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Wives-I Love Watching You
I Love Watching You

      I sit in the shadows across the room as you and your lover snuggle and make out on the couch. I can see our friend's bulge straining at his slacks as your hands roam over each other's bodies. Your kisses are playful and relaxed, but with an underlying, leashed urgency. It has taken you several sessions to teach him how to kiss and make love to you the way you need it.

This is the first time I have been present to watch what I have fantasized about - watching my wife enjoying and being enjoyed by another man, completely and fully. He has been uncomfortable with the idea of me being in the same room, but is gradually easing into it. Eventually, you want both of us men to share you at the same time - give you two mouths, four hands, two bodies, two cocks to play with at once. I stiffen at the mere thought, but for now, we must take it slow, lest our relationship with Jake become strained.

I rub myself slowly through my trousers and try to stay calm as I watch him slip one hand under your tight shirt and smooth over your belly, trailing upward to cup one generous handful of left breast. The moan you bury in his mouth sounds delicious. I can see a spreading patch of darker fabric on your loose blue shorts, telling me how very, very wet you are.

I can imagine how hot and needy and slippery you must be, to ooze so much nectar. Your arousal is not lost on Jake either, but he is content to tease you mercilessly as he sensuously strokes and kisses and nuzzles your neck, face, and other sensitive places, tasting the salt on your clean, warm skin. I know your flavour well.

Your own wandering fingers find the button on his shirt and open it to his navel, pulling the shirttails out of his waistband. You plant little kisses on his chest, nipping gently at his nipples, your hands stroking and playing with the hairs on his chest, and following the 'happy trail' to his groin.

Your lust has made you greedy. No longer content to merely cup his bulge, you begin to open his fly, hungry to feel the heat of his awakened flesh in your hand. Once opened, your hand disappears inside his boxers, beginning a gentle stroking motion and eliciting a heartfelt groan from our friend. I muffle a similar groan as I try to reign in my lust. You are tracing his lips with your tongue.

Jake gives in to your call, and slides his wandering, grabby hand down from your breasts across your belly, down your hips, stroking your thighs, and then, on the upstroke, slips his hand inside the leg of your drenched shorts. You gasp as his fingers find your sopping cunt, and he groans with delight at the first touch of the warm, inviting place you have made for him.

I am very pleased that you have started getting so turned on again! Rarely since we were teenagers have you gotten so soggy and lubricated. I am thankful to Jake for helping bring back the teenager inside you, if nothing else. Wonderful!

I watch as in a dream as you cum from his caresses, bearing down and gasping as his fingers stroke and probe your soft, sweet pussy. After three climaxes, you grasp his wrist and pull his hand to your mouth so you can suck the slick juice from his fingers. You kiss him, sharing your taste with him before kneeling on the floor before him, pulling your scrunched-up shirt over your head. You want to taste his juice now.

He obligingly lifts his feet so you can remove his socks, and raises his hips to allow for the removal of his slacks as you, almost as in a ritual, prepare to suck his cock. The fat head of his member peeks out from the fly of his tented boxers, drooling precum. You told me about how much he leaks, and how good he tastes. Now I see that at least the volume wasn't an exaggeration. You look into his face as you slip your hands into the waistband of his boxers and tug them down over his hips and off, leaving him in his opened, black, long-sleeved shirt.

You grasp his fat, leaking tool in one hand, stroking it gently up and down, while the other hand strokes his thighs, belly, and lingers briefly at his groin, cupping his balls. You look over your shoulder at where I sit in shadow, and give me a smile, your eyes glazed with lust. You pretty little Slut. You lick your lips and turn away, bending down to the task at hand. You lick slowly from the base to the tip, cleaning the rivulets of clear, sticky juice from his veiny cock. Your free hand creeps down to caress the needy folds of your squishy cunt as you enjoy a mouthful of hot, drippy manhood.

What a sight you are! Dressed only in very loose, very damp blue shorts, kneeling on the floor in front of our couch, your fingers stroking your inflamed cunt while you make mewling, lusty sounds, your hungry mouth full of the rigid, tasty erection of a man not your husband. I want nothing better than to pull down your shorts and bury my face in the sopping fur and flesh of your steaming crotch. The room is full of the musky scent of intensely aroused woman. And I love it.

Jake groans appreciably as you pleasure him with your lips, tongue, teeth, and hand. You gaze into his eyes as you rub his constantly dribbling cockhead on your cheek before popping him back into your mouth for a moment of bliss. We all wish that your jaw did not bother you so much, else you could slurp him to your hearts content. You frig yourself to orgasm and come to an erect position on your knees while you buck and shudder and gasp: "Alley, kiss me now!"

I oblige, entering the scene briefly to taste your cream-flavoured mouth. Our tongues wrestle as you moan out another climax, and I break off the kiss to retreat out of the scene again. Yes, he is tasty, too.

You stand on wobbly legs and Jake moves to the edge of the couch, kissing your belly and inhaling the hot scent of what is still hidden beneath the wet blue fabric below your navel. You help him the rest of the way out of his shirt as he supports you, and keeps you from falling.

Once free of his shirt, he strokes your body earnestly roaming over your back and breasts and legs. Finally, he grabs the elastic waistband of your shorts and pushes them down your shapely hips. Your hand guides his head to your trimmed, glistening wet patch of fur, and I hear your gasp as his searching tongue makes contact with your sensitive nubbin. He slowly runs his tongue and nose in your channel, bumping your clit with each stroke as he tastes you. Finally neither of you can take any more.

He turns you to sit on the couch, your thighs at the edge. He raises himself to place himself on level with your open, ready pussy. Your hands reach down to grasp his erect member and rub the head of his penis in the channel of your drenched vulva. He gasps out loud at the sensation of his sensitive cockhead nestling in your hot, liquidly welcoming folds. I moan myself, at the knowledge of the sensation, the mind-blowing intensity of the feeling.

Finally, you aim his naked member at the entrance to your welcoming pussy, and sigh luxuriously as he presses the head into you. You both rest there a minute, until he begins to gently rock his hips, easing a little more of his thick length into my beautiful, loving, and slutty wife. You groan as you feel his balls bounce against your ass, telling that he is fully inside you. I watch transfixed as our friend pulls his slick, shiny cock from you and then pushes in back home to the hilt.

Over and over in a building rhythm, we move together. You stroke your clit and wet your fingers with your juice, bringing them up to Jake's mouth to suck. I love it when you do that to me. As your orgasm builds inside your belly, and you wrap your shapely legs around his waist, I shed my trousers and boxer-briefs to release my own eager cock. Pumping furiously in time to his thrusts. There is so much I want to do, but know it's best to wait for another time.

With a shuddering, groaning, moaning, cry, Steve grinds his pubes into your clit and fills your womb with his customarily huge load of thick spunk, flooding you with a hot rush of extra wetness, which almost always sets you off. This time is no exception.

Jake gently during the aftershocks. Seeing my predicament, you ask Jake to pull out this time, and as he does so, you pull me down for sloppy seconds. One hand reaches up to touch my face, as the other pulls gently at my turgid erection. I see and feel the white drips of Jake's semen trickling from your stretched, open pussy lips, and it is very hard to keep from coming too soon.

As your hand guides me inside, I feel the extra-slippery lubrication as I dip the head of my penis into another man's freshly deposited semen. I moan a low, throaty growl as I sink fully into you. I am lost in the eroticism and lust of the moment and begin to uncontrollably rut into your welcoming body.

I press myself against your sweaty body, feeling the fullness of your breast against my chest, your nipples pushing back against me like marbles. I am half-aware as you urge Steve to move closer so you can suck him clean. The sight of his cock slipping into your mouth mere inches from my face sends me over the edge, and I lose myself in the most intense orgasm of my life. I add a copious load of my own to your very full, very creamy pie, and collapse on top of you, senseless.

When I recover a few minutes later, you are stroking my hair and telling me how much you love me. I can hear Jake in the kitchen, getting us all something to eat and drink, good guy that he is.

You look into my eyes, and I know what your gaze means. You want what I want. I lie down on the carpet on my back, and wait for you. Very carefully, on shaky legs, you slide down to straddle my head, and lower yourself over my face. I reach out with my tongue as my hands reach out to steady your bottom. "Eat me, Lover. Yes! Suck my pussy! Taste our juices. Make me come again."

What else can I do? I oblige.

I Love You.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com