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Wives-Secret Mission
Secret Mission

      We, my husband and I, have this jar where we each write down ideas for games and every so often we'll get in the "game-playing-mood" and select a slip of paper from the jar and we have to do what the paper says.

He and I both have an equal number of ideas in the jar so the chances of selecting something new to either one of us is at least fifty-fifty but more often than not, I lose, or is it win?

This particular day I was feeling pretty horny, so when my husband got home I had the jar sitting on the coffee table and he knew what to expect. He reached in and pulled out a slip of paper and put it on the table and said to me, "Read it while I shower and change clothes."

It was nice of him to trust me to read it all alone. I was determined to not cheat and to do whatever the paper said. It was one of his ideas, but still I knew he had written it for me. While he showered, I changed clothes as per the paper's instructions and waited for him.

When he came downstairs and saw me he knew I was up for the new game. The slip of paper said this, "The Dodge. Wear one item of clothing only, your choice and this time make it ten blocks."

That meant, at some place in town I would be wearing one item of clothing and have to walk ten blocks and make it to our car, hopefully without being seen, but if I were spotted, I could make no attempt to avoid being seen.

My husband smiled when he saw my outfit and said, "Are you sure?"

I threw him the car keys and walked towards the door with a smile on my face, even though I was as nervous as a cat.

My outfit was a terry-cloth pullover the kind you'd wear at a pool over your bikini. It looped over my neck and a v-cut almost to my belly button exposing a lot of cleavage. It came barely blow my crotch so that is anyone really looked closely they would see a bit of pubic hair. This one-piece outfit exposed most of my breasts and all of my legs and I knew that as I walked, anyone could see my ass exposed from behind. Of course I was allowed one other item of clothing, 4-inch high heels.

We parked near downtown just at dusk and we sat there for a minute and Jerry explained that he would park the Dodge near the ball field 10 blocks away. He would walk back and watch out for me and make sure I was okay. He told me where to stay so he could find me when he came back.

Just before I got out of the car he did one more thing to my outfit. He took out some tape and opened my top just a bit more so only my nipples were covered and using the tape, he taped the inside of the top to my nipples so I was even more exposed. My 36-C tits were pretty much exposed to view as you can imagine.

He left me and I began my walk down the sidewalk with my heart in my throat. Most businesses had closed but the downtown area was still full of people. I got a lot of stares as you can imagine. I carried my purse too with my identification in it and some money. I didn't want to get stopped by the cops for hooking or anything. I was just out to show off my body in public.

Halfway through the distance I still hadn't seen my husband but I knew he was somewhere close like he always was. It was at this point that I noticed two large black men who looked like construction workers walking directly towards me.

I was a little concerned but this was part of the excitement of dressing like I was and walking about in public. They stopped in front of me about five feet away and they just stared at me. I tried to walk past them but they stopped me by grabbing my arm and began talking to me telling me how good I looked and -- well you get the idea.

One of the men told me how he'd like to fuck me, just like that! I nervously looked around for my husband but didn't see him and I really hoped he was nearby just in case.

Without another word both men just took me by my elbows, one on each side and began to walk me towards an alley. I looked all around me and couldn't see my husband. I wondered if this was another one of his "set-ups" that he is famous for. But usually I had some clue if that was the case, this time I couldn't even find my husband.

I was led further into the alley and pressed up against a wall by both men. Two pair of hands roughly fondled my tits, pulling the material away exposing my taped nipples. And while I was scared, I was also terribly turned on when the fondling got a bit rougher. Almost as if they knew I liked rough sex.

The two men were no longer holding me to the wall but were instead pressing their free hands against my pussy, driving their fingers into the folds of my cunt and I was incredibly turned on now. Here I was in public, well an alley, dressed to thrill, and two large black men were roughly touching me any way they wanted to and I knew I was helpless to stop them. Was my husband watching me? I had no idea.

I was so hot and turned on that when they pulled the my small covering off over my head, I didn't care. My tits were now totally exposed to their view and one of them began to suckle on my nipples, chewing on them and trying to get milk from them I guess. His rough tongue and thick lips went everywhere and anywhere he wanted them to. Fingers massaged my hot wet tight cunt now.

For about 15 minutes they just played with my body at their whim and I had to admit that being publicly mauled like this was very exciting. I figured for sure my husband had sent these two men to do this because he sometimes surprises me like this. It was growing darker now and only a few winos stumbling past us saw anything.

One of the black men unzipped himself and pulled out his big fat hard cock and with the other hand he pushed down on my head indicating I was to go down on him. I'd done this before, but never to a black man.

I gave him a world-class blow job and felt him quickly getting close to coming so I doubled my efforts wanting to drink all his sperm and swallow every drop deep into my belly. (Besides which everyone tells me it's good for the complexion, right?)

Well he did shoot off into my mouth and I managed to swallow most of it, but some dribbled out onto my chin, which I used my fingers to clean off and swallow that too while they watched.

After I stood up, the other guy turned me around facing the wall and he stepped up to me with his hard cock in one hand and probed at my pussy and slid right into me balls deep. It felt so good. Being filled with cock is always good but being filled with a huge black cock in public is fantastic for all the erotic visions one has in her head. I loved it.

He pumped in and out for about five minutes making me come several times as he did so. Then I felt his body suddenly shudder and he slammed me up hard against the cement wall and I knew he was coming in me. I felt his hot seed burying itself deep into my body and I came with him again. He shook me several times as he unloaded inside me and it just felt so good.

Finally he pulled out and some of our cream dribbled down my inner thigh. I stood there trembling from the excitement of it all. I leaned against the wall recovering and getting my breath back. Then I saw the two men leaving.

A few minutes later I walked out to the street and saw my husband looking all over the place, with a worried look on his face. Puzzled I waved and he saw me and ran to me.

He told me that there was a game on tonight at the place he wanted to park and he couldn't find any place to park. He didn't want to leave me hanging by not parking exactly where he said he would.

I looked at him and said, "So you didn't send those two men to me to fuck me?"

He looked at me blankly, "What two men?"

Now I wasn't sure what had gone on exactly, but either way I knew I had just been fucked! Together we walked to our car; come still dribbling out of my freshly fucked pussy.

Inside the car on the way home my husband turned to me and said, "So did you enjoy the dodge?"

I looked at him and said, "Only if I can find those two black studs again and thank them."

He said without thinking, "I have their number," and then he stopped and winced.

That's when I knew he had set me up, and he's just blown it.

We both burst out laughing as we turned into our home street.

I love my husband.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
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