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Wives-My Old Favorite Lover
My Old Favorite Lover

      My wife and I have been married for 22 years and together for several years longer than that. One of the great things about our relationship has been our sex life, with both of us enjoying acts that are both pleasurable and often quite adventurous. We have always been totally honest about our past lives and lovers and I often got a lot of excitement in hearing my wife, Alix, describe her past sexual encounters, particularly with her first lover, a Puerto Rican boy named Eddie.

Alix would describe Eddie's passionate style of lovemaking and especially his large member in great detail, all at my request. For some reason I found all of this very exciting, even when she would acknowledge that my own penis was much smaller.

From the beginning of our relationship, Alix told me that she had never had an orgasm through intercourse, and so I would always insure that she had one via oral or manual stimulation. Alix has always been accommodating to me as well, especially when I would beg her to tell me about her past sexual exploits while she or I would jack my dick.

Things were going along normally this way when one day Alix and I were standing in the kitchen preparing dinner. We often had the house to ourselves now since our two oldest children were off at college and our youngest was in high school and usually off with his friends.

"I saw Eddie today," Alix said casually.

I was stunned. I immediately knew who she was talking about, but Alix had lost all contact with her old boyfriend when we were dating nearly 30 years ago. She explained that she had bumped into him at a store and that he had acted very glad to see her. He had been out of the area for many years, but had moved back about 9 months before.

"Don't worry," she laughed. "You don't have anything to be concerned about."

I could see a bit of nervous excitement in her as she described seeing him again.

That night we had passionate sex. I came quickly and with great intensity, as did Alix. Afterwards, we lay and talked as we usually did. I brought up the possibility of inviting Eddie for dinner sometime.

"Really?" she replied. "You wouldn't be jealous?"

I told her that it didn't bother me, and in fact, it was somewhat exciting to think of her talking with an old lover. "Who knows?" I said, "Maybe he would like another evening with you?"

Alix laughed and said that she was sure that was not the case.

So Alix made the invite and we arranged a date. As usual, we had the house to ourselves as our son was spending the night at a friend's house. Eddie arrived and was very friendly, speaking about what a lovely house we had and how beautiful and fit Alix looked after all these years.

I myself was quite nervous and had to soothe myself with several drinks before I could relax. After we ate, we retired to the living room for more drinks and we listened to some music. Some salsa music came on and Alix begged me to dance with her. She looked beautiful in a clingy black dress that showed off her trim figure.

"You know I can't salsa," I replied. "Why don't you dance with Eddie? I bet he knows how to salsa."

Eddie quickly got up and began dancing with Alix. I sat on the couch with my drink and watched as they moved together. I could feel a stirring in my pants as they swayed together in time with the music.

This went on for awhile and then the pace of the music slowed to a romantic rhythm and they began to move closer to each other. I could see that Alix was enjoying it immensely. Suddenly, Eddie leaned in and gave Alix a big kiss on her lips. She responded automatically before pulling away. "Eddie!" she said, "I think this has gone far enough."

I don't know why, but I immediately said "No, honey, it's okay. I can see that you two are enjoying each other and it doesn't bother me."

We had often shared fantasies of taking another lover, but neither of us ever thought it would turn into a reality. "Are you sure?" she asked, looking straight at me. "Yes," I replied. They then resumed their kissing and it began to grow more passionate rapidly.

Soon they were running their hands over each other and squeezing their bodies together. Eddie began to run his hands under Alix's skirt and lift it up, exposing a pair of black thong panties. He began to quickly remove her dress, and then she began to unbuckle his pants and unbutton his shirt. I could see the urgency in her eyes. Soon she stood there completely naked in front of Eddie in only his boxers.

There was a huge protrusion at his crotch. "Oh Alix, you look so beautiful," he said, and it was true. Alix looked at me once again and asked, "You're sure?" I nodded silently and continued to rub my crotch. With that, she pulled down his shorts and exposed his throbbing dick. It stood straight out, dark and hairy, about 9 inches and very thick. His huge, hairy balls were drawn up tight.

"It's been a long time," she said, as she sank to her knees and held his cock. She kissed it and ran her fingers over the length of it before she took the head into her mouth and began sucking. She moaned as she stretched her mouth wide over it, not able to take but only a small portion of his length before gagging softly.

He moaned in response, obviously enjoying her efforts. "Your wife hasn't forgotten how to suck," he said to me as he smiled in my direction. "Let's see if she remembers how to fuck."

With that, he laid Alix down on the couch next to me. She laid back and lifted her legs up in the air, spreading her pussy completely to him. He gradually worked his length into her, as she moaned loudly. As for me, I had removed my penis from my pants and was now rubbing it enthusiastically. It had grown to it's full length of 5 inches, and I couldn't help but compare it to his.

I began to masturbate as I watched him pound his dick into my wife. She began to call out "Oh Eddie! Your dick is so big! It feels so good!" She moaned loudly and then it happened. I heard the sound I recognized so well- her sustained cries that announced that she was having an orgasm! I at once felt happy for her and at the same time, humiliated that another man had to be the one to bring her to it during fucking.

He continued to fuck her wildly and then suddenly pulled out, his dick dripping with her secretions. He positioned her on all fours on the couch and then stood behind her and fucked her doggy style. Soon, she delivered another noisy orgasm, followed quickly by another.

Finally, he grunted loudly as he pushed into her and his spasms indicated that he was cumming in her pussy. They collapsed in a heap on the couch. Soon, they both looked over at me. I was laying there with my limp dick in my hand and my cum all over my stomach. Eddie chuckled, "Why don't you make yourself useful and go get some Kleenex?"

I immediately complied. I could hear them talking in low tones while I got the tissues, and I suddenly felt a little embarrassed about my nakedness and what had happened. I returned to the living room and began catching the dripping cum from Alix's pussy. When I was finished, she took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom.

"Eddie wants to do some things and you said it was okay with you, right?"

"Um sure," I replied. "What kinds of things?"

"Well, for starters, he wants you to put on my bra and panties."

"What!?!" I said in loud response.

"Shhhhh! You said you were okay with it and now you want to change your mind?" she hissed. I could tell that Alix was coming from a different place than she ever had before. Reluctantly, I let her help me into a bra and a pair of her thong panties. I felt humiliated.

"You look cute!" she said encouragingly, but I didn't feel any better. We returned to the living room and I hung my head. Eddie laughed when he saw me. "Now, that's nice," he said. "Now, Dave, you get a camera and take some shots of me and Alix."

It seemed as if he was directing everything now and Alix was supporting him. I got our digital camera and began taking pictures of the two of them in various poses -- her licking his balls and ass, him fingering and licking her pussy, her on her knees in front of him looking at his dick, and then her sucking on his huge dick. Then he directed Alix to take some shots of me -- bending over in my thong, holding my legs up in the air, and then of our two cocks side by side. His appeared more than two times larger than mine. "Get a close-up," he directed, and she complied. Then he sat on the couch with his legs spread, and instructed me to get between his legs.

Even though I didn't want to, I knew that Alix did, so I got on my knees and sat between his legs. "Now kiss my balls," he said. Slowly I leaned forward, closed my eyes and touched my lips to his hairy balls. I could hear Alix taking pictures. Next he ordered me to kiss his shaft and up to the head of his cock. Then I was told to lick the shaft and finally to suck the head of his dick.

Here I was, a middle aged man, sucking the dick of my wife's lover while she photographed the scene. Humiliated, I began to suck and lick his dick in earnest, knowing the inevitable conclusion to which we were heading. His huge cock kept growing ever bigger and harder in my mouth. He made me hold each of his hairy balls in my mouth and suck on each one. He instructed me to fit as much of his hard dick in my mouth as I could until I gagged. Then he had me jack his dick with one hand while I fondled his balls with the other, all the while keeping my mouth over the head.

I could feel his glans slide over my lips and I knew how much it must be stimulating him. "OOhh, Dave, you're a good woman," he moaned. Then as I increased the rate of my jacking and sucking, he began to tighten and his cock throbbed in my mouth.

A spurt of warm, milky sperm hit the roof of my mouth and dripped down on my tongue. This was quickly followed by another and another and another until my mouth was full of his hot wet cum. Moaning, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and rubbed the remaining cum on my face as Alix clicked the action.

The rest of the night was spent with the two of them engaging in various sexual acts and me as their humiliated servant. They lay together and thought of ways to embarrass me such as making me jack my dick while they derided it's size and the two of them taking turns sliding dildos into my ass. After each fucking session I was made to lick Alix's pussy. Before each fucking session, I was made to suck Eddie to a full erection.

And so it has gone this way now for four months. While I am somewhat disturbed by these events, I am also curiously excited and compelled to be used in this way. I guess I will just have to see what the future brings.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com