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Wives-Go Ahead
My Husband Nodded His Head And Said Go Ahead

       Ever since I was a teenager, I've wondered what it would be like to be soundly screwed by several horny guys at once. I often dreamed of being made love to by several lovers. As I grew older, I let the dream fade but, luckily, not completely.

A few weeks ago, my husband, Tony, and I decided to go out for the evening. Feeling adventuresome, I put on a long white dress that was slit up one side to within inches of my hip. The dress covered very little of my pert breasts. To drive my husband crazy with lust, I wore no stockings or panties. I was bare except for the dress. When I showed Tony what I had done, he got an immediate hard-on. He had actually leaned me over the desk and thrown up the back of my dress and started nuzzling his stiff dick into my pussy from behind. I pushed him away gently, and told him to save it. I wanted my pussy's first load of sperm that night to come from a stranger, he was speechless, but was willing to put me to the test.

We arrived at one of the better places in town. Tony had to make a telephone call, so I went with the waiter to be seated. At the next table were four fliers from the U.S.S. Enterprise, and their eyes popped out of their heads. They asked me to join them even after they found out I was with my husband. When Tony returned we joined them at the Kobe Beef Grill and chatted and sipped wine.

I am one of those women who gets very horny when I drink wine. As the evening progressed, my husband started running his hands over my ass, which made me all the hotter. After dinner, I excused myself to use the ladies' room. As I walked away, I could feel five sets of eyes undressing me. Later I found out that one of the guys asked what I had on under my dress and Tony told them not a damned thing. We were on!

After I returned, we drank some more wine and talked of many things. After a while, one of the pilots asked Tony if we wanted to go back to his place for more wine and talk. I saw a gleam in his eyes that said talk was the last thing on his mind. As Tony agreed, I felt a sudden tingly feeling rush through my pussy, and I thought about the prospect of having a whole bunch of nice, hard dicks in it, one after another.

During the drive to Will's apartment, my husband told me what a sexy body I had. I then told him I believed what these sailors really wanted was for all of us to have sex. He said he got the same feeling and asked me if I wanted to forget about going to Will's place. I told him I was horny and game if he was. He agreed, grinning, and I rubbed his crotch the rest of the trip. Without him saying so, I also knew that though he'd really get off watching me do it with other men, what he REALLY couldn't wait for was to stick his own dick into me after several strangers had emptied their balls into my little pussy.

When we arrived at Will's apartment, we were shown into a beautiful living area and served more wine. I sat on the couch, with one of the sailors on each side of me. The men at my sides, Noel and Glen, began to touch me and move closer. I started to get really turned on when Glen kissed me. I returned the kiss and at the same time looked at Tony to see how he was taking it. Tony nodded his head, indicating that it was okay for me to continue. Suddenly I felt the top of my dress being removed and then a hand massaging my drooling pussy.

Then I heard Tony say, "Gentlemen, let's strip her so we can get a better look at that body of hers." It turned me on so much knowing that Tony wanted to share my body with these men, I got so horny I nearly came as they slowly removed my dress.

When I was naked, they took me to the bedroom and laid me on a waterbed. I felt strange lips on mine, someone sucking on each of my tits and a tongue working miracles on my clit. After I had come twice, the guys put me in my favorite position: on my hands and knees, for some good old-fashioned fucking. Suddenly I felt a large cock push into my pussy. As I opened my mouth to gasp, it was filled by another fat, stiff cock. The one in my pussy stroked in and out a half dozen times and then sprayed my innards with a large volume of semen. The one in my mouth then replaced the spent dick in my cunt, and a new dick slipped over my tongue.

Before the night was over, each of the fliers had come in my tight cunt at least three times and two of them got to come in my ass while the other two pumped their sperm into my mouth. My pussy and asshole were overflowing with all the semen my lovers had pumped into my body. My husband went to the car and came back with a pair of panties so I wouldn't ruin my dress.

All the way home, I felt the sailors' come oozing from my steaming little pussy and my asshole into my panties, and this made me feel really naughty. I asked him if he wanted to do this again sometime and he said, "You looked beautiful while you were fucking all those guys."

When we arrived at home, he couldn't even wait until we got upstairs to the bedroom. He practically threw me down on the living room floor, and began stripping his clothes off. His dick was enormous, and had a stream of clear sap dribbling out the swollen head. To save the carpet, I made him at least put his shirt under my ass. Laying on my back, I knew what he wanted. I pulled my knees up to my chest, spreading my sopping pussy wide open. The lips were swollen, distended and bright red from all the stiff dick they'd been eating. Looking at it, Tony said "Jeez," and I knew he was talking about the big globs of steaming hot semen that I felt running out of my pussy and asshole. There was so much of the thick stuff , I hoped it didn't go through his shirt and stain the carpet. Moving forward on his knees and holding his enormously swollen penis, he nuzzled the big mushroom head around in all the sperm filling up my pussy opening. "God, honey, it's still warm!" he remarked, sucking in his breath. Then he scooted forward and eased his entire length deep into my pussy. My husband's stiff penis displaced much of the sperm the fliers had shot into me, and it squirted out noisily around his dick and onto my ass and thighs.

With his dick buried to the root in me, I felt the throbs pass through it as he groaned and started squirting massive jets of his own sperm deep into my womb. As I felt my own husband spewing his love into my loving cup, I had my final orgasms of the night, and passed out. I remembered nothing until the next day.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com