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      "Hello, honey, I'm home," Leanne called. RJ poked his head around the corner from the kitchen. "Just a minute, sweetie, the quiche is at a delicate stage. Sit down and rest; I'll be there in a jiffy." Leanne sunk down into the sofa and smiled. The busty blonde was looking forward to one of RJ's famous foot massages. After a day in 4" spike heels, she could use it. Her news could wait for later.

After several minutes RJ came in and gazed almost in reverence at the beautiful creature resting on the couch with her eyes closed. With those 44D hooters, clearly displayed within a translucent blouse, the naturally curly hair, the long trim legs caressed by sheer high-tops, scarcely covered by one of the minis he had bought her, Leanne looked more like a cheerleader turned fashion model than one of the country's top quantum physicists. She had never been a cheerleader, of course, even when he was playing football in high school. She had been too busy taking advanced math and college physics. She always came to the games to cheer for him, though even if she could never seem quite to get the hang of the rules.

Leanne had become RJ's steady from the Junior Prom and they had been together ever since. RJ took a lot of ribbing from the other guys when they figured out that he was NOT fucking his (mentally AND physically) over-endowed girlfriend stupid, but RJ figured Leanne was worth any wait regardless of the length. Besides, it was only a matter of time or so he thought. To RJ's great disappointment, Leanne graduated with her cherry intact although by then she had agreed to let RJ touch and occasionally to kiss her spectacular knockers.

They had both gone to State University, RJ on a football scholarship. Leanne, having won the National Merit Scholarship and scored 1600 on the SAT, could have gone anywhere, but she wanted to stay close to RJ. By their Junior year when RJ was a starting linebacker, which university Leanne attended was irrelevant. She was exchanging papers with Gell-Mann and doing path-breaking work on the general solutions of the superstring equations. Although careful to guard her virginity, Leanne was slowly coming to understand RJ's needs. For graduation (he scraping by with a gentleman's C, she with magna cum laude, though never actually tasting any of the cum in the degree!) Leanne rubbed him to orgasm in his pants.

RJ's dreams of a pro football career never quite materialized but Leanne said it didn't matter; her graduate fellowship was more than generous enough for a small apartment near Coolidge Corner from which she could take the "T" down to Cambridge. MIT was not a center for experimental quantum mechanics, but it had a fine a collection of mathematical minds and she found adequate stimulation for her doctorate. During graduate school Leanne finally decided that the President was right, a blow job wasn't really sex and she could deal with all of RJ's needs with her mouth. She drew the line, however at him trying to return the favor.

RJ did not want to be a parasite on his brilliant girlfriend so he got a job in a restaurant -- at least that's what he told Leanne. The establishment was really a male strip joint; RJ's abs, pecs and delts made him one of the most popular performers. Soon Leanne's boyfriend was bringing home almost as much in cash as she. Leanne wondered a few times why RJ never wanted them to have a meal at the restaurant where he earned such good tips, but she was too busy with the tricky points of eleven-dimension geometry to pay much attention.

Following her explanation of the six-fold symmetry of quarks, the money from grants and consultancies just poured in. Leanne's Ph.D. oral examination consisted of her patiently trying to explain her results to a group of professors whose mathematical acumen was just not up to hers. With her Ph.D. in one hand and RJ's rock-hard cock in the other, Leanne at last agreed to set the wedding date with the longsuffering RJ.

Of all the discoveries she had made, that very first orgasm, which she experienced on her honeymoon the instant RJ's cock penetrated her soupy pus, was the most astounding. It was an epiphany; fellatio and getting her boobies felt up didn't even come close. RJ must be a god to make her feel the ecstasy, the limitless bliss of climaxing over and over on his massive cock. For two weeks during the honeymoon, Leanne didn't want to go outside the cottage; all she wanted to do was fuck. When RJ couldn't fuck any more she had him eat her. His mouth on her pussy was almost as good as his cock in it and lasted so much longer! She was sorry she hadn't started this in junior high!

The sandy beaches of the small Caribbean islands were just a memory, not that the sex-crazed lovers had seen much of them, when the tired newlyweds returned to chilly Boston. Leanne moved up the Charles River, taking a position in the Physics Department at Harvard. Not only was she the first woman to be appointed to a faculty position in that august department, but also the youngest and the only faculty member in any department with jugs whose vibrations registered on the university's seismograph.

To be near Leanne, RJ was content to continue working as a male go-go dancer by day and being Leanne's boy-toy love joy by night. To his surprise, his income actually increased on the day shift as frustrated housewives came in to drool and fantasize over the hunky RJ.

"Oh RJ, baby, please, please take care of my aching feet," Leanne moaned when she at last noticed RJ standing looking at her. "I had to fill in for Professor Jensen at the Senior seminar this afternoon and I was in front of the chalk board for two hours going over the fifth order differential equations that demonstrate boson-hadron symmetry. Sometimes I just wonder about these students. I mean, the boys SEEMED to be paying really close attention, but when I asked them to contribute, they were incoherent. And the women were sullen. They just don't seem to have the same drive that I had when I was in school."

"Professor Jensen" RJ asked. "Isn't he the little short guy that lectures from a built-up platform?"

"Yes, it's terrible, like being on a pedestal; there's no desk or anything. I had to leave my notes on the floor. It always seemed to cause a commotion when I leaned over to pick up a new sheet."

"Maybe they were distracted by something," RJ thought drooling at the thought of Leanne bending over in that skirt. As happened frequently, she had forgotten to wear panties that day.

"Ooooh, that feels good, keep it up; I'm already beginning to feel better. Oh, my goodness, it's just my feet that are sore. Ummmm! Well, yes my calves are little tense, but ... AHHH! What are you doing with your other hand? You're turning me into a wanton hussy! Why just this morning, showing this young freshman how to properly look at the Reimann integral. Well, I just drew the squiggly little integral sign when I began to get a little wet between my legs. It reminded me of...stop it now, I'm hungry for some real food."

"Come on dear and take a seat, I think that the quiche is ready. Here, I've prepared a nice mixed green and mesclun salad with my famous poblano chili dressing; you can start on that."

"Oh RJ, you really do spoil me!"

"Darling, you know that you are the moon and the stars to me. I lose myself in the ample flesh of your bosom and the warm channel of your inner being whose sweet nectar."

"Ummm RJ, you do say the sweetest things. The texture of this creamy quiche is quite exquisite dear. I just don't know how you do it, working all day in a restaurant and then coming home and pampering me so."

"For you, I can't do enough."

"Oh, I don't know about that." Leanne paused. The big moment had come. "I'm afraid you may have done a little too much."

"I don't understand?"

"I, er, went to that doctor you suggested and I ... have some news!"

"News," RJ said trying to suppress a grin, "what would that be?"

"Sweetheart, I hope you won't be upset. I don't know how it happened, but it looks like I'm a little pregnant! Here we are married for only seven weeks and we're going to have a baby. I'm so sorry I messed up."

"Oh, darling, that's most wonderful news that I've had since you said yes to marrying me."

"Do you mean it, RJ? I was so worried you wouldn't understand. I went to the doctor just before lunch and he confirmed that my period wasn't just late. I told him I didn't understand how it happened, that I had been very careful each time after we made love. I always did what you told me, first letting you use that talented tongue of yours to clean out the extra cum - I told him you do produce a lot -- and then that waiting the full ten minutes before letting you inject my lovely honey pot with the contraceptive foam. Which reminds me, RJ darling, are you sure that Gillette foam is the best thing to use. I've seen other things they sell in the women's aisle in CVS. Anyway, the doctor looked at me with a weird smile and asked if I put the stuff in AFTER I had sex? Of course, I said that way it takes care of all those pesky little spermies when they were weak from swimming. He kind of sighed and said never mind, I am as pregnant as the day is long."

"I can't wait to hear the patter of those little feet in this house. Come here and give me a big hug."

"Oh honey, I love you so much. Oh, what are you doing with your hand?

As happens with some, but not enough pregnant women, with her expanding waistline Leanne experienced a corresponding expansion in her already phenomenal libido. At first this presented no problem because seeing his sexy wife with a delightful bulge in her formerly flat tummy and noting an increase in the size of her already ample bosom inspired RJ to new heights, depths and frequency of passion. Eventually, however, certain physiological limits were reached and Leanne found herself making do with an ever higher proportion of oral sex and, between classes, her vibrator. Of course this made her enjoy even more getting a real fuck and so, a month or so later.

"Oh yes! Yess! I'm coming! I'm comiiiiiiinnnnnnggg," Leanne squealed as she rode RJ to her third orgasm of the night. Please darling hold on! Ummm, the oils of Venus are running, I think I feel another one."

"Sorry honey! I can't... I'm gonnna .ahrrrghhh!" RJ groaned as the flood of Leanne's warm pussy juice and clinching vagina pushed the poor man over the edge.

A few minutes later a panting, almost comatose RJ was cradled against Leanne's soft breasts drifting rapidly toward sleep when Leanne whispered, "RJ, darling?"



"Uh huh?"

"You know I love you, right?"

"Uh, yeah. Lu'me."

"That's good, sweetheart, because I have a little confession to make"

"Huh?" RJ grunted with more interest than before.

"I was a little bit of a bad girl."

"Bad girl?" RJ asked, opening an eye for the first time.

"Yeah. You remember that student faculty retreat last weekend?"

"How could I forget? You attacked me as soon as you got back. You were almost insane with lust after two days without sex!" RJ smiled, remembering the envious and incredulous looks on his friends' faces at work when he told them about the night of his wife's arrival.

"Yes, I was pretty worked up, honey, but it wasn't exactly from lack of sex."

"Not from lack of sex?" RJ was sitting bolt upright now.

"No, honey, something just ... happened. We were all sitting around in the living room-den of Prof. Jensen's cabin and everyone had been drinking a little too much, I guess. I had a second glass of wine and you know how that knocks me for a loop!"

"Yes. Go on," RJ said with growing apprehension.

"Well I was sitting next to Helga that visiting professor from Kiev listening to her problems attracting men. I was telling her that she was actually quite attractive if she'd show a little more of her leg and some cleavage. Well, I guess I had my hand in her blouse demonstrating that she actually had very nice boobs when suddenly she started kissing me. I was so shocked I didn't react at first and by the time I did she had her mouth on my nipples and a hand in my twat."

"But Leanne, you know what happens when I."

"Oh, RJ, so you understand! I just love you so much!" Leanne exclaimed. "I really didn't know what I was doing. I was coming to beat the band in no time and then somehow we were naked and my head was between Helga's legs doing to her gushing pussy what she was doing to mine! It. it was wonderful, but I felt so guilty having sex outside our marriage!"

"Leanne, baby, Leanne," RJ said sympathetically. "Don't worry. You're just a very big sexy girl and those pregnant hormones have you hornier than ever. You just sort of 'overflowed.' Most guys would kill to have such a sexy wife."

"Oh, RJ, I'm so glad you feel that way, especially considering what happened next."

"Happened next?" RJ asked, no longer smiling so indulgently.

"Yes. I don't know how long Helga and I had been going at it or how much noise we were making, but when we looked up Prof. Jensen and all the guys from the seminar were staring at us and shucking their clothes. Helga started giggling saying they were going to fuck us. She crawled off of me and got down on her hand and knees and said OK which one was going to be first. Two of the astrophysicists were on her like a flash and then somebody else shouted he had to have some of that hot blonde bitch.

Before I even realized they were talking about me, someone was positioning my ass in the air like Helga's and Professor Jensen was sliding his cock into me. 'Don't worry honey; I'll be gentle on account of the baby," he whispered as he started to fuck me. I'm sorry, honey but I started coming again on every third or forth stroke. It had been almost a whole day since you were in me that morning and seeing two guys going at Helga and her sucking off a third was kind of exciting, too. He's not as good as you, darling, but he had a nice rhythm going and I was starting to really enjoy it when he came in me and just fell off. I didn't have much time to worry about him because the cock of a guy working on solid state was in a pretty solid state itself. He had it in me before I had recovered from my last orgasm and soon I was screaming again. I was so embarrassed the way I was behaving. I hope you're not mad."

"My God, Leanne! You had sex with a woman and let two men fuck you?"

"Oh, no, honey, it was a lot more than two. You know how unequal the sex ratio is in the physics department. Of course by then several of the other women had joined in and were helping out with the fucking, but there were so many of them, we each must have had to take on at least five or six. Then, too, some of them can get it up again almost as quickly, as you can. I must have got fucked ten or fifteen times. I wasn't counting. So you can see why I was so wound up when I got home. I'm so sorry!"

"Let me see if I understand this, Leanne," RJ said, "You mean several men pointed this pretty ass of yours to the ceiling like THIS," he grunted, grasping her by her hips, "and started doggie FUCKING you like THIS?"

"Yessss darling, just like that, but nobody had such a big ... UUUUUhh. That feels so good honey. Fuck me RJ! Please oooohh, yes! Like that! Yes, yes! So you're not angry? Yes! Harder baby Ohoohohoooooooiiieeee!"

As she slipped into a sated slumber Leanne thought that if the men in the physics department fucked like RJ, all the women and not just Helga and two of the Assistant professors would have been knocked up that weekend.

Leanne slept late the next day. Seldom had RJ fucked her with such abandon, making her come so many times and so hard. When she awoke, her hunky husband had breakfast on a tray for her. She was almost finished when she realized the RJ was just watching. "Honey, have you already eaten?" LE shook his head and grinned. "So what are you having for breakfast," Leanne asked.

RJ's grin got bigger. "You!" he growled and crawled between his wife's delicious thighs. Apparently her transgressions were forgotten as RJ applied his skillful tongue to Leanne's needful pussy. The young wife lost track of the number of times she came as her loving husband licked and sucked and tongued her to one orgasm after another. She felt like a dishrag when he finished with her and pulled her into a romantic spoon. "Oh Leanne, I love you so much," he whispered.

"I know, sweetheart, and you've proven it," she grinned, pulling his hand to her expanding tummy.

"I do adore you, Leanne, but, well, THAT doesn't prove it."

Leanne was not normally a suspicious female, but she was female and her ear caught a hint of something more in RJ's words. "Oh, do you mean you have given big bellies to women you do NOT adore?" she asked jokingly, but listened carefully for the reply. RJ regretted wandering into this conversation, but he could not actually lie to his precious Leanne. "You don't know much about "Rooters," do you honey?"

"No. Only that you come home smelling of stale cooking oil and cigarette smoke. It must be a very unhealthful place. I'd never go there."

"I'd hope not. Do you know who does go there? And why my 'tips' are so good?"

"Perhaps you should tell me," Leanne replied, growing more concerned.

RJ explained that Rooters is a male strip bar and lots of frustrated wives go there for excitement. Often they pay extra to have RJ or one of the other studs fuck them. Yes, they use condoms; LK isn't stupid and would not risk infecting his Leanne, but sometimes the women are so overwhelmed by getting fucked for the first time in weeks or months, they take the condoms and cram the sperm into their pussies. Several have gotten pregnant that way.

Leanne was rather disgusted at first, but then become empathetic, imagining how she would feel if she could not get fucked even for several days and then were in a bar with a man that looked like RJ. She, too, would let him fuck her. Leanne told RJ that he could keep the job as long as he left enough cum in his ball sack to keep her happy at night.

"That shouldn't be a problem," said RJ, "I've just perfected a diet that will keep the love juice plentiful and flowing."

"Do tell," said Leanne, hungrily thinking of all the sweet spunk that came from RJ's hard straw.

"Not just yet, I'm waiting for the patent application to clear."

Grasping RJ's swollen member and staring at the milky white juice oozing from its tip, Leanne remarked "well, we better give this invention another taste test, just to make sure that it's working."

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com