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      I had been having this long standing affair with my next door neighbor for about four or five years, we always did crazy things, he would tease me in the yard or flirt with me in front of his wife. We would meet outside at night for a quick ride or a quick blow job so I could get a good shot of protein.

Sometimes we would miss our weekly meeting and I would fuck other guys just to get Alex excited and to let him know that I was not his servant and he was not the only man in town that I could get in the bed and screw, and then I loved to tease him by telling him just how much I enjoyed it, this made him crazy and we would have some really great Saturday sex-a-thons, he always wanted me not to fuck others but he sure loved me telling him about it.

One Saturday afternoon while Alex and I were fucking, he told me that his friend, Jacob, had stated that he wanted to get a piece of my pussy. Truth was Alex probably asked him if he wanted it so he could set up a possible threesome. Jacob had known for quite sometime that Alex and I were having an affair. Most of the time if Alex wanted me to do something, chances were, I was going to do it. After all, Alex already knew that I had fucked another one of his buddies so I guess he figured, why not this buddy too. So I agreed.

Later in the week, I was sitting on the pier on the far side of the Lake in front of my house when Alex and Jacob rode up on their four wheelers. I was really just enjoying the sun and the day; I had my bikini bathing suit on and really was soaking up the sun. They had been riding on the trails when they saw me sitting there so they rode over and stopped to chat.

Of course my husband was working and these two knew that, it did not take very long for the small talk to become lined with a lot of insinuating remarks about our "possible" threesome. Comments like, "So you think you can take us both on at once?" - "Can you feel our cocks inside of you now?"

Everyone was grinning at the mere thought of it. That's when we agreed that I would meet them at the motel the following Saturday. I found myself getting excited and started to imagine what it would be like. What would I do with two men at the same time? I knew Alex would have to guide me because this was new territory. I spent the entire week getting ready for the fucking I knew I was going to get.

Saturday finally came and I arrived at the motel and got the room. I went ahead and prepared the room with ice and cokes so we could have a drink or two of Crown to calm us a little... especially me. I was feeling excited and nervous at the same time. I knew they would not be there for a few minutes so I made myself a drink and got undressed, as I usually did before Alex got there because he liked for me to be naked and waiting. I would always park right in front of the door of the room where I was and leave it cracked so he could come right on in when he got there.

I heard the car when it pulled up and the "two" doors shut. My pussy twitched because I realized this was really going to happen.

They came in and there I was, sitting back on the bed against the pillows with my drink in hand. They both grinned and took a good long look at what was waiting for them. Alex immediately started taking his clothes off and went to the bathroom to freshen up. Jacob was a little slower about undressing. He was a little nervous too.

So I got off the bed and walked past him to the bar where I fixed them both a good drink. Neither one was a very big drinker so a little went a long way with them. Once Alex came out of the bathroom, Jacob went in to freshen up as well. Alex was already kicked back on the bed when Jacob came out. I was pleased to see that Jacob had a nice looking body. Jacob was taller than Alex and somewhat thinner, nice suntan and nice looking long cock... probably 8 inches for sure.

He came over to the bed and lay on the other side with me in the middle. Alex knew I felt a little awkward so he took the initiative and stroked his dick, then took my hand and placed on his dick and motioned with his head for me to start stroking Jacob's cock. I had Alex's cock in my right hand and Jacob's cock in my left hand and I was giving both a heck of a hand job.

Even though I really wanted to feel Jacob's cock in my mouth first, I started sucking on Alexs instead and waited till Alex told me he wanted me to suck Jacob's cock...and that was what I was wanting to hear, so I did. I let go of Alex's cock and rolled over and took Jacob's cock in my mouth, licking the entire length and running my tongue all over its sweet head.

I started going back and forth between them... sucking one and then the other. I noticed that Jacob's cock was not getting really hard. And I so wanted to feel it hard in my mouth. After awhile I asked him if he was alright and he said he just couldn't get hard with another man in the room. Alex wanted Jacob to be first so he said he was going to go ride around for a few minutes and then come back. We said ok and Alex got up and got dressed and left. While he was gone, Jacob and I started playing and kissing each other. He rolled over on me and lay between my legs and started sucking my tits.

I remember him looking up at me and giggling and said, I can't believe we're doing this. I have wanted to do this with you for a long time. I was surprised. I had no idea. But it made me feel good and much more relaxed. Then he moved lower and started eating my pussy...and was very good at it too. When he rose up to slide his cock into my soaked pussy, he went very slow and was very gentle. He was very much in control of his cock. He would go back and forth between eating my pussy and fucking me so he wouldn't cum too quick. He had proven to me that he knew how to fuck a woman the right way.

I rolled him over and sat down on his cock and fucked him very slow. First rising up on his cock till the head came to the opening of my pussy and then down again till my ass touched his balls. He rolled me over again and stuck his cock in my pussy. This time he was wanting to cum. His rhythm got faster, his thrust got deeper, and I was starting to cum. As soon as my pussy was wet with my own cum he then started filling it up with his own. As he thrust his cock in deep he would hold it there for a second before pulling back out and then thrusting again. I started screaming, he was making me cum again.

When we finished, we lay there on the bed and looked at each other in disbelief and contentment. I was lying on my stomach and Jacob rose up and sat straddled my legs. He started massaging my back and shoulders. He laid my arms out and massaged them and then my ass and legs. I could tell he had done this before. Someone had taught him well.

After the quick massage, we were laying on the bed talking when Alex came back. Jacob got up and dressed and he went for a ride. Alex got undressed and got in bed. He asked me how it went and I said actually, pretty damn well. He looked sort of surprised. I think Alex was expecting me to say it wasn't that good or it was terrible but that wasn't the case.

He asked me if I had cleaned up and I said no. He asked me go take a shower. He didn't want to go in after Jacob. While Alex and I were fucking, he wanted to know all about Jacob. I told him how good it was and that he ate my pussy so well. He asked me if I would do it again and I didn't hesitate... I said hell yes.

I think Alex may have been a little jealous because I did like it so much and that's probably why he never set anything up with Jacob again. But still, he was turned on with me fucking Jacob and talking about it to him. He wanted me to fuck him hard and fast. He grabbed my ass from the sides and moved me back and forth on his cock... grinding his dick with my pussy... harder... faster... deeper, until his cock exploded.

He had finished in enough time for us to clean up with a towel and have a drink and rest a little before Jacob came back. We were both sitting in the room naked when Jacob came in I asked him if he wanted a drink and he said Yes. So I got up and paraded by him naked to fix his drink. As I was standing there, I could feel the heat from his eyes on me. I handed him his drink with a wink and sat back down on the bed.

Alex got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Jacob looked at me, still sitting there naked, and walked over and told me how much he had enjoyed it. I told him how much I had enjoyed it too and he gave me a kiss. He then pulled me over and laid me back on the bed and quickly took off his clothes. My pussy was still wet inside from Alex's cum.

Jacob's cock had no problem sliding in. While we were fucking, we both looked at each other and grinned knowing Alex was in the bathroom and we were out there fucking. Pretty soon, Alex came out of the bathroom and saw us fucking and said... Well... look at you...

We again grinned at each other and continued to fuck for about 5 minutes. Just knowing that Alex was watching us got us so hot, we really started pounding on each other, with Jacob driving his hard cock in me and me taking every bit of it and wanting more. We reached a level of climax very fast. I could feel his hot cum enter me and mix with Alex's and I started cumming really hard.

Hating the fact that this was now over and we all had to go back to the real world we all got cleaned up and left the motel. Too bad I never saw Jacob again. He was one hell of a fun fuck.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com