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      One evening my husband Nathan asked if he could tie me naked to the kitchen table and fuck me. It seemed a bit silly but if that would make him happy, I didn't mind. He stripped me naked, blindfolded me and put a gag around my mouth. Bent me forward across the table, spread my legs wide and tied each ankle to a table leg.

I was lying across the table with my arms either side of my head and my hands clutching the far edge of the table (It was a narrow table.). He then put rope around my wrists and tied the ends of the rope to the table legs on the far side.

When I was trussed up like that, I found it to be quite stimulating. Especially with my legs pulled wide open, I could feel my pussy lips being stretched open as well and this was causing my juices to flow. He gave me a good fucking and I quite enjoyed it and he was really thrilled by it.

The following week he had a few days off work, so on the Wednesday morning, he asked if he could do it again. I said don't you think it's a bit early in the day. But as he was obviously feeling randy, I agreed. He tied me as before, including the blindfold and gag.

He had just started fucking me, when the phone rang. We have a wall mounted phone and he could reach it without breaking his rhythm. It was Tara from over the road, her husband Seth was trapped under a load of lumber, not hurt but couldn't get out. So Tom said that he would go over and help.

"I won’t be long," he said to me.

I replied "Wumf, Umfl, argh, wwwff." which meant 'untie me' but with the gag in my mouth I couldn't speak.

"It's OK, I'll only be a few minutes." and off he went.

I was laying there, trussed up like a turkey waiting to be stuffed when the thought occurred to me that my bottom was facing the door to the hallway and if the postman looked through the letterbox, he would see right up the hall and right up me. That idea started to turn me on and I was feeling quite sexy when I thought that I heard a squeak, then another, then another; then it stopped.

Then I thought that I heard the door to the garden open but I wasn't sure. Then I felt hands on my hips and something rubbing across my pussy lips. Oooh it did feel nice. Nathan must have come in the back way and was continuing where he had left off.

Oh yes, I was enjoying this feeling as the cock started to push it's way between my lips and go deeper inside my pussy. In, out. In, out. Gently fucking me deeper with each stroke. Then faster and faster, my climax was building as the cock shot its hot spunk into me. My climax kicked into action as I came and came.

It was lovely, Nathan had never fucked me so delightfully before. I said, "Wumf, Umfl, argh, wwwff." But there was no reply, only the sound of the door opening and closing. I couldn't understand what Nathan was up to but I just lay here reveling in the after glow of a good fucking. Then I heard the door again, then hands on my hips, a cock entering my pussy but his time it was a fast and furious fuck. It got me going but I didn't reach a climax.

The cock shot its hot spunk into me, and then withdrew. Then another set of hands, another cock entering my sloppy pussy. What was going on here? Who where these people? What was Nathan up to? As this new cock pushed its way into me, I could feel the walls of my pussy being stretched wider and wider. It must have been a very thick cock, it felt wonderful.

I had never felt so full before. I just relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of being used and stretched by a strangers cock. I climaxed 3 times before the huge cock shot its hot spunk inside of me. It withdrew, I heard the door, then quiet.

I must have been there for another 15 minutes when Nathan returned full of apologies for being so long. He untied me and straightened me up, saying that I must be stiff being left tied in that position for so long. He made no mention of anyone else being here, so if he hadn't arranged it, who was it. I said I was feeling stiff and would go and have a hot bath to relax. In reality I wanted to wash out all the spunk in me before Tom noticed.

It was as I lay relaxing in the bath that I heard the same squeaking that I'd heard just before being gang banged. It was the window cleaner, of course, it's Wednesday morning. he always comes every other week at 10am Wednesday mornings.

Two weeks later, just before 10am on Wednesday morning, Nathan was back at work and I was alone in the house. I went to the kitchen and tied rope around the table legs, put on a blindfold and gag and lay across the table as before. I just wrapped the ropes around my wrists and held the ends in my hands. And waited. (I didn't bother about tying my ankles.)

After a few minutes I heard the door, and then I felt the hands, then the cock entering me. My husband had unwittingly started me off as a gang bang slut but now I love it, can't get enough strange, unseen cocks using me, fucking me; emptying their lovely spunk into my eager cunt.

Each Wednesday they brought more men. Last week I counted 10 cocks fucking me. I don't know if it was 10 men or just some of them having 2 goes at my eager cunt.


It's now almost 10am Monday and I'm just going to put on my blindfold, (I don't use the gag anymore as the men like to fuck my throat.) and lie over the kitchen table and wait to be shagged rotten.

Isn't it funny how things turn out, it was my husband who wanted me to be tied up and fucked and now I have lots of lovely cocks using me and he doesn't know. Be careful what you ask you wife to do or she might enjoy it more than you know.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com