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Wives-My Fantasy Is Big Cocks
My Fantasy Is Big Cocks

       She was laying on the double wide chaise lounge, on her stomach, letting the sun warm her back.

I could see her trim, small, almost bald labia peaking out between her long slim legs, just under the two bubbles that formed her tight ass. Beautiful was the only thought.

I placed the ice tea on the table and sat down beside her, staring at the moisture leaking and slowly rolling down her tight slit. It was our combined cum from the lovemaking that had occurred just minutes before.

"Okay, what's bothering you?"

"Nothing dear, I was just wondering about something."

"Out with it or I'll clamp my legs together."

I reached and slowly inserted my finger into her cum

soaked hole. "Is that you, I remember you as being longer?"

I twisted my hand, my finger finding her 'G' spot and started a slow massage.

"Oh my, there must be something on your mind."

"Have you, huh?"

"Have I what?"

"Never mind."

"Have I ever had someone else, is that what you're trying to ask?"

"Huh, yes, I guess."

"Do you mean other than the football team (giggle)?"

"I'm serious, has there ever been someone else?"

"Would it bother you if someone had plundered the royal treasury?"

"Only if it was something more than casual."

"Oh, do you have a fantasy you haven't disclosed?"

She suddenly pulled away and sat up. "I see you're prepared to torture me until I confess (a giggle as she looked at my modest 7 inches standing between my legs)."

She just as suddenly flipped over and stuck her pert ass into the air. "I'll never tell - you'll have to torture me to get a confession."

I swung my legs over hers and grabbed her slim hips pulling her back until we touched.

"Dear boy, you'll have to do more."

I slowly slid into her wet, sloppy cunt.

"What was it you wanted to know?"

A quick slam.

"Need some practice at torture techniques."

Another quick slam.

"This isn't working."

I pulled almost all the way out, leaving only the head held in place by her vaginal muscles, "A quick learner, much better torture technique."

She tried to move her ass back but I pulled completely out.

"No fair."

"Confess all and I'll screw you till your toes curl and you faint from the orgasm."

She flipped to her back and stared into my eyes.

"Get back in the saddle and finish me off - then we can do mutual confessions."

I looked between those spread legs at a lightly tufted, smooth pussy. I crawled up, positioning myself and slowly shoved in until our pubic bones met.

She grabbed my head and pulled me down for a sensual kiss, her tongue darting into my mouth.

I started stroking into her as her lips moved to my cheek and then my ear, a light bite on the ear lobe and then - "Maybe."

For a guy who had come not 15 minutes before, just the thought of someone else in my playpen suddenly took me over the edge and I blasted another load into her freshly fucked cunt.

"We need to talk about bum fucks and promises, my toes didn't even curl. Have you been holding back in the fantasy department?"

Embarrassed, I stuttered. She reached down between us and grabbed me lightly by the balls.

"Let me show you how a real dungeon master tortures a victim."

A light squeeze.

I tried to pull out and was rewarded with a pull on my balls that firmly seated me again.

"Have you had someone else?"


A stronger squeeze.

"You lie, answer me slave."

"It's the truth, I've looked at others but I have the most beautiful gem in the world."

"Good answer for someone whose balls are being crushed. Tell me your fantasies now."

I must have hesitated, she squeezed my balls harder this time.

"Tell me..."

"I have thought about you with someone else."

"Would you like that."

Another squeeze.

"Yes, if it were casual and without possible repercussions."

"Oh my, do I want to know the rest of this fantasy?"

"I've dreamed of you fucking a well hung stud."

"Big cock?"

"Yes, big cocks."

"Uhh, plural, I like your fantasy."

She had let go of my balls and I quickly withdrew my wilted cock and sat back on my ankles.

She continued, "You said without possible repercussions, what did you mean."

"They must be happily married, preferably with kids, clean and not in our social circle."

"They - plural again, you intrigue me, why married?"

"Because they'll go home and they're disposable."


"We can end it without explanation or someone causing problems, at least more problems than we can cause them. I would dearly love to see you fucked by a big cock."

Long silence - did I go too far.

"Well old boy, that happens to be my fantasy."

"What, to see me fucked by a big cock."

"No silly boy, I want to be fucked by a big cock... although (a big grin)."

Another long silence while she stared at me, then.

"Any candidates?"

"A couple of guys I golf with might be candidates."

"Big cocks?"

"I think so but they always golf with their pants on."

No smile, just a twinkle in the eyes.

"I think I know a perfect candidate."



"Eric, that short guy that's always riding by on his bike."


"How do you know he has a big cock."

"I was walking by the creek the other day and it was so damn hot that I decided to do a 'September Morn' thing in the pool. I was wearing that short summer dress and nothing underneath so I just pulled it off and dove into the pool for a short swim. It's our property and I didn't expect anyone to be nearby."

"Go on."

"I pulled out on that big boulder on the far side of the pool and was soaking up some rays when I noticed movement on the outher side. I closed my eyes, just barely seeing through the eyelids. It was Eric, he must have been riding the trail along the creek.

I slowly spread my legs and touched myself, all the time watching Eric. He wears those tight biking shorts and I couldn't believe it when I saw the bulge, it must have hurt because he adjusted himself and I almost sat up when I saw it grow straight up, there must have been 3 to 4 inches sticking out of the top of his shorts.

I'm guessing almost 10 inches of fat cock."

"What happened?"

"Nothing, I was so startled that I started to get up. He ducked and either watched me dress or took off. He wasn't there when I came back up the hill."

"He sounds perfect, could you entice him."

"Silly boy, is the pope catholic?"

"No, I'm serious."

"And also at attention again."

"Could you recruit him."

"He's male, all males suffer from a shortage of blood."

"What do you mean?"

"Males have just enough blood to operate their brain or their penis but not enough for both at the same time."

"Broad brush strokes old girl."

"What is your first memory of me?"

"I saw you trying to get your bike out of the rack as I came out of class. You were so beautiful that, being a gentleman, I helped you with the bike. I remember your not so warm thank you and then you swung you leg over the seat and all I could see was long legs and a tight panty covered ass. I had to run after you just to get your name. You seemed to ignore me after you gave me your name, it took me a week to pin down your class schedule. And another two weeks of chance encounters before you even started talking to me."

"What were you thinking with that first month of chasing me?"

"You're right, it wasn't my brain."

"What did you think when I swung my leg over the bike?"

"I thought you were in a hurry to get someplace, are you telling me it was intentional."

"Silly boy, I don't flash just anyone."

"But you ignored me."

"I just set the hook and let you fight against the line as I slowly reeled you in."

"You didn't?"

"You have a lot to learn about women."

"Eric, are you sure you can recruit him?"

"Are you sure you can go through with this fantasy?"


Grabbing my stiff cock - "What are you thinking with silly boy?"

"You're right but I can see from hard nipples on pert little breast and a cunt that is positively flowing, that women might be short on blood."

"Take care of this mess you've created and I'll see what I can do."


"My toes curled but I didn't pass out, we've got to practice some more."

The following Saturday afternoon...

"Hi honey, I'm home - a great golf game."

Silence, I glanced at the pool area and then headed to our bedroom. There she was asleep on the bed, nude, relaxed, beautiful.

I started for the bed while taking my clothes off and stopped short, she had spread out two thick beach towels and was sleeping on them, I could see a wet spot framing her slim hips. I could also see the small tuft of pubic hair was matted and dried cum was on her cunt and legs.

I slowly finished undressing finding my cock standing at attention with pre-cum already oozing out the tip.

When I sat down on the end of the bed, her eyes slowly opened, she lay there for a minute and then a smile formed as she slowly spread and drew back her legs.

"What time is it?"


"Hearing impaired, a lack of blood (giggle)."

"It about two."

"That's was freshly fucked pussy you're drooling over, at least it was fresh three hours ago."


"Yes silly boy."


"Mono syllabic, more blood loss (giggle), it was easy. I just made sure I was out front when he came riding by. I waved him down and muttering about you thinking golf is more important, asked if he could give me a hand with the pool cover."

"I pretended to trip as we came around the corner of the house, I sat back and pulled the injured knee to my chest. With that short dress he could see all. He positively turned a dozen shades of red but his eyes didn't waver. When he started drooling, I gave him a long hard stare and quietly said 'my husband would rather play golf and doesn't have time for me.' He was little more than a slobber blob with a woody that wouldn't stop.

I asked if he could help me to the chaise lounge and he gave me an arm to lean on as I hobbled to the lounge and when I lay back on the lounge, I made sure my knees were slightly elevated so he could see under the dress. I patted the lounge beside me and he sat down as I started to cry.

He became alarmed and asked if I was in pain. "No dear boy," I said as I leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I was just thinking about how my husband doesn't find me attractive anymore' and like a good knight, he started telling me I was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen."

"Within two minutes I had him kissing me and feeling my breast through the dress. All I had to do, was touch him and he exploded, really soaking his riding shorts. He became apologetic but I shushed him and told him I thought he was a gallant knight."

"Two more minutes and we were both nude, each groping the other. We started shifting positions until he was between my legs, when I pushed his head down, he dived right into my box. Not very good at it but I'll teach him."

"Did he fuck you?"

"Silly boy, are you blind from the lack of blood, yes he did and it was wonderful."


"Mono syllabic again, we need to work on your communication skills (giggle)."

"Tell me now."

"When he tired of eating me, he shuffled into position, I reached down to guide him and my hand didn't reach completely around him. I held on to him as he started pushing in, I was so tight that his cock actually bent before the head broke past my hole. He was in a hurry and pushed right in, it hurt but I still got off on the feeling. He bottomed out and I've never felt so full, so wonderfully full. I was short of breath because I was so stuffed."

"When he started stroking, I came again. I could feel every inch of the beautiful cock and every time he stroked in, I could feel him shoving my uterus up and he's tapered, the deeper he goes the wider it gets. I swear, the last two inches stretched me so much that his cock was rubbing against my clit."

"When he came, I came again, I could feel every spurt against my cervix which was fluttering, dipping into the sperm pool and rubbing the head of his dick. He came a lot making me feel even fuller as that hot cum poured into me."

"He wilted and then the remorse set in. I did some damage control assuring him that he was helping me and that there was no threat to his marriage. After a few minutes, we were talking about when we could get together again."


"You're going to play poker Wednesday evening, I'll move the plant on the front porch if everything is safe and will leave the garage door open so he can ride in and close the door."

"Will he let me watch?"

"Heavens no, you'll have to figure out a way to watch without being observed. You might want to consider some way of taping it or risk explaining to the police why you were peaking through windows."

"Video, that might work."

"Want to see the collateral that was deposited in the treasury?"

She spread her legs even more and there was a surge in the cum leaking from her slit. I leaned down and spread the lips to see a slightly gaping vaginal opening. I noticed that her nether lips were becoming engorged with blood and her clit was starting to protrude. A soft kiss on the clit and she clamped her legs, capturing my head as she came hard.

The pungent smell was getting me to a point of no return so I quickly sat back on my knees and started shuffling forward

"Sloppy seconds part of the fantasy?"

"It is now."

I entered her quickly feeling the extra lubricant supplied by Eric, that plus the image of a big cock slicing into her and the heat of her pelvic area caused me to come way too soon.

"Hum, another bum fuck. We need a cold shower and some rest and then you can curl my toes like that big cock did."

We lay together bonding as only two people in love can do until we had exhausted ourselves.

In the shower she turned to me as I finished washing her back, softly kissed me and asked, "When can we start looking for a really big cock?"

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com