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Wives-My Wife Likes Younger Men
My Wife Likes Younger Men

      This story happened just a few weeks ago... My wife and I had met the single guy at a local swinger's hangout about six months ago. He was a real nice guy, but very shy to kinda make this part a little shorter I'll skim through the next several months with just a brief summary. For the sake of privacy, we'll call the guy: Brett. From the beginning both Alana (My Wife) and I could tell that Brett was extremely shy. The night we met, we all had a great conversation, and Alana and Brett danced a lot and I could tell Alana was very turned on by him; but we both also knew nothing would happen that night.

Our eventual goal was to find someone like Brett as a long term friend, and lover, so we were both more than patient. Later that night/morning after Alana I returned home, we fucked ourselves silly as we talked about how excited Brett had gotten her. Alana came hard a couple of times as I talked about how Brett's cock would feel inside her, and how his cum might taste to her. She WAS turned on.

Well, over a week passed before Brett called Alana at work one day. He said he wanted to meet us for dinner and drinks. As it turned out, I had to work late, and couldn't make it, but I did encourage Alana to go, so she accepted his invitation, and they planned to meet later that evening.

OH, before I go any further, maybe I should tell you a little about Brett. He was a nice looking, and in his late twenties. Alana is 39 and I am 38, younger men turn her on. He is about 6'1" or 6'2" and has a nice build, Dark blonde hair and green eyes.

Although he is by no means a body-builder, his body looked like he did a little working out every now and then. The other thing Alana mentioned about him more than a few times, was that as they danced, she could feel a VERY nice bulge in his pants. For Alana; very nice meant he must be at least a little hung.

Back to the story: The night they got together that first time was rather calm. The way things worked out, they didn't meet for dinner, but met later for drinks, and then headed to a club for some dancing. They spent most of the night talking rather than dancing, but they did share a few slow, but erotic dances. A couple of quick kisses by Alana's suburban, and she headed home around midnight.

Of course I was home by then, and in bed naked, and waiting. I was a little disappointed to learn that some dancing, a lot of talk, and only a couple of quick kisses had been her whole evening, but I could also see (and feel) that she was very turned on so again we fucked like crazy that night as we talked of Brett.

A couple of more weeks pass, and again Brett calls and again I have to work, so Alana meets him alone. This time however they go to the swingers club.This time the dancing is much more erotic, and there is a LOT more kissing and touching but again the evening ends with nothing more than some heavy petting, and Alana getting to rub his hard cock through his pants as they sit make out in his car then she heads home to me. Again, we fuck ourselves silly that night.

Well, "I" decided to try and speed things up a bit, so I send an e-mail to Brett. I tell him how turned on Alana is, and that it's ok if he wants to "bed" her. Alana reads the e-mail and then practically rapes me on the spot and we send it Weeks pass, and no reply no phone calls Alana gets upset.

Then a few weeks ago Brett calls her at work Although we had both been worried that my bluntness in the e-mail had scared him off; it seems that Brett had been out of town on business, and that is why he hadn't called. The day he called he also sent an e-mail to Alana explaining his lack of contact. He ended the e-mail by telling her how much he missed her sweet kisses Between the phone call, and the e-mail Alana was HOT! He also told her that he'd like to meet again for drinks. This was a Saturday night, and I didn't have to work, but I let Alana go alone because she wanted to and I wanted her too.

That night Alana got home around 2am. Again, I was naked in bed waiting. I can always tell when "something" has happened, because she doesn't go into the bathroom right away to wash her face or take her contacts out instead, she jumps in bed after tearing her clothes off, and fucks me silly. That's what happened that night.

As my cock slid into her wet hole, she groaned and told me of her evening. She and Brett had met as usual for drinks, and dancing. The difference was tonight he had told her that the reason he was out of touch for several weeks was that he was out of town on business, and also that his company was moving him soon.

Alana was upset at first, but her mood changed as soon as they got in Brett's car. She and Brett were all over each other. In the past their "make-outs" had been restricted to mutual groping through clothes, and some heavy kissing, but tonight it was different.

No sooner were they in the car and their mouths locked together than Alana's shirt was open, her bra undone and Brett was sucking her nipples. She in turn had his cock out of his pants and was stroking him as he sucked her breasts, and fingered her.

We are in bed Alana I and fucking like crazy as she is telling me all this at that point she did tell me that his cock was a little bigger than mine, but that is all she really said while describing the details of their hot heavy petting.

As my cock filled her, Alana told me of how Brett had her nipple locked in his mouth she had her hand around his cock pumping him, and he was fingering her pussy like mad. Oh she had worn a short dress, and no panties that night in anticipation of this possibly happening anyway, her mouth eventually replaced her hand, and she sucked her new lover off. It didn't take long before he was filling her mouth with his cum She sucked and swallowed his hot load and he fingered her to an orgasm.

I'd like to say that more happened that night, but it didn't. After they both calmed down a bit Brett sent her home to say she was disappointed would have been an understatement, but it was late, and they both had cum so off she went home to me to fill me in as I filled her. Over the next week Alana couldn't stop talking about Brett, and we made love every night except one Friday night because that was the night Brett came over to our house.

Alana and Brett had spent a little time talking about me during their "get-togethers" and after their last meeting the two of them hatched a plan without letting me know it. Brett was due to be transferred to his new job very soon the following week, and they both knew that it would probably be the last time they would be getting together, so Alana sent our kids off for the weekend, and she and Brett planned our "get together."

I got home from work that Friday around 6pm. I found a note from Alana pinned to a towel on the couch it read:

Go to the kitchen and get the bottle of wine from the fridge. Pour yourself a glass, and then go upstairs, and take a hot bath. I'll talk to you later.

Love Terri

I did as I was told, but I also searched the house over before drawing my bath but there was no sign of Alana. I soaked in the tub, and enjoyed my wine, and then I heard laughter coming from the bedroom. I got out of the tub, and dried myself off; grabbed my wine and headed for the bedroom on somewhat wobbly legs Between the hot water, and the wine, I was nice and relaxed and had a very nice buzz.

As I opened the door to the bedroom, I saw Brett and Alana sitting on the bed. They were both fully clothed, but it was still very obvious that they had been doing a little more than talking. Brett's shirt was undone, and there were a few red lipstick marks on his chest. Alana's shirt was undone, her braless breasts exposed, and her nipples were sticking out hard. They both looked a little "flush" and they both smiled as they saw me open the door.

Alana was the first to speak as she greeted me: "Hi Honey," she said. "Come on in and join the party."

Then Brett spoke; "Yeah, Alana and I have been doing a little warming up."

I entered the bedroom, and then Alana motioned for me to sit in the reclining chair across from the bed, so I did. I sat down, and then got up first. She strolled over to me, her breasts swinging as she walked, and then she leaned over, kissed me deeply, and squeezed, my now hard cock through the towel around my waist.

"I want you to sit back for a bit, and enjoy," she told me.

Brett then got up and joined her beside me, and it was then that I noticed the scarves he had been hiding behind his back I must have jumped a little, because Alana tightened her grip on my cock, and told me to just be still, then Brett tied a scarf around one of my wrists, and then the other.

He then bound both arms to the rockers of the recliner so that I couldn't move my arms I was torn, because I didn't know if I wanted to do this, but at the same time Alana was stroking my cock firmly, and making me feel SO good. Brett then bound each of my legs, spread open, to the scarves that stretched from my bound wrists. Alana smiled and said, "Hummmmm baby, your cock is harder than ever you must like this."

She was right my cock was hard.

With that, she released her grip on my throbbing erection, and she and Brett walked back over to the bed. They made no secret of wanting each other. As soon as they stood at the foot of the bed, they embraced and started kissing. Although their mouths were closed, I could see each of their tongues as they lick and kissed each other. They then started stripping each other's clothes off. Alana was naked first, and I could swear I could see her pussy juices flowing. Brett was down to his underwear and then Alana used both hands and pulled them off.

Either my little slut had been teasing me, or she was just a natural at understatements. When Brett's cock sprang free HE WAS HUGE! I was always quite proud of my raging 7 inches and what I felt was my unusually thick cock, but Brett was at least 3 inches longer than me and half as thick. I must have let out a gasp because Brett just smiled, and turned to look at me and said, "What's the matter? Afraid of how much Alana is gonna like this?"

I just sat there bound and with my mouth open, unable to speak. It wasn't just the size of his cock that had me speechless, but his balls were also twice the size of mine and I know how much that turns Alana on too.

When I didn't answer, Brett turned his attention back to Alana With both of them naked now, they started kissing once again. I watched as Alana's hand wrapped around his thick shaft, and she started stroking him. Brett lowered his mouth to her left breast, and started sucking her nipple. Terri groaned, and stroked him faster. Then Brett started a running dialogue that he kept up throughout their entire love-making. His lips broke from her nipple and he said, "You think this cock is gonna be big enough for you baby?"

Alana hissed through clinched teeth; "God yes!"

With that, Brett commanded her to get on her knees and suck him. There wasn't even a seconds hesitation on Alana's part. Sinking to her knees, Alana's tongue licked his massive head, and then her lips parted and she sucked him in Even though I couldn't come close to touching myself, my cock was bobbing back and forth in time to Alana's bobbing head. Alana moaned, and groaned, and made sighing sounds as those hot lips and tongue sucked his cock like it was the best thing she ever tasted. Brett's head was tilted back, and his eyes closed as he enjoyed her "oral" skills.

After a few minutes Brett looked right at me and smiled and said, "God this slut can suck," and with that he came, emptying his massive balls into her mouth. I could see Alana swallowing his cum. His back arched, and he shot load after load into her overly eager mouth. She swallowed every drop.

When he was finally finished cumming she lovingly licked his cock clean, and then licked his balls tenderly enjoying the moment.

I thought my cock was going to explode as I watched her make love to his balls with her sticky lips and tongue. Eventually he pushed her away. He then helped her over to me, and placed her hand on my cock.

"Pump his little pecker," He told her, "But don't let him cum yet."

Alana did as she was told. After a few minutes of rest Brett joined her at the foot of my chair. He watched for a couple of minutes, and then he stood. His now semi-hard cock was only inches from my face, and he looked down at Alana. He told her to tell me to suck his cock and make it hard so he could fuck her with it. His cockhead touched my lips and when I didn't open my mouth right away he reached back and grabbed my cock with his own hand. He squeezed my cock and then commanded me again to suck him hard, so he could fuck Alana.

This time I did as I was told, and opened my mouth. His soft but massive cock slid between my lips, and I sucked. It didn't take him long to get fully erect again, and when he did, he pulled out of my mouth. Grabbing Terri's hand, he lead her back to the bed. She never even looked back at me as he pulled her down, and she spread her legs wide for him.

Brett was good at teasing, and he slowly rubbed the head of his cock across her clit, and between her wet pussy lips but didn't stick it in her yet. Alana was moaning, and her hips were grinding as she tried to get his cock inside her. Finally, he slowed his teasing, and then he reached under her and grabbed her ass and sloooooowly slid his cock into her. She almost screamed, as she moaned and said, "Yes! Oh god YES!!"

Brett was in control, but he didn't just slam into her. He knew exactly what he was doing, as he slowly slid each massive inch inside my wife. He was taking his time, and it was driving her crazy with lust. I watched as her legs spread wide, and her hands clutched his ass, trying to draw him deeper inside her. When he finally had his full length in her, I saw Alana begin to shake. Her nipples got even harder, and she breathed in short gasping breaths... she was cumming.

Brett smiled a deep and warm smile, and he remained still buried all the way in her as her hips bucked and she gasped that she was cumming. He rode her through her orgasm, and then he started slowly fucking her. Now, I've been able to bring her off in one climax and then a few minutes later bring her to another but this was different. It was like her climax never ended for almost ten minutes. She bucked and fucked back at him, and would slow for a minute, and then pant that she was cumming again. I guess this was truly what women call a multiple orgasm.

I know it was at least 10 minutes, because I could feel every tick of the clock as my own cock bobbed to the seconds. I truly felt deep love that she was being satisfied in a different, and even possibly better way than she ever had before. It was such a turn on to watch as she lost total control, and let her body enjoy all of the sensations she was experiencing.

Again, being an experienced, and good lover, Brett let her ride through several orgasms, and when she did slow a bit, he withdrew. I could see the look on Alana's face as the object of her pleasure was taken away, but I knew Brett had other plans.

After he pulled his cock from her, he flipped Alana over on her tummy. He then grabbed a pillow and slid it under her pelvis. This meant she was still resting on her tummy on the bed, but her ass was now sticking very invitingly into the air. She in turn wiggled down, and stuck her ass up even further, and begged him to fuck her, "Please! Please! Please fuck my cunt!!" she kept begging until he again slipped his cock inside her She sighed, and said, "God I need your cock bad!!"

He then became a little more forceful in his thrusting, and as he did he grasped her hair and pulled her head up. It was by no means a rough treatment just two lovers in the heat of passion AND she loved it. I'd never seen her like this ass thrusting back to meet every thrust he made, his hand pulling her hair as he fucked into her and then the ultimate turn on was when he kept asking/telling her that he always knew she would like being fucked hard like an animal and all she could say was, "YES! YES! YES!"

It seemed like another twenty minutes, and several more orgasms for Alana, later that Jeff's balls began to tighten up his tempo increased. His balls slapped Alana's ass even harder and faster and then he tensed. I could see his cock begin to pulse, and he started cumming inside Alana all she could do was hold on and scream, "OH FUCK YESSS!!!"

Both of their bodies were hot and sweaty, and her pussy was a wet mess. His cock covered with both of their juices as they lay in a heap on the bed together. After a few soft kisses Brett again helped Alana up, and the two of them walked over to me. This time when Brett stuck his cock in my face I didn't hesitate I licked and sucked him clean of my wife's juices and his cum as I did this.

I was finally rewarded with her wet mouth sucking my cock, and I exploded in less than five seconds. Alana sucked all of my cum down. I cleaned Brett's cock and then Alana squatted above me and I cleaned her pussy up too. When it was all over, I don't think any of us had the energy to speak for several minutes.

Well, finally I was untied and Alana and I snuggled on the bed as Brett dressed. We all said our goodnights and then Brett was out the door. Both Alana I knew that this was probably the last time we would see him. His new job was not only in a different city but in a different country. In a few days Brett was headed to Australia. Oh well I'm sure we'll find someone like him again.

Alana did get to meet him a couple of days later, before he did actually leave she spent the night with him on his final night here but that is another story.

Alana and I have also talked in depth about both nights and at first she was a little nervous that I might have been hurt or upset at her totally wild passion for Brett and his cock. But we both know how much we love each other and as she has shared other women with me and we have shared other couples together. There is no way I could ever be very upset by seeing each other enjoying another person.

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