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Wives-Sex Party
Sex Party

      My wife, Jessica and I are anxiously awaiting the birth of our new son in just a couple of months.

As I lay here beside her massaging her sore legs and feeding her chocolate chip ice cream at midnight, I think back about how this all came about.

We had been married for three years and Jessica decided that she really wanted to have a baby of her own. I had been married previously with two kids. I had a vasectomy after my second child was born because I figured two kids were plenty. My ex-wife and I had a fiery divorce.

Jill and her lawyer make sure that I looked like an ass in court and she easily made off with custody of both our beloved children. I was faced with life of loneliness so after about a year I found Jessica, a beautiful bubbly brunette about four years younger than I. We fell desperately in love and were married the following summer.

Jessica knew that I was incapable of providing her with a child at the time. I went to see a doctor only to learn that my vasectomy was irreversible.

Jessica was against the option of adopting and wanted me to think about looking into the possibility of donor sperm and artificial insemination. We looked through the files of donor sperm and we found some good possibilities but the cost was in the thousands for the procedure.

One weekend, Alley, a friend of Jessica's, was visiting from out of town. Jessica was telling her about our predicament and how upset she was that it was going to cost us thousands for something that most people could accomplish with just a romp under the sheets. Jessica's friend, Alley, said that she had a solution, but she wanted us to be open-minded.

Alley finally confessed that she attends sex parties from time to time. There was a girl in a neighboring town that threw them at her house. If was open to invitation only. Everyone had to get a blood test before attending so that things wouldn't get out of control and everyone could enjoy themselves without any worry about catching anything. She said there would be one the following weekend. Jessica could attend and maybe find a real-live sperm donor! It wouldn't cost us anything and she could meet her child's father in the flesh!

Jessica giggled at the idea but said she didn't want to cheat on my husband just to have a baby. She then sighed heavily and just stared into space, I knew she really wanted a baby and it would take a year before I could save up enough for the procedure she wanted. Alley looked expectantly at me and then back at my wife.

She went on to explain that everyone who attended was really nice, it wasn't a dirty event that you might think it was. Everyone has a really nice time. The women who attend are either on birth control or have had their tubes ties so nobody would get pregnant if they didn't want to. A lot of couples attended and shared their mates and nobody was allowed to force themselves on anyone if they weren't interested. If Jessica didn't see anyone she was interested in, she could simply leave at her own will.

Jessica began to look at me for some reaction. Surprisingly she didn't act like it was a terrible idea! My brain began to swim as I considered the possibility of her in bed with another man.

I asked Alley to excuse us for a moment so that Jessica and I could have a little heart to heart. Alley said "uh-oh"! and giggled as she went to the restroom. Jessica said right away that this was a crazy idea and that she would never have the nerve to go to an event like that. I went on to say that this might be the answer to our problem!

We had already considered having someone else's sperm implanted in her, so what's the big deal if the donor implants it in person? She said she would think about only if I went with her, she went on to say that I couldn't have sex with anyone. She also wanted to take off her wedding rings so that people wouldn't know she was married.

Alley drifted back into the room and asked what the verdict was. Jessica said it was a definite "maybe" right now and we would have to sleep on the idea. With a look of surprise Jessica suddenly blurted out that she just remembered that next weekend was going to be her most fertile part of her cycle. She looked at me in a big smile and said she really wanted me to let her do this.

I looked at Alley and asked her to tell us more about the parties. She said that when you show up, your supposed to change out of your clothes and into something more comfortable and that most people kept it simple. Most of the guys would wear their underwear and the women would wear a nightie and maybe their panties.

Everyone would gather in the living room and socialize with each other until everyone showed up then most people would pair up and go to the different rooms. Sometimes two or three couples would go to the same room to have their fun. There was always an equal amount of men and women invited so that everyone would have a partner.

Alley said that both of us were welcome and that she would call and have us put on the list. Jessica asked me what I was going to do and I said I would be a good boy. Alley said she would make sure I stayed out of trouble, even if she had to sacrifice the sex and keep me occupied.

The next weekend arrived and we followed Alley's directions to the house where the party was to be held. Jessica had gone out and bought herself a new white short-cut nightie for the occasion. I was going to lounge around in the living room in my boxers and just watch the action. We arrived later that evening and Alley met us at the door wearing a sexy black teddy.

We went into the changing room where I watched Jessica take her clothes off. I was thinking of how she was taking them off with the thoughts of another man having sex with her. She had neatly trimmed her lovely brunette pussy and she had had her hair done that morning. Her beautiful wavy brown hair fell around her as she slipped into her new outfit.

She kissed me on the cheek and left her white thong panties on. I was sporting my plain white boxers as we walked into the living room. There were many nice looking scantily clad people lounging around on 3 large leather couches. They were talking and gossiping as if they all knew each other for a long time.

Most of the crowd looked like they were in their thirties or early forties. One guy was walking around slapping his crotch because he had on some briefs with a picture of superman. He exclaimed "who gonna be the lucky girl to ride this cryptonite!" Everyone laughed as he danced around the coffee table in the middle of the room.

Everyone welcomed us as Alley announced us separately so that nobody would suspect that we were married to each other. I shook several of the guys hands and some of the women came over and gave me a hug. Alley took hold of my arm and announced that she had staked her claim. She whispered in my ear that she would keep my happily occupied while Jessica had her fun. She said that I must really love Jessica to let her do this. I said that I was still a little nervous.

As the rest of the guests arrived, Jessica sat on the other side of the room talking to a couple of guys and laughing. She really seemed to be relaxed. One guy in particular was really giving Jessica his best effort and I was wondering if she would follow him to one of the bedrooms like some of the other guests were already doing. Alley told me his name was Bob and that he was a regular. The guy with the superman underwear had found his adventures in one room they called the "orgy" room. It had a big bed and I could hear many sounds of pleasure coming from it.

One girl had taken her dates cock out right there on the couch and began stroking it. It was becoming a real orgy. She was soon sucking his cock as he reached around and played with one her breasts that had popped out of her lingerie.

Jessica seemed to be enjoying herself but was reluctant to give-in to Bob's advances.

Alley kept me company talking about the people in the room and the sizes of some of the guys cocks. She said that there was one guy in particular who hadn't shown up yet. His name was George and he had the biggest dick of all. A lot of the girls were reluctant to have sex with him because he was "hung like a horse!". Alley said that she had tried once but got a little scared and asked him to stop. She said that he was really nice and extremely handsome, it was just a pity that he was too big for most of the girls here.

Bob suddenly got up and found another partner. Apparently, Jessica was playing a little too hard to get, but I guess she was just being choosy about the father of her child. She sat there by herself watching all the fun for a while until someone walked through the door.

Alley squealed "George's here!" and then got up to greet him with a hug and a smooch on the cheek. She introduced him to Jessica and they shook hands and smiled at each other. He said he'd be right back and ask Jessica not to go anywhere. Alley was whispering something into Jessica's ear as she motioned towards the room where George was changing.

Jessica looked strangely at Alley and started to giggle. George appeared in his briefs sporting a sweet smile as he looked at Jessica. He was very muscular and ruggedly handsome. Alley said to George, "be gentle with her, she's new at this!"

George blushed as Alley came back over to sit with me across the room. Alley told me that Jessica may have gotten more than she bargained for but she seemed to like George. It was obvious that he liked Jessica as I watched him work his charm on her. Alley cuddled up next to me and said she had to stick by her word and keep me out of trouble.

I continued to watch George as held and stroked Jessica's hand as they talked. He couldn't help but to glance down at Jessica's beautiful 36D breasts as they swelled under her thin gown. He nightie was short enough so that you could clearly see her panties and her cute little crotch.

It was obvious that George liked what he saw by the tent in his briefs. After a few more minutes they got up and walked into the closest bedroom. Alley and I were the only ones left in the living room. We moved to another couch where I could see inside the bedroom that Jessica and George had gone.

Things had quieted down a little in the house and I could hear some of the conversation that they were having. I turned off the lights so I could see them without being seen. George was lying down on the bed as Jessica sat next to him. George took her and kissed her and she kissed back like she was really enjoying him. She cooed as she rubbed the course hair on his chest. She got brave and placed her hand on the bulge in his briefs ,which at that time were straining to contain his huge erection. She began tugging at the waistband and he gladly helped her remove the overburdened undergarment. A huge cock sprang free as Jessica gasped with amazement. I was shocked at the size of it.

Alley whispered into my ear, "I told you it was huge, I hope your wife can handle it!" His balls were the size of small coconuts.

Jessica bravely began stroking his cock as George laid back to enjoy the attention. She fondled his huge balls probably thinking of all the sperm this guy could produce. She started licking his shaft and tried to get her mouth over the head of it. She managed to get the head between her pouty lips as she sucked and stroked his massive dick. Jessica began bobbing up and down trying to get as much of his cock into her mouth as possible.

After several minutes George heaved and exclaimed that he was about to explode. Jessica quickly stopped knowing that she didn't want to waste anything. She slipped off her silken nightie as he rolled over on her and began to passionately kiss and fondle her large, firm breasts. Her panties were soaked as he slid his fingers into her snatch and began rubbing her clit. He quickly removed the panties and got between her legs to kiss her sweet pussy. He licked and sucked on her sweet sex while she arched her back and groaned in pleasure.

As this was happening, Alley couldn't help but to get turned on. She was rubbing her slit as she told me that she had originally planned to give George another try that evening but realized Jessica might like him so she left alone.

The action in the bedroom continued as George rolled over exposing his monster once again. Jessica climbed on top of him with a look of pure lust on her face. She straddled his stomach with her back to his face as she pulled and stroked his cock. George reached around her thigh with one hand to rub her pussy as the other fondled one of her stiff nipples.

Jessica studied the large organ and slapped it up onto her stomach where it reached several inches above her cute little naval. Her beautiful brown mound was soaked in anticipation of the sex that was inevitable. She was really enjoying herself but seemed worried about trying to fit his cock inside of her.

I was rubbing my own much smaller dick through my boxers as Alley reached down to give a helping hand. She said that Jessica shouldn't mind allowing me a little pleasure of my own. She uncovered my aching erection and began stroking it. She exclaimed that George had plenty of donor sperm for Jessica and that she would have a beautiful baby. There was no way Jessica was leaving this house without conceiving as long as George was around. She then leaned down and licked the pre-cum that had formed on the end of my rod.

About this time Jessica finally got the nerve to take on the monster cock that was presented before her. She arched her back and George helped her raise her ass up to line up his cock with her beautiful pussy. George asked Jessica if she was taking birth control and she said that she wasn't.

He told her that he hadn't had any sex in a couple of weeks and that he would probably make a big mess with all the cum he had been saving up when he pulled out of her. Jessica said that she wanted him to cum inside of her, that is, if she could ever get his huge cock inside of her. "Are you sure? You might become pregnant!" he exclaimed.

"I'm very sure," she said. She giggled then moaned as his huge cock head found its way into her warm opening. She gasped and arched her back as he began thrusting up into her snatch. As tears ran down her cheeks she slowly worked about half of his shaft into her pussy.

"Where was it all going?" I thought.

Alley was stroking my cock and I returned the favor by reaching into her panties to rub her wet little snatch.

Jessica began riding his cock and before long the entire shaft was inside of her aching pussy.

She settled down and asked to stop for a moment to get used to his big dick. She reached down again to massage his balls probably thinking about all of the cum that would soon be gushing into her womb. She started to ride him again as he gladly thrust into her. The scene was intoxicating as his huge balls bounced and shook. I was soon on the verge of coming myself as Alley stopped. "I want you to save it for their grand finale. That way you will come with them as her baby is conceived.

Jessica's firm breasts were bouncing and shaking as George fucked her. After several minutes he rolled her over and entered her from behind. Alley remarked to me that this position was best for conception. By the look on Jessica's face, she was in heaven. George continued to pound her with amazing stamina. She suddenly announced that she was coming and that was all George needed. With a mighty thrust his held onto her hips as he shot what must have been a quart of his seed into her receptive belly.

I quickly shot my modest load into Alley's mouth.

George stayed still, buried to the hilt as his huge balls continued to contract and pump his semen into her. A few moments later he withdrew his cock from dripping pussy. She kept her cute little ass in the air for a while to give George's sperm its best chance at finding its mark. He laid down next to her as they smiled and whispered to each other.

I heard her say that she loved being with him and would like to stay and spend the rest of the night with him. They kissed on that. George got up to go to the bathroom and quickly returned and shut the door to their room. I heard them going at it for most of the night and the early morning. Jessica shouted many times whenever she came followed soon by George's grunts of pleasure.

Alley had fallen asleep stretched out on the couch next to me. She had sacrificed being with George so that my wife could conceive a child for us and I was grateful.

The next morning, George got up early so that he could return home. I saw him kiss Jessica good bye and asked if he would ever see her here again. She simply said "maybe". Jessica came into the kitchen wearing a robe while Alley and I were eating our breakfast. She walked over and kissed on the cheek. I could smell George all over her as she as she told me how sore she was and how she could barely walk.

Jessica and I returned home and slept most of the day, dreaming of the past night's events and the hope that she might be pregnant. She took a pregnancy test a couple of weeks later that turned out to be positive. Alley asked sheepishly, "does this mean I can't see George this weekend at the next party?"

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com