him the beer, he drank it in one gulp with one hand and grabbed me by the hair with the other, forced me onto my knees, opened his jeans and pulled out a rather gnarled looking cock that smelled to high heaven. I tried to pull away from him but he forced his cock into my mouth and with 3 short thrusts he had come in my mouth, zipped himself up and left.

The whole episode had been crude and crass. In a fantasy it would probably have been great but in reality all it did was to make me throw up on the kitchen floor. No, this had to be figured out logically. I wanted to act out the fantasy of being used and degraded but it has to be in the limits of what I am. First I have to know that I am safe from real harm, I also have to know that my limits will be respected and most important of all, I don't mind people being ugly but they have to be clean. How to go about it?

I recalled a TV program about 'Wife Swapping.' they had mentioned that they met one another through a sex contact magazine. So after a few phone calls to book shops in 'Yellow Pages' I at last got the address of a 'dirty book' shop.

I stood outside the shop for a while, trying to get the courage to go in. A nice respectable looking middle- aged man smiled at me as he went into the shop. A few minutes later he came out and smiled at me again. I returned his smile and he was just about to walk off, when he stopped and asked if I was okay. "Well, no, not exactly," I replied. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"I was trying to get the courage to go into the shop," I said laughing nervously. "Is there anything I can get for you?" He offered. "I was hoping to get a 'Contact' magazine." "Would you like to have a browse through mine, I've just bought the latest one." "Well I, err," I stammered. "There's a coffee shop across the road, why not join me and while I have my coffee you can read my book and if it's the type you want I will get you a copy."

So that was how I met Mike, I didn't know then that he was to become the most important person in my life, next to my family that is. Mike new all about the 'sex scene' he had been meeting couples for 3somes and gang bangs for years. When I told him about my weird and very strange fantasy, he thought it quite commonplace.

He told me that a very large proportion of women had similar fantasy's of being used or even raped though they wouldn't really liked to be raped for real but only in a safe, controlled way. Just like the women who want to be used by tramps, workmen and 'down and outs' although their 'attacker' maybe dressed in rags he has to have 'clean' sexual parts.

So Mike arranged for me to be ganged banged, he knew someone who had their own private cinema, it only had about 25 seats. It was arranged for me to go there on my own. Mike had assured me that he would be there to keep an eye on things so that they didn't get out of hand and I also had a password that would call a halt to the proceedings if I'd had enough. That way, if I wanted to scream and shout for help as part of my fantasy, no one would take any notice until I said the password, which in this case was 'UNCLE'.

I took a taxi to the address Mike had given me, I was wearing high heels, black fishnet stockings and suspender belt and a raincoat, nothing else. I rang the bell and the door was opened by a tall good-looking man in his 40's. "Yes?" he asked. I thought for a dreadful moment that I had come to the wrong address. "I, err I, err Mike sent me." I stammered.

"Come in," was all he said. He closed the door behind me and led the way down the dimly lit hall. I was absolutely terrified. Had I made a mistake in coming here? Would I be safe? Would I be murdered?

Panic gripped me and I was just about to turn and run out of the place when the man opened the door and light and sound from the movie spilled out into the hall. Somehow that managed to calm me down. This after all was what I was here for, to 'go to the pictures'.

I entered and took a seat in the 2nd to back row, as my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see that there were 3 men scattered about in front of me and a quick glance over my shoulder revealed 4 men sitting behind. A scream from the film drew my attention and I became engrossed in what was happening to the girl on screen. Two men were holding her down and taking turns screwing her. I was so absorbed in the film that I never noticed that 2 men had sat either side of me. The first I new of it was when I felt their hands on my legs.

Then exactly as I had related my fantasy to Mike these men acted it out, right down to the men getting down between my legs and fucking me and fucking me until I was sore and soaking wet with spunk and sweat. I can never thank Mike enough for that and for the many other things he has arranged for me.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com