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Wives-Repair Man
Repair Man

      We had been fighting for some time. Sex had been rare and unfulfilling. Truth is I had begun to wonder if it was over and at times wished it was. However we stayed together for the two kids, 7 and 5. I had begun to get wanderlust, looking at muscular guys at the gym or successful looking hunks in business suits, however to this point it was just looking.

We had been married 11 years Tom and I, and in that time he was my only man. In truth, I had little sex with anyone but Oscar before marriage. Sure some fooling around here and there but it seemed I'd basically known only Tom most of my life.

Well, on this Tuesday I had gotten Oscar off to work with the usual fights. He was ignoring me, and I was fine with it. Then the kids got on the bus. I was still in my short pink nightie when the doorbell rang. I tossed on my short faux silk robe and answered.

I had forgotten the appointment made with an appliance repairman but there he was. I opened the door and let him in. I showed Rocco, (his shirt had his name on it), to the kitchen to the broken wall oven.

As I explained the problem I became aware of Rocco's eyes hungrily raking over my body. I became aware that I was alone with a big strong man, and that I was dressed in only a short nightie that barely reached my upper thigh and a light oriental style silky gown. I have to tell you, I couldn't help getting a bit hot as we discussed the oven, Rocco playing with the lock and me standing in the kitchen suddenly aware that the big man could see almost to my panties, though not quite, with the intimate wear I had on.

I liked to dress sexily to bed with Oscar my husband, especially when he was being an asshole, which was always. My way of showing him what he wasn't going to get. As I talked about the repair with Rocco, I could feel myself getting wet. He was looking right at me and I could feel myself opening.

Rocco asked me to show him what was broken, so I walked over to the oven and reached up to the broken lock, he was behind me. Suddenly I felt a big hand on my butt. I was frozen like a deer in the headlights.

Rocco moved slowly reaching around me to squeeze my right breast. In no time, he had one hand inside my flimsy nightie playing with my sensitive breasts and hardening responsive nipples. His other hand was playing down below on my exposed thighs and butt. He nibbled on my neck and I felt like I would explode.

When Rocco reached a hand around, obviously to handle my pussy, I startled to my senses. Half giggling, half panicked, "No. No, wait I can't," but I didn't stop his hand in time and ended up with his big hand on my pussy, or rather on my panties with my two smaller hands over his. He was squeezing and then running a finger up and down my slit spreading my wetness. As he leaned me back and fingered me, I caught myself gasping, "Oh! Oh! Oh my God! Oh shit!"

The black lace panties I had on offered precious little protection. I told you I liked to dress sexy, as well as lose weight and get in shape when my husband was being an asshole, kind of being all that but not for you as a way of handling the relationship. This fight had been going on for weeks. But I had no idea a big sexy visitor to our house was going to collect all the sexual chips out on the table.

With his middle finger in me and working me towards an orgasm I hadn't had in memory Rocco lowered me to the floor. My short nightie and robe hiked up immediately as my legs spread from jimmy's weight Jimmy started to slide down past my responding breasts and belly and I knew He was trying to eat me. I couldn't let that as I knew I would explode in orgasm.

I can never hold back when a man licks me right, and I was ridiculously wet and excited. I grabbed his head south of my belly and exclaimed firmly while trying to sit up in another voice like I meant it, "No! No, not that. Stop it. I mean it."

This worked with my husband, but this man went right on down on me pulled aside my lace panties partially ripping them and buried his long muscular tongue in me then smothered my clitoris in wet kisses and licks. The pressure built quickly in my pussy and I started to move my hips and wiggle around, half to escape this claiming of my pussy, half to help the release that was coming. My hips and all attached to them bucked spasmodically and furiously as waves of intense orgasm washed through me.

I swooned and reveled in the beautiful release. He then slid up on me unbelted his pants and took out his dick before I could respond. It was huge. Hubby likes to tell me how big he is. We once measured him at 7 1/2 inches hard, but Rocco seemed twice that, so thick and at least 3 or 4 inches longer.

I was awed to immobility as Rocco quickly slipped down his pants and pointed that weapon at my face and said, "My turn." I reached both hands around it, one in front of the other and couldn't close either. Then I took the head of Rocco's dick in my mouth that was all I could fit, then licked at him like a lollypop. Rocco reached back and continued fingering my dripping soft and ready twat.

Suddenly Rocco asked, "Do you still want me to stop?" Half teasingly half on instinct to protect my still unfucked (by another) married pussy I smiled a 'yes' while still licking his fully erect angry looking massive manhood.

"Tell you what Teresa, I'm going to let you run for the bedroom. Three second head start. If you get there and lock the door before I get in you can escape. If I catch you, I'm going to fuck you like you belong to me."

All the while he was saying this, Rocco was running a big well padded finger up and down my pussy alternately finger fucking me slowly and spreading the wetness to my clit which he circled and teased. My legs were spread as he was between them and my nightie and lace panties were helping not at all. "Deal?"

I hardly knew what I was agreeing to as I was entering another swoon and close to another orgasm. He got off me suddenly his dangerous monster dick sticking straight out and up and said "GO."

I was confused but started to run towards the bedroom. "One. Two. Three." Rocco was after me. I was squealing and moaning as he caught me by the door to the bedroom and in one motion scooped me towards the king-sized bed where I landed on my back a little dizzy and confused.

He was right on me, pinning my body and my arms and placing his 12 inch long, wide as two of my wrists fully hard dick over the outside of my pulsing wet pussy. He informed me while he was smothering a kiss on my gasping for breath lips, "Sweet pea you're about to get fucked."

I moaned, "Oh... Oh... Oh..." definitely not wanting to go all the way with another man, even though he was doing me better than I'd ever been. He reached down and pulled my panties aside, tearing the fragile black lace off entirely in the process. Rocco lined up the wide engorged head of his cock with my pussy lips and stroked them, using his hand to slide his big dick just inside the tender melting swollen lips of my pussy.

He wasn't going in me more than an inch and it felt like electric and intensely hot. Then Rocco stroked me slowly giving me one inch at a time. He was so wide, I could feel the walls of my inner sex clinging and being stretched by his cock. I was beside myself and lost in the moment, eyes half closed, moaning and verbalizing, "Oh yes! Ahahah..." as Rocco's width stretched me.

He wasn't in more than 3 inches when he stopped. "Do you still want me to stop babe?"

"Yes, yes stop."

He pushed again and I gasped. He stroked me slowly. There was so much to him. "God, oh my, oh, oh, oh." He was hitting spots that had never been touched. I came in a violent orgasm that didn't stop, the juices just squirted from me.

"You sure you want me to stop?"

I looked up at Rocco conquered, defeated, "No, please don't stop."

Rocco stroked me fully. My pussy stretched as he went deep inside me. His width opening me, stretching me. As both our children were born by cesarean section, I was always real tight. The way Rocco was stretching me, it felt as if I had never been fucked before. I was moaning with every motion, uncontrollably, involuntarily, though I never made more than a peep with hubby.

Rocco stopped when he had that monster dick of his fully in me it was pushing on something way inside me, probably my cervix, and hurt a little. He gave me maybe twenty seconds or so to acclimate ten started stroking it was SO INTENSE. HE stroked slowly but so long and deep, pulling almost all the way out, leaving in about three inches and pushing in again.

A slow steady rhythm of electric like pleasure. Each stroke ended by pushing on my cervix as if encouraging my eggs to release and be fertilized. And I kept moaning and clawing at him and having constant spasmodic orgasmic releases building to the big one that I felt tightening in my womb and pussy and radiating throughout the rest of me.

Rocco's stroke was so different from hubby's. Oscar would sort of grind in, as if to show me how deep he could go, and let me tell you, it was NOWHERE near where Rocco was now. Oscar would push in give a little meager motion, a couple of half strokes, and cum. This Stud, who was showing me what real sex is, was turning me inside out, literally, with every 10 inch stroke, over and over, controlled, letting me cum nonstop while he while he had endless staying power.

He changed his rhythm, mixing two or three shorter, but still cervix bumping, strokes to each full one and my floodgates opened. I shook uncontrollably from my feet to my head and lips trying to pull Rocco totally into me. For his part, Rocco was the picture of control, tending to the business of fucking me to the limit of my senses while not losing it himself.

I was amazed at how long he was lasting, as well as how deeply he penetrated. Hubby was good for two or three mild moves of the hips before squirting, while this guy had better control than my vibrator, could outlast the batteries, as well as filling me infinitely more fully.

While I was still pulsing from the overpowering orgasm, moving my hips instinctively in rhythm, he pulled his fully erect hard and glistening cock out of me calmly with a loud popping sound. I gasped at the unexpectedness and was still writhing in orgasm. Rocco flipped me over, pulled my short useless nightie off over my head leaving me totally naked and guided me to all four doggie style.

I was afraid he wanted my butt and knew he was much too big for that, so I was relieved when he lined up his nasty, well veined, glistening, purple, 12 inch instrument of my enlightenment with my pussy hole yet again and smoothly impaled me. He guided me back and forth, his hands on my hips, my boobs swinging back and forth and I felt him piercing deep inside me, straightening and stretching me.

I was exhausted but felt that electric heat yet again, particularly in my clit, which was fully distended in this position, swelling, hung out to dry you might say. Instinctively, Rocco reached around with his right hand, while continuing to guide my hips with his left and placed one large padded fingertip right on my swollen clit rolling it around with one finger then squeezed it with two.

The effect was intense and I felt shock in my nipples, toes and throughout the muscles of my body, which tensed as my pussy spasmed yet again. I collapsed from all four to flat on the bed and as he turned me over to my back and lined up his weapon yet again and started to enter informed me "Time for you to get fertilized dear." He pushed in faster and picked up the pace.

Realizing Rocco intended to cum and remembering I had not used my diaphragm, I panicked. As he pounded me, still with 10-inch strokes, but faster and harder I begged, "Please don't, stop."

He responded by hooking my left leg with his right hand and bringing it to his shoulder, I thought I would split in two. He banged my cervix and I was going to faint when, if it's possible, I felt Jimmy get bigger longer and harder then explode like a cannon shot his sperm way deep inside me. He slowed down the pace, and I could feel the sperm flowing from him and filling me.

After he was done, he dressed quickly while I lay in bed. Rocco informed me he needed a part for the oven and would call to set up a return visit when the part was in.

That evening I stayed away from Oscar. I was sore from the thorough fucking I had received to the point of walking funny and was afraid Oscar might pick up on it. Oscar was clueless however.

By the next night I had decided I had had enough of Oscar's superior attitude. The thorough fucking and intense orgasms I'd received at Rocco's hands and on his superior dick had changed me. When Oscar got into bed and turned over facing away from me I got behind him and reached around feeling and squeezing his equipment like fruit at the supermarket. I was deliberately non sexual about it so he wouldn't get hard.

I commented, "Hey Oscar, you know this is pretty small. Yesterday I was watching those porn flicks you keep downstairs and all the actors are MUCH bigger."

He was mortified. I gave Hubby a blowjob designed to show him he isn't too big, taking his whole soft dick in my mouth I allowed sex and hardly felt any friction in my still stretched out pussy. If any good comes of this, it's that I'm not going to take any more guff from that putz.

Meantime, I'm anticipating Rocco's call to reschedule. Should I tell him I'm hiring another repairman, or meet him at the door in my nightie?

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com