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Wives-My Wife's Beautiful Pussy
My Wife's Beautiful Pussy

      I guess the best place to start any story is at the beginning. I meet my wife Jaclyn when I was only sixteen and still a virgin. She was a year younger than me but despite her tender age she was already well experienced sexually, having lost her cherry two years before while only aged fourteen. So by the time we met she had already had taken quite a few cocks up her. In the early days I used to be very jealous of these earlier lovers... later I was to learn to love hearing all the juicy details over and over... but I am getting ahead of myself.

We went together for several years until the eventual happened and Jaclyn got pregnant. We married and settled down to a normal routine. Our sex life remained great and we were always looking for new ideas to try. Jaclyn got sexier as she matured and always had guys buzzing around her like bees around a honey pot. Which always irritated me and was the cause of many unnecessary arguments.

Because of my lack of pre marital experience I began to wonder what being with another woman would be like. Jaclyn was still very flirtatious so one day I bought up the suggestion of maybe trying swinging with another couple. Jaclyn would have nothing to do with it saying she was and always had been a 'one guy, girl'. Even in her earlier days, she said, she never went out with two guys at the same time and only had sex with her regular boyfriends even though there seemed to be quite a few of them.

However I let the idea rest. I often thought that I wouldn't get jealous of Jaclyn with another guy if I was with his wife. About this stage I came across several stories about guys who liked to watch their wives having sex with other men. At the time I thought they must have been crazy and even a bit kinked in the head. However all that changed one New Years eve. We had been at a neighbor's party and Jaclyn had been flirting outrageously with a single guy there. So much so that before midnight I packed up and stormed off home.

I had expected Jaclyn to follow but it was in the early hours before she finally arrived home. In my rage I had not been able to sleep and had stayed in the lounge with the lights off ready to abuse her when she walked in. I was gazing outside when I noticed two figures standing at out gate.

They were standing very close and it was easy to recognize Jaclyn and Al, but what happened next really got me fired up. Jaclyn suddenly lent over closer and began kissing Al. Already at boiling point my rage really started to boil over but then as the kiss lingered on I noticed something strange happening. Instead of feeling anger I was starting to get turned on.

They broke away for a second or two then their lips met again. I started to get very curious and wondered just how far she had gone with Al. They could have left the party hours ago and been up to just about anything. Was this a simple 'good night' kiss, or was it a 'thanks for the fuck, lets get together again sometime' kiss!

Soon they broke apart and Jaclyn let herself in the front door. Still confused over my strange emotion I jumped into bed first and feigned sleep. In the morning my curiosity got the better of me and I quizzed Jaclyn over what she had got up to the night before. At first she was very non committal but when I finally confessed to seeing her kissing Al and how I had found it very erotic she told me everything, although there wasn't much to tell.

She did confess to being annoyed at my behavior and had played up more than she normally would have even suggesting to Al that they walk home via the local park. Usually this would have set me over the top but now I felt disappointed when she told me that he had turned down her offer.

Anyhow from that moment on I couldn't get the idea out of my head and openly encouraged Al to flirt more and more. I even suggested she meet up with Al again and although very reluctant, she finally agreed. More to shut me up than anything else. Unfortunately nothing came of this either but from then on I began setting up all sorts of scenarios where Jaclyn would find herself alone with various men but still nothing happened.

Eventually I had my dreams come true.

We were on holiday in Australia and were staying with a cousin of mine. I knew Jaclyn and Dave had always fancied each other so one night I suggested to Jaclyn that she approach him. The long and the short of this is that there started one of the greatest two weeks of my life. For the next ten days it seemed like Jaclyn always had at least one of our cocks to do what she liked with.

Sometimes we took her at the same time, other times we would sit back and watch as the other two went at it. I guess the high light for me was one morning when I was having a shower. As I was drying off I heard the distinctive sounds of lovemaking coming from the bedroom. I took my time imagining what was going on in the room next door. When I finally entered the bedroom I wasn't disappointed. Before my eyes was a sight I shall never forget and one I only have to conjure up all these years later to get my cock rock hard.

Dave was lying back on the bed and Jaclyn was straddled over him. Her tits were swaying in front of his face and her arse was high in the air giving me a perfect view of his cock sliding in and out her cunt. They were both moaning and groaning in time with their stroking.

On the up stroke Jaclyn would lift her hips until only the knob of his cock was in her, then she would slide down on it taking it up deep inside her. Their pubic areas were matted and sticky with their love juices and never before had I felt so much love and pride for my darling wife. I went around and kissed her and all along she didn't let up on her rhythm. She groaned into my mouth as she lowered her self onto his prick. What a strange, but lovely feeling, kissing my lovely wife while she slowly fucked another man. I decided to leave them alone and went and got breakfast ready while they finished of.

Many years were to go by before Jaclyn conceded to taking another lover. I had never given up hope of another episode like the other but the next one went far beyond my wildest fantasies.

I had a temporary job in North America for two months setting up some logging machinery my company had sold. I volunteered for the job provided I could take Jaclyn along. We lived in a fairly remote timber camp and as it turned out Jaclyn was the only woman on site. Of course she was very popular with all the guys and as usual I encouraged her flirting but, as before she never took it past a certain stage.

With two weeks to run on our contract I had almost given up hope of anything exciting happening. Here, I explained to Jaclyn, was the perfect opportunity for us to act out another of my fantasies. We slept in a small cabin and socialized in the canteen most nights.

One guy, Johnny, really really caught on to Jaclyn's flirting and one day I told him to go as far as he liked saying that it only made it better for me. However Jaclyn wouldn't go further as he was married and she said she wouldn't play around with him because of that. However she did concede to another guy but when we propositioned him he backed down real quick, saying; "Thanks, but no thanks." We never learnt why... we suspected he may have been gay!

With only a week left I begged Jaclyn to reconsider and reluctantly she agree to inviting Johnny around to our cabin for drinks. On the night I poured cocktails, lit up a smoke and then excused myself saying I had to go over to the shower block to shower. I put a Shaggy CD on and left them alone. In the shower I took my time but my cock was rock hard imagining what was going on back in the cabin.

When I returned I hesitated and before going to the door I walked around the back to a window. Peeking through my vision was mainly obscured but the curtain but what I could see blew my mind. They were dirty dancing together and although I could only see from their waists down it was very erotic. They were obviously rubbing their crotches together and 'dry fucking' to the music.

When I entered the front door they were still embraced together only now I could see more and was surprised to find they both had their tops off. Jaclyn's pert little tits were pressed into Johnny's very muscular chest. Their arms were around each other and as I kissed her Jaclyn whispered, "I have to have him."

I replied that nothing would give me more pleasure and positioned myself for a perfect view. Because of AIDS I had insisted on Johnny using condoms and soon Jaclyn had his cock out and was rolling one on. Johnny's cock matched the rest of his body and was a perfect shape and size. Years of forestry work had left him fit and muscular.

Within minutes they were both naked and Jaclyn was straddling him . Her hand was guiding his cock into her love hole. Once again I watched in awe as she plunged down onto another man's penis. With each stroke she took it deeper until finally the condom covered part disappeared inside her, leaving only a few inches of shinny black cock exposed. Soon even this disappeared deep inside her as she took him up to the hilt.

Yes, Johnny was as black as the ace of spades and soon proved that he could live up to his race's reputation him up to the hilt. When they did finish I rolled Jaclyn over and slide in for sloppy seconds. I was amazed at how juicy she was and knowing the condom was still intact meant all the juice was hers. Only those that have had the experience of sliding into their wives, seconds after another man has withdrawn his cock will know the pleasure I received. I knew I had to put on an extra effort to compete with Johnny and when I finished he applauded before rolling Jaclyn over and doing her once again.

And so we went on all week, trying all sorts of things and acting out all our fantasies. One I enjoyed was one night lying on my back and getting Jaclyn on top in a sixty nine position. Then while I licked and sucked her pussy I motioned for Johhny to come over and join in. His cock always seemed to be ready and soon he had rolled a fresh condom on and was standing next to us. I reached out and grabbed his cock and guided it towards my wife's cunt lips. I rubbed his knob slowly around the entrance before allowing it to slide in and there before my eyes was my widest dream coming true. Only inches away a black man was sliding his cock in and out my love's beautiful pussy.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
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