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Wives-Wear My Panties
Wear My Panties

      My husband and I were married just over a year when he suggested we do a threesome with another man and I was really taken aback with this coming from him. My husband was not a ball of fire in the bedroom and lately he had not even lasted long enough to almost make me cum, so I thought real hard about his idea. We were laying in bed, I had started to play with him and he came so fast, it splashed al over my face before I could even to react to his cumming so fast.

I told him that maybe a threesome was a good idea because I really needed a cock that could fuck me long enough to make me cum. Now I am pretty decent in the figure department, five foot five inches tall, thirty four C cup, one hundred and twenty two pounds and a real nice ass and legs I am told, so I didn't think it would be hard to get a third party to join us. We decided that the next Friday we would go out cock hunting.

When Friday arrived I got dressed in a micro mini, silk blouse, thigh high stockings, three inch heels, no underwear and the silk blouse rubbing on my nipples kept them rock hard. We went to a local spot, got a table and right after the drinks arrived, so did a good looking man wanting to dance with me, so I accepted his offer.

We got on the dance floor, he pulled me into him and I could feel his cock pressing against me and as we danced it got fully erect. He told me how beautiful he thought I was and how much he wanted to fuck me and my pussy was already so hot, it was dripping.

We danced two numbers, went back to the table, my husband invited him to sit down, he said his name was Nate, he sat down and immediately put his hand up my skirt. My legs spread wide open all by themselves, he put two fingers in my hot cunt and talked to my husband like they were long lost friends.

He was working my pussy over so good, I was panting like a dog, my husband slid his hand under my skirt and started rubbing my clit and I was now moaning out loud. It only took a couple of minutes with them both playing with my pussy and that feeling hit my pussy like a freight train and I came very vocally. Everybody around us knew what had happened and I wasn't embarrassed one bit, actually a little mad that they had removed their fingers.

My husband said, "Lets go honey, Nate is coming home with us." I had to stop myself from running to the car. Nate pulled me in the back with him, stripped me, put his cock at my mouth and my mouth opened like it had a mind of it's own. His cock felt so good in my mouth, it was about an inch or so bigger then my husbands and a little fatter and had the silkiest feeling to it.

I sucked like a mad woman on it, I wanted him to cum in my mouth for me, but Nate had other ideas. He told me to lay back and spread my legs so his cock could taste my pussy and again, my legs seemed to open all by themselves. He put my legs over his shoulders, rammed his delicious cock home in my pussy and fucked my so hard, I was being slammed against the seat.

I screamed out loud as that feeling hit my pussy again, the man was a dream come true, he really knew how to fuck a hot cunt and he fucked mine so good, I came twice before we got home. Nate picked me up out of the car and carried me naked into the house and up to the bedroom, all the time telling me to wait till I see the show they were going to put on for me. He put me on the bed, him and my husband faced each other and undressed. When they were both naked, they reached out and grabbed each others rock hard cocks and kissed.

I couldn't believe my eyes, my husband holding another mans cock in his hand and kissing him, then it got better, Nate put his hand on my husbands shoulder and pushed him down.

My husband went right to his knees and sucked Nate's cock into his mouth, just like he had done it before and I could see Nate was enjoying himself immensely. He had his eyes closed and he had that look on his face as my husband sucked his cock. Nate started rocking back and forth and I could see he was fucking my husbands mouth and my husband now had his hands on Nate's ass, helping Nate fuck his mouth.

It only took a minute or two and Nate groaned real loud, stiffened up and I knew he had shot his load of cum down my husbands throat and my husband had a look of pure joy on his face, My husband stood up, Nate bent over the bed, my husband had saved some of Nate's cum in his mouth and spit it into his hand and rubbed it on his cock. He got in back of Nate, put his cock at Nate's asshole and in one motion. Drove his cock all the way home in Nate's asshole. Nate moaned like a woman.

My husband was now fucking Nate up the ass and Nate was fucking him back and to my amazement, he was fucking my husband back better then I do. Nate was rolling his ass around as my husband fucked him and moaning like I do and then Nate said, "Cum for me baby, fill my ass with your hot cum baby, fuck me hard baby, fuck me hard." I was mesmerized watching them. My husband was fucking this, what I had thought, was a very virile man and the man was taking the ass fucking like he was a woman. My husband had Nate by the hips and was fucking him as hard as I wished he fucked me. Then he drove his cock home, stiffened up and moaned as he filled Nate's ass with his hot cum. Nate moaned again and said, "Oh yes baby, that's so fucking good baby. I love when you cum in my ass baby" and I saw his cock was hard again.

My husband pulled his cock out of Nate's ass. Nate didn't even stand up, just crawled onto the bed between my legs, pushed my legs back and slid his hot, hard cock into my soaking wet pussy. He had my legs pinned back, fucking me hard, while asking me if I liked what I saw and when I didn't answer right away, he said, "Didn't you like watching your husband suck my cock and swallowing my cum? And didn't I look like a woman getting fucked up the ass by your husband, didn't you like the show baby?"

I replied that I loved the show.

I felt my husband get on the bed behind Nate and then Nate drove his cock all the way in me and moaned. I knew my husband was fucking him in the ass again. I was so hot, almost beyond belief! Nate fucking me, my husband fucking Nate and Nate moaning in my ear how much he loved being fucked in the ass while he fucked me.

When Nate told me that, I had the biggest orgasm of my life. My ass came so far off the bed, I lifted both of them up and when they came back down on top of me, I think Nate's cock hit my spine. Nate came first and since my husband hadn't cum yet, Nate was still in me. My husband fucking him, kept his cock moving in me and I had the second biggest orgasm of my life.

After my husband came in Nate, we all rolled over onto the bed, but my husband made Nate stand up on the bed and I could see my husbands cum running out of Nate's asshole. But then I was in for another shock. My husband had Nate bend over and he licked Nate's asshole clean, swallowing all of the cum he could get out of Nate's ass.

We lay in bed together and after a bit, I thought it was time for me to take control of this situation and I told the two guys to show me how they kissed. My husband was on his back and Nate got over him and while they French kissed. They held each others cocks, which both got hard again.

I knew this wasn't the first time they were together and I asked them how long they have been lovers. Nate said about five months and I told them if they wanted to remain lovers, they would have to be my slaves and Nate would have to move in with us.

They looked at each other, smiled, turned to me and together said, "Yes mistress, your wish is our command." I told them my first wish was to watch Nate fuck my husband in the missionary position so I could see if my husband could take it like a woman. I got out the KY jelly, Nate lubed my husband's ass and his cock, put my husbands legs over his shoulders and slid his cock into my husband real slow.

My husband was moaning like a little whore and making little sex noises while Nate fucked him like he was a woman. Nate was alternating, fucking slow and fast and asked my husband if he liked having daddy's cock fuck him. My husband moaned, "Oh yes daddy, I love fucking your cock daddy, fuck me hard daddy, fill me up with your love juice daddy." Nate moaned real loud and shot his load into my husbands ass, making my husband moan like a woman again.

I told Nate to get between my husband's legs and show me how good he sucks cock. Nate didn't even hesitate, he got between my husbands legs and went to town on my husbands cock. I could see Nate was really enjoying himself, he was sliding my husbands cock in and out of his mouth real slow, licking it like it was a popsicle and sucking hard on it.

My husband was moaning again, only this time it was more of a man's moan and then my husband stiffened up, I could see Nate swallowing like crazy and I knew my husband had cum in Nate's mouth. I made them both eat my pussy after that and was surprised at how good a cunt lapper Nate was. He worked my pussy over so good, I came for him three times.

I was one happy little cunt now, I had two slaves to do my bidding and Nate was a great fuck to top it off. I made them put my panties on and go make us a snack, so I could give them the new rules and I could see they both loved wearing my panties.

They brought the food up, we sat in bed and ate it while I gave them my list of rules. Rule number one, From now on they will shave their whole bodies every day, because I wanted my pussies clean shaven.

Two, they would now wear woman's panties every day.

Three, they couldn't touch each other without my consent.

Four, when we went out, they would dress like women, in case we met a man who wanted to fuck all three of us.

Five, they would bathe me and shave me every day.

Six, when they did the housework, they would wear maids outfits for me, but with their cocks hanging out.

And the last one, they were to find me a hot lady to fuck as I have always wondered what it would be like to fuck another woman.

I thought it would be nice to have a hot cunt laying with me, playing with each other, while we watched my two male pussies put a show on for us. Right now as I write this, my two male pussies are doing a sixty-nine for me and I really love the noises they make.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com