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Wives-You Let Her Make You A Cuck
You Let Her Make You A Cuck

       Angel's face seemed to light up the moment she heard the bell. She took a half skip towards me and then hardened again and said "Come here, slave. I need to un-cuff you so we can answer the door."

I began standing up,

"On your knees."

I scooted over to her. She unclasped my cuffs and, grabbing my leash, led me downstairs on my knees to meet her suitor. She made me kneel by the entryway as she went and opened the door.

When John walked in she clasped his hands in front of her, her piercing blue eyes locked on his ardent brown, trying to gauge him before she leaned forward and kissed him tenderly on the lips.

John was as surprised as I was. But he quickly regained his composure then pulled her into him, her body yielding wonderfully to his firm, insistent embrace. He looked across the room and smirked as he disengaged from her.

"I see you weren't bullshitting me. He's really letting you do this?"

"My husband doesn't let me do anything. But he wants this, don't you slut?"

"Yes." I mumbled.

"I don't believe you." John said firmly, walking towards me.

I wanted to crawl into the floor and die.

"Tell me what you want."

I looked at my wife, who was obviously into the scene enfolding in front of her, and then back at John who was now standing directly in front of me, forcing me to look up past his crotch to see his face.

"I want you to take my wife out."

"And then what?"

"Whatever she wants."

I glanced at Angel and saw that her neck and chest were flushed, and her completely hardened nipples pressed insistently against the fabric of her clingy shirt.

"What do you want?" He asked Angel.

"I want you to take me out dancing and bring me home and fuck me for as long as you want."

Is that what you want?" He asked me.


"Are you sure about that?" he asked, looking at me intently.

"Yes", I whispered.

With that, Angel invited him to join her on the couch and told me to go fix them some drinks. I brought them each a vodka tonic and was made to kneel at their feet while they chatted, casually touching and stroking one another like new lovers.

After about 20 minutes, Angel told me that she was ready to go out, and ordered me to wait for her upstairs. When she came in the room, she shocked me by kissing me passionately. She told me to go lie down on the bed. She anchored my cuffs to each bedpost and pulled down my boxers, playfully flicking precum from the tip of my hard member onto my stomach.

"We need to find something to do with this while I'm gone", she said grabbing my cock by its tube.

She leaned across my supine body, her hair floated across my chest, followed by the tip of her breast. She reached into the nightstand and pulled out out a clear, curved plastic tube. It looked a little like a faucet with a gate on one end. She slipped my penis, which had stirred slightly into the device and closed the gate on the back end, separating my balls from the tube and then fixed a tiny padlock to the gate. I looked down across my naked body at my caged cock and wondered what I had gotten myself into.

Before she left, she bent down and gave me another passionate kiss and giving me a pill, which she said was Viagra, along with a sip of water before putting a blindfold over my eyes and slipping the earphones for my iPod onto my ears.

"Goodbye loverboy", she said as she turned on the iPod and left. She had downloaded a porn video on it. I was blindfolded and couldn't see anything, but the basic storyline involved a wife who alternated between feigned indifference and verbal humiliation of her husband as she chastised him about everything from the size of their bank account to the size of his penis. Finally, she called his big-dicked best friend over and fucked him while totally dominating her husband.

I don't know what time they came back. The first movie had long since finished, and the remaining 5 hours were filled with 2 gay pornos and black on white fucking. And of course, I was tied to my marital bed by with a buttplug in my ass. My penis was painfully stiff inside of a metal cage, and thanks to the viagra and the porno, even the gay porno, there was no hope that it would subside any time soon.

How long had Angel been planning this?

A month, at least I think that's how long she said she had been seeing John. Had they planned this together? Angel is a very smart woman, but I doubted that she would have gone into this much trouble if she didn't have a collaborator.

John seemed just the type.

The way he swaggered in this evening, totally cocky into my house. Angel had denied it earlier, but I suspected she'd already fucked him. And now they were out dancing. Maybe they were dancing. They could be fucking their brains out downstairs, but with the iPod turned way up, I had no way of knowing.

Sometime during the 4th porno, I heard the door to the room open. Angel took off my blindfold and the iPod. Both she and John looked a little disheveled. Sweaty. I suspected that they had indeed gone dancing. Angel used to love to go. She'd really get revved up dancing in college. I could smell alcohol on their breath, though they both seemed in control. Angel had a glint in her eye that I hadn't seen before.

Angel reached into her purse pulled out a bottle and opened it under my nose. It smelled like dirty socks. But soon my brain felt like it was humming and I lost focus for a minute. I was only dimly aware of a different scent than usual as my wife straddled my face with her thong-clad ass rubbing over my nose as she humped her vagina on my mouth and chin.

Though I could only see his hands as he moved them along her back and the sides of her breasts, I could feel a pair of knees between my thighs, and knew they were John' powerful legs, and he was kissing my wife as he fondled her tits, belly, and ass. Soon I could feel his finger frigging her cunt on my mouth and chin as she kept riding my face. I was feeling a little dizzy when she lifted off a few inches and he pulled her panties to the side as she sat her soaked pussy back down on my face.

I opened my mouth and started to lick her cunt as she ground down on me. I wanted to reach around and grab her legs, but the restraints on my arms prevented me from doing it. Her musk was really strong, and already mixed with the clorox-scent of John's seed. I instinctively stopped licking and tried to turn my head away when she sat back, grabbing me by the hair and right nipple. She looked me dead in the eye while twisting my nipple that if I didn't eat her out, she was going to take out my butt plug and have John fuck me in the ass right then and there.

When she climbed back on, I ate her for all I was worth. I licked every inch of her pussy and ass, focusing especially on her clit while my wife, who still had her dress on, helped John stand up on our bed and take off his pants and underwear. He stood up with one leg on the floor and the other between my thighs with his toes wedged in the spot between my penis and ass. The effect placed his large cock just inches from my wife’s face. As she dutifully bent down to suck him, I looked up from behind her and our eyes locked. He flashed a totally cocky smirk, which I found totally sexy. Not to mention that I noticed for the first time that he had a totally ripped hard body.

No wonder Angel found him attractive.

As we broke eye contact, he said:

"Hey slow down babe, there's plenty here for you." And he pulled my wifes face up from his cock. He came around and untied me.

"We won't be needing these, will we cuck?" he asked, with a menacing grin.


"No what, bitch?"

"No sir."

"Damned right."

With that, he had Angel turn around to face me, doggy style with her ass toward him. He moved back off the bed, pulling Angel's and my legs around as he did. She took my hands and raised them over my head, interlacing her fingers with mine, pushing them down to the bed. Her shins were resting on my thighs. She looked me straight in the eye and bent down to kiss me as he entered her from behind. I could taste the manly scent of his cock, mixed in with alcohol as she kissed me loose and wanton. Like she hadn't kissed me in years.

She broke the kiss as he started fucking her. I started sucking on her tits as John pounded her from behind. Then I reached up and started fondling her as she started kissing me again, now bucking back on his big dick.

It went on that way for 20 or 30 minutes. By the time John came, Angel was like a limp ragdoll. Totally fucked out by this stud. Then John said, "Tell him what you told me earlier."

She said "Now?"

"Tell him".

She looked me right in the eyes and said, "I have never been fucked like this in my life. We are never going back to the life we had before this. I still love you, but I never want John to stop fucking me."

I could see that she totally meant it.

"If you want to stay with me, you have to do everything John or I say without hesitation. He is the man in this relationship now, not you. Will you agree to those terms?"

I didn't know what to say...



"Yes What?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good. Very good." She said as she leaned forward to kiss me again. As she did, she unlocked the chastity device that my cock had been in for the last 5 hours.

"Now, come here and make love to your wife".

But try as I might, I could not manage more than a soft chubby. The Viagra had long since worn off, and the cock cage that had restricted my penis and balls for so long that I didn't have much sensation.

I was mortified.

My wife was pissed.

"What the fuck?" She hissed. "I fulfill your fantasy, and you can't even get it up to make me happy? John has fucked me 3 times tonight. If you can't get it up for me, then you had damned well better show him some appreciation for what he did for me tonight." She said as she pulled me by my hair over to where John was still standing.

I was eye level with his cock, which though now soft, was larger than my own penis was when erect. Ambivalence does not begin to describe the overwhelming feelings of desire and fear and revulsion that were going through my head at that moment. Here was this cocky God who had so thoroughly fucked my wife that she had pledged her devotion to him after just 1 night. I was totally frightened of where my life was now headed, but I was also totally turned on by this dominant stud.

My desire soon overwhelmed my fear and I took his cock in my hands. It was warm and soft. Slightly sticky with Angel's musk mixed with cum. I grabbed the top of the shaft and started licking from his hairy balls up along the bottom of the tube until I encircled his head in my mouth and sucked him in.

"Holy shit, babe. Your husband may be a lousy lay, but he's a natural born cocksucker. Isn't that right, queerboy"

"Shut up", I mumbled as I tried to stuff more of him into my mouth and started bobbing on his cock. I looked over at Angel, whose face was a mix of surprise and lust. As his cock started to stiffen, John grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me over onto my stomach. He reached around under my waist with one hand and pulled out the butt plug. When it was out, he tossed it aside, braced an arm across the back of my neck and told Angel to give me another popper.

The next thing I knew, I was getting fucked in the ass by this stud while my wife of the last 10 years was fingering herself on the bed a few feet away. He was really strong and throwing me around like a rag doll. He fucked me until I must have passed out. When I woke up, lord knows how long later, John was fucking Angel again, missionary style.

"Get the fuck out of my room." He said.

I knew better than to try and challenge him after the fucking he'd just given me. Angel pulling him closer was the last thing I saw, and only her moans accompanied me as I made my way on coltish legs into the guest bedroom where I crashed out on the bed, unwilling or unable to think about the consequences of what would happen next.

Fucking Machines Gangbang Stories Hog Tied Taboo Stories Porn Stories
Ultimate Surrender Bondage Stories Sex and Submission Wired Pussy Allme.com