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Wives-Soaking Up The Sun
Soaking Up The Sun

      My wife and I were invited to go sailing on Lake Erie on a small 24' cabin cruiser. It was just the captain, his first mate and the two of us. It was understood that my wife, Haley, would play the part of "eye candy" for any on-lookers in the harbor by wearing her very small thong bikini. She was more than happy to accommodate as she has a great slim body, an outstanding ass and loves to turn on other men.

Haley did her job very well prancing around the boat until we got out onto the lake where she laid her towel down on top of the cabin, laid on her stomach with her feet towards the back of the boat where we were sitting. She undid her top "to avoid tan lines".

After about 5 minutes of her basking in the sun and the 3 of us enjoying the sight of her great ass, she asked if anyone would be offended if she rolled over without putting her top back on. You know, "to avoid tan lines." She got the arousing thumbs up from the crew.

Wow, there she was, topless with these 2 other guys not 5 feet from her. I was really turned on wondering where she was going with this. I got a really good idea when she asked the first mate to rub some sun tan lotion on her tits since they were now exposed.

The first mate spent at least 5 minutes rubbing her tits and tweaking her nipples and generally giving her a full body coverage rub. This was the first time I'd seen her fondled by another person and I think I was enjoying it as much as the two of them.

Haley got up and pranced around the boat topless for a while. She went to the very front of the boat and pretended to be one of those topless statues mounted at the bow. She was somewhat bummed because there wasn't much traffic on the lake and she was in the mood to be seen, obviously. Her 3 crewmates were thoroughly enjoying it though.

She went down into the cabin to turn on some music. As she was climbing back up the stairs, she grabbed the ceiling rail and started a really arousing dance, lots of hip thrusts and grinding. This was all right in front of the 3 of us crew that was sitting on the bench seats that faced each other on the back of the boat.

I said she looked great, but her outfit just didn't match. She knew exactly what I meant and agreed. Haley proceeded to pull off her thong bottom exposing her freshly shaven pussy. What a gorgeous glistening sight. She grabbed the sun tan lotion and came up the stairs, sat on the first mates lap, but facing me.

She handed the lotion to the first mate saying he did such a good job before, would he mind now covering her ass and pussy. (of course it was a thong so most was already exposed, but that really wasn't the point)

At this point, she pulled out my penis and started sucking on it while the first mate was rubbing and poking his fingers in her. Haley started pushing and rubbing her ass up against his crotch up and down. She turned around and got his dick out of his bathing suit and got a really big surprise.

It was huge at around 9" and the girth of a cucumber. It was at this time the captain gave up on the sailing and just let the wind take us where ever.

She made one rule. Nobody was to cum inside her. They had to cum on her face or in her mouth and she would make sure to suck the rest out when we were done. She slowly slid his huge dick in her pussy.

Once again, first time for me seeing my wife having sexual contact, but I was loving it! She bent back down and started sucking on me again. Here she was, being fucked by this big dick from behind and sucking on me at the same time. The captain was sitting right next to his first mate really enjoying the show.

I wanted to get the full picture for a while so we all changed positions. Haley tried her best to suck on the first mates dick while the captain did her from behind and I watched. Her beautiful perky smaller tits were bouncing with rhythm as they slapped together.

Haley is a very goal oriented woman and I could tell she wanted to be drenched in seamen with 3 very satisfied and worn out crewmembers. I think the part that turned me on the most was the fact that Haley was really enjoying the moment. She had 3 orgasms and a smile from ear to ear. (When there wasn't a dick in her mouth.)

The 3 of us followed the one rule, come on her face not in her cunt and load her up with dripping semen. The first mate took two turns fucking her, which was really cool since I have always fantasized watching her being done by a huge dick. Haley didn't seem to mind either.

After the crew was worn out and she was confident she had accomplished her goal, she hopped back up on the cabin, spread eagle and still glistening. She told us to keep staring at her pussy as a reward for a job well done. She laid back down and soaked up some rays.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com