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Wives-Romantic Affair
Romantic Affair

      Every woman wants to have romance, every woman wants to feel sexy and wanted, but not all women feel that way. Whether it be just low confidence or either just because after all the daily chores with taking care of kids, cleaning, and working. By the end of the day most house wives donít feel attracted. But who could blame them? After the long hard work of being a stay at home mother and wife it must be difficult. This story is just about that!

Emily was a young woman when she got married, she was only 21 and her husband Mick was only 22. She fell deeply in love with her husband. After all Mick was the first man to treat Emily with respect, kindness, and love. Time went on and as all couples everyone has their problems, but the love was always there. As time went by Emily didnít feel romance like she did before, and not that Mick was helping any. Emily told him how she felt, but he never seemed to try to make it better. Emily received a call one day, but it was someone with the wrong number. The strange man that called seemed interested in having a conversation with Emily. She resisted of course because she didnít know this man. As the day went on that phone call was on her mind and she had no idea why. The sound of the mans voice just made her wonder. Later on she found the number on the caller ID and attempted to call him back. Maybe she wanted to call because she was lonely although she was married, she was desperate for attention, but either way it made her feel good. Something she hadn't felt in a long time. As she dials the number she is overwhelmed with excitement, fear, and confusing! She doesn't even know who she should ask for. So when she hears the same mans voice she just quietly says hello.

He seems shocked and says hello again. The conversation persist as odd and strange as it feels. He begins to tell her about himself and why he wanted to chat with her. He had a bad day and was trying to call a friend and dialed the wrong number. But when he heard such a beautiful voice he couldnít help himself.

He finally told her his name and it was Toby. She began to tell him about herself and to her surprise he wasn't perverted or interested in sex. He actually wanted to know about her and not what was under her clothing. Of course he thought about it like every man, but like a gentlemen he didnít mention it. They kept talking for several weeks , Emily did not let her husband know because although her and Toby weren't really doing anything wrong she felt ashamed because she had thought about it.

Emily gave Toby a call one day and discovered he had a computer like herself. They decided to chat on it together and Emily was very nervous because she was going to show herself to Toby on the web camera. She turned the cam on because she wanted him to know what she looked like. He told her how beautiful he thought she was and that's when it hit her for sure.

She really liked this man. He made her feel sexy, fun, romantic. All the things she had been missing. She wanted to do something wild with him. She told him how he made her feel and of course he felt the same way. He spoke romantic words to her and melted her away with every word he typed. She told him to watch her. Emily took her gentle, soft hand and caressed her breast. She felt herself getting hotter because she knew he was watching her. She slowly un buttoned her shirt for Toby and ripped it off her bare chest. Her nipples start to get hard as she's still caressing her breast. Emily slowly moves her hand down a little farther and rubs herself over her skirt.

She feels so hot and wet for Toby and so excited knowing she's doing this. Finally Emily spreads her luscious legs and pleasures herself while Toby watches. She's so hot for Toby she wants to scream, but of course she can't because her husband may hear. She finally pleasures herself into an orgasm. Emily is still breathing heavily, she's never been so hot before. Toby is amazed at what she just done. He tells her how beautiful and sexy she is and of course what a great body she has.

The next day Emily goes to work like every other day. She starts to feel guilty for what she done. Although it's not really cheating, she let another man see her body and in her husbands eyes she is sure it's wrong. Finally she tells her husband and to her surprise he's not very angry. He just asks her not to do it again.

Emily starts to miss talking to Toby and really starts to like him. She is attracted to him, but yet has never met him. She has thought about meeting him as bad as it is, but she doesnít think she could ever go through with it. Emily loves her husband very much, but is longing for something he wont give her.

As the days go on Emily's husband Mick starts to wonder why she is acting different. She seems distant to him and always has something else on her mind. Something else? That's what he thinks. More like someone else. Mick comes to his wife and asked her about it. Of course Emily denies anything and says she loves him, and she does.

The phone all of a sudden rings in the middle of the night and of course Emily answers it and to her surprise it's Toby. She doesn't know what to say so she hangs on the phone speechless, of course she doesn't want Mick suspicious so she hangs up and says it was the wrong number. Going back to sleep all she thinks of is Toby, wishing she could've spoken to him. Almost asleep she feels a hand on her thigh, of course it's Mick, who else could it be?

Emily feels Mick's hand rubbing down her thigh. She can't really get in the mood because Toby is all that's on her mind. All of a sudden she thinks of Toby doing that and she becomes so hot and wet. She kisses her husband with such passion, passion that she hasn't felt with him in so long. Emily rips her clothes off her own body, baring everything to her surprised husband. Of course Mick kisses Emily all over her beautiful body and feels every curve with his finger tips. Emily can't help it, but she's still thinking of Toby. Emily can't take it anymore, she pulls off Mick's clothes and brings him on top of her, she can't wait to feel Mick inside of her, but in her mind it's Toby.

The next day at work Emily calls Toby, she got no answer. She thought to herself, maybe he's at work. He had told her earlier on that he worked at the school as a science teacher. What was she thinking? Of course he's at work. They hardly talked during the day.

Emily comes home from work, eats dinner and puts it away for her husband Mick. He is working late tonight. She decides she'll take a bubble bath. So she runs the warm water and fills the tub with bubble bath. Then she soaks her naked body in the warm, bubbled water. The last few days Emily has been having an argument in her head about seeing Toby in person. She longs for him now and wants him more than she could ever imagine. Emily knows this is wrong, but she can hardly fight it anymore. She gets out of the tub, gets dressed and calls Toby. To her surprise he answers and tells her how much he's missed her. Toby is confused why Emily didn't say anything the night before when he called her. Toby doesn't know Emily is married. She couldn't make herself tell him. Emily never thought it would get this far, she is confused with so much passion for Toby. All she wants to do is feel him.

Emily explains to Toby, of course lying, that her phone is difficult ,sometimes it cuts out on her. Toby believes her of course. So Emily does it, she tells Toby she can't take it anymore. She wants to meet him. Toby is willing and wants to meet her just as much. So they make a date, Emily will meet him at The Star Light Hotel. Hmmm that seems a little dramatic for a first date I suppose, but they feel like they've known each other for years. Emily is overwhelmed with so much heat and passion, she wants Toby and she wants him now!

Emily arrives at the hotel and her heart is pounding out of control. She is so nervous she can taste it! She arranged to meet him in room # 32 and as she walks past room # 30 her heart beats even harder! She comes across # 31 and FINALLY # 32! She looks at the door for a min, not believing what she's about to do. Her heart is still pounding and her legs are weak. She knocks on the door finally after a few mins. A tall, skinny, brown haired man opened the door. He had the most beautiful hazel eyes and luscious lips she wanted to taste right then!

He wore glasses like she pictured in her mind, he IS a teacher. She starred at him for a minute, getting lost in his beautiful eyes. Finally Toby asked her to come in. So of course she did.

Toby told Emily how beautiful she is in person and he is so glad to be with her finally. They hugged each other for a while. Emily was already getting wet just feeling his chest against hers. She felt his man hood against her, she felt him having an erection and that made her so hot. Finally Toby kissed Emilyís sweet lips and she kissed him back with such passion. Feeling his tongue caress her tongue made her want to scream. She pulled away from him confused about what she was feeling and also feeling guilty because now she has cheated on her husband Mick. Just to think, all she did was kiss him and she's feeling guilty! Toby is confused also and doesn't know what's wrong. He sweetly tells her if she isn't ready to do this that he'll understand. After all they did just meet in person. Emily turns back around and looks at Toby. She thinks in her head, I want this man and i can't hold it back anymore.

Emily kisses Tobyís lips once again and moans from the pleasure of feeling his lips against hers. Toby slowly kisses down her neck and un buttons her shirt, he puts both hands on her breast and caresses them so gentle, yet rough. She moans out in pleasure again, her body is so hot for Toby.

Toby kisses Emilyís breast and moves down to her beautiful tummy. He slowly runs his hands up her legs, then feeling her outer thighs, his hands up her skirt he pulls off her panties while she's still standing. Toby lifts up her skirt and puts his face between her legs and pleasures her with his tongue!

Emily moans so loud in pleasure, she can't believe this is happening! Emily slowly falls to the floor, her legs are so weak she can't stand any longer. Toby pulls her skirt off completely and explores between her legs with his fingers. She is so hot, all she wants is to feel him inside of her.

Emily rips Tobyís clothes off and kisses his chest, his neck, and his luscious lips. She can't take it anymore, Emily spreads her legs across him and finally feels Toby inside of her! Emily and Toby both moan in pleasure, she leans down to kiss his lips. Toby puts his hands on her hips and feels her motion as she rides the blessed man hood he has.

They both have an amazing orgasm together after hours of love making!

Emily rolls over shocked at what just happened. Toby puts his arms around her and starts to express how he's never felt this way with anyone else. How he has been longing for something and Emily fulfills that longing.

Of course Emily feels that way, or something close to it. She has to rush off before her husband comes home. Toby is confused and asked her why she's leaving so fast. She just tells him she has an early morning and she'll call him tomorrow. Kissing her gently Toby tells Emily to call him at work and gives her an office number.

Emily arrives at home and her husband Mick is waiting for her on the couch. He asked in an angry tone "where have you been?" She answers quietly, almost in a scared voice "I went shopping for your b-day, but couldnít find anything yet" He apologizes and kisses her and says "Lets go to bed."

Emily is feeling nervous now and very guilty. She doesn't want her marriage to end, but wished her husband Mick gave her the same kind of passion as Toby. Finally after she stops thinking so much Emily dozes off into a sleep.

The next day at work Emily calls Toby right before her lunch break. Toby insist that she meets him for lunch, after refusing for a few minutes Emily finally gives in. Emily and Toby have a great conversation, in the middle of it Emily spots her HUSBAND, yes her HUSBAND MICK! She starts to panic, she starts to sweat. Toby finally asked her, "Are you alright Emily? you look a little pale" She says she feels a little sick and rushes off to the bathroom. Emily stays in the ladies room so long it gives Mick a chance to leave. She assumes he was there to pick up an order and eat lunch at his office.

Emily finally returns to the table where Toby is. He asked her how she's feeling and she says (laughing inside) MUCH BETTER! Emily tells Toby that she has some things to do for the next few days ( lying of course) Emily feels she needs to stay away from Toby for a few days, she's had some close calls recently!

After a few days of being away from Emilyís lover Toby, she's really missing him. Emily is on her way home from work and she's passing by the school.. where Toby works, oddly she sees his car there and she decides to stop. The janitor sees Emily and asked her if she needs something and she says to see Mr. Colin which is Toby's last name. He leads her to his classroom. Toby is surprised to see her and greets her with a hello kiss. Emily told Toby how she's missed him and he feels the same way. Toby goes back to grading papers when Emily sits down in one of the high school desk. Considering she's wearing a school girl outfit she looks pretty hot sitting there and Toby just realized what she's wearing. Emily slowly spreads her legs under the desk and of course Toby looks down. Toby sees to his amazement that she's not wearing any panties. This really turns Toby on as it would any man.

Emily gets up, walks over to Toby in her high heel shoes and knee high stockings and pulls him up out of his chair and pushes him on the desk. Toby is so turned on by her wild actions. He rips her shirt off, (buttons flying everywhere) Emilyís nipples are so very hard by now. Toby sucks on her nipples and kisses them. Emily un buttons Toby's pants and pulls his luscious, hard, manhood out. She leans down to kiss his lips, feeling his tongue with every kiss. Then Emily wraps her lips around Toby's manhood, exploring it with her tongue and hand. Finally she slides Toby's manhood between her legs (just moving her panties to the side) and bounces until they both can't get enough.

Emily lays beside Toby on the desk, closes her eyes and tries to remember the last time she's felt so sexy and alive. The truth is, she can't remember. She leans over and kisses Toby.

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