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Wives-Next Time You Can Watch
Next Time You Can Watch

       Like a good portion of the male population, I was secretly turned on by the thought of seeing another man having sex with my wife. I have had these thoughts since we were dating, and they grew stronger the longer we were married. Like most people, I like to show off what is mine when I have something that is very nice.

Cara, my wife, is extremely attractive. Even after a dozen years of marriage and having two kids, she has a gorgeous body. She is barely 5-3 tall and weighs a little over 100 pounds. She has dark brown eyes and naturally curly hair. Her breasts are not overly large, but she fills a size 34B bra completely.

Even though she is small physically, she can be very brassy and stubborn when she wants to be; one of the things she has maintained a very strong opinion of, is marital fidelity. She strongly believes that it is wrong to have sex with anyone that you are not married to, so I never thought I would be able to convince her to have sex with another man.

This didn't change the fact that I continued to have my fantasy. One night while we were making love I worked up my courage and told my wife about my fantasy of seeing her with another man. To my surprise, she didn't become angry or shut me down. She continued to stroke my hard cock while she questioned me about what I would like to see her doing.

I was so excited, to finally be able to tell my wife what I wanted, that I shot my load all over her hand. To my credit, I was able to get hard again and pounded her pussy until she too had an orgasm.

Laying together, while recovering from some of the best sex we had in a long time, I asked her if she would really do it. She said "Of course not silly, but if you will continue to screw me like you just did, I don't mind if we talk about it once in a while."

For almost two years we would talk about her having sex with another man once or twice a month while we made love. Every time we talked like this, the sex was extra good but Cara remained adamant that she was not willing to actually fuck anyone but me.

Cara was not a virgin when I met her but she was far from experienced. Her experience was limited to letting a few of her dates feel her tits and one poorly planned romp, in the back seat of her boyfriend's car, that cost her, her virginity.

I was surfing the net one night, while Cara was out with her friends, and found a swingers chat room. I chatted with Jack about the swinging lifestyle. He asked if my wife was a swinger and I admitted that to my dismay, she was not. Jack's story was similar to mine in that he wanted to swing, but his wife was not interested.

Over the course of several hours we learned that we lived in neighboring cities, only a couple of hours apart. I found myself getting excited as I described to him what my wife's body looked like and what I wanted her to do.

Neither of us had nude pictures of our wife on line, but we exchanged clothed pictures of our wives. I was able to send him one in which Cara was bending forward while wearing a low cut, yellow, top. You could see the tops of her full breasts in the picture and it excited me to send it to him. Jack said that he thought she was very beautiful and said he wished he could fuck her.

I reminded him of Cara's refusal to swing. Jack and I began to, jokingly, share ideas on how we might get our wives to try swinging. We chatted about several ideas that we both knew would probably never work, but it was great fun to share my frustration with someone else.

Towards the end of our chat, Jack suggested that I tell my wife that if she loved me she would try it at least once, and he said I should stand my ground till she agreed. I didn't think this would work, but we traded private email addresses and agreed to stay in touch.

When Cara returned home I started putting the plan into action. I began by asking her if she really loved me. She said she did, so I then suggested that if she loved me she would at least try to indulge me in my fantasy at least once. She looked at me like I had lost my mind and walked out of the room. Not wanting to turn this into an argument, I retired to the den to watch a ball game.

About two hours later, just as the game was ending, Cara came into the den and sat down beside me. She asked me if I was serious about what I had suggested and I said that I was. She told me that she could never actually do it and that her refusal had nothing to do with whether or not she loved me.

Taking Jack's advice, I held my ground and kept suggesting that if she loved me she would do it. We discussed it for almost an hour, until I said, "I really want you to do this."

My wife didn't say anything for a while but then said, "Only if it is someone we will never see again." Even though this was what I had been asking for, I was speechless; I didn't know what to say.

Finally, I was able to collect my thoughts long enough to say, "Anyway you want to do it is fine with me as long as you try it."

That broke the spell and Cara began to unload on me. "If it was up to me I would never do this, but since you keep pestering me about it, I'll try to do it for you." She took a deep breath and continued. "I am not sure I can or even should do this and I don't think I can do anything with you watching."

That sort of stunned me because I really wanted to see her getting fucked. I also knew that I had better take what I could get so I said to her, "You tell me what you are willing to try and we will do just that. You know that I want to see everything, but if your not comfortable, you can tell me what happened later." She said she would have to think about it, so I let the subject drop.

I didn't mention my fantasy for three days. Jack and I traded several emails and he suggested that I wait until the weekend before bringing up the subject. When I came home from work on Friday night, Cara met me at the door. She asked me if I still wanted her to let another man have sex with her, and when I said I did, she told me that we would be going out and that she would try giving me my fantasy.

She told me that after thinking about my request there would have to be some rules. First, she said, I could not watch her. That was a major bummer but I let her continue. Second, she was not going to do anything in our town, where someone might recognize her.

And last, she would not go to another man's house so it would have to be in a hotel somewhere. I asked how she thought we could make this happen and she surprised me by saying that we should get a room in the next town over, and then she would go to the bar and see if anything happens. She had really given this plan some serious thought.

I knew that with her looks there would be plenty of guys interested, and even though I wanted to watch, I quickly agreed. She asked if I was disappointed that I could not be in the room with her when she did it. I told her, yes, I was a little disappointed, but if I could sit in the bar while she got picked up and if she would tell me everything that happened while she was alone, I would be happy. This would be better than just talking about it, because now I would have a face to go with my fantasy. Besides, I reasoned, maybe next time she would let me watch.

While Cara was putting on her makeup and getting dressed, II fired off a quick e-mail to Jack telling him where we were going and why. I invited him to be the man who picked my wife up in the hotel bar. I had no way of knowing if Jack would read his e-mail soon enough, but I hoped he would.

I was more than a little disappointed when Cara came out of the bedroom. She was dressed very conservatively in black slacks and low cut sweater. The sweater showed off her breasts but I had hoped that she would wear her sexy black dress. I knew better than to suggest that she change, so I kissed her and told her how happy I was that she was going to try.

I was so excited and nervous that I was actually shaking. Cara noticed this and said she was nervous too, and may not be able to go through with it, but that she would try to give me my fantasy. My wife then calmly removed her wedding rings and placed them on the little shelf in the kitchen. She looked at me apologetically and said, "There is no way I can do it with my rings on." It was still early when we arrived at the hotel so we booked a room and then went to the restaurant for dinner. Cara didn't seem very hungry, I too picked at my food. We were both thinking about what was going to happen later that night. Every time I looked at her I would first think of her doing it with someone else and begin to get hard. Then a second later I wondered if the guy who was going to have sex with my wife would be better than me and I would feel a little scared.

I think Cara was feeling some of the same things because one minute she would look at me and blush slightly and the next she would be looking at her plate with a worried expression on her face. Finally, I suggested that she should go to the bar and have a drink. I told her that I would finish my meal and be in the bar in a few minutes. My wife nodded slightly and then kissed me hard before walking out of the restaurant and toward the bar.

Shortly afterward, I made my way to the bar. It was quite dark and there were only a few people enjoying their drinks. When my eyes adjusted to the low light, I found a small table in the back where I could see Cara, sitting alone, at the bar.

She had finished two drinks before I saw a man come running into the bar. He stopped just inside the door and tried to look casual. Even though I had never seen a picture of him, I was pretty sure this was Jack. He looked around, and after making eye contact with me, took a barstool next to my wife.

Jack ordered his drink, and after the bartender had delivered it, he began trying to strike up a conversation with Cara. She was not responding very well to him. She kept her responses very short. If Jack hadn't known what was going on, I am sure he would have gone on to find a lady that seemed more receptive.

After a while, Jack sneaked a look back to where I was sitting and I nodded to him. He shrugged his shoulders and then moved his stool closer to my wife. Jack put his arm across the low back of her stool and continued talking to her. After some time, I saw my wife sit up straighter and casually look back to where I was sitting.

She looked a little scared, but I nodded to her that I approved of her choice. She mouthed the words "You sure?" and I nodded again. She closed her eyes in resignation and turned back to Jack. This time, she leaned slightly toward him and talked more. They had another drink and I saw Jack's hand glide across her back, gently rubbing it about where her bra strap hooked.

At first my wife sat up straighter, like she was going to stop him, but then she relaxed a little and let him rub the back of her sweater. I knew that Jack could see the tops of my wife's breasts in her low cut sweater.

They talked this way for another half hour. Apparently, Jack suggested they go somewhere more private, because Cara started looking very nervous. She looked at me for support so I smiled and nodded again. She was wringing her hands but she continued to let Jack talk quietly to her. After he finished his drink, Jack stood and held his hand out to my wife. She glanced back at me and then let him take her hand and lead her out of the bar.

My heart was pounding as well as other parts of my anatomy. Now began the hard part. I knew my wife was going up to our room with this man, I knew what was about to happen. We had agreed that she would come back to the bar when it was over and get me. She had insisted that I give her both keys to the room, and told me that I was not to come to or call the room under any circumstances.

I finished my drink, and against her orders, I made my way to our room. I walked as quietly as possible and listened at the door. They were still talking but I could not make out any words. From the tone I judged that Jack was trying to convince Cara to have sex but she was reluctant. Damn, I heard another guest coming so I returned to the bar and waited.

I waited and waited. It was nearly two hours later when she called down to the bar and asked for me. Her voice was very soft when she told me I could come up to the room now. I couldn't wait to know, so I asked her if anything happened. "Yes, she said, I let him do it"

Visions of her getting fucked had been running through my mind all night but hearing her tell me she had just been fucked nearly pushed me over the edge. I told her how much I loved her and raced up to our room. She answered the door wrapped in a large white bath towel. Her hair was disheveled but she had the glow of a freshly fucked woman.

My wife wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard again. She asked me if I still loved her and I again told her I did. The bed covers were a mess as I sat her down on the bed and removed her towel. My wife blushed furiously and started to cover her nakedness before thinking better of it and placing her hands on the bed behind her. She looked away as she told me, "He didn't use a condom." I was so turned on that I was didn't answer, I just continued to look at her freshly used body while I stripped off my clothes.

Her tits were a little red and her nipples were still hard. I kneeled in front of her and gently opened her legs. I wanted to see more evidence of what she had done. I asked her to show me and she lay back on the bed and opened her legs for me. Her normally neat pussy was gaping open, swollen, and red. Her pussy was overflowing and their juices had run down her leg. The dark brown hair that covered her pussy was wet and matted too.

My wife had just let another man cum inside her and I wanted nothing more than to lick her dripping cunt. I attacked her pussy with my tongue and brought her to a climax quickly. While she was still climaxing I mounted her and pushed my cock into her dripping cunt. Cara continued to climax as I pounded her furiously. I had been hard for so long that I only lasted a minute before I added my load of spunk to what Jack had left in my wife's vagina.

While we were lying side by side, resting, I asked Cara what had happened. She shyly told me that Jack had spent a great deal of time telling her how much he was attracted to her and she admitted that she thought he was cute but more in a friendly way than as a sex partner. She said that he insisted they go up to the room and that she knew I would be disappointed if she didn't.

I asked her what happened when they left the bar. My wife told me that Jack had pulled her close and kissed her the minute they were alone in the elevator. She said that she was enjoying his kisses and that she didn't stop him when his hands began to squeeze her ass. She said that as they walked to the door of our room, the reality of what was about to happen hit her and she was shaking so much that she couldn't get the keycard into the lock. She said she was so flustered that she finally handed the card but Jack and he calmly let them into the room.

My wife said that after closing and locking the door, she just stood there for a long time and let Jack kiss her. Cara said she didn't want to sit on the bed, thinking she would look like a total slut if she did, but Jack firmly steered her onto the bed and continued to kiss her. Cara said that they kissed for a long time, and she enjoyed it, while Jack fondled her breasts through her sweater.

Her voice was almost inaudible as she told me that she then allowed Jack to remove her sweater and her bra. Cara said that she felt terribly self-conscious sitting there with her breasts exposed. She said Jack massaged them expertly and sucked on her nipples but his ministrations were not having the desired effect. "I knew you wanted me to fuck him and I knew he wanted to get me naked so he could do it, but I just couldn't. When he tried to unbutton my slacks I grabbed his hand and stopped him."

She said that Jack stopped and asked her what was wrong. My wife told me that she, tearfully, told him that she was doing this just to fulfill her husband's fantasy but now she was having second thoughts and couldn't continue. She said that Jack seemed to understand and asked her if she loved me. When she told him she did, he asked her what she thought I would want her to do. She said that she knew I wanted her to have sex with him and that they actually laughed a little bit about the awkwardness of the situation.

Cara told me that after a while she kissed Jack and told him he could continue. He returned to feeling her tits, but this time, "I began to get turned on," she said. When he tried to undo the zipper and button on my slacks she said, "I let him, and even leaned back so he could unzip and remove my pants". She said she felt really slutty when she raised her hips so he could pull the pants down her legs.

She admitted that when they lay on the bed and began kissing again, she had reached out and felt his hard cock through his pants. Jack then stood beside the bed and removed all his clothes. My wife said that his cock was uncut and it looked different than mine but it was about the same size. When he returned to the bed she wanted to touch his manhood so she gently stroked it while he slipped his hand inside her panties to feel her pussy.

I asked if she was wet for him but she said that, at first, she was very dry. She said Jack gently removed her tiny white panties and then positioned her legs about two feet apart. She said, "I felt so open and exposed, laying there like that with the lights on, and I wanted to stop him again, but I had decided that I was going to go through with it and let him fuck me." She said that Jack sat beside her on the bed and very slowly explored her body.

"He carefully opened me and let his fingertips gently brush over my lips and my clit," she said. I was looking at his hard cock when he asked me, "What would your husband want you to do?" She said that at that moment she decided she wanted him inside her so she raised her pussy against his hand began humping against his hand.

She said that Jack continued to tease her clit until she was totally hot and she asked him to fuck her. My wife looked down and blushed as she told me, "It felt so good when he put his cock in me that I started coming right away." Jack didn't last very long and when I knew he was about to come I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him as deep inside me as I could. I couldn't believe how excited I was, knowing that I was letting him come inside me for you."

My wife said that they lay together with his cock still inside her while they caught their breath. She noticed that he was still about half hard and admitted to me..."Since I had gone this far, and since I was still horny, I rolled him on his back and began to suck him."

"He was hard again in no time, but this time I climbed on top of him." She said, "so I guided his cock into my hot pussy and lowered myself onto him." My wife told me that she moved herself up and down on his pole and was enjoying the feel of him inside her.

She continued smiling at the memory, "I was thinking about how much you would enjoy seeing this. I fucked him for a long time while he squeezed my tits and sucked hard on my nipples. When he got close to his second orgasm, I changed positions and lay down on the bed. I raised and spread my legs for him so that my cunt was wide open and told him to fuck me again. Jack quickly got between my legs and slammed his cock home. I could feel his balls hitting my ass every time it went in, and when he came he pushed the head of his cock against my cervix and pumped his seed into my womb."

I was hard again and asked Cara how she had fucked Jack the second time. She mounted me quickly, leaning forward so that her tits swayed directly in front of my face. I could see my cock going in and out of her well-fucked pussy; it was covered with Jack's and my cum as well as her juices. Knowing that she had been doing the very same thing with Jack just minutes before had me on the edge.

Cara grinned down at me and said, "Next time I do it maybe you can watch." This brought me to a hard climax and my loving wife reached hers at the same time. I knew our life had changed for the better and I would continue to live out my best fantasy.

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Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com