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Wives-My Energy Fuel
My Energy Fuel

      The door barged open and before I could react, like a drill sergeant, she barked out, "Visiting hours are over... time to leave."

I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights as I stood pressed against the safety rail of Nina's hospital bed pants puddled around my ankles and a very thick and swollen penis pushed through the rail opening so that Nian could get her mouth to it.

Six days earlier Nina had entered the hospital for back surgery. Though the surgery was considered successful, the recovery was proceeding much slower than anticipated, resulting in a longer hospital stay. For Nina this was frustrating. At home she would have indulged herself, but here in the hospital she was not afforded the luxury of enjoying a leisurely blowjob. But as always, what Nina wants, Nina gets.

Twisting and turning onto her side as much as she dared, she had a death grip on my cock and was gobbling as much of it as the rail would allow. She looked like a convict with her head pressed against the railing. But she was happy, and that's all that matters.

Nina is always happy, to use her words, when it's time for her 'energy boost.' She preferred the hot cream to the latest energy drink 'cause it's always fresh and warm. So with my hips uncomfortably pressed against the safety rail I was doing all I could to keep her satisfied not an easy assignment when you considered she had been deprived for nearly a week.

So there I stood, hands gripping the rail, pants around my ankles, watching Nina nurse a very pleasant sight. She was working me like a new puppy on a fat nipple. And hospital room or not, feeling her lips and warm mouth work the meat was delightful. But then came that damn interruption...

"What is going on?"

Stalking toward the bed it was clear the nurse was none too happy finding a dick in the mouth of her patient.

Glaring at me "Is this your idea?" And without thinking, like a schoolboy about to wet his pants, I shook my head 'no'. I'm surprised I didn't say, "No ma'am."

With a smack of her lips Nina pulled off and exhaustedly laid her head back on the pillow.

"No, it was mine," she said trying to catch her breath. "I've been here a week and that's about as long as I can go without..."

She never got to finish.

Still in her priggish schoolmarm voice: "You may like sucking a dick...and a week is a long absence, I'll give you that...but don't you realize you've just had back surgery? Excessive twisting of your back and movement of your head like you're doing can undo everything the surgeon has done."

Now glaring at me she continued...

"What's wrong with you you ought to know better than this! Couldn't you reason with her?"

I didn't say anything. Reason with her? No, you can't reason with her. Somewhere along the way I lost control of my penis. I may be the caretaker, but Nina had assumed ownership and for Nina, sucking cock was considered to be an entitlement! When she informed me that she didn't intend to go another day without a power boost, I didn't argue I never do. But neither did I like the way things were going.

It was clear, if something didn't change, nurse Magee would probably conclude this was my idea. So I decided it would be best if I made an attempt to pull back from the rail and pull up my pants. But Nina had not approved that decision. When I attempted to pull away, she put a lumberjack grip on the cock and bit down with her teeth. It hurt like hell, but I got the message!

Walking around the end of the bed, the nurse stopped beside me. Grabbing Nina's wrist with her right hand and my cock with her left, she snapped, "Nina, let go!"

Now I've got two hands gripping me tightly one trying to hold fast and the other pulling. There was a moment of tenseness, but finally, reluctantly, Nina released her grip, but the tears were welling up in her eyes.

Not wanting to be the bad guy in all this, I summoned the courage to explain to nurse Magee that it had been Nina's insistence that caused me to stand beside her bed feeding her cock. I was only doing as I was told. And after all, had I not been lovingly stroking her cheeks and forehead as she gobbled the sausage? Was this nurse blind? Could she not see how affectionate and loving I was? Surely she would understand how much Nina enjoyed and looked forward to her love broth. It just seemed that once my compassion and kindness became evident, nurse Magee would act more kindly and respectful toward me.

So with my new found confidence and the deep oratory voice of TV preacher I said, "Nurse Magee, it wasn't my..."

"Shut up! Just stand there and keep quite!"

Gently placing her right hand on Nina's back, she supported her while Nina eased back over onto her back. She appeared exhausted, but hell, it wasn't my fault. I even had red marks on my stomach and lower thighs where I had pushed in so forcefully. If that isn't love, I don't know what is!

"Nina, your back was twisted...and from what I could see, you were exerting entirely too much neck movement."

Nina let out an exhausted sigh, but tears were now cascading down her cheeks.

"Are you in any pain, sweetheart?" she asked. Nina shook her head that she wasn't.

"I think I understand then," she softly remarked. Leaning over she softly whispered in Nina's ear, "Honey, I love to suck a big cock, too, but dear, right now the care of your back is more important than feeling one swell and then surrender to you."

Wanting to do a good deed had not worked out well. Things seemed to be going from bad to worse, and the quicker I could holster Nina's pacifier the better I would feel about things. I wanted to get the pants zipped and snapped even though nurse Magee still had a good tight grip on me. I nevertheless needed to make a goodwill gesture. So rather than ask permission to retire the 'energy boost' dispenser, I took a step backward thinking she would know that visitation was ending for Mr. Friendly, too.

It was the wrong thing to do!

"You stand right here, and don't move! Understand? I'm going to release you, but I don't want you to move! Are we on the same page?"

Her words were dripping with venom. I nodded that I understood. She relaxed her grip, but instead of entirely releasing me, her hand began a slow stroking motion. Gone was the semi-erection and back now was the hot swelling that had been stuffed in Nina's mouth.

Releasing me, Nurse Magee leaned forward, gently stroked Nina's cheek then kissed her on the forehead. Moving her face along side Nina's she whispered, "Nina, had he ejaculated for you yet?"

Turning her face to the nurse, Nina shook her head back and forth.

She kissed her forehead again. "Well, we'll take care of that."

Addressing me again in a voice that was not as loud, but just as sharp, she said, "You stand right there!"

Walking to the opposite wall she opened a cabinet door and pulled out three pillows. Moving then to that side of the bed she began to slowly and carefully rotate Nina a quarter turn onto her side. She then placed the pillows behind her head and shoulders, back and lower hips, and her legs. The pillows now supported Nina so she could comfortably rest on her side.

"How's that dear...any discomfort?"

"No...none at all."

Nina was now on her side, close to the edge of the bed staring at my cock. I thought about attempting to cover up but I was certain any movement on my part would have met with a nasty remark from Nurse Magee. So as silly as I felt, I stood as I was instructed and waited to see what she intended to do next.

Returning to stand beside me she now released the safety rail and let it slide out of the way. Squeezing a thin line of clear lotion in her hand, she rubbed her hands together then slowly encircled my rigid member. Her hand was hot and felt very good.

Nina was wide-eyed as nurse Magee picked up the tempo of her strokes. It was nothing less than a very good jacked off. It felt so good I couldn't help but close my eyes.

"Look at him Nina. He's really enjoying this. It won't be long and he'll give up that sweet cream for us."

As Nina watched, nurse Magee dropped to her knees, engulfed as much cock as she could safely mouth, and then vigorously fucked me. She was ever bit as good as Nina and was certainly not a novice. This nurse knew how to blow a bone! Unable to resist, I thrust into her mouth.

Coming up for air she gasped, "Whew, this is a big boy!"

Nina whispered back, "I know."

Continuing her oral assault on my cock, she was breaking me down and I could feel the deep boil. She did too. Standing she then grabbed my cock and fiercely gripped and stroked me. There was no let up. She had no intention of letting the boil reduce to a simmer. This was a nurse on a mission.

"He's close, Nina...real close." Her voice was excited. Hell, we were all excited. The eruption was close. Both of them were open-mouthed and waiting for the payoff. Nina then gave her the secret.

"Slip your left hand behind him and lightly scratch his balls with your fingernails. But get ready; he'll pay off like a slot machine."

She did. And I did!

Sensing the shudder as the molten juice was traveling upward through the tube, she pulled my cock toward Nina. "Open up, sweetheart; we've tapped Fort Knox."

As nurse Magee pushed my cock into Nina's open mouth the first of a dozen rips of thick cream erupted in a much needed blast. Nina closed her mouth around the cock and held on. The second and third blast came quickly. Large loads of her "energy" drink. And with each throb and release of the cock there was her, "Ummmmm... ummmm... ummm." I never tire of hearing her expressions of thanks. No matter the load size, she never spills a drop.

But after four squirts of the thick liquid bullion, nurse Magee pulled my cock from Nina's mouth with a loud smack, quickly spun me around and wrapped her mouth around my cock. This surprise was wonderfully arousing, and I quickly rewarded her with three rich blasts of hot cream.

Wrapping my hands around her head, I held her steady and slowly fucked her mouth. She was cock-hungry too. After a few minutes and several more loads of sauce, she pulled off my now drooping yet still swollen cock. I thought there might be repercussions between she and Nina, but there were none. Apparently nurse Magee realized that though Nina desperately wanted to suck a dick, she was also tired. It was good of her to relieve her of that burden until she was stronger.

Nurse Magee asked me to have a seat in the recliner in the corner while she repositioned Nina so she could take a nap. she did and Nina quickly fell asleep.

But now nurse was approaching me. I presumed I was about to get a tongue lashing; it was apparent she wasn't finished with me. But what a shock!

As Magee knelt in front of me and slipped my cock back into her mouth, I couldn't help but be thankful for the care she was receiving. I must commend this wonderful nurse. Maybe everything I had been thinking had been wrong. Well, if so, I needed to admit it.

"Nurse magee, thank for the competent care you are providing for Nina. I just want you to know that..."

"Shut the fuck up, and slide your ass down here where I can get to this cock better!"

I wasn't going to argue with her, but neither was I about to change my mind; it was settled for me. Good hospital care is so hard to find!

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com