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Wives-Let Loose
Let Loose

       She walked into our warehouse and we all noticed the long legs, extremely tight slacks and the beautiful face. Whatever she was selling, I was buying. Turns out she was selling office and shipping supplies. We needed both. I quickly directed her into my office, as I followed her in I could smell her perfume. It was perfect. Her dress slacks fit well into her crack, if she was wearing underwear it had to be a thong.

I always have been an easy mark for a great ass and nice legs. Turns out once a week she would be in Fort Worth, the other days were spent in the greater Dallas area. As with most sales jobs she usually needed to fill out her schedule for a boss who was in another state. She was a quick conversationalist and we learned a lot about each other in a short period of time. One afternoon after she had left the office she called and asked me to meet her for drinks. We met at TGIF's.

Our first meeting was just two adults meeting for drinks. She was frustrated with her relationship with her husband. Middle age was setting in and she was convinced her days of turning heads were behind her. I assured her she turned heads every day. I did mention she should update her wardrobe with some shorter skirts and some tops that showed some cleavage. She let me guess her sizes and I offered to buy her an outfit.

The next morning I called her on the way to the office and asked her what she was wearing, " a skirt & button down blouse" was her response. I asked her to pull the skirt up to mid thigh and open her blouse to her bra line. We then chatted about where she was going that day and the guys in their trucks who would enjoy looking at her as they drove by.

Later she called and told me that one of her customers couldn't keep his eyes off her blouse. She said that even though she wasn't attracted to him she enjoyed the attention. She was enjoying her job again, I was right and she was loosening up. That afternoon she called me from home and said she was going to pour a glass of wine and relax. I told her to open the blinds in the living room, strip to her bra and thong, grab her vibe and call me back.

When she called back her breathing was shallow and fast. She said she had opened the blinds and if someone walked up they would see her lying across the sofa. She turned her vibe on and started telling me about the guys who had looked down her blouse or commented about how good she was looking. She talked about needing a cock and how she wanted to suck me off, I told her she would get the chance and she would have to swallow it all. She screamed as her orgasm took over. She told me I would see her tomorrow.

The next afternoon she walked in wearing a nice dress and smelling great. She sat down and pulled her skirt up and turned sideways in the chair so I could see all of her right leg. She went on again about her day and the fact that she spent it letting customers look her over with lust in their eyes. She then stood up raised her dress to her waist and pulled her thong off and handed it to me. She then walked over and let me touch her for the first time. Her pussy was shaved completely. I guided her with my hand and slipped 2 fingers into her cunt. She was soaking wet, I kissed her ass, stood up and felt tits through her dress. She grabbed my cock through my jeans.

One of the outer office doors opened and she stepped back and let her dress fall. The thong was a red lace from Victoria Secret. She told me it was mine. We walked out to the parking lot and I retrieved the outfit I had purchased for her. Black skirt, light cotton V neck button down blouse with a silk cami and matching thong. We agreed to meet at Sardine's {a local Italian restaurant}.

WOW, when she walked in the bartender and I both couldn't quit looking. I got up and let her slide into the booth. She leaned in and gave me a 20 second kiss that communicated how hot she was feeling. The outfit looked great and she felt attractive. We ordered drinks and when the bartender brought them back he could see I had pushed her skirt at least half way up her thigh. We continued kissing and feeling, I unbuttoned a button on her blouse which exposed the cami and some nice cleavage.

A few more minutes and her skirt was up to her waist. I was fingering her through the material. She reached up and slid the thong down her legs and off. She then took my hand and guided it back to her pussy. She began to moan loud enough that the 2 people at the bar and bar tender were looking at her. Her face was flushed and she was needing to climax. She backed off a little as the bar tender brought us another round. Her blouse was open and her pussy was clearly visible to the bar tender and she made no attempt to cover up. She smiled as he put down the drinks. She told me she needed to go the rest room.

I told her I might follow her.

She said, "Come on, I dare you!" She buttoned 2 of the lower buttons on her blouse and slipped out. I gave her about a 30 second head start and then followed, when I turned the corner she was in the rest room but looking out the door. She held the door open and pulled me in. She went to her knees and was opening my pants at the same time.

The idea that someone could walk in added to the excitement of the moment. She had my cock in her moth and my balls in her hand. After about 3 minutes she said, "I need to be fucked!" She got up turned around put her hands on the door and bent over. I was balls deep on the first thrust, my balls slapping against her ass felt so good, my hands were under her squeezing her tits, we went at it for about 5 minutes, she said she wanted to finish in the parking lot.

We went back to the bar paid the tab and went out to her car, I couldn't believe this shy conservative woman was changing so quickly. It was about 2:30 in the afternoon and the parking lot was almost empty. She was driving a small Toyota. She didn't let that slow her down. She spread her legs and laid her back across the console. My cock was throbbing, there she was blouse open, cami pulled up over her tits and her skirt pushed up over her waist.

It took about a second to shove my cock into her. I was pounding her pussy, her tits were bouncing with each thrust. She said it was killing her back and for me to finish. That was all it took I sunk in to my balls and shot my load deep into her cunt. The release was one of the best in my life. I pulled out and helped her sit up. Cum was beginning to run out of her pussy. She pulled her cami down and pulled her blouse together. My cum was spilling out staining her seat. She again pulled me to her and kissed me like there would be no tomorrow. We agreed we were going to plan many more outings that would include showing her to other guys and then fucking to our hearts content.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com