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Wives-What Goes Around Comes Around
What Goes Around Comes Around

       I remember those lonely nights I had years ago. I was wandering from town to town, trying to find my place in life. I never stayed long enough in one place to really get to know a woman and eventually have sex with her. I spent a lot of time in clubs drinking. On several occasions I did manage to meet someone but not as I had expected.

One night I was in a club drowning myself when I happened to see a very pretty woman in her late thirties or so. I was only twenty five at the time. Then she sat down with a man. I laughed at my self for daring to have a fleeting sexual dream about the woman, but as the night progressed I eventually began talking to the couple. I was finally invited to their booth, back in a darker part of the club. His name was Kurt and he was forty five and I had correctly guessed the wife's age. Kurt left me alone with her for a long time, while he supposedly went to see John.

Next thing I knew Andrea and I were kissing and more than that I was feeling between her leg's. Her hand found my cock and a hand on me other than my own felt great. Kurt came back as we were hotly going at each other. Kurt wasn't upset. Just the opposite and in a short time I was going to their hotel room with them. Kurt watched as Andrea and I kissed and got naked. The real surprise came when Kurt took my cock and guided it to his wife's wet cunt.

Laying back after we had fucked like crazy I was surprised again when Kurt took my cock in his mouth. Before that night was over I did the same to him. I left much later and that night I jacked off thinking about the three of us in a wild threesome. I seemed to be a magnet after that for similar couples. Perhaps I just recognized an opportunity better then.

For the next few years I had many such encounters. I finally settled down and married a girl that worked at the same place with me. We thought about a family but found that Eve couldn't have children. We loved each other so much we found a way of life in which we devoted the affection to each other that we would have normally reserved for our children, if we had them.

Eve and I made the club scene part of our life after work. Eve was not a heavy drinker. She liked a liquor called frangellica. A liquor made from hazelnuts. It seemed like a pretty tame drink, but for Eve it gave her a warm loving high.

One night we happened to make the acquaintance of a middle aged business man. His name was Greg and he was a traveling business man, divorced because of his job, and pretty much alone in the evenings. He reminded me of myself when I was younger. He had seen what Eve was drinking and wanted to know what it was. He tried some himself and liked the liquor. Eve now had someone to share her love for that drink with. I was a Rum man myself.

He got a little tipsy and he and Eve seemed to hit it off. When he started to telling us of his loneliness, Eve kissed his and gave him a warm hug. For me it was like deja vue. I watched as Greg blushed and looked my way to see if I was going to be angry about him and Eve kissing. Some time back Eve and I had shared some of our old sexual escapades. She kidded me once by telling me "You know you might have to return the favor one day." I was thinking about that statement right then.

One thing I loved about Eve was that she was her own person and not my parrot. She wore what she wanted to. She did try and please me in her manner of dress but most of all she wore what she felt comfortable in. She was wearing something comfortable that night. A short black sheath that she felt looked better with out a bra. It did too. She and Greg kept belting down shots of the amber liquid and once while making a toast Eve sloshed some of her drink right smack on Greg's crotch. Her first reaction was to try and clean off the damp spot with her hand.

I don't know who had the reddest face the soonest. My wife or the salesman. Eve was suddenly aware of what she had done. Greg's response was immediate. Imagine a man; who will not patronize paid girls and had been with out sex for a long time, suddenly having a pretty woman's hand on his crotch. For that part imagine Eve who suddenly felt the damp material spring a huge lump. I saw the boner that Greg was sporting and my past surged forward. Greg had a pretty nice hunk of meat if my eye's were telling me the truth. I had to mention it "Well Eve you have certainly got a rise out of Greg. This caused her to stare directly at what she had wrought.

Greg was trying to laugh even thought his sex demon was aroused. Eve, bless her, patted him on his crotch and made a comment about it. "It's a nice rise too" she said smiling. Greg suddenly stopped laughing. He looked from Eve to me. Eve and I exchanged glances. I think we all knew what was about to happen. With a smile Greg turned his glass and the contents spilt into Eve's crotch. Eve squealed and stood. I mentioned that she loved comfortable clothes. The shift she wore was that, mostly because it was very thin. Eve is a woman with one of those high prominent pubic bones. She also had a lush dark mass of hair there. When she stood the material was plastered to her. The panties she wore were almost non existent. Her high mound made the hairs stand out in the damp dress. It looked like she had a hard on.

"Now look at what you've done...you got a rise out of Eve." Greg, bless his heart, looked at Eve's crotch and patted it. I guess that finalized it. Greg now had the attitude of a hunter knowing the game is near. He seemed to sense that he was going to fuck this pretty lady. He was going to fuck her in front of her husband. Greg had not had many women since his divorce but he had several men. Men who were in the same position as himself that wanted to have someone's hand beside his own on his cock. Somehow we decided that we needed to go to his room at a hotel.

In Greg's room Eve sat on the bed while Greg and I stood by. Since Eve is a short woman her feet did not touch the floor. This caused her to sit with her leg's spread. Greg and I both had a nice view up to her crotch. I have described her panties as almost nonexistent. The damp material was almost transparent. Her dark triangle was staring us in the face. Eve looked at us and with a deft movement pulled the dress off over her head. She shook her hair back in place and let us stare at her breast.

I said, "Yeah, she's got a nice set of tits." We traded lewd comments about her body and what we would like to do with her. I found I was incredibly turned on by the thought of another man screwing my wife. Greg took one last look at me and lay down next to Eve. She turned to him and put her arms around him and began to kiss him on his open mouth. They made out like teenagers for several minutes, before Greg began to run his hands up her legs. Eve normally wears pantyhose but tonight she had dressed for easy access. My wife relaxed her legs and he was soon rubbing the bare skin on the inside of her thighs next to her panties.

The rush I was feeling was only getting stronger so I opened my pants to give my cock more room. Eve was enjoying the experience too and was moaning as she ran her hands over Greg's back. He began to rub her mound and I could clearly see his fingers work their way beneath the white lace. My wife said something I didn't quite hear and they broke their embrace and both sat up. I wanted to see more but I was delighted our first time had gone as far as it had. Eve looked at Greg and then at me saying "You both know this will go all the way." We both told her that we understood her and I then suggested that they continue.

They returned to making out, but this time I could see her breasts crushed against his hairy chest and I could see his fingers touching the breast that before now I had only touched. I was so hard that I had to look away for a few seconds to keep from climaxing in my shorts. When I looked back Greg had his hand inside the front of Eve's panties and judging from what I could see his finger was completely inside her pussy.

Eve had her eyes closed and was bucking against his hand as he finger-fucked her while he sucked on her breast. The squishy sounds coming from between her legs told me that she was very wet. I noticed that she was rubbing his crotch, through his slacks, and trying to free his cock. Greg broke their embrace long enough to drop his pants and boxers to reveal a eight or nine inch long uncircumcised cock.

My wife had never seen an uncut cock and immediately pushed him down on the bed and began to stroke his manhood. She seemed really fascinated with how the foreskin would pull back to expose the tip of his cock. His cock seemed was longer than mine and thicker but the uncut head made it more pointed compared to my blunt cap. Eve continued to examine his tool and then took him into her mouth. Greg pushed her panties down kicked them off of her legs. She was now totally nude. Greg continued his digital assault on her pussy but now I could see another man's fingers penetrating my wife.

They were both getting hotter by the second. Greg was moaning as my wife sucked his cock and she was bucking against his fingers. I dropped my pants around my ankles and began to stroke my tool. Eve looked over to me and with lust in her eyes asked me if I wanted to see more. I was so hot I could only nod. She let his hard cock slip from her mouth and moved up to kiss him again. When she did she gently pulled him on top of her nude body. Eve opened her legs and raised her knees, removing any doubt about what she wanted. Greg's cock was trapped between their bodies and only inches She glanced in my direction and then bit down on her lower lip. My wife nodded firmly and began to grind her pubic mound against his tool. Greg looked over his shoulder at me and I too nodded. He then raised himself off of her body giving me a clear view as his pointed tool touched my wife's most private part.

He held his position as Eve began to try and raised herself onto his cock. The tip parted her soft folds and he began to push inside her. When he had entered her slippery passage just a couple of inches, he pulled back until only the tip of his cock was inside my wife. Each time he entered her, Eve would moan loudly. When she asked him, in a hoarse voice, to fuck her, Greg rammed his cock home. He began to stroke her with long hard strokes. My wife began to climax with his first hard thrust and didn't stop. I could see her pussy pulling outward as he withdrew, sucking on him, and then push in when he pounded himself back inside her body. Eve's legs would jerk obscenely wider as he plunged deep into her vagina. Her breasts were crushed against his chest but jiggled from the pounding she was receiving.

I knew Greg was close to cumming because he began to fuck my wife even harder. Eve is not on any form of birth control because she hates taking the pill and I hate condoms. We compromise by making sure that I don't come in her pussy for a few days each month. That does not mean we don't have sex, I am just very careful to pull out before I cum or Eve gets me off with her mouth or hands. I realized that my wife had finished her period several days ago and we hadn't yet started our "careful" time so I knew she was nearing her fertile time.

I watched as Greg began to jerk and held his cock deep inside my wife. I knew his cock was against her cervix and he was pumping his seed deep into her uterus. They lay together on the bed for several minutes before Greg let his now soft cock slip from her vagina. He must have shot a huge load into her cunt, because I could see his cum running from her now open lips. Eve lay there with her legs apart and a just fucked smile on her face. When Greg went to the bathroom to clean himself off, my wife invited me to use her freshly fucked pussy. I would like to say that I lasted a long time and gave her several orgasms but the fact is that I began cumming almost instantly when I entered her slippery cunt. We had both come and were resting when Greg returned from the bathroom.

He got on the bed on his knees and presented his cock to my wife. She swallowed it eagerly and then eyed me " Do you want to suck it to honey." I thought that she would never ask. I saw Greg grinning down at both of us and that was it. I began to lick his cock where it protruded from Eve's mouth. I don't think we traded his cock head more that three of four times before he splattered his sperm on out joined mouth's. It was then a frenzy of the two of us swallowing what we could and licking the rest from the other's face. I had known that Eve loved cum. At least my cum. Now I could see that she just loved sperm, period.

Later I guided Greg's renewed cock into her cunt for another wild fuck. Eve had been screwed three times and she rested, laying on her side while she watched Greg and I suck each other. We passed out from the sex and booze then. I awoke later to see Greg pounding her cunt again. Before we left the next morning Greg fucked my wife six times, at least and we sucked each other two more times. We were all pretty satisfied.

The next night we went to his hotel room again and found that he had checked out. Eve was disappointed since she wanted that thick uncircumcised cock again. I took her down to the lounge where I noticed several single lonely looking men drinking. "I think you are going to have a new cock to suck soon babe" I told her.

Tell me Ryan," Eve said the next day, "What did you like best about last night...my fucking Greg or you sucking his cock?"

Eve was in her white valuer robe at the breakfast table. She was munching on a piece of toast and had asked the question matter of factly. I had been a little groggy from our night out, but the question woke me up. "I guess I would have to say that it was all great," I said, "I'll have to say that sucking his cock with you was the biggest turn on."

"I liked that part too," she said, "I really loved seeing you with a cock in your mouth." She took a sip of her coffee. "I was feeling funny about me enjoying another man's cock till I saw you suck him" Eve said. She went on to explain that seeing her husband enjoying the cock that had just fucked her had to be the greatest thing a wife could witness. "What did you feel when you saw me start to get off on his cock?" she asked.

"I loved it," I told her, " It was great to know that my wife was sexy to other men." I looked at her then trying to get to know my new wife. At least she seemed new to me. When I saw Eve getting shafted with Greg's cock and enjoying it, I had to change my opinion of her from a loving wife to that of a woman that just loved cocks.

"I found out something about myself too," she stated, "I found out that I really love the taste of different sperm beside yours."

When I had kissed her with my mouthful of Greg's cum I had noticed how she used her tongue to lap out all the sperm she could. Her mouth had been like a suction. I especially loved the way she seemed to orgasm as she was swallowing. The wife that I loved for so many other reasons had given me more reasons to love her. I will have to say that the biggest reason was seeing her being a completely abandoned sex object.

"I want to say something and I hope it will not make you mad" Eve said. I told her to tell me. I don't think anything she said would make me angry. "Well when I was growing up I used to dream about very large cocks," She said, "I mean really large ones."

"How large?" I asked.

"Well as large as John Holmes," she said, "When I used to see him in the films I wanted a large cock like his to fuck me."

"Wow...that's real ambitious" I said.

"How would you feel about it?" she looked at me sheepishly, "Would you get jealous seeing a large cock drive me crazy?"

"I don't think I could get mad seeing you enjoy yourself" it was all I could think of to say.

Eve bent over and kissed me then. She fished my cock, which had been hard ever since we started this conversation, and took it into her warm mouth. I was so hot, with images of the previous night's sex that I was ready to blow my load. She sensed this and let up on her sucking.

"I wish we had taken pictures last night," she said, "That way we could enjoy it all over again."

That did the trick. The idea of Eve being filmed while she was sucking or fucking a big cock did me in, and I spurted in her mouth. Eve kept my cock in her mouth and let me drain in her.

"I'll get a camera today," I told her, "One that will record in low light."

I did go to the camera shop and I bought the best video camera i could find. If I was going to film Eve while she had sex with another man, I wanted it to be some good pictures. The clerk rang up my purchase and asked, matter of factually, what I wanted to film with it. I don't know what I was thinking at the time. "I want to record my wife fucking and sucking strange cocks" I told him. He took it as if I had just said that the weather was nice, but I saw a glint come into his eye's.

"You really need to practice with it," he told me, "If you get to close you have to know how to focus."

"What would you suggest?" I asked.

"Well for one thing you could bring her around after six" he said.

"What will happen then?" I asked.

"Well it's just an idea of course, but you could record her sucking my cock" He looked hopefully.

"Don't tell me that you have a big strange cock," I asked hoping he did, "Eve likes big ones."

He said to follow him to the back room. I did and he dropped his pant's and I saw a large fat cock about nine inches sticking out from his thick cock hair. What really got me was that his ball's seemed to be the size of tennis balls. That meant he had a lot of sperm in them. Thinking about Eve telling me about how much she loved swallowing Greg's cum, I reached and felt them. "You look like you have a lot of sperm in there" I said. He told me that he had so much that he had to come back here and jack off several times a day to keep them from hurting. Just looking at his thick cock made me hard and I felt a stirring that I had not felt since I married Eve. I wanted to suck that cock.

"If you want to suck it then it's fine with me," he said, he must have read my mind or perhaps just saw the way I looked at his cock. I didn't need a second invitation. I stooped down and took the fat cock in my hand. It was the first time in a long time that I had did something like this. Sucking a cock with my wife was one thing but here I was wanting just to suck a cock, and right now this cock. I took him in my mouth and wondered if Eve could get her lip's around this monster. It took him about two minutes till he filled my mouth with his hot sperm.

I could hardly wait till I got home to tell Eve all about it. She feigned anger that I sucked a large cock when all she had done all day was to masturbate and think of one. She was excited when I told her that we were going to the shop that evening and that she could suck him while I taped it. Eve got ready to go and I told her that she should wear only a loose dress that she could take off easy. That and not to wear panties or a bra.

We got to the camera shop just after the guy had closed. He had to unlock the door for us. We went to his back room where I had sucked him earlier. I hoped that he wasn't lying that he could cum three of four times. one after another. Eve looked around and then shrugged off her dress. The guy's eye's almost popped out of his head when he saw how truly beautiful she was. He shook off his pant's and his fat cock almost slapped Eve in her face, as she sank on her knees before him. I just had time to get the camera ready before she was licking on his huge plum cock head. While I filmed her sucking the cock, she kept looking at the camera and saying how much she loved this fat cock. I knelt down to capture everything in detail. The was her saliva clung to the cock when she pulled it out to lick around the head. Eve was better than any porn star I had ever seen.

The clerk seemed to think so because he was cumming in a short time. He pulled his cock back till just the tip was poised at her mouth. "Oh man...your fife sucks so good I'm gonna cuuuummmmmmm..." He let loose a tremendous stream of sperm right in Eve's open mouth. I kept the camera going even though I wanted to get down and share his load of cum. When she had finally swallowed it all, smacking her lip's noisily, she looked at me and grinned.

Eve sucked him again after he waited about ten minutes. He was just as quick to cum and Eve got his second load from him. I got more footage on the tape. While he was resting he asked if we would mind if Eve sucked the guy from his next door shop. "He's kind of old but he has a nice large cock," the clerk said, "I really think your wife will like his cum." He looked at Eve and she shrugged her shoulders asking me if I had plenty of tape in the camera. I assured her that I could record four hours of his res video. The clerk had left the room, still naked with his cock swinging back and forth. He returned and said that Seth would be right over as he was just closing up.

Eve licked at the clerk's large cock and this time I got down with her on it. I had his cock down my throat when the door opened and , not one but two, elderly men entered. "Say I hope you don't mind but Tom was in my shop and he wanted to come too" he stopped dead still as he saw the two of us sucking the man's cock. Eve looked at them. Both men had to be in their seventies. Seth was short and bald and bent over from his years. He also had a sizeable paunch hanging over his belt. His friend was tall and skinny. Eve shuffled over on her knees and began to work at the two men's zippers. I picked the camera back up and started to film. The clerk, not wanting to be left out, knelt down and took my cock in his mouth while he watched Eve.

Eve was not content to just pull their cock's out, she wanted them naked as she was. The two men looked like a good ad for the before pictures for a funeral home, but the two slabs of meat hanging down belied their ages. I kept the camera going as my wife began to stroke both cocks. Like I said their cocks were large but still flaccid. Eve went from one to the other, sucking on them. Then she took both cock heads in her mouth and stuffed her face full of their cock meat. I saw through the viewer that they were beginning to harden. Eve finally had to pull one cock from her mouth as just one seemed to fill her up. She looked at the cocks with an amazed expression and began to alternately suck each cock. I just enjoyed the feeling of the man's mouth on my cock and kept the camera focused.

The camera was catching every second of Eve's oral action on the two elderly men. It captured the look of rapture on their grizzled face's as the young wife pleasured their cock's. The cocks were now fully hard and rigid. I was amazed that old men could have such large menacing looking cocks. Eve was showing her amazement as she held each cock and inspected it before taking it back into her mouth. Eve did have a rather large mouth with sensuous lip's. One of her most striking trait's. Now her mouth did her proud as she was able to stretch those full lip's around the shafts, which were now very wet from her saliva, and looking even more erotic. The large veins stuck out from the shaft in stark contrast. I could tell, even in the small view finder that my wife was deeply engrossed in her labor.

Knowing that she wanted to capture their spume's on camera she held their cock head's right at the entrance to her mouth, Her tongue was extended and quivering in expectation of the sperm that would soon erupt from them. Tom's cock was the first to send a ropy stream of white, thick sperm into her mouth with Seth right behind him. It looked like Eve's mouth was being hosed down by the tremendous spurts. The sperm was splashing over her face and long strings dripped from her chin. The camera taped her neck muscles contracting as she swallowed. By the time the two men were finished Eve's face was coated with a shiny pearl of sperm.

When she had finished draining them I wasted no time in handing the camera to the clerk to film me as I kissed her and lapped the coating from her face, and even her eyelash's. With the camera still recording Eve looked at me and then the camera. "I want to fuck them too" she said. I was waiting for her to say that. I really wanted to see how she would react to three large cocks. Greg had been big but was not like these cocks. The clerk, whose name was Pete, said that he would go last and filmed Eve and I as we both sucked the old men up again. I will never forget the feel of their cocks. They seemed hotter than most cocks I had sucked. Rather than remain continuously hard they kept getting softer and then hard again. When the became less rigid I could stuff the cocks far down my throat and so could my wife.

"I never knew older cocks could be so much fun," she said to me as she switched cocks, "I'll have to find cocks like these more often." Seth told her that him and Tom could volunteer their cocks when ever she felt the need for one. We both had to stop sucking them. It was so tempting to swallow their sperm again but Eve wanted to be fucked by them. Once again I operated the camera as first Seth and then Tom fucked her. Pete's cock seemed to swell up thicker as he fucked her. I got the camera right down at her cunt and filmed the cocks as they plunged in and out. I knew that Eve's cunt would be stretched by the larger cocks, but I only wanted her to enjoy herself regardless. I had once fucked a man's wife with the husband's cock in her cunt along side mine and together we were like a very thick cock. If I wanted some tight pussy from my wife then I would simply find a man to fuck her with me. I had a feeling that after that night Eve would want larger and larger cocks. As I kept the camera going I thought about how I could find them for her.

I started to browse the internet looking for them. One I found belonged to a black man. The picture of his cock that he put on the internet showed it to be about thirteen inches long and as thick as a soda can. Eve was excited as he would be her first black cock. We met him at a motel. Troy was a tall man, over six six tall. He was rather slim and that made his cock look even larger. The only problem was his mouth. He kept looking at me as I held the camera and saying things like "I'm going to make sure your wife only has black cocks after me." Then he became abusive calling her a white slut and saying that she was going to be a whore for him and fuck lots of black men he knew. Eve became more and more turned off as he spoke. The final insult came when he started in on me. "You are nothing but a little dicked white wimp and I'm going to make you clean up my cock after I finish with her.

I had been more than ready to suck his cock too but it was the way he took pleasure in insulting me and Eve. Eve finally threw him off her and told him that he was finished. When he slapped her I went crazy and hit him real hard in his gut. He doubled up with pain and lay on the motel room floor holding his stomach. Eve got dressed and the two of us left the foul mouthed creature, still in pain, in the motel room. She told me then that she would never have sex with a black man. She kept that promise. It turned out that black men were not the only one's with large cock's. John Holmes had been of Swedish decent and they were known for their large cocks. We found a club where a lot of the patrons were Swedish and Eve found her large cocks. White and large. It turned out that the men she met there only wanted to fuck and did not care about having superiority over white women.

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