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Wives-Wife's Girlfriend Paid Us A Visit
Wife's Girlfriend Paid Us A Visit

      This is a true story about how a fantasy can come true when you least expect it.

Sasha and I had been married for two years and were happy as two people could be. We both had successful careers, mine as a police officer and hers as an Interior Decorator. I was a lot older than Sasha, my 41 to her 24. But the age never had been an issue between us. She was mature beyond her years and smart as a whip.

Our sex life was active almost daily. We didn't really have any problems there. Sasha was extremely sexy, standing a little over 5'7" with red hair that flowed like a hot river down her back, ending at her ass. Her brown eyes were wide and she could make me hard with just a glance. Her best feature was probably her ass. Oh what an ass. Bubbly and round and firm as hell.

When she wore a pair of shorts around the house, my dick would jump every time she bounced by. I was lucky to have her, and I knew it. We had met three years prior on a call I had while on duty. It was a Domestic call and when I arrived there was Sasha, bleeding from her nose and mouth. Her b/f had gotten drunk, and because she got home from work 10 minutes late, he had flown into a rage and peppered her beautiful young face with his fists.

I hauled his drunken carcass out of bed, where he had passed out, and placed him not to gently in the back of my patrol car. (I think he might have bumped his head getting in?) I went back inside the house and explained to Sasha that he would be in jail without bond until the next morning. Even battered and bleeding, I could tell she was a pretty young woman. I felt badly for her, although people in general think we don't have feelings. I gave her the literature and phone numbers of the Women's Violence Shelter, then left with my prisoner.

About three months later we ran into each other in the grocery store and she updated me on her life. She'd gotten a Protective Order against him and had not had contact with him since. We ended up exchanging phone numbers and within a year we were married.

Unlike most men I didn't drift off to sleep after sex. We'd lie there talking afterwards, sometimes for hours. On one such night, Sasha seemed quiet and thoughtful. When I asked if anything was wrong she rolled over and looked at me with those big eyes and asked "Do you have a sexual fantasy?" I know my mouth dropped open, I asked "What in the world brought that on?"

She smiled and laid her head on my chest. "I've always had one, but I've never been with a man who I trust enough to talk about it" she whispered. I had a million bad thoughts go through my head at once. Was she wanting another man? Was I not satisfying her enough? Her next sentence quickly calmed my fears. "Steve, I have always wanted to make love in a room with other people in it."

So there it was. I was relieved, let me tell you. We both relaxed then and talked for almost an hour about the details. I quickly got caught up in her fantasy, and before the night was through we made love several more times.

The subject never came up again for several months. I thought maybe she just needed to talk about it and perhaps now that she had it was a closed matter. Wrong.

It was a Friday morning and I had my last dayshift before my 4-day break. I was walking out the door when Sasha stopped me. "I almost forgot to tell you. Abigal called last night and is going to stay with us tonight on her way to Florida," she said smiling.

I shrugged and said, "Great. See you this afternoon." I didn't mind. Why should I? Abigal was Sasha's best friend and not hard to look at. She shared the same tall, slender build as Sasha, but her hair and eyes were dark, and her skin a tanned olive color. Quite a looker.

I rushed home after work, eager to shower and relax after working the desk at the Station. Sasha greeted me at the door with a smile and a cold beer. What a sweetheart she was. I showered and fished around for a pair of sweat pants and t-shirt to wear downstairs to supper. I asked Sasha if I should dress a little nicer for her friend, but she laughed and told me not to be silly.

So we ate and settled onto the couch for some TV Sasha was drinking wine coolers and nearly matched me beer for wine cooler. She was getting tipsy, which was fine with me. Around 8 the doorbell rang and Sasha jumped up to quickly let her best friend inside.

Abigal came over to the couch and gave me a little kiss on the cheek, then her and Sasha disappeared into the kitchen for girl talk. After an hour of giggling and gossip, Sasha came back in to the living room and snuggled up to me on the couch. "Abigal went to change into her night gown" Sasha told me. "She's pretty exhausted from her trip."

I settled into my show and about 15 minutes later Abigal came into the room wearing one of my wife's terry cloth robes. It stopped just above the knees, but it gave me a nice view of her long, tanned legs. Abigal settled into the recliner to my left and seemed to have trouble keeping her eyes open. By 10 o'clock she appeared to be sound asleep. Sasha went into the kitchen to grab me another beer. I noticed a movement to my left and glanced over to see Abigal had turned herself sideways in the chair, with her legs sticking out over the arm.

The robe had ridden up her thigh, and a good bit was visible to me. Sasha came back in and I expected her to cover Abigal up. But she made no attempt to. Instead, she sat beside me and was soon rubbing my dick through my sweats. I didn't need any encouragement, and before I knew it she was on her knees in front of me pulling at my waistband and tugging them off. I lifted my hips and she nearly ripped them off.

Sasha looked at my hardening dick, then glanced to her right at Abigal.

"Oh shit." I thought, "She's gonna blow me right in front of her friend." My dick grew as hard as I think it's ever been. I couldn't believe my wife was about to suck me with her friend only 3 feet away. But then I remembered the fantasy, and I suddenly realized that an opportunity had arisen and Sasha was taking full advantage.

Sasha was not the most skilled woman I had gotten oral sex from, but tonight she sucked me like a pro. Maybe it was the fact there was a beautiful woman laying so close, or maybe it was because Sasha kept glancing at her friend while she sucked away, but I came in less than 5 minutes. My dick was still hard, no doubt from the extra excitement of the evening.

Sasha stood and quickly stripped off her shorts and top. She leaned into me and whispered "Go down on me Please." I placed her ass on the edge of the couch and now it was my turn to please her. Sasha loved to be eaten, and I loved to make her cum orally. I pulled off her panties and was pleased to see she had shaven. Her lips were swollen and red, and her little clit stuck out nearly half an inch.

My first lick across her clit brought a low moan from her. She was already wet, and I knew it would take little work to get her off. I began licking and swirling my tongue in a rapid-fire motion, not giving her time to lose her rising orgasm. Her moans became louder and longer, and I knew Abigal had to have heard them.

Sasha stiffened suddenly and pulled my head against her pussy and began to grind into my face. Streams of her juices ran down my face as she climaxed in waves. When she finally went limp, I glanced over at Abigal, but she was still in the same position as before. "Damn," I thought, "She must have been really tired."

Sasha lay back on the couch and I climbed on beside her. She kissed me gently and deeply, tasting herself and enjoying it. Sasha looked at me and said "Steve, make love to me right now. Hard and fast. I want you to screw me right through this couch."

Hearing her talk like that excited me, I gotta admit. I entered her sopping pussy and began a long, slow, deep stroke. I was teasing her and she wasn't liking it one bit. But I was intent on making her wait. As I began to increase my rhythm. I noticed Abigal's left foot was now on the floor. Looking up I saw that her robe was wide open and her partially shaven pussy was merely a foot from my face.

My thrusts now took on an intensity of pure lust. I looked at my wife and her eyes were shut tight, her lip bleeding as she bit down on it. I looked back over at Abigal and saw that her robe was fully open now, and her slender hand was working away at her pussy. I was in heaven. 'Oh my God,' I moaned to myself. As my thrusts became like pistons slamming into my wife's pussy, so did Abigal's fingers increase their thrusts into her.

Sasha was so wet that the slapping of our thighs was soon joined by the splashing of her juices between them. Sasha came first, then Abigal, then me. It was the most intense sexual encounter I've ever had in my life. Sasha soon drifted off to sleep, and within a few minutes Abigal quietly got up and headed off to the guest bedroom.

Sasha and I never talked about that night afterwards. I think she planned it all. But if she didn't, then I would have a lot of explaining to do. Most likely she wanted me to see. We both shared a fantasy together, and that's all that matters to me.

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